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Posted in: Tokyo Paralympics close after facing COVID-19 challenges See in context

A big Congratulations to Japan for organizing and holding the Olympics. You guys did a great job!

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Posted in: China calls U.S. policy 'misguided' in high-level talks See in context

The origination of the COVID19 needs to be addressed so that we can work cooperatively to ensure that a similar incident doesn't occur again. We owe that to the families of the millions that have suffered the lasting affects or lost their lives due to this deadly virus.

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Posted in: Japan upsets China for table tennis mixed doubles gold See in context

Congratulations Japan!

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Posted in: Nishiya, just 13, gives Japan sweep in street skateboarding See in context

Congratulations Japan!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics see 16 more COVID-19 cases, bringing total to 148 See in context

My apologies for referring to the COVID-19 as a virus coming from a particular city in China when congratulating Japan for putting on the Olympics under these austere conditions.

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Posted in: TV viewership for Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony 56.4% in Japan See in context

Not bad #s. Due to the time zone difference I recorded the opening ceremony so that my my wife and I could watch it at a later time. I enjoyed the production and the Japanese anthem song by Misia.

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Posted in: Only Tokyo could pull off these Games? Not everyone agrees See in context

Totally agree. The Japanese people have a lot of pride and determination. That's why Tokyo, Japan was selected to host the Olympics and will not let the Wuhan Virus set them back.

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Posted in: Suga, Koike agree Olympics going 'very smoothly' See in context

I don't agree with the no spectators decision, but I guess it was made based off of sound scientific evidence vice fear of super spreader events that could embarrass the government.

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Posted in: Only Tokyo could pull off these Games? Not everyone agrees See in context

I am glad that in these challenging times with the Covid-19 pandemic that Japan and the IOC let the games be played. Good luck!

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