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Posted in: 6 high school students arrested for beating up 15-year-old boy See in context

"Bullying seems to be part of the culture here." Yeah, it's unique to Japan. Not found anywhere else...

Bullying, even violent bullying, happens everywhere, but the 6-on-1 nature of this case -- the poor victim never had the slightest chance of avoiding, or retaliating against, what his tormentors did to him -- is more common in Japan than elsewhere.

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Posted in: Japan developing tracking system for travelers from overseas as anti-virus measure See in context

@TrevorPeace - I agree completely with your sentiments; they weren't thinking about deaf people at all. I'm in a similar predicament, because the "no public transportation" rules, even for getting back from the airport to your home, seem to assume that everyone has access to an automobile. I'm visually impaired (and married to someone who shares my impairment) and neither of us can drive a car; we live in the world's most dense megalopolis in part because nobody in Tokyo needs a car. It's a long walk from the "Tokyo" airport to the actual city!

There are very few lawmakers with any kinds of disabilities so of course the situations of people like us never even enter their minds when policy is made. Our only consolation is that they're pretty contemptuous of the entire population and not just us.

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Posted in: BOJ to explore better ways to hit price goal; extends fund scheme See in context

I can't believe these people.

The pandemic is destroying small businesses; people are out of work; everybody is pinching pennies whenever they can... and these out-of-touch aristocrats want to cause inflation and increase prices even further!?

You want to lower interest rates so that people can borrow to get their businesses started, great. But this 2% price goal (which means a 2% rise in consumer prices every single year; far worse than the one-time increase like we suffered with the consumption tax hike) is a disaster for working people and only benefits the indebted government, who can devalue the debts it has run up, mostly to its own loyal people who invested in government bonds. Despicable.

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Posted in: Diet OKs end of Saturday, next-day standard postal delivery See in context

Will we perhaps be getting a break on the rapidly-rising price of postage stamps now that service isn't going to be as good, or will they just gloss over that part?

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Posted in: U.S. calls bid to stop extradition of 2 to Japan 'meritless' See in context

For example suppose a Muslim country demands a US citizen be extradited because he was guilty of drawing some cartoon of Allah. The US would be under no obligation to comply because it is not a crime in the US. But suppose the charge was theft or murder. Then the US would extradite him because those are crimes in the US.

That latter case makes sense assuming that the country demanding extradition also considered theft or murder to be crimes. But in this case a country is demanding extradition for something that is not a crime in that country. "What these people did isn't a crime where we are, but it is where you are, so extradite him to us!" makes no sense.

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Posted in: Nissan employee testifies against former exec Kelly at trial See in context

Another excellent article on this disgraceful situation is this one:

This case will be a giant stain on an already disgraced Japanese justice system by the time it's all over.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly says he will prove his innocence without Ghosn See in context

US based Kelly would not be considered a flight risk by courts in his own country. He'd wait for his court audiences doing barbecue parties with his grand-kiddos. Maybe he should have stayed there.

He wanted to, because he had neck surgery coming up, but was tricked into coming to Japan for a "meeting" which was actually an arrest trap.

Enron scandal started in 2001, let me quote wiki "Lay and Skilling went on trial for their part in the Enron scandal in January 2006. ".

Were these two people trapped in holding cells for the entire five years, as they would be in Japan, or were they in their own homes, free to consult with lawyers, prepare their defense, and even prepare for an eventual guilty verdict by getting their affairs in order and saying goodbye to loved ones?

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Posted in: PM contender Suga hints at consumption tax hike See in context

"thinking ahead, we'll have no choice but to raise the consumption tax by asking the people (to understand) and after undertaking stringent administrative reforms (to cut government spending)."

Why am I skeptical that that second part will ever come to pass, whereas the first part almost certainly will?

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Posted in: Trial of former Nissan exec Kelly to start Sept 15 See in context

@sakurasuki and Mickelicious, yes, Mr. Passi. I guessed he was Indian based on his name and face; I am happy to be corrected. The point is that he isn't Japanese, and he was treated with malicious contempt.

