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Posted in: Djokovic's temper flares up as he leaves Tokyo empty-handed See in context

But Djokovic withdrew from that match citing a left shoulder injury - handing the bronze medal to Australia.

Nina Stojanovic was deprived of the chance to get a medal thanks to this.

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Posted in: Frenchman in Tokyo ends hunger strike over his 'abducted' children See in context

In a society where there seem to be bad-parenting stories in the news every day, I salute this man for his devotion to his children. It's something we need a lot more of.

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Posted in: Nihon? Nippon? What’s the correct name for Japan at the Tokyo Olympics (and in general)? See in context

In Japanese, syllables starting with an H and those starting with a P are linguistically linked, and it’s not uncommon for an H to become a P for a mid-word syllable. 

This isn't really the best analysis. Historically, all those h sounds were once p sounds, and more than a millennium ago, the single ps (but not the double ps, and not in certain sound-effect words) started weakening, first into f (which persisted until the 1600s) and then to today's h (except before u). The h hasn't "become" a p so much as the p sound has survived without changing to h.

We can still see this variation in lots of other words, such as yahari and yappari, or how a ray of light is a hikari and "to shine" is hikaru but the sound effect of something glinting is pika-pika.

Nippon is the older, less-changed pronunciation, but it's not like people are going to stop saying Nihon. After all, they started saying it because it was easier to say.

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Posted in: Why is Taiwan not called Taiwan at the Olympics? See in context

I really wish West Taiwan would stop telling the Republic of China what to call itself.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: Pandemic, heat ... and now a typhoon's en route See in context

If the money-grubbing IOC was determined to have the Games in July or August, perhaps the JOC could have chosen a more suitable host city, such as Sapporo or the very-deserving Sendai, to be the host city.

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Posted in: Prosecutors drop case against all 100 recipients of ex-minister's bribes See in context

Mr. Kawai arranges bribes to help his wife get elected, and is found guilty and sent to prison for three years.

Mrs. Kawai receives the bribes, is found guilty, but gets a suspended sentence, doesn't have to go to prison, and get to keep her post in government!?

And the bribe takers also see the charges against them dropped. Looks like Mrs. Kawai is surrounded by fall guys who take all the punishment while nothing happens to her!

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Posted in: Blurring the line between work and play: 'Workation' rentals become a thing in Japan See in context

@Thomas, it's not quite as bad as you suggest; you don't have to pay for all 30 days, only Fridays through Sundays, national holidays, and days before holidays. So in a typical month, you might only have to pay 5500 yen x 12 or 14.

But then there's a limit of only four nights per stay. So I suppose you'd have to vacate several times. And pay another cleaning fee each time.

Looks like what could have been fun and relaxing isn't quite that way when you look deeper. Of course the confusing bureaucracy and stifling rules take a lot of the fun out of this situation.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmakers earned average of ¥24.16 million last year See in context

That is all you get paid and have a masters degree? My retirement monthly check is double that, and I only worked 14 years!

The previous poster's salary is common nowadays, even with a postgrad degree, and even for people who have worked more years than you did. Today's workers just aren't as well compensated as your generation was.

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Posted in: Japan backs off on forecast of 30 gold medals at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Watching these smug besuited executives set medal "targets" for the country, as if the athletes will have somehow failed if their total isn't high enough, is disgusting. If they put forth their best effort, I'm happy.

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Posted in: Japan consumer prices rise for first time in 14 months See in context

@Herve and Reckless - this is how even the analysts participate in the deception of the public. Just yesterday I was reading a recent paperback about how Japan is becoming a "cheap" country compared to most of the world, and one chapter was about an analysis of records from point-of-sale terminals and whether the prices they record for specific products have risen or lowered. There was a graph showing the ratio of increases to decreases for each year, and it looked like neither side had the advantage, with almost as many increases as decreases every year.

What the author didn't even mention is that if less product is put in the same package, manufacturers can pull the trick of lowering the number on the price tag while actually charging much more: a 20% decrease in volume but with a 5% decrease in price is actually a huge price increase, but it looks cheaper in the system.

This deception has been pulled with so many products in the past decade or so. I don't think the analysts are stupid, but I do wonder if they have an agenda they are pushing; specifically, the BoJ's agenda.

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Posted in: Former justice minister Kawai gets 3 years for vote-buying See in context

So the husband who buys votes goes to jail, but the wife who received the votes, and who is occupying a governmental position thanks to those votes, has been found guilty but gets a suspended sentence and doesn't have to go to jail? Is she still at her post, "serving" the people?

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Posted in: Ghosn pledges lengthy fight to clear his name See in context


TOKYO, Jan. 7, 2020 (Xinhua) -- The Tokyo District Court will forfeit the 1.5-billion-yen (14 million U.S. dollars) bail money posted by former Nissan Motor Co. Chairman Carlos Ghosn,

The court will forfeit the bail money, or Ghosn will? I thought Ghosn would have to forfeit it, having fled the country. A very lucrative development for the court system!


People keep bringing up the high conviction rates in US federal courts; these are a red herring as federal courts are not where they handle the things an ordinary person is likely to be accused of. I imagine that these numbers include all courts:

 In the U.S. the conviction rate for contested trials is about 83 percent. In Japan, the conviction rate for contested cases is over 96 percent. This difference of roughly 13 percent is significant for defendants, but hardly the yawning chasm 

...and even here, Japan's terrifying conviction rate is on display, as the difference should not be calculated this way. A more accurate method would be to compare the 4% chance of being found not guilty in Japan compared to 17% in the US; your odds are 4.25 times as good in the US. And of course this does not address Japan's appalling pre-trial detention system that creates false confessions, or the inability of detainees to prepare for their own defense or even make arrangements for their affairs after they are convicted. Japan's detention system is disgusting and inhumane. The rest of society is wonderful, but the justice system is indefensible.

