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i get that car i can get that woman too

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i am not sure if he took it or not but if he did so he need a medical attention cause he has two diseases kleptomania and mythomania

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@Peter St.C Kelly lol that "gaijin Perimeter" thing was a good irony. Thumbs up.

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Do the crime, do the time. Justice served.

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for people saying "saitama in the news again" i think it's not only a Saitama problem, things like this can happen everywhere, we really need to sit back and find the real cause of it.

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They know the laws of power, never put too much trust in friends. The US government doesn't have any friend though, all they are looking for is interest.

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all I know is that boy Mori is making that bread man

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Can somebody explain why does @sangetsu03 get -3 ? The guy is a criminal. Everybody knows that doing drug is a crime. Do the crime do the time, justice served.

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<So, in the end the culprit was arrested or able to flee even after getting shot on the leg, am I missing something?> I don't think he can get away after being shot on the leg, unless you are in Hollywood.

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The officer who discharged his weapon was quoted as saying," I believe I acted in a professional manner for the sake of public safety"

Good job officer

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Of course he would be given a false number, the girl who conned him has probably done this before.

Or it can be the released woman's friend. Because when you are giving to someone a false number it means you should know the owner, her age and everything. She was just unlucky

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sumire is just too good!!!!!! damn

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