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Posted in: Do you think vaccination will be the silver bullet against the coronavirus? See in context

Its the globalist agenda to take down the economy of the world. After people are tired and desperate. Then the Great Reset begins. Look at the civil liberties are being destroyed, control of travel, social media censors, on and on.

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Posted in: Nike ad addresses bullying and racism in Japan; riles up debate online See in context

I think Nike needs to work on cleaning up there own house first. They should stick to there athletic apparel and sports related things. They just wanted to start trouble.

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Posted in: Trump defends John Wayne legacy over airport 'racism' row See in context

This is part of the cancel culture. Prepare for the new Global Reset. Several media outlets are now hiring private detectives to go thru people social media history. They are going after things like that right now. More is coming.

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Posted in: As cases surge in U.S., rural areas seeing increases as well See in context

I personally think they are inflating the numbers some. Example if you die from a heart attack and you have symptoms of corona virus. They will label the deaths do to corona virus. Yes, there is a virus and people die. I personally they are hyping the number due to Agenda 2030. Al Gore is pushing for the Great Reset. Then you have Bill Gates pushing ID 2020.

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Posted in: Country music reckons with racial stereotypes and its future See in context

Most people who live in rural areas are not black. I like country music but, the music now is just a pop version of country. I think there is nothing racist of country music. Its about living and growing up in rural areas. They are just trying to stir up troubles in rural areas because they are doing in urban areas. You look they are taking down Confederate statues and now they are going after people like in Lincoln.

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Posted in: Gov't urges citizens to install virus-tracking app See in context

It might be a good idea. The problem once they start to do this they will keep the program going. They will start to use it to track you for information. Its just like the Patriot Act here in the USA. They renew it every year and our rights have disappeared. Once you let the government in you cant get them out.

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Posted in: Australians told restrictions must stay even as new virus infections slow See in context

This virus has been around since September of last year. They first blamed it on vaping. I think the economy should open in stages. But, there is not way you will have zero deaths or illness.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 16 in Canada rampage See in context

It is sad this happen. The problem isn't the gun laws its actually punishing people and mental health. There is nothing wrong with owning firearms. I own two pistols for target practice and self defense. People don't ever bring up the fact guns save lives to or prevent killings.

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Posted in: Maduro proposes new parliament vote as Venezuelans protest See in context

I feel sorry for them. First the socialist took over, there rights were gone including private property rights and firearms rights. Now basic needs gone. I wonder where are the Hollywood stars at now that loved Venezuela?

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Posted in: Foxconn reconsidering plans to make LCD panels at Wisconsin plant See in context

Part of it has to do with the Apple situation. The other part is that a lot of people dont have tech skills. Many people dont have good or correct typing skills. You can blame that on the school systems.

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Posted in: Californian student remains in detention 8 months after breaking lamp in Tokyo bar See in context

The thing is that there are people out there that dont respect others when they travel. You see it here when you even get on an airplane. I travel overseas sometimes and there is several things to remember. I personally dont drink unless you are with trustworthy people or family, no drugs, dont get involved with any type of politics. I think students and other should have mandatory travel safety courses before they travel overseas. I seen too many people take off to international countries and know nothing.

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Posted in: More than 100 firearms, 1,000 bullets found in dead man’s home See in context

Not every person who owns guns are crazy. I live in USA and I know a lot of people who have firearms or other weapons. A firearm doesnt hurt nobody unless someone load it and shoots someone. People overseas that the USA is dangerous. Yes, some areas are but, I rather have the option to have a firearm than ban them. The police here dont have a duty to protect you. This Japanese guy probably collected them over the years and 1000 bullets is not a lot.

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