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Thomas Ryu comments

Posted in: Outlook uncertain for Japan's whaling industry despite commercial restart See in context

World-wide whaling ban must be lifted because it is completely unjust. For those of us who eat whale meat, it is really delicious. It's time for Japanese Government to support whaling industry and to encourage people eating whale meat. When the demand finally picks up, more and more people would accept eating whale meat is a healthy way of life.

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Posted in: Activists file suit to stop dolphin hunting in Japan See in context

People should not aware that the dolphin and whale are species multiple completely out of control and they are destroying the balance of the nature. Dolphin and whale hunts are Japanese tradition and must be greatly expanded due to shortage of delicious meat. By hunting as many dolphins as possible and consuming their meat, we are at the same time protect our environment. I love to eat dolphin meat. I am sure anyone who eats it also loves it.

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Posted in: Quitting whaling commission a risky gambit by Japan See in context

Quitting whaling commission is the only way to go. The concept of endangered species is a hoax. I could not imagine that I would not be able to eat whale meat, and for that matter, dolphin meat in Japan. Japan must resume whaling as soon as possible. Whale meat is way too expensive in Japan. The only way to make it cheaper is by resuming whaling. I bet 99% of Japanese wants this to happen. Everyone I talks to ALL say whaling is an essential part of Japanese culture and must be cherished and expanded.

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Posted in: China, Japan seek warmer ties against backdrop of U.S. trade friction See in context

This is a bad development. None of us want to see this happens. Any improvement of China-Japan relationship is detrimental to Japan-US relationship. We would rather see Japan follow the steps of US by imposing tariff of at least 100% on ALL Chinese imports, and cutting off all communications with China. US trade war against China is good for Japan and Japan must support it and must act in coordination with Trump Administration.

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Posted in: Japan on brink of IWC pullout after commercial whaling comeback blocked See in context

Commercial whaling is the only way to replenish the shortage of whale meat in Japan. It must resume as soon as possible. Last time I was in Osaka visiting relative, I was extremely disappointed by the shortage of whale meat in a restaurant. I was able to eat as much as I wanted to.

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Posted in: Pro- and anti- whaling nations brace for battle in Brazil See in context

Nearly all of us love to eat whale meat yet this corrupt organization tries to control what we eat. It is a total shame and unlawful. Whaling is good for the environment while at the same time providing us with delicious meat and other raw materials. The proliferation of whale and dolphin population has decimated our fish stock in the ocean. Whaling resumption has become more and more critical if we were to protect earth's environment. Remember, endangered species is nothing but a hoax. Eating whale meat should not limited to the wealthy people. Everyone including you and me should have the right to eat it as well. God gives us the right to eat any "endangered" species if we choose to. Extinction of species has been going on from the very beginning of earth's history. It is a part of evolution.

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Posted in: Japanese fleet catches 177 whales in latest hunt See in context

The research effort must be drastically expanded to 10 fold at least. While I visited Osaka last time to see my relatives, I have had a hard time to find a good whale meat dinner. Commercial whaling has been supported by 95% of the world population. Endangered species concept is a hoax. Its only purpose is to deprive common people like us to have a good meal. By discouraging people from hunting whales and dolphins, we are slowly destroying our environment by upsetting the balance of nature and our ecosystem. Support commercial whaling is one way to stop this nonsense.

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Posted in: Japan, China seek to restart FX swap lines See in context

New laws must be enact to punish those who trade with China or buy Chinese goods. Economic sanction must be placed on China. Majority of American people support putting 1000% tariff on ALL Chinese goods. President Trump clearly has not done enough in trade war. Japan must do the same with NO alternatives.

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Posted in: Business economists say Trump tariffs will harm U.S.: survey See in context

It is a lie and it is another typical fake news put together by liberals in the US. President Trump has done a fabulous job in the US and he is now enjoying the support of overwhelming majority of Americans. Trump's trade wars have yield a huge amount of benefit to American people. Under his administration, 99% of Americans have seen their net worth jumped after last year's tax cut. If you are smart, you should know so-called Global Warming is just another hoax orchestrated by the rich. However, common people get hurt because we have to pay more for everything we buy in the form of carbon taxes.

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Posted in: China to overtake Japan as 2nd-largest contributor to U.N. See in context

UN is nothing but a cartel. It's sole purpose is to undermine US interests all over the world. It should be disbanded and kicked out of New York City. If it wants to stay in the US, it should pay 10x more rent it currently pay to house in headquarter in NYC.

