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Posted in: Japan, Singapore, Germany and South Korea retain top spots in Henley Passport Index See in context

As useful as it is to have a large number of countries one can visit visa-free, I think a true measure of a "strong" passport would be one where you can work in multiple countries (like many EU passports offer) and where you can acquire it or retain it without having to relinquish other citizenships.

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Posted in: Do you think self-driving cars will take away the fun of being at the wheel of your vehicle? See in context

As someone who does not have 0.6 eyesight and (as of now) is permanently banned from operating a car, self-driving cars can't come fast enough.

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Posted in: LDP executive says extra budget may be needed to combat COVID-19 pain See in context

respond aggressively including by compiling a supplementary budget," Toshihiro Nikai

...says the 82-year-old who will be retired when the full effects of the money printing continue to impoverish the people he is supposed to represent. Not that this lifelong and multigenerational politician understands the people.

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Posted in: Who has the better claim to the disputed isles controlled by Japan as the Senkakus but claimed by China as the Diaoyus? See in context

@Cleo - Yonaguni is actually closer still. Even then, it's clearly Okinawa, not Taiwan, and definitely not the PRC.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over murder of common-law husband See in context

She’d had enough of his abuse and took action.

Maybe. And maybe she's lying. Conveniently for her, the defendant is no longer alive to defend himself against such accusations.

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Posted in: From April, all price tags in Japan must reflect final cost with sales tax included See in context

The sneakiest scam of all is when stores set prices that look like post-tax prices (10800 yen, 2160 yen, etc.) and then add tax on top of that!

We even had a vendor (who is another division of our parent company, so we cannot choose not to do business with them) change the pre-tax price of some of their services from (round number plus 8%) to (round number plus 10%).

When we called them out on it they insisted that the word 税抜 was clearly indicated, the price hike was something they had every right to do, and the fact that the numbers were what they were was just a coincidence.

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Posted in: Evidence emerges of 'brand new' physics at CERN See in context

@BigYen - the "truth" and "beauty" quarks are more often called "top" and "bottom", which is why you might not have heard of them:

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Posted in: Travelers entering Japan have to install location confirmation app, Skype on smartphones See in context

When we arrive in another country, we agree to be a good citizen for the period of our stay. 

TheFu, for those of us who live in Japan, this is home. If we were leaving Japan to visit relatives abroad, that country is home too. There is no "another country" that we should be kowtowing to for graciously allowing us to visit.

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Posted in: Japan risks global economic irrelevance. Having reached the end of its rope with conventional monetary policy, the BOJ seems to have reached the limits of unconventional policy too. See in context

Since the BOJ's stated objective is 2% inflation, I'm quite pleased they haven't achieved it. The stealth inflation in the form of smaller food packages is enough, thank you.

You can say that again. It is bad enough that prices have risen as much as they have; things would be far worse for the working class if the BoJ had managed to get prices to rise 2% every single year.

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Posted in: Man gets 2 1/2 years for umbrella assault that left victim without sight in one eye See in context

@HBJ - thanks for the clarification. In losing part of his eyesight, this victim might be losing much more; he might be disfigured too. Life is tough enough with impaired eyesight; I hope he doesn't also look impaired.

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Posted in: Man gets 2 1/2 years for umbrella assault that left victim without sight in one eye See in context

HBJ, if you think this is harsh, speaking as someone who is partially blind I invite you to cover up one of your eyes and leave that cover there until the day you die.

I know I'd give anything to have two functioning eyes. I'd volunteer to serve in prison for two and a half years as payment if that were the reward.

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Posted in: In Japan, the philosophy of gender equality, which is a conventional norm among the international community, is not shared by everyone. We are still in the middle of the journey. See in context

@smithinjapan and @kohakuebisu

Yes, that survey, which the media loves to bash Japan with, is biased and deeply flawed.

I read it in depth a few years ago. It measures only women's progress compared to men, with no penalty when women are ahead of men (such as in longevity, not being homeless, not committing suicide, or the like). So you get third-world dictatorships who treat their men really badly and score high for it.

A country that banned boys from any kind of schooling would get the same perfect score that a country that offered equal education to both! A country where women outlived men by 20 years would get a higher score than one in which its men outlived its women by a single day.

It's a terrible survey and should either be replaced by a better one, or should at the very least be renamed the Women's Empowerment Index or something like that.

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Posted in: In Japan, the philosophy of gender equality, which is a conventional norm among the international community, is not shared by everyone. We are still in the middle of the journey. See in context

Isn't this the same lawmaker who used to use nihonjin de umarete yokatta ("happy I was born Japanese") as a campaign slogan years ago? Seems like she mouths the right words on gender equality while subscribing to a different kind of bigotry.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics chief invokes power of sport on anniversary of disaster See in context

If they really cared about the disaster victims, the candidate city for the Games would have been Sendai, not Tokyo.

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Posted in: Japan's bank deposits rise at record pace in Feb as consumers save, not spend See in context

Good. In these uncertain times, everyone should have emergency money stashed away. Overspending, as the government and their compliant media want you to, is not a prudent thing to do.

