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State of the economy to think most of the Japanese is good, are based on the bubble economy. Japanese feel that economy is not good when economy is a good level commonly. It is the illness that Japanese have been used to luxuriously.

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But not a sophistry . It had been the war with Japan Republic of China . We do not have the People's Republic of China war .

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In the first place it is not matter because it is a story before the Korea merger.

It is a race annoying to pester it for money as ever.

Coal labor is a bad worker of conditions . It is the same conditions in Koreans in Japanese . Claim that had been forced to work at cheaper than Japanese salary is simply because their skill's immature workers .

It is only to say that was deceived it .

Of course, it is at the time of the coal mine the difference between the now of working conditions so is intense .

It is different from slave labor and the forced labor such as the plantation management that a British, a Dutchman, the French performed in Asia went to in those days

Among people contributing it in JAPAN Today, how long will there be people who I can understand this, and talk?

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Baekje 's vassal state of Japan.

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Posted in: Nearly 5% of Japanese addicted to gambling – even though it’s still 'illegal' See in context

Why could not regulate the pachinko is twofold.

because Koreans living in Japan had management. Koreans had a domineering act against Japan as a nation has won the second World War. In addition, the police could not be corresponding to each embassy specific organizations to conceal the domineering behavior. 2.There is a close relationship between the Koreans and left Japan. They make an effort so as not to the regulation.

Two reasons why you can not regulate the pachinko still

pachinko parlors and the police is in a close relationship. You are building a system that get the pachinko-related work when you retired police. 2.Even now, because Koreans and leftist who has been behind the scenes.

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