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Posted in: Trial of former Nissan exec Kelly to start Sept 15 See in context

@justasking: this article has more details on the shameful behavior of Nada and Saikawa (with particular emphasis on the former), with video of the humiliating raid of the home of an Indian Nissan employee in Yokohama:

We're used to reading about Japanese government officials and corporations being informed of these raids in advance; this time a gaggle of officials showed up, threatened to break the man's door chain, and got indignant when he criticized their tactics when the raid was over.

Somehow this kind of treatment never happens to connected figures like Saikawa!

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Posted in: JR East to move up last train departure times in Tokyo from spring See in context

I wonder if any taxi company executives were seen carrying large brown paper bags in the vicinity of JR offices recently.

And @Do the hustle, I agree, "move up" is a terribly ambiguous word, as is "pushing back" the starting times of the morning trains as mentioned later in the article. Many (most?) people see time as moving "forward" from the past to the present and into the future. The article should have used "earlier" and "later" in all these cases to avoid ambiguity.

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Posted in: Abe says decision to resign before accomplishing his goals 'gut-wrenching' See in context

All I can say is thank God he didn't accomplish his goals to a greater degree. Consumer prices have soared (as he planned); taxes are up with no improvement in the finances of the welfare programs he claimed they hikes were in support of; international tensions are worse (as he stoked); fortunately Article 9 is intact.

I'm looking forward to another era of do-little PMs who stay out of the public's business and let people get on with their lives.

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Posted in: Abe ties Sato for longest uninterrupted term as PM See in context

The fact that the man whose record he broke was his own great-uncle speaks volumes.

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Posted in: Japan's consumer prices flat as deflation specter looms See in context

Deflation "specter"? "Fears" of prices going down?

The only people who want consumer prices to go up are working for the indebted BOJ. The public suffers when inflation attacks their savings and their purchasing power at the supermarket -- and we certainly aren't seeing any deflation there!

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Posted in: Shinkansen underwear lets you show (or hide) your love of Japan’s fastest trains See in context

@Hillclimber, they fixed it. Now it says tetsudo but originally it said testudo.

No big deal as it's an easy typo to make; you made it yourself! :)

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Posted in: The survivor: Last Korean war criminal in Japan wants recognition See in context

So he was only 18 when he was put in charge of POWs?

Still, he was old enough to know what abuse was, and he didn't have to abuse other human beings. He can live out the rest of his days knowing what he did wrong.

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Posted in: Shinkansen underwear lets you show (or hide) your love of Japan’s fastest trains See in context

what it’s dubbing “Teppan,” from testudo pantsu/”train underwear.”

There's a typo or autocorrect in here; surely you mean tetsudo, as in "railway", and not testudo which means "turtle" in Latin. Unless it's a really subtle off-color joke.

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Posted in: Shinkansen underwear lets you show (or hide) your love of Japan’s fastest trains See in context

what it’s dubbing “Teppan,” from testudo pantsu/”train underwear.”

There's a typo or autocorrect in here; surely you mean tetsudo, as in "railway", and not testudo which means "turtle" in Latin. Unless it's a really subtle off-color joke.

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Posted in: 1st hearing for former Nissan exec Kelly to start Sept 15 See in context

This poor man was scheduled to have surgery back in 2018 but was convinced to put it off so that he could supposedly attend a single important meeting in Japan.

Little did he know that he was being lured to Japan so that he could be arrested, and as things stand now, will have been trapped in Japan for two and a half years by the time his trial finishes in July 2021.

I'm surprised his sanity is even intact. Maybe it isn't anymore.

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Posted in: Have you lost your job or has your income dropped because of the coronavirus? See in context

Company profits are up, but somehow bonuses are down.

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Posted in: ACCJ urges Japan to end 'double standard' re-entry rules See in context

We may at least suspect the cumulative effects of different habits.

