Posted in: Gov't to open women's support office for abuse, poverty sufferers See in context

Only in Tokyo?

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Posted in: U.S. Marines to set up unit on Okinawa for remote island defense See in context

A "few years"? How is that rapid?

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Posted in: China suspends visa issuance to Japanese travelers, industry sources say See in context

No block on US visas.

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Posted in: Why winter solstice matters around the world See in context

Thank you.

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Posted in: Japan looking into group's report of secret Chinese police stations See in context

Why is Japan so slow in catching on? This has been in the international news for months.

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Posted in: Standing tall See in context

Will it be replanted after the holiday?

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Posted in: 3 death-row inmates file suit to end hanging as inhumane execution See in context

What is "humane" execution?

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Posted in: Tokyo real estate agency sends beautiful women with you on apartment visits for date-like mood See in context

Who determines "beautiful"? Somehow, purple hair just doesn't make it for me.

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Posted in: Tokyo police to issue ‘red tickets’ to cyclists violating traffic laws See in context

So "riding on sidewalks" is acceptable so long as the cyclist slows down?

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Posted in: I want to participate in society unhindered even though I’m with a guide dog. See in context

It is disappointing to see how far Japan is behind in this matter. Handicapped access is a right to be enforced.

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Posted in: There is a growing perception in many countries that the pandemic is over. Do you agree? See in context

It is now endemic.

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Posted in: Taiwan eyes earlier end to COVID quarantine for arrivals See in context

Long over-due. Taiwan and Japan are far behind the rest of the world in accepting this virus as endemic.

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Posted in: Chinese moves on Taiwan rattle remote Japanese island See in context

A beautiful place to visit. (Taiwan resident)

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Posted in: Japan is hard on gifted children See in context

In the US, a "gifted" student will be allowed to skip grades. I graduated HS at 16.

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Posted in: Panda's 30th birthday See in context

Clever. I am sure it was enjoyed.

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Posted in: Outgrown or unwanted? See in context

Wakarimasen. Is this stuff recycled or just left there to rot?

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Posted in: Public elementary school in Aichi offers rare English-immersion program See in context

A dream come true.

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Posted in: How to make the perfect negitoro sushi tuna rolls without a rolling mat See in context

"Just throw away the plastic."

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Posted in: 75-year-old man arrested for killing wife who suffered from dementia See in context

This is not a crime.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

Please show me a list of "The Laws of War".

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Posted in: Crumbling infrastructure rapidly rendering rural communities unlivable See in context

Sadly, correct.

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Posted in: Have you changed your summer holiday plans because of the surge in coronavirus cases in Japan this month? See in context

Capt...etc. You are eligible for a Spouse of Citizen visa. (Not affected by covid regs.)

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Posted in: What word or phrase annoys you when you hear someone use it? See in context


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Posted in: Chicago shooting report See in context

A day late...What is the reasoning?

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Posted in: Malaysia Islamic minister says Bon Odori dance not for Muslims See in context

It is a fun festival for all. One of the fondest memories of my years in Fukuoka.

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Posted in: Kishida, Biden to affirm alignment over Taiwan See in context

There is no country "Taiwan". (Taiwan is the name of an island.) The country at risk is The Republic of China. That name is the crux of the problem. I wonder what would happen to these "affirmations" if President Tsai were to declare independence?

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Posted in: Hong Kong Tourism Board announces revival plan See in context

This must be a joke. HK is, now, an ordinary city in the PRC: No different from Shanghai or Beijing. Say one "unacceptable" word and go to jail.

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Posted in: Japan accepted 74 refugees in 2021, highest on record See in context

Are they refugees or are they not refugees? The headline is contradictory to fact.

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Posted in: NPA urges police to avoid impression of racial profiling in questioning people See in context

This could have been written 50 years ago, with exactly the same, accurate, comment: Sakura des. Xenophobia is Japan.

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