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Posted in: Toyota to ramp up production, sales in China See in context

If Toyota wants to lose US market, it might as well build more cars in China. The whole world now embrace the greatest US President ever Donald Trump by cutting back their trades with China significantly. Japan, as one of the strongest supporter of the US, should raise tariff on all Chinese goods imported by at least 25%. Trade with China is a bad business practice!!

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Posted in: Japan, China seek to restart FX swap lines See in context

It would be a good idea for not resuming currency swap practice with China. Right now, the developed world has cut back trading activities with China in support of President Trump's trade war against China . Japanese companies should cut back their trades with China as well. Trade with China is a bad business period. Japan should follow President Trump's lead and should instead raise tariff on all imported Chinese goods by at least 25%.

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Posted in: China may try to join hands with Japan to challenge U.S. See in context

It would be a very dangerous trend for Abe to improve relationship with China. It is contrary to what democracy is. Japan should cut all relationship with China and instead forge a stronger tie to the US. The only way for Japan to survive is to become a protectorate of the US, and become a state of US down the road. There are no other alternatives.

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Posted in: Nissan to sell battery business to Chinese renewable energy operator See in context

The deal must be reviewed by Trump Administration..

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Posted in: Japanese whaling town holds annual memorial service for whales See in context

Most people in the world support commercial whaling. Most of us love to eat delicious whale meat and dolphin meat. I strongly support Taiji's whaling tradition. It should be expanded to more towns in Japan. No one has the right to tell us what not to eat. In my opinion, there is no such thing as endangered species exist in the world.

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Posted in: 17 killed in shooting spree at Florida high school by expelled student See in context

The only way to prevent such shooting incident in the States is to abolish all gun laws and make National Rifle Association a US government institution. If everyone carries a gun, this type of incident would never take place. Liberal media in the US has grossly exaggerated the scale of shootings. Their purpose is trying to take the guns away from American people by promoting yet more gun control laws. In fact, more people in the US have died from opioid addiction than shooting-related deaths, yet no one has talked about it.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs record Y5.19 tril defense budget that favors U.S.-made equipment See in context

Buying weapons from the US should strengthen the tie between Japan and the US. Most people in Japan won't mind to make their country as the 51st State in the USA.

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Posted in: Taiji town holds memorial service for dolphins See in context

Due to restricted fishing, whales and dolphins and all other sea mammals are grossly overpopulated. This restriction has ruined the balance of nature and has decimated our fish stocks. In order to restore nature's balance, we must start a massive worldwide hunt for these creatures and eat their meat. I have NEVER met a single person who does not like the taste of whale/dolphin meat. The trouble is too many people are in self-denial and refuse to try out these delicious meat. When I lived in Japan, I specifically looked for these meat and I loved the taste of it. These meat is low in fat and high in protein. There are so many ways to cook it or make it into sashimi. The so-called mercury poison is just another conspiracy to keep us eat these meat. Don't listen to it.

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Posted in: Taiji town holds memorial service for dolphins See in context

Dolphin hunting is a part of Japanese tradition and must be preserved and expanded. Dolphin is nothing but one type of fish. Go on a trip for dolphin/whale hunt would be a fantastic experience. After that, you could eat your catch fresh. It is such a stupidity that so many people are brainwashed and humanize dolphins and whales. As a result, they deprive dolphin meat lovers such as myself a good meal dolphin sashimi. We must get rid of all the concepts of "endangered species" because it is a conspiracy to deny us to eat a good meal. Wealthy people in the world eat these so-called endangered species day after day and no one is willing to talk about it. We must legalize all dolphin hunts and making dolphin meat commercially available.

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Posted in: Rare whale meat barbecue restaurant in Osaka spreads food culture See in context

This is fantastic. It is a shame that this type of restaurants are not available everywhere in Japan. In additional, restaurants should serve dolphin meat, sea lion and seal meat or anything we could think of. I am sure there are hundreds of millions out there like me who want to eat these meat. Most people want us to believe these creatures are endangered. The reality is that creatures such as whales are so plentiful that their population experiences a massive explosion. We must resume commercial whaling as soon as possible just to keep the eco-system balanced.

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Posted in: Japan kills 333 whales in annual Antarctic hunt See in context

Personally, I don't believe any endangered species. To me, all creatures in the sea or on the land could be hunted for food. It is really a conspiracy orchestrated by the mainstream media and eco-terrorists to keep us from eating a good meal. I love eating whale meat. The meat is good for health. It is a shame that most people have their brainwashed and think whales or dolphins or any other "intelligent" creatures are cute or adorable. To me, they are creatures created by God and God wants us to eat them. I want to see commercial whaling restored as soon as possible.

