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Posted in: 4-year-old girl survives fall from 9th floor in Oita See in context

@sensei258 By the time a kid is 4 years old, they can open most standard locks you'd find in a Japanese apartment. Given that most apartments don't let you make modifications, the standard lock is all you get.

This sort of thing should be a warning to get building owners to put real child-safe doors on the balcony.

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Posted in: Figure skater Ando announces she is a single mother See in context

It's pretty amazing that she's back skating two months after giving birth.

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Posted in: No. of suicides drops below 30,000 for first time in 15 years See in context

@the_sheriff yes, I think we can attribute the decline in suicides to AKB.

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Posted in: NHK may charge viewer fees for Internet, smartphone usage See in context

They've been doing this for a while, haven't they? One of the NHK men came to my friend's apartment and when my friend said he didn't have a TV, the NHK man said my friend should still pay because he had a keitai (probably on the assumption that the keitai was one that could be used to watch broadcasts).

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Posted in: Gov't - but not Ishihara - backs away from Hashimoto's comfort women comments See in context

Historian Yoshiaki Yoshimi uncovered evidence that the government and military sanctioned and ran the "comfort stations":

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Posted in: Jawbone JAMBOX See in context

@jonobugs newly available in Japan.

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Posted in: Wikipedia group launches online travel guide See in context

@Probie Wikitravel is a owned by a for profit company which was running advertising on the site. Many of the admins rebelled from the changes and lack of support of Wikitravel and started Wikivoyage. Some notes about the differences here:

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Posted in: 2 men turn themselves in over Roppongi nightclub murder See in context

@JapanGal 10 men entered the club, 15 are wanted for the murder. I guess the 5 that didn't enter the club assisted or where otherwise involved.

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Posted in: Girl hit by train may have committed suicide due to bullying, say police See in context

Of course, determined people will find a way, but adding gates would stop people who commit suicide on impulse.

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Posted in: Cute anime girls driving sales of Windows 8 in Japan See in context

The area of Osaka is pronounced "Nipponbashi", not "Nihonbashi". Nihonbashi is the place in Tokyo. They are written with the same kanji though. (This error is from the original article.)

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Posted in: Obama hugger gets online beating See in context

Apparently the positive reviews are outnumbering the negative ones:

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Posted in: Why does the existence of AKB48 bother so many readers of Japan Today (judging from the comments on the discussion board)? See in context

Judging from Japan Today discussion board comments, Japan Today readers hate everything.

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