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How about all the other sports being played in Japan and in the US now? Should we stop those too or just stop the Olympics? Pretty silly and ignorant of people supposedly worried about virus transmission to congregate in public for a protest. No one else on this forum could see the hypocrisy on display by these genius protesters?

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Posted in: Survey finds 77% of Japanese think Olympics cannot be held next year See in context

Nope, you failed to understand the English.

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Posted in: Shinjuku hoods bloody scouts on Kabukicho's deserted streets See in context

Scum beating up other scum. Who really cares? There are certainly more worthy societal issues that the writer of this article should focus on. Was this written by a teenager?

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Posted in: Iran suspended after pressuring judo fighter not to face Israeli in Tokyo See in context

The International Judo Federation (IJF) knew Iran was ordering its players to throw matches to avoid playing Israelis for years and was therefore negligent for not suspending Iran years ago. The IJF could no longer choose to sweep this issue under the rug because the Iranian judoka, Saeid Mollaei, begged them for help concerning his being forced to throw matches. While it’s good that the IJF took this action against Iran, it’s regrettable that they chose to ignore this issue for so long.

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Posted in: Robo-chefs and fashion-bots on show in Tokyo See in context

Robotic technology can surely be put to good use. Unfortunately, it's also sought by eugenicists who wish to reduce human population to "save the planet". So, a double-edged sword.

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