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Posted in: Actress Kristen Bell becomes Hers' first Mental Health Ambassador See in context

Kristen’s genuine personality and openness about her mental health resonates with people in a really honest and authentic way. 

Glad they made that clear. Folks might’ve thought they chose her because she’s drop-dead gorgeous and extremely sexy.


PS. Hims & Hers Health Inc? What a ridiculous name for a company.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested over murder of girlfriend See in context

The girl wants to break up and they end up dead. It’s no surprise so many women want to remain single. No doubt this is contributing greatly to the declining birthrate.

Don’t think you’ll be winning any prizes for logical reasoning this week, chief. (You might wanna check out ‘third-cause fallacy’ and look up the difference between ‘correlation’ and ‘causation’.)


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Posted in: U.S. actor Kevin Spacey denies committing 7 sex offenses See in context

a New York court dismissed a $40 million sexual misconduct lawsuit brought against Spacey.

The complainant, actor Anthony Rapp, alleged the star had assaulted him when he was 14.

Yeah, it’s funny how it’s always only the really rich dudes who get sued by these gold-digging nobodies.

The ‘actor’ Anthony Rapp? Yeah, sure, buddy.


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Posted in: Man arrested for asking teenage girl to show him her underwear See in context

 If some older woman you don't know and are completely unattracted to followed you home in her car, stopped the car, came up to you, and asked you to show her your underwear, would you not feel like you have just been sexually harassed? 

On the contrary, I think most blokes would be suddenly attracted to her.


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Posted in: Naomi Osaka says she's pregnant; plans tennis return in 2024 See in context

What does "wedlock" actually mean? Locked into a wedding. Wedding-lock.

No. It's from Old English wedlac (offering a [wedding] vow, promise, pledge).

The -lac, noun suffix is unrelated to 'lock' (as a means of fastening or confining); that comes from a different Old English word,  loc.

So the '-lock' in wedlock signifies, from -lac, 'demonstrable action, observable practice'. Which is what love is, really. In my house, anyway.

Nice try.


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Posted in: Naomi Osaka says she's pregnant; plans tennis return in 2024 See in context

Naomi Osaka to become a single mother?! :—o

I wouldn't let that fruitcake look after my jacket.


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Posted in: Review: The good and the bad of the Golden Globes See in context

... [somewhere, tumbleweed bounces silently down a deserted dust road, blown by the breeze] ...


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Posted in: Dr. Dre, Missy, Lil Wayne to be honored at pre-Grammy event See in context

Didn’t have time to read the article.

Is it an award for unsightly tattoos?


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Posted in: Jeff Beck, guitar virtuoso who influenced generations, dies at 78 See in context

the whammy bar on his preferred guitar, the Fender Stratocaster

That last is a half rhyme, I think unintentional? Otherwise, promising. B(+)

Beck? Pioneering musician, and extremely pleasant man, who will greatly be missed.


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Posted in: Marvel actor Renner says he is 'messed up' after snow plow accident See in context

there was no indication that drink or drugs were involved in the incident

On New Year’s morning?!

Always thought Renner seemed a bit of a lightweight.


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Posted in: Japan marks 1st business day of the year See in context

ZorotoToday  05:24 pm JST

‘the country refrained from implementing travel restrictions’

I assume this is talking about domestic travel, or travel for Japanese nationals. For the record, there have never been any travel restrictions, so not sure what this article is trying to say

I assume you don’t know what ‘implementing’ means.


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Posted in: Have a safe trip: Oregon trains magic mushroom facilitators See in context

“You are here to support safe passage and hold the container that powers a release and an unfolding,” Trainer Gina Gratza told the students. “Be mindful of how you’re speaking and what the energy of what you’re putting out may be conveying....those taking psilocybin should be given the freedom to explore whatever emotions emerge during their inner journeys...

“We’re not guiding,” Gratza said. “Let your participants’ experiences unfold. Use words sparingly. Let participants come to their own insights and conclusions.”

Bwahahahahaha. What a load of hippie twaddle. And all for a couple of thousand dollars per session.

