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Posted in: UK government loses Brexit case; must consult Parliament See in context

The comments on here are staggering. Britain has always been split over whether to be in the EU (EEC). This is nothing new, before the EEC we had free trade and movement with many Commonwealth nations, we also believed the EEC would be a trade agreement and nothing more. But the numerous treaties that have snuck through turning the EEC into this political behemoth the EU is what pushed the British to want to return to its soverignty and Commonwealth.

Theres a reason Westminster is nicknamed the Mother of Parliaments and Democracy. The Commonwealth nations are highly respectful of liberal free trade, have the same legal system as the UK, share the same language, and are vehemently opposed to protectionism. To top that off, even after the British managed to stab the Commonwealth in the back in the seventies they welcome us back to the global community with admiration and respect, the EU on the other hand continues to belittle and mock the UK. Wishing to return to the global community, whilst maintaining the best possible contact with Europe -that upto them- is not racist or xenophobic, it is quite the opposite.

People in Japan ask yourself this: China has plenty of cheap labour and a huge economy, would you be willing to have laws made in Beijing that override national law, have unlimited free movement with China, and on top of that have to pay £8 billion a year net for the privilege of tariff free access? Answer that question then consider the British peoples reasons for wanting to leave the EU.

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Posted in: Toyota will fight for UK plant after Brexit See in context

China is a huge market, would Japan be willing to join a political union with China and have its laws made in Beijing and free movement of labour? I thought not. A case of people ignoring Britains reason for wanting to leave.

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Posted in: Students forced to drink diluted acid as punishment at Aichi school See in context

hes a Chemistry teacher Im sure he understood the nature of the chemical in question, he tasted it himself to make sure it was safe. God forbid we have teachers who understand their subject well enough to make it entertaining. Again the hysteria of the masses is more important that the scientific facts. Whats the point in experts when we ignore what they know.

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Posted in: U.S. teachers take up arms to prevent mass shootings See in context

P.S. Blaming crazy people doesnt really work. Mental health care in Japan is DECADES behind the West, but the homicide rate is incredibly low. Proof that the mentally handicapped without guns will not take up knives instead.

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Posted in: U.S. teachers take up arms to prevent mass shootings See in context

Schools need armed security so innocent children dont get shot. America being a developed country is the worlds largest lie. De-arming will take time, but as statistics constantly constantly prove, it works. The US murder rate is about five times the European average. 4/5 homicides in the US are gun related. Coincidence I think not.

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Posted in: EU agrees to free trade talks with Japan; autos likely to be thorny issue See in context

As if Japan would ever reciprocate,, Youre flogging a dead horse Europe.

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Posted in: Japan support for whaling outweighs opposition: poll See in context

Japanese ignorance of whaling history is incredible. The West has a very long ancient history of Whaling, and it was very important from blubber, to skin to bones. They tell us we dont know what its like to give it up, um yes actually we do.

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Posted in: Japan support for whaling outweighs opposition: poll See in context

for the first time yesterday I saw whale meat in my local supermarket -Lincos- I lost masses of respect for them instantly. Needless to say its still on the shelf now.

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Posted in: Pocky Day challenge defeats iPhone5 for Guinness World Record See in context

@basroil actually it was meant to be a compendium of facts and trivia. It was not made with people doing the dumbest things in mind.

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Posted in: Survey asks: What makes Japanese citizens feel distinctly Japanese? See in context

lol its fun reading this, Im a bit confused about the four seasons comment though, most of Europe has four distinct seasons...? was he from California or something? anyways ! As we are all having a turn -I feel distinctly British when Im dying for a hot cup of milk tea and a biscuit regardless of everything else

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Posted in: Japanese universities in crisis - what they can learn from Europe See in context

I would like to add that the PE thing said above is nonsense, students are always sleeping in class regardless of time of day or whether they take PE classes. We have to once a week -Wed, other classes are on Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri and yet I see people sleeping in EvErY class.

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Posted in: Japanese universities in crisis - what they can learn from Europe See in context

After coming to Sophia here in Japan, it has been made clear to me by the Japanese themselves, it doesnt matter what the bloody ell I do at Sophia, because I WeNt to Sophia and thats enough, apparently. Pfft. I was annoyed to see that the courses I wanted to study most that were in the English speaking department -Philosophy- was made into its own department with the goal of retaining English as the language of use -Great!? No, they all started using Japanese and so locked the philosophy courses away from non-Japanese speakers.

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Posted in: Tokyo chooses bike helmet-design for new national stadium See in context

Im curious, apart from the two events mentioned when else will the 80,000 seat venue be used...? Honest curiousity here, the London venue infamously is designed to come apart reducing its size.

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Posted in: BP to pay record criminal penalties for U.S. oil spill See in context

Can we expect the US to finally pay out properly to the victims of Bhopal in India now? and For the numerous oil spills US companies have caused around the world, including in British waters? I doubt it, one rule for the US, one for everyone else.

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Posted in: Woman dies after inhaling herb in Tokyo hotel See in context

These pro cannabis users always forget the fact that the uses from the cannabis plant are almost, if never, in the same form as the stuff smoked or eaten. Lithium is extraordinary for depression but I would put a lump of it in my mouth, carbon is great for marking paper but I wont try to write with diamonds.

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Posted in: Why Japanese people are comfortable with nakedness See in context

All nations have different ways of accepting nudity. Go to England for example and nudity in public is completely within the law -sexual misdemeanours in public is not-, tv has no qualms with showing nudity, you can say the same for much of Europe. I think the article should be rewritten "Why American people are so uncomfortable with nakidity" There are many Japanese people who cant stand the idea of getting naked in public, and those who cant seem to take their clothes off often enough. Too many variables even within one culture, like I said.