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Posted in: Japanese companies go high-tech in battle against food waste See in context

Aly has it right. Even with the insistence on disposing of food that has reached its best-by date, stores also refuse to heavily discount food that is approaching that date. I can't remember the last time I saw a discount sticker for more than 50%. And even those are getting rarer; these days at my favorite import shop I often see 10-30% discounts even for things that are expiring that day.

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Posted in: What awaits 2 Americans accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan? See in context

The Taylors have been in jail in Boston since May; that's almost 10 months already. Will this period count toward their sentence in Japan if they are convicted?

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Posted in: Turkish pilots, official get 4-year jail over Ghosn escape See in context

That's a combined 12 years, which (going by recent stories) is about twice as much prison time as you would get for leaving your own child to die in an overheated car.

Sometimes I don't understand the logic behind these prison sentences.

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Posted in: Concerns mount over trace app for potential foreign Olympic fans See in context

I wonder what will happen when a not-very-Japanese-looking resident immigrant turns up to watch an event and doesn't have a smartphone.

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Posted in: Nissan ex-CEO tells Japanese court Ghosn's pay was too low See in context

The treatment of Mr. Kelly is so shameful I don't even know where to start.

He put off some surgery so that he could come to Japan ostensibly for a "meeting" which was actually a trap.

And now he's been incarcerated for, what, two years already? Without a conviction. No bail. Separated from his family while the police and prosecutors decide what they want to do.

Absolutely disgusting.

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Posted in: Ikee books Olympic qualifiers spot after leukemia treatment See in context

I'm so happy for her after all she's been through.

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Posted in: Japan petitions to add 40 traditional folk dances to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list See in context

Just add Yamato DNA to the UNESCO list and be done with it.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court allows extradition to Japan of Ghosn escape aides See in context

For example, if Alan lived in the PRC, would he have made equivalent comments? Probably not because he'll be acutely aware of the possibility he'll be charged with "making quarrels and provoking trouble"

Yes, the PRC is a totalitarian surveillance state that monitors even things as trivial as a comment forum, but Japan is not such an authoritarian state and I don't think anyone wants Japan to become like that. But when people see Japan's legal system doing things that would not be out of place in the PRC, people are going to criticize that.

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Posted in: NHK employee arrested for assaulting taxi driver See in context

Let's back up for a minute.

The man was walking on the street, but the article doesn't say what kind of street. I've spent lots of time in Yarai-cho (it is one of very few places in Tokyo to have banchi that go over 100) and most of the streets there are thin and pedestrian-oriented.

And the taxi driver drove up behind him and got out of his car to have a chat with Mr. Sayamoto.

If you're walking on the street and someone in a car does this, your fight-or-flight instincts are going to be in overdrive. And at 2:20 AM!

I've seen how hot-tempered and abusive taxi drivers can be with anyone other than the person they're driving around. The article says "warned", but that could be a euphemism for much more aggressive language.

We don't know what kind of street it was, which makes all the difference. Was it one of those thin single-lane alleys? I can easily imagine an entitled taxi driver being angry that he was stuck behind a pedestrian and threatening him. Even if Mr. Sayamoto was walking right down the middle of the street and not keeping to the left, you just don't pull your car over and accost someone like that in the middle of the night.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court allows extradition to Japan of Ghosn escape aides See in context

either you don't live in Japan or you won't dare say that because if your current statements are discovered, losing whatever is your current residency status would be a very lenient disposition

Kazuaki, you can't possibly think that someone deserves something worse than deportation because of opinions expressed on an online forum.

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Posted in: Why a Japanese man proudly took his wife's last name See in context

I would say that this man has struck an even bigger blow for international and non-Japanese couples. If his wife were Japanese, surnamed Tanaka, and he became Shuhei Tanaka, updating his documents and business cards would be no big deal; not just wives, but Japanese adoptees do it all the time. But I guarantee you that eyebrows were raised when he said his family name was Matsuo Post 松尾ポスト, which paradoxically would have been easier for his wife.

I look forward to seeing more hybrid kanji-katakana names in public life as more people follow Mr. Matsuo Post!

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court allows extradition to Japan of Ghosn escape aides See in context

Oops, that first paragraph is a quote from Mark above and should have a quote bar to the side.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court allows extradition to Japan of Ghosn escape aides See in context

If the Taylors were 2 Japanese citizens who helped a U.S citizen escape from the U.S it would have turned into a war!???

The only parts of the judicial systems in the US where people awaiting trial and not yet tried or convicted are incarcerated like they are in Japan are where military combatants are held in places like Guantanamo. And Americans regularly protest these kinds of places; if someone (not yet convicted, I remind you) had been helped to escape from such a system, more than a few Americans would be standing up and cheering.

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Posted in: Japan’s households, firms continue to hoard cash as pandemic persists See in context

Excellent comments here calling this article out as yet another piece of slanted BoJ propaganda. Especially in times like these, the worker is a fool not to save diligently!

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Posted in: Do you think there should be a moratorium on landlords evicting tenants who can't pay their rent because they lost their job or a significant part of their income due to the coronavirus? See in context

Only if there is a moratorium on the government collecting property tax.

If the tenant is allowed to stay, but is not paying the rent that the owner would need to pay property tax to the government each quarter, then the government would have a sneaky, roundabout way to confiscate property from innocent owners.

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