With her Mickey Mouse (non-)qualifications (sic) ('Gina has completed parts A and B of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies MDMA Therapy Training Program and the first 4 modules of Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy with The Polaris Insight Center. [sigh]), I wouldn't let Ms Gina Gratza wash my car, much less 'treat' me for trauma and/or depression.


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Posted in: Man arrested for asking teenage girl to show him her underwear See in context

the man, a company employee, drove his car alongside the girl as she was walking home. He stopped his car, got out and approached the girl and said he would like to see her underwear.

The girl ran away…

That poor girl must’ve been terrified. I can’t believe that there are people on here defending this idiot.


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Posted in: Quarter of trainees in Japan told to return home if pregnant: survey See in context

Making these foreign trainees quit their jobs and return home is not only a breech of equal opportunity laws it’s also a breech of labor laws by denying them maternity leave. They are also entitled to the government handout of ¥500,000 for having a baby.

Blimey. Don’t know where to start on that. It’s all completely incorrect.

Good luck claiming your leave and your cash handout on your way to the deportation lounge, ladies. Let us know how you get on.


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Posted in: Quarter of trainees in Japan told to return home if pregnant: survey See in context


the [foreign] trainees should have the right to have kids in the same way Japanese nationals do

Well, they do. Of course they do. But they must also abide by the contract they have accepted from their employer, in the same way that a Japanese national would. And, in this case, since the working visa sponsorship contract is terminated upon the employee falling pregnant, that’s that. Selfish and naive to presume otherwise. Good luck with the baby, and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.


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Posted in: Quarter of trainees in Japan told to return home if pregnant: survey See in context

A country with one of the worst gender equality records in the world, no protection of foreign citizens and toothless unions. 

Yes, of course, when assessed by criteria unthinkingly imposed on Japanese society by arrogant westerners who know diddly squat about Japanese culture. [sigh]

I wish foreigners would stop beating Japan with that irrelevant ‘bottom of the world gender equality league’ yardstick. Japanese women have higher levels of life and job satisfaction than women in just about any other developed country. In fact the only native females here who gripe about their lot are those who’ve been brainwashed by ludicrous contemporary western feminist (sic) values.

Foreign women who come here to work on short term contracts should (adhering to contractual obligations to which they have agreed) be responsible and not get pregnant if they wish to remain here for the duration of said contract. The rules governing a working visa are neither sexist nor unfair. If people don’t like them, they should take their trade elsewhere. Nobody’s forcing foreigners to come to Japan!


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Posted in: Jessica Henwick talks diversity and Nicolas Cage See in context

Jessica Henwick talks diversity and Nicolas Cage

Way to go with a misleading clickbait headline. (She drones on and on about diversity, right enough, but all actresses have to virtue signal like billy-o nowadays if they want a job.) But she mentions Nic Cage only once, his name only, in passing right at the end of the interview, as an example of a ‘90s hero’ with whom she’d like to work one day. Hardly a headline-grabbing revelation. Did the sub editor read the article? [sigh]


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Posted in: FIFA looks to 48-team World Cup as eyes turn to 2026 See in context

It’s too much.

Less is more.

Diluted. Dumbed down. Devalued.

I wish they’d stop this nonsense. Don’t they have enough money already?


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Posted in: 'Work without limits': Japan's teachers battle for change See in context

Stop forcing teachers to do bukatsu. They don’t want to do it…

They’re forced to do bukatsu? They certainly seem to be enjoying it judging from the videos I’ve watched on Pornhub.


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Posted in: 'Work without limits': Japan's teachers battle for change See in context

From what I’ve witnessed over many years, I think the notion of being measurably overworked applies to most middle- and high- school teachers in Japan. They really do work their butts off, selflessly, daily.

By contrast, the vast majority of University teachers in Japan are overpaid workshy lead-swingers who don’t know how good they’ve got it. Five or six classes a week?! Most schoolteachers dream of a soft schedule like that!