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Posted in: China relentlessly harries Japan in island dispute See in context

Why cant the Asians just Europeanise themselves a bit, and live and let live -same to Argentina btw- People laugh at the old European notions of them being a further developed civilisation/people yet here is Asia echoing the actions of Europe in bygone centuries. Japan shows great restraint to Chinese behaviour I must say. Its this kind of stuff that makes me want a new world order.

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Posted in: Marmite and natto: Kobe chef’s 40-year mission in UK to demystify Japanese cuisine See in context

@TheMysterious Duck, agree with poster above, another who lives in the world of stereotypes, did you know Frances top Michellin rated chef argued that London should be known as City of International Cuisine. Thats London alone, my small town of less than 100,000 boasts over 10 different cuisines by my memorys count, similar sized towns in Japan could not say the same.

Before WW2 and rationing British food for centuries was regarded in Europe as some of the best. That reputation is returning and Britain has some of the best Michellin rated restaurants in the world.

I expect the Duck is just another one of those miserable self-loathing Brits. The worst type.

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Posted in: Microsoft-Apple redux: the empire strikes back See in context

What they can't understand is that unlike their gadgets that lose value in one or two years, Apple products are perceived as "family commodities", they are passed from father to son, to nephews, to brothers. As Apple devices are high-end quality, they are still wanted and valuable even after two or three years of use.

Well this is absolute bollocks, most Apple devices barely function past 3 or 4 years. Passed from father to son? Hardly, no more so than any other piece of technology, and I would argue less so than other technology.

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Posted in: Hitachi reportedly to buy UK nuclear reactor venture Horizon See in context

Safer than ANY other type of power, and I guess certain other poster is ignorant of the fact Britain doesnt suffer from Earthquakes and Tsunami.

Im sure the fear of zombies is at an all time high, perhaps we should abandon all medical facilities.

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Posted in: Early look at Windows 8 baffles consumers See in context

Im sorry but Windows 8 is a hell of alot quicker. Yes there are a few new ways to do something, so? Ive seen software upgrades that make changes on a similar scale its nothing special. Its much faster and at the end of the day its just like getting a software upgrade, a few functions move here and there, but they still exist and there are some new ones. Either Tony Roos is lying or has done a bad comparison. There is a much much faster easier way to find and load things -just type in the name, no search box, just type- and most functions are still there in the sidebar like a start menu. Just sounds like a load of grumpy old men refusing to make a change. Whats the point of changing your OS if you dont want the new one to be any different?

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Posted in: Study shows cannabis eases sclerosis stiffness See in context

Notice the fact it was an ingredient extracted from cannabis made into a pill form, not getting high on smoking it. typical pot heads.

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Posted in: Romney struggles to stem fallout from comments on Olympics See in context

*"Mitt Romney spent two or three years in France. He has extensive international ties. Unlike President Obama he even speaks a foreign language."

The similarities between Mr Romney and John Kerry will be complete come November....*

Sorry nope, he ruined those ties with his outright lie that whilst in France he lived in a hovel and had to defecate in a bucket, the French rather angrily pointed out that he had in fact stayed in an historical aristocrats palace.

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Posted in: Titanic II to have 'safety deck,' says Aussie tycoon See in context

SS Great Eastern -1858- employed a double hull, it hit a rock which gashed its outer hull 9 feet wide and 83 feet long, suffice to say it was fine. Later ships didnt bother with this double hull idea -enter Titanic-, even though it clearly saved the Great Eastern. Absolutely amazing ship worth looking up.

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Posted in: Outrage grows over Shiga school's inaction over bullying See in context

I saw one comment saying its not such a big deal, people are bullied into suicide in the West too, and I woudl like to point out that when that does happen, the appropriate actions are taken to punish those responsible.

Id like to point out that one of the main roles of a teaacher is not only to impart a scientific education but a moral one, yes the parents should too, but the teachers are in a place of education with the title of teacher and the respect earned by that title. They should also be monitoring what is happening in their teaching facilites.

As to bullying being part of Japanese culture, agreed 100%, I will never forget the shame and humiliation I saw that apprentice photographer being put through, maybe Im just too ignorant on the Japanese way, after all I am a foreigner, I impore someone teach me how being forced to pick up cigarette buds is part of photography.

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Posted in: San Francisco sours on Apple computers See in context

Steve Jobs hasnt even been gone a year and already the penpushers and moneymen are pushing Apple into an early grave

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Posted in: Japan's postwar gov't, media colluded on nuclear power: Nobel winner See in context

On solar panels, their construction of all energy means is one of the most polluting and dirtiest of all, and then the question of aging solar panels and their "recycling".

if we want something that is not going to plaster our planet with eyesores that are infamously ugly to build then i suggest more people read into Nuclear FUSION and perhaps think about a job in making that a success, no radiactive waste, no chance of meltdown etc etc

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Posted in: Japan's postwar gov't, media colluded on nuclear power: Nobel winner See in context

to the person who said this is an excellent article, really? Do you have any training in whats good journalism, theres NO sources, only heresay from a man who is notoriously anti-nuclear.

Anyway the ignorance of people will win over, why chance Nuclear when you can have coal and oil constantly killing people through pollution.

Basroil, nice to meet another person of intelligence and reason, thumbs up here my friend

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Posted in: Ad giant Dentsu buys British firm Aegis See in context

And Britain sells of another money earner... Why keep a regular income when you can sell everything off for the now...

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Posted in: Eurozone fragmenting faster than EU can act See in context

Agreed. But I hae to question, the economic union as far as im aware -predating the EU of today- is doing fine, as far as im aware free trade throughout the EU is still business as usual. it is the monetry and political union that is fragmenting.

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