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Posted in: China tells Japan 'negative' moves prevent improvement in ties See in context

Not sure why Japan needs to care about China at all. US should be the only country that matters to Japan. Japan should cut ALL relationships with China. I think Japan would be better off.

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Posted in: Whaling nations sink bid for South Atlantic sanctuary See in context

I am sure people would choose eating whale meat instead of watch whales in the ocean. All bans on whaling should be abolished asap so all of us could enjoy delicious whale meat. Whaling industry could employ many people who otherwise would not find good jobs. Whale protection has destroyed our fish stock in the process. We need to reverse the trend as soon as we could.

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Posted in: Pro- and anti-whaling nations clash at IWC meeting See in context

IWC has a double-standard. People from Norway and Iceland get to eat delicious whale meat while other countries are not allowed to do the same. It is people's right to eat whale meat. It's time for Japan to disregard any new measures and resume commercial whaling as soon as possible. I want to eat fresh whale meat at a reasonable price when I am in Japan.

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Posted in: Whalers in crosshairs at IWC meeting this week See in context

If Norway and Iceland can continue commercial whaling, why can't other countries follow suit. One of the biggest problems we have today is that most people in this world have been brainwashed by the top 1% by treating creatures such as whales, dolphins, tigers, elephants, monkeys, and all so-called endangered species too much like us. There is a reason why these creatures exist today. God has created these creatures for us to eat. Remember, humans are hunters. Hunting is in our genes. The top 1% lie to us all the time. They are the ones who consume the meat of these so-called endangered species everyday. The reason they don't want us to eat it is that they can eat as much as they could. It is utterly nonsense for people treating whales or dolphins as "cute" animals we should "protect". The more we protect, the more they are vulnerable to extinction because this alters the nature's balance. As a result, we are experiencing a disatrous population explosion of whale, dolphin, and whatever endangered species on a global scale. We must eat their meat to keep their numbers in check.

We must support Japan to start commercial whaling as soon as possible. No one could deny that whale meat and dolphin meat are delicious.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd unveils new high-speed ship against Japanese whalers See in context

Commercial whaling must be resumed as soon as possible. Due to over protecting of whales (all species, not just minke whales) and dolphins, we are destroying our eco-balance by allowing them to multiply. Instead of protecting these so-called "endangered" species, we are in fact killing them by allowing them to multiply out of control. Soon, all the fishes in our ocean will be consumed by these grossly over-populated whales and dolphins, sea lions, seals, etc. They will all starve to death, hence accelerate their declines. We must start to hunt them as soon as possible and as much as possible to protect our ecosystem. Remember, anyone who says they want to "protect" these whales are in fact whale meat lovers. How many people could say they don't want eat these delicious whale meat?

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd unveils new high-speed ship against Japanese whalers See in context

Most of the people in the world are brainwashed by Western mainstream media claiming whales and dolphins, and for that matter, tigers, monkeys, elephants, etc, are "endangered". Let's face it, scientists say sooner or later, all these creatures will go extinct. Instead of "protecting" these soon to be extinct creatures, why can't we eat their meat and enjoy the taste of it while we still could. When they go extinct, we would not be able to eat it.

Humans are born to be hunters. we cannot be too choosy for what meat we eat. I love eat whale meat, dolphin meat, and any other so-called "endangered" species. You don't need to hide it if you want to eat bush meat. It is pathetic that people such as sea shepherd try to stop Japanese fishermen from hunting whale meat. This is a Japanese tradition worth keeping and it should not be violated. That's why I had a hard time to find delicious whale meat when I was in Japan. Can these environmental terrorists get a real job instead of harassing fishman? Or another thing, the people who try to deprive us from eating good tasty meat are themselves "endangered" species meat eaters.

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Posted in: Ichiro Suzuki donates 3,000-hit souvenirs to Hall of Fame See in context

Ichiro has taught us one lesson. We are never too old to pursue our dream and reach our goal. When he first joined the majors, who could predict that he would get 3,000 hits one day. This is really a monumental achievement. He is a true Hall of Famer.

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Posted in: Beijing warns it will cut contacts if Taiwan doesn't toe line See in context

This is great. Taiwan should immediately declare total independence NOW!! Taiwan should not have any contacts with the Commie china. Who needs red china now? No one. Republic of Taiwan should immediately establish military alliance with the US and Japan and have US troops stationed there for protection.

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