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Thomas Carroll comments

Posted in: 34 students suffer food poisoning after eating clam chowder See in context

Here in Florida food preparers and restaurant managers are licensed and must take continuing education in safe food preparation. Restaurants are regularly inspected by the health department, and often closed until remedial action is completed.

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Posted in: Kamen Rider stuntman arrested for theft See in context

It looks as if he has recovered from his Ninjury!

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Posted in: Judge OKs record-setting $2 bil sale of LA Clippers See in context

The whole problem of his behavior and speech stems from the symptoms of his dementia.

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Posted in: A minicar named Hustler? Japan's brand names raise eyebrows See in context

Remember the Datsun Fairlady Z, that luckily never happened?

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Posted in: 10 little-known rules for eating Japanese food See in context

****absurd rules never communicated to me by my Japanese mentors in 40 years of following Japanese culture and martial arts etiquite studying Aikido and Judo

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Posted in: Elderly people's manners increasingly deplorable See in context

****Oh, No! Hell's Grannies!

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Posted in: Rock thrown through glass door of koban in Chiba See in context

On a trip to Japan 20 years ago: Japanese police are very helpful, I asked for a photo of motorcycle cops in front of Imperial Villa, they moved the bikes to get the best shot! I asked where to change currency, the policeman took me by the hand and led me to the bank, I felt like a lost child! Meanwhile, back in NYC my tourist friend asks a cop for directions, he's told to buy a f-ing map!

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Posted in: CookPad launches English site See in context

I believe the word is recipe

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Posted in: Drunk U.S. serviceman arrested for trespassing in private residence See in context

Considering the lack of street addresses as in the US, not hard to imagine arriving at the wrong house, drunk or sober!

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Posted in: Life Fitness Japan See in context

I get my workouts through Aikido and Judo, affordable training through martial arts!

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Posted in: Why the Japanese have no problem asking about your marital status See in context

Another story from that trip: I was approached by two matrons at Yaskuni Shrine who had a polaroid camera they wanted to refill. They asked me if I was American, could I help with this American Camera? I was able to oblige and keep up National prestige for Made in USA!

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Posted in: Why the Japanese have no problem asking about your marital status See in context

Decades ago I took a sleeping car train from Kita Kyushu to Tokyo and was hit with a barrage of similar question from a school teacher who was only dissuaded when I told him please speak slowly, that my limited Japanese made it difficult to respond and gave me a headache! Then he shut up completely!

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Posted in: Why do Japanese change their attitude when they communicate with foreigners? See in context

Went to Japan in the '80's with a Japanese friend, spoke very little Japaneses then, most learned from Aikido classes, hanging out with Japanese people in restaurant. Three weeks of fun, someone in Osaka asked me for directions on Roku-Jo, funny! Rode on the sleeper train from Kitakyushu to Tokyo, had a great conversation with a schoolteacher in my limited Nihongo. Had a lady run away from me in Osaka when I was lost and asked for directions. The people in my friend's town treated me as a celebrity, nearly got into a fight with a guy who asked me if I was a gaijin, when I replied " Onatta mo desu ka?", he was ethnic Korean! Went back with NY Aikikai 10 years later, got turned away from restaurant I had been to before, asked to sit with my friends, just have a beer with them, owners realized I was with Aikido tour, served me free food, guest bought drinks, of course I had to return and bring more paying guests! Third week in Japan we went looking at castles beginning with Osaka Jo. I would live there if possible!

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