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thomyorke comments

Posted in: Amazon bans most 'incentivized' reviews See in context

Finally. Good on them

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Posted in: Woman stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend in convenience store in Shizuoka See in context

The police officers in charge of this case need to be seriously examined as to whether they are capable of doing their jobs. Poor girl. A life wasted.

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Posted in: Aussies accused of premeditated brief display at Malaysia F1 See in context

Bunch of bros got together for a laugh and did something that made them stand out among the masses? How dare they! Seriously though, as long as they weren't hurting anyone, how is this a problem, or even news worthy?

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Posted in: 15 teenagers arrested for dangerous driving on scooters in Tokyo See in context

Hahaha Japanese rebels are so lame! Bunch of wimps

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Posted in: Ai Kago named KDDI campaign girl for U.S. service See in context

KDDI is the worst carrier in Japan, and now it will be the worst carrier in the U.S.. Prepare to watch the epic fail

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Posted in: Mika Kano lends her voice to 'House' See in context

Ugly as hell

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Posted in: USB optical trackball See in context

lol, its 1989!

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Posted in: Toyota slashes bonuses for managers by 20% See in context

"Their winter bonus will average 930,000 yen this year"

Does this still sound like a hell of a lot of money for a "crisis" bonus to anyone else???

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Posted in: Saki Fukuda looking for a man who is soft on outside and strong on inside See in context

Miyaratmosphere, truer words never spoken.

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Posted in: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 friend Facebook See in context

Yeah, how dorky does that look as a Facebook update? "Billy Joe just got the achievement for 100 hours played on Fifa 09`"

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai goes to university See in context

anthony39, good points. Japanese get all freaked out over nothing. She would be way cooler if she just just played the rebel who doesn`t care what people think about her drug use.

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Posted in: Gong! Alarm clock See in context

This may be useful for people who have trouble oversleeping and missing classes/work. Ill never ねぼう again!

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Posted in: Cop arrested for breaking into female cop’s apartment in Chiba See in context

What a douche-bag. Good to know that these are the outstanding people who are protecting us. J-cops are a joke, and I don`t respect them in the least.

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Posted in: Chinese censors block Obama's call to free the Internet See in context

numbskull, Id be interested to know what sites Japan has blocked you from seeing. China`s government is epic fail for trying to control the thoughts of its citizens and I will fully support a free speech revolution when it happens.

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Posted in: Twitter to scrap controversial suggested user list See in context

Well, for those of us living abroad, MySpace and Facebook are a great way to stay in touch with people back home and let them know about your life. Twitter is a bit more corporate and actually promotes itself as a space to advertise one`s business, music, etc. So I say lets keep bashing Twitter and be thankful for Facebook/Myspace. Curious to hear what other JT readers think about this.

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Posted in: Airhead female fans can't get enough of 'cool' accused killer Ichihashi See in context

Finally a Japan Today article that hits the nail on the head, by referring to this retards as "airheads". Couldnt think of a better word to describe them. What pathetic no-lifes who have nothing better to do than idolize people that they see on tv, much less a murderer.

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Posted in: Seven bicycles set on fire in Chiba See in context

I know a lot of people here that hate bicyclists, because they nearly run you over on the sidewalk blazing past you at mach speed. I know people who have been run into by them as well. This is an act of revenge!

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Posted in: Man dies after being dragged by car for 160 meters in Yokohama See in context

An old fashioned lynching! Terrible way to die...

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Posted in: AKB48 drop in on Tamori See in context

Epic Fail x 10

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Posted in: Is chivalry dead on Tokyo trains? See in context

This is good, thought provoking commentary. The only point that I think the article fails to notice, is that chivalry is not dying, IT NEVER EXISTED in Japan. Something that was never there. For centuries. Japanese men are finally caving to Western pressure to treat their women like equals, but think about it, how many children are taught to treat women equally at home and in the classroom, and by sheer example of adults? Because there is no tradition of chivalry, it doesnt exist now.

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Posted in: Meet the brains of Tokyo's women-only housing boom See in context

Seriously though, I wonder what their policies on foriegners are...

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Posted in: Wi-Fi for travelers becomes web marketing lure See in context

Yeah, this is useless for those who live in Japan. Finding a spot with Wi-Fi here is about as common as finding a happy orphan on Mothers Day.

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Posted in: Pitt and Tarantino to be guests on 'Bistro SMAP' See in context

SMAP = Epic Fail

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Posted in: 'Uncle' Tarantino becomes newest member of Softbank's 'White Family' See in context

Tarantino used to live in Japan, and apparantly he was quite obsessed with anime/manga. Then he woke up one morning and said, "what the **** am I doing here?" and headed back to the States and being a famous director. So he indeed understands the vicissitudes of the gaijin life. I think he enjoys playing the samurai-loving, totally geeked out gaijin.

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Posted in: Ex-gangster held after beating customer to death in Thai restaurant in Tokyo See in context

Poor old man....

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Posted in: All 7 members of girls group Berryz Workshop catch flu See in context

Thats what they get for wasting our time with their idol act.

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Posted in: Robert Pattinson sparkles in the 'Twilight' zone See in context

Someone should tell him never to listen to it, lest his brain cells be rapidly obliterated.

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Posted in: NEC unveils eyewear translator See in context

All you English teachers, be warned: Start looking for a new line of work ASAP

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Posted in: Sports shoes See in context

Bwahahaha so random. Lets say hello to the sponser of the week!!

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Posted in: Fukushima flasher caught red-handed by female police officer See in context

Haha, Japanese crimes are hillarious. Retarded criminals and inept cops (6 months to catch a flasher who was spotted in the same place for 6 months) make many laughs for the gaijin watching from the side

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