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Posted in: Too much katakana contributing to Japan's malaise See in context

I totally agree with this guy because, as an American, all of our current troubles are the direct result of us borrowing too many words from foreigners. Because it starts with words, but soon turns to money. China is now the largest creditor of the US government and this all started with the Kung Pao chicken. When everyday people started ordering Kung Pao chicken instead of using the American term "MSG laden heartburn in a box" everything went to hell. Likewise I think, just to be safe, we should Call burritos "bunch of sh?t wrapped in flat bread", sushi "weird crap on sour rice" and a ménage a tois a "two drunks chicks and a really lucky guy".

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Posted in: Railway geeks wearing out their welcome See in context

Just send some girls into the group and have them strike up a conversation. The trainspotters will shuffle away with their heads hanging low.

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Posted in: Rakuten acquires Buy.com See in context

Don't know what their profit was but over 4 times revenue is healthy indeed. I want someone like that to buy company.

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Posted in: Hilton Nagoya offers complimentary bicycle service to guests See in context

I don't understand the naysayers. Great idea. Anything free has a few strings. Wish more places would jump on board.

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Posted in: Bodies of two infants found in supermarket freezer See in context

Pretty messed up but still pretty insignificant. You here about these things about once a week. In a country of 130 million people, probably pretty low even for a G7 nation. In my experience Japan and the Japanese really value children. Every one in the neighborhood sort of watches over them (and I live in the middle of a bunch of housing projects in a big city, even better in the country side). To say that Japan is messed up because of a few abuse cases you read about on JT is wrong. Japan is messed up for a bunch of other reasons...

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Posted in: Religious leader 'speaks' as late Matsushita founder See in context

Hands down. The Japanese have the best damn loonies in the whole world. Get this guy to hook up with the folks who dress in white to ward of the electromagnetic waves and you'd have a reality show I could never turn off.

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Posted in: Unpaid overtime is killing McDonald's managers See in context

I own a company and I'm greedy as hell. I also pay all my staff overtime if they put in more than 8 hours. Good staff are the keystone for any small business success. I consider the way we treat our staff one of our competitive advantages as does any small business. If you want to really support the workers of the world, then don't eat at mcdonald don't shop at cosco don't drink at starbucks. Buy from small business and do yourself and labor a favor (or labour a favour if you're from the commonwealth)

Also. This mcdonalds guy should have just quit. It's their fault for not paying you. It's your fault for dying flippin burgers.

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Posted in: Veteran tour escort relates travelers' lack of decorum See in context

Japanese tourists are maybe snickered at, but their money is welcome all the same...I think almost any tourist spot in the works thinks the Japanese are the best around. Including 100% of the tourist spots in japan.

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Posted in: Japan suspends U.S. plant's beef amid mad cow fears See in context

A lot of facts in the above comments are off a bit, bse has been discovered, once, in an animal 16 months of age. Most American beef is harvested between 20 and 24 months, animals that grrade prime tend to be at the higher end of that range. All cattle slaughtered in japan really are tested (no test no label no premium--all slaughterhouses are government run. But they only kill about 5 mil head a year vs over 100m in the US. The Americans don't want to test it all because of cost that has to be applied to a few cuts from each carcass and the power of the big companies has made it illegal for small plants that want to test to for export to do it. The Australians have never had a case of bse, they also don't test for it--this does not make their beef any more or less safe than the US, it's all safe, safer than walking...

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Posted in: Japan suspends U.S. plant's beef amid mad cow fears See in context

Actually US beef is more expensive than Australian probably just as safe(I think 2 diagnosed cases of vCJB in the US about 80 in the UK and less than 200 worldwide, statistacally pretty insignificant). Japan's real beef, forgive the pun, is more with the apparently inherent inability of the large packers to meet(pun again) specification. Their line speeds are so fast that they can't keep their boxes sorted, how can you trust them to age verify or keep risk material from creeping downstream? There are small processors that are willing to test and willing to stay on spec but big boys like Tyson keep them out. I wish i knew what dumpsters those t-bones are going into though...

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Posted in: Is Japan really on the road to recovery? See in context

Yen could get a lot stronger than 91 if Japan starts dumping its foreign currency reserves. I'm in import, hooray!

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Posted in: Kanye West outburst rains on Swift's MTV parade See in context

Hooray! I'm for the other tean! Kanye rocks on, who cares about some skinny little country chick?

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Posted in: Williams fined $10,000 for outburst at U.S. Open See in context

I'd have never known there was a little tennis game going on if this hadn't happened. They should be paying her for the publicity. It is entertainment after all, sportsmanship doesn't make any money.

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