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It's a very tough language to master if your not raised speaking it. Whilst there are a lot more foreigners nowadays being able to speak and read it to various degrees due to the increase in interest in Japan, there would only about 10 to 15 percent who speak it at a high level. No surprises that 10 or 15 percent of people really studied the language. Years of study and living in Japan got them there. You don't necessarily have to live in Japan to master it. If you can find a native speaker in your home country and spend hours speaking Japanese with that person it can be done. One of the big obstacles you may find when learning Japanese is many of the Japanese people you run into it might want to speak English to you. It does you no good in learning their language. It is best to find a Japanese friend who will speak only Japanese to you. I highly recommend getting a Japanese teacher too. Many foreigners attempt to learn it without one which is not good in my opinion. Japanese language is not something you can just start and stop. I've seen many get very good at it and then stop learning and practicing it. Once you stop you will lose your skills quite rapidly particularly reading and writing. You have to see it as something that you will continue throughout your entire life.

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Has Japan formally apologized for its war atrocities during world war 2? If so than I think China and Korea should move on. I have no problem with the PM visiting the shrine as long as he recognizes Japan did wrong and were evil.

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