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Posted in: 23-year-old man arrested for assaulting 40-year-old common-law wife See in context

the man, a part-time worker, punched the woman’s shoulder with both fists. The woman called police who rushed to the scene and arrested the man at the scene. Police said the woman was not seriously injured.

This, of course, is reprehensible and not to be condoned. Prosecution for assault is perfectly reasonable.

Yet such incidents are common (in disputes involving either or both sexes) and this one, of its ilk, not especially remarkable.

There must be umpteen arrests for worse, and lesser, assaults in Japan daily. Why does this particular incident merit a headline news story?


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Posted in: Company holiday parties are back — but with some restraint See in context

Bill MacQueen, 46, is far removed from big city nightlife as assistant director of commercialization at Ajinomoto's manufacturing plant in Eddyville, Iowa. And he doesn't drink.

But count him in for bingo. 

MacQueen said his heart gave a “leap for joy that we were back to pre-COVID” when he got his bingo card at the entrance of Ajinomoto's dinner party for its plant workers.

He sounds like a right laugh.


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Posted in: Moriyasu has vast array of options for knockout match against Croatia See in context

Moriyasu is always smiling, always happy, always positive. This confidence flows through to the entire squad. No wonder they are performing at a standard never seen from a Japanese team.

Smiles and happiness. Another masterstroke of managerial genius from the Japanese wizard, Moriyasu.

How other teams’ coaches must be wishing they’d thought of that!

With such abundant tactical nouse right from the top down, Samurai Blue cannot fail to win the World Cup!


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Posted in: Lawmaker Sugita retracts past remarks on LGBT, other minorities See in context

@ジョージToday  09:06 am JST

“On the other hand, how many of you can deny the fact that LGBTs can’t produce offspring? “

Sperm donation and surrogacy exist.

Indeed they do: for couples unable to produce offspring.

(You might want to check the meaning of the English words ‘produce’ and ‘offspring’, champ.)


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Posted in: Tokyo students take oral English test in high school entrance exam See in context

@Elvis is Here

Mr Twatt

“Really? In that case, if I were that teenaged girl detained by police earlier this year for receiving test answers on a concealed cellphone, I might have something to say about that.”

Two quite different situations. Planning to cheat and over- hearing an answer in a test are not related. 

It's like comparing Antarctica with Tokyo university don't you think?

No. For if my English was as hopeless as most Japanese high schoolers’, I’d find someone whose English was good and ask/bribe her (it would be a girl because Japanese boys’ English is really appalling) to sit near me in the test and bellow out her answers loudly and clearly so I could copy them. Job done.


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Posted in: Tokyo students take oral English test in high school entrance exam See in context

Some complained they could hear other people's answers, but the board of education said it is unaware of major problems.

Really? In that case, if I were that teenaged girl detained by police earlier this year for receiving test answers on a concealed cellphone, I might have something to say about that.


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Posted in: Win or lose: Japanese fans tidy up at World Cup See in context

Japanese fans tidy up at World Cup

And that long-haired (presumably) Costa Rican lady in the blue is quite, ahem, ‘tidy’ too.


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Posted in: Costa Rica scores late to beat Japan 1-0 in lackluster game See in context

All Japan did was pass the ball in the middle without any real set play

That’s kind of what Japan normally do.

Truth will out.

Weak. No flair, no finishers, and pub football goalkeeping too.


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Posted in: Japan aims for World Cup knockout stage against Costa Rica See in context



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Posted in: University of Tokyo to double number of female professors by FY2027 See in context

Those with hiring experience in tertiary education here know that women are often employed over far better-qualified male candidates purely in the name of redressing the gender imbalance within a department.

What then frequently happens is the thereby (mis)appointed female’s inadequacies are quickly manifested, leading to disruption and disquiet and dissatisfaction and bad feeling within the department and among students.

In turn, this often leads to said females claiming ‘power harassment’ and either quitting or having their contract terminated on a manufactured technicality in order to reinstate workplace harmony.

Though it cannot be admitted publicly, it is well known that this happens. It is one valid reason why many Japanese universities are reluctant to jump on the ‘equality’ bandwagon.


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