As such, we may provisionally predict that an American is much more likely to catch it during his stay in America.

@Kazuaki, this is some seriously stretched logic. We could just as easily argue that an American returning to America will be more likely to stay with relatives, not travel much, and not be exposed much to other people, whereas a Japanese national is more likely to do touristy things and be among big crowds, and thus be much more likely to catch it.

It is far more logical to treat both of these people the same way when discussing their ability to leave Japan, enter the US, and return to Japan. Either they both have free entry, or they both have quarantine when they return, or they both can't return at all. No different treatment depending on passport color.

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Posted in: Which current world leader do you respect the most? See in context

Emperor Naruhito.

A morally-upright pacifist monarch who makes a great symbol for his people.

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Posted in: 83-year-old man arrested over sexual assault of caregiver See in context

Iijima told her in a loud voice, “I can easily get 500 people to work under my orders.” He then pulled the woman to the floor and groped her.

Yeah, this is a little creepy. I thought the story was going to be about some feeble elderly widower grabbing a nurse's butt or something semi-innocent like that. What kind of arrogant monster brags about how many corporate slaves he has working for him?

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Posted in: Pandemic heightens chance Japan will slide back into deflation: poll See in context

The economy will grow 3.2% next year with consumer prices dropping by 0.5%? For the working class, that's the best of both worlds!

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Posted in: Women bear brunt of recession as pandemic unravels Abe's 'Womenomics' See in context

Abe's desire to get women into the work force was never about some high-minded gender-equality ideal. From the very beginning it was about making women add to household incomes so that the Japanese populace could pay more for their daily necessities and support the inflation he wanted (and still wants) to create, devaluing the debts his government has run up at the public's expense.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten regulations on dangerous bicycle riding See in context

The wearing-out of surfaces is proportional to the fourth power of the weight of the thing that sits on it, which means that an automobile that weighs over a ton will wear out the roads at more than a hundred thousand times what a pedestrian or automobile will. (This is illustrated in the real world by how there are pedestrian bridges in Rome and China that have stayed intact for centuries with people walking over them the whole time, while automobile pavement typically has to be replaced inside of a few decades; sometimes even sooner.)

So if the government wants one-tenth of a yen per year for my bicycle's use of the roads, I guess I could handle it. I'd bring a single yen coin to city hall and be paid up for a decade.

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Posted in: Japan wants U.S. to extradite Americans who helped Ghosn flee See in context

Imagine that I rob a bank and after a highspeed police chase I end up at your house where you let me hide out for a while until you arranged a private jet to whisk me out of the country. 

You're putting the cart before the horse here by starting off by saying that you committed a crime. A better analogy from Ghosn's perspective would be if you showed up at my house because the police were chasing you and falsely claiming that you had robbed a bank, and me arranging a jet for you because I know as well as you do that the police are not going to see things your way.

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Posted in: NHK removes video on U.S. protests after online outrage about depiction of African Americans See in context

@noriahojanen - I've always found that insulting and condescending too. Japanese translators love to insert uncouth Kanto dialect words (nee for nai among others) into the mouths of Black characters. There are other stereotypes, such as the one where older men speak like they're from Hiroshima or Yamaguchi, but the one for Black people feels really disrespectful.

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Posted in: 41-year-old woman arrested over fatal abuse of 2-month-old son in 2018 See in context

So many 41-year-olds in this world who would do anything to have a baby. And this monster treats human life like that? Disgusting.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc to urge gov't to retain April start for academic year See in context

The University of Tokyo wanted to make this change -- for their own calendar at least -- about a decade ago. They wanted to align with most of the northern hemisphere for sending students and professors abroad, receiving people from abroad, and not having as many conflicts with conferences and other events.

Of course businesses and the government were too wedded to April to even consider it.

I think the most ridiculous objection that I often hear is that the beginning of the year must coincide with cherry blossoms. Never mind the fact that sakura season is different depending on where in Japan you are (up north it's May!), or that global warming might change that for us whether we like it or not.

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