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Posted in: Junpei Mizobata named 'Face of the Year' See in context

That thing in the middle would be considered a midgit in most nations.

And yeah, 2009 must have been a slow year for er, new faces.

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Posted in: Hungry gang members eat 351 lunches and run See in context

Nothing in this story makes any sense. Why would the owner trust these douches to pay and just keep giving them bentos for a month? How do you stay in a hotel multiple times without paying? And what kinda dipwad gang members eat and run? Sometimes nothing in Japan makes any sense :(

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Posted in: The wackiest Japanese beauty products ever See in context

more proof that the Japanese will buy ANYTHING!

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Posted in: Manga men See in context

The problem is that there is no one to tell these guys to GROW UP

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Posted in: Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker due in Britain See in context

Good to know that somebody is unafraid to speak the truth about the violence and backwardness that is the current state of Islam. Of course he will be met with protests, but that is because he is not afraid to expose this.

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Posted in: Tropicana Homemade style pear blend See in context

tried it, its excellent!

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Posted in: High school student caught with cannabis resin See in context

Give the kid a break. He was just trying to relax and have a good time, and smoking in your car is a way better way to do it than all of the too-drunk to walk salaryman stumbling into you on the streets or on the train. That said, Japan is one of the strictest advanced countries in the world on marijuana and that wont change anytime soon so its not even worth trying to obtain weed here.

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman scares off would-be robber in Osaka See in context

Lol only in Japan. The most pathetic, weak and dumb criminals in the world. And thats a good thing, actually!

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Posted in: Toyota’s Corolla an inspiration for Ami Suzuki’s new song 'Kiss Kiss Kiss' See in context

"Hello, Im a Japanese pop star. Ill do anything if Toyota pays me, no matter how much I have to sell-out! Yay Capitalism!"

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Posted in: Idol chatter See in context

I`m sorry but I dont see any reason why she is famous in the first place. Seriously, do you actually have to do anything worthwhile, show some skills in ANYTHING to be famous in this country? Apparently not.

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Posted in: Yuming and Kurumi mix it up with Gap See in context

Gap clothes are oversized and useless, but they used to be better in the 90s and I guess basics like undershirts or socks are still buyable. Uniqlo will slowly push them down and out of the market, as their clothing is twice as cheap and higher quality. There are too better and more fashionable stores for Gap to have any reason to exist in Japan.

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Posted in: Dante peaks See in context

The truth is, any Joe Blow foreigner can "model" in Japan just because they look different and exotic. Most foreigners will be approached by modeling agencies especially in Tokyo when out walking in Shibuya, or even sitting in cafes like Dante was. But respect to him for refusing to play roles that stereotype foreigners. Ironic that he became famous as a member of the "White Family" though.

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Posted in: Nothing lost in translation See in context

Hope that professional translating services like Elanex will wipe this country clean of the unintelligible, pathetic English used by Japanese companies in their advertising. Anyone want some "potato flies" with that burger? Didn`t think so.

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