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Posted in: Australian court upholds ban on most international travel See in context

They appealed to the Federal Court, citing religious and cultural reasons among their exceptional circumstances. But a judge dismissed their case and ordered the couple to pay the government’s legal costs for their challenge.

This is terrifying. These people, who are already taxpayers, not only lost their case but were forced to pay the government's legal costs that it incurred in defeating them because they challenged a law that no other democratic nation has.

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Posted in: Japanese cook shaves head in apology after customer complaint See in context

Is the woman going to shave her head and visit Takoba to apologize, after falsely accusing him?

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Posted in: MLB reaches 2 million total runs See in context

If anyone wants to read about that very first game, in which Tim McGinley scored the National League's first-ever run, here is a great write-up; it was a thrilling game:

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Posted in: Woman arrested after asking police for advice on how to deal with smell of son’s corpse See in context

This corpse "abandonment" thing, as a catch-all way to arrest people who might or might not be connected with a death, is really getting stretched to the breaking point here. The corpse was right there with her; she didn't "abandon" it. Change the law to something like "untimely notification of a death".

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Posted in: Other athletes support Osaka's decision to skip press conferences at French Open See in context

I support her completely. Athletes should be able to focus on the sport they're playing without any obligations to talk to the media. There are plenty of athletes who love gabbing with the press; let those people do it and let the more private people play their sport and go home in peace when the match is over.

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Posted in: Actor John Cena faces backlash in China for calling Taiwan a country See in context

If there is one China, it is Taiwan, not the mainland. Taiwan is the legitimate continuation of the government of the Republic of China.

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Posted in: Defiant Ghosn pins hopes on French probes to clear his name See in context

The justice system in Japan works well for Japanese citizens! !

The only Japanese citizens for whom the justice system works "well" are those with their head in the sand who think it will never happen to them.

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Posted in: Japan says visa status of 2 fired Myanmar diplomats still valid See in context

@Tokyo-Engr - correct; your residency status in Japan is not connected to your home country's passport. You can still renew your status without one; you need to have your Residence Card.

It would be terrifying if your residency were dependent on having a valid passport in your home country; if so any tyrannical government could instantly have any of its nationals turned into illegal immigrants in Japan simply by nullifying their passports (which have always been the property of the issuing government) and then telling Japan that they're illegal immigrants and must be detained and deported back to said tyrannical country. Japan rightly does not allow such things to affect their status in Japan.

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Posted in: Pepsi Japan to release its 'most refreshing' cola ever See in context

I miss the Lemon Pepsi that you could find everywhere about a decade ago and which is now impossible to find.

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Posted in: Japan says visa status of 2 fired Myanmar diplomats still valid See in context

@Sven and Tokyo-Engr - There may be differences for diplomats, but in general your residence in Japan is not dependent on your home nation's passport status. Japan is not doing anything irregular in keeping their visa status intact; from Japan's perspective they have done nothing that would justify visa cancellation.

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Posted in: Girl's death in Hokkaido prompts probe into alleged bullying See in context

Boys used to fight - fist fight and kids were encouraged to fight back esp. by family.

These days kids are much softer and are dealing now with online bullying too.

Speed, it's not the kids who are softer. The problem is the new policies that punish anyone who gets in a fight, even someone defending themselves. "He started it!" can no longer be said in one's defense; the victim will be punished as much as the aggressor.

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Posted in: Japan to issue new 500 yen coins in November See in context

I notice that it says "JAPAN" and "500YEN" in tiny letters on the obverse; is this the first time they've put the name of the country in English on a coin? I'd rather see NIPPON as they put on the bills.

Still, it's a nice-looking coin and plenty of other countries have gone to bimetallic designs for their highest-value coins. It looks much better than the hideous banknotes they're planning to introduce in a few years. Those are a gigantic aesthetic downgrade from what we have now.

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Posted in: Kyoto police investigating cream puff attack on Bentley See in context

His car probably got chou-bombed because of the way he parked. He's also obviously not smart enough to understand the symbolism involved in the use of a cream-puff.

This is the entire answer right here. That road is far too thin to be able to park a car on; Mr. Bentley has blocked that entire side and even made it dangerous for a car in the oncoming direction. Perhaps our puff-thrower's car is trapped inside and so he expressed his anger with what is ultimately something harmless.

Not very surprised that the media immediately leaped to see this one-percenter as the victim.

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested over fatal hit-and-run of cyclist in tunnel See in context

I will never understand why so many tunnels don't even have 1-meter-wide walkways on the sides. As if automobile drivers are all that matters, and pedestrians and cyclists don't even exist.

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Posted in: Efforts underway to end 'period poverty' in Japan, despite hurdles See in context

It is insane that something as essential as sanitary goods has any consumption taxes taken on them at all. Medicine, too.

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Posted in: Japan, Singapore, Germany and South Korea retain top spots in Henley Passport Index See in context

As useful as it is to have a large number of countries one can visit visa-free, I think a true measure of a "strong" passport would be one where you can work in multiple countries (like many EU passports offer) and where you can acquire it or retain it without having to relinquish other citizenships.

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Posted in: Do you think self-driving cars will take away the fun of being at the wheel of your vehicle? See in context

As someone who does not have 0.6 eyesight and (as of now) is permanently banned from operating a car, self-driving cars can't come fast enough.

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Posted in: LDP executive says extra budget may be needed to combat COVID-19 pain See in context

respond aggressively including by compiling a supplementary budget," Toshihiro Nikai

...says the 82-year-old who will be retired when the full effects of the money printing continue to impoverish the people he is supposed to represent. Not that this lifelong and multigenerational politician understands the people.

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