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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting high school girl’s skirt with scissors while on bus See in context

He obviously likes high school girls so much so he had the audacity to cutting a piece of the girl's skirt.

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Posted in: Convenience store manager arrested for filming up skirt of customer See in context

OMG, like I always say, why not try ASKING the girl OUT ?!

I think some Japanese men have a lot of problems communicating with the opposite sex. They just watch porn movies rather than working on their social skills. If they stopped watching so much porn and go out and try to socialize with females we'll probably see less of these incidents occurring.

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Posted in: Abductee's mother pins hopes on fresh Japan-N Korea dialogue See in context

I hope it gets resolved soon. She's perservered so much. Deserves to know what happpened.

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Posted in: Woman, baby daughter die after being hit by train in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Terrible! I don't know how tough it is to rear a child in Japan. It's probably hard for many from what I heard but what she did is not the solution. All in all a tragedy!

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Posted in: Salty foods are making people sick − in part by poisoning their microbiomes See in context

Doctors often say reduce your salt intake. What they really should be saying is stop eating processed food. If you look around in the shopping trolleys at the supermarket many people have processed foods in there. Many people eat processed foods on a regular basis and don't realise the amount of salt in them. Unfortunately real food, vegetables, fruits can be pricy so people opt for cheaper processed foods. I do think salt is overrated as far as high blood pressure is concerned. I suspect it has more to do with insulin spikes from eating processed and sugary foods. My blood pressure went back to normal after going low carb and eating salty things like bacon. I think it was the rice, bread pasta mixed with fatty foods that caused problems.

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Posted in: 45-year-old man arrested for arson after argument with mother over breakfast See in context

Looks like he is not all there so needs some help. There's plenty of work out there apparently so not being able to find a job doesn't hold water.

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Posted in: City in Saitama Prefecture to require multilingual trash rules posted for foreigners See in context

What I don't like is paying for all those bags and paying to dispose of certain items. 

It's probably a bit of revenue for the local government. Having 2 big bins as you said is a better method and environmentally friendly. All those different kinds of plastic bags you have to buy is bad for the enviroment. The funny part is at supermarkets they're trying to encourage the reduction of plastic bags and charging if you need one while for rubbish disposal you need to buy a variety of bags to throw out thing such as metal items.

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Posted in: Driver says she took her eyes off road to pick up smartphone when she fatally hit 87-year-old man See in context

There is the other issue of these roads with no sidewalks and the ignorant drivers who speed on these small roads. 

Glad someone mentioned this. I see a lot of drivers speeding on such narrow roads. The police do nothing. They are more interested in checking if bicycles at the train station are locked.

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Posted in: New York Times essay speculating over Swift's sexuality sparks backlash See in context

Can someone tell me why she is so popular?

I have always wondered why she is extremely popular. Not a fan of her. Music now is no way as near as good as the 80s and 90s. Maybe there is not much competition now and it is much easier for one singer to stand out and get a huge fanbase. She's very successful. Ed Sheeran is the other one who is very popular but I don't understand why.

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Posted in: Man arrested for pushing woman off station platform in Tokyo See in context

What's sad in Japan is they're attacking innocent people to vent their frustrations or problems in life. I know this does happen in other countries but it seems to happen a lot more in Japan.

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held across Japan See in context

The irony going to what is essentially a children's attraction to celebrate becoming an adult.

I noticed a lot of Japanese women like to do childish things.

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Posted in: Japan bad train manners survey reminds us of three things to watch out for while riding the rails See in context

Even in rural areas I witness bad train manners. Less people but I see bad manners. When I arrive the person boarding should wait 2 seconds for me to get off. Instead they approach the entrance once the train stops. I don't like having to dodge and weave all the time. Even during covid some people didn't care about social distance. Then you have the dead tired sleepers who think it is a capsule hotel. They fall and encroach the space that belongs to the space of the other passenger.

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Posted in: Japanese women fall prey to host clubs See in context

This is a part of Japan I've never understood. Establishments for young women entertaining older men and men entertaining women. It is very sad what happens to some people who decided to visit these places.

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Posted in: SDF member arrested over murder of 82-year-old man in Kyoto See in context

I didn’t care who I killed.

Angry at the world, angry at life, but to take an innocent victim is the most selfish thing one can ever do.

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Posted in: Woman using smartphone falls to her death from bridge in Shizuoka Prefecture See in context

 70-cm-high railing

Gee, can't be much of railing if it's only 70 cm high! RIP to the young women.

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Posted in: School's out forever in parts of aging Japan See in context

Wny is Japan's population declining at such an alarming rate?

It's unaffordable for many to get married and raise a family. Current wages just doesn't cut it.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting taxi driver and fleeing scene without paying fare See in context

Lol that sad the man could not afford 3000 yen what a loser

That's what I was thinking. I'm not wealthy but 3000 yen is peanuts in this day and age. Hope he gets a suitable punishment for his crime.

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Posted in: Over 40% of workers in Japan sleep less than 6 hours per night: survey See in context

I really don't need any more than 7 and I think that is the normal amount in adults.

Just measure your blood pressure. Sleep 8 hours one night. Measure it the next day. Sleep 7 hours one night. Measure it the next day. If your blood pressure has gone up for the 7 hour rest then maybe you need 8 hours. There's a sweet spot I think for sleep time. People who sleep too much or too less die earlier.

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Posted in: Over 40% of workers in Japan sleep less than 6 hours per night: survey See in context

Generally 8 hours of sleep is perfect for humans. There are a few exceptions though. Some people only need to 4 to 6 hours while others find it is not enough. Lumping everyone together saying you don't need 8 hours of rest is ludicrous because everyone's bodies are different. It could even be genetically determined for some that only need 4 hours of sleep. A lot of people sleep in on the weekend which means you are catching up. You didn't get enough sleep during the week. A good way to find out if you haven't had enough sleep is measuring your blood pressure. Your blood pressure is higher when you haven't had enough sleep.

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Posted in: 68-year-old man arrested after stabbing couple at Nagoya community center See in context

He was quoted as saying he got irritated because the music and singing coming from the community center has been too loud recently and it irritated him.

I don't condone what he did but sort of feel for him. Some things in Japan are far too noisy! It can be irritating. However he should have sought another solution. Maybe ask them to turn it down a bit. The local government should be involved and maintaining noise control.

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Posted in: Charges dropped again over death of detained Sri Lankan woman See in context

Shoichi Ibusuki, a lawyer representing the family, said in a statement that the prosecutors "covered up and disregarded a crime committed by those in power."

"We will continue to fight to hold them accountable," he said.

Keep fighting! Justice must be served!

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Posted in: 90-year-old Japanese woman is McDonald’s Japan’s oldest female employee See in context

As most 90 year old will just stay at home having nothing to do.

Your're stereotyping here. There are a number of active, living live to the fullest 90 year olds. My late grandfather was very active til his late age. Music, oil painting, involved with various social clubs.

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Posted in: 90-year-old Japanese woman is McDonald’s Japan’s oldest female employee See in context

I guess for the western people she looks as a poor old women that needs to keep on working forever for her living.

We have no information on her financial situation. I see a lot of Japanese pensioners smiling, happy seemingly but they are struggling to make ends meet. Nothing wrong with working to a late age if you enjoy it, but if it is to help live that is no good. People should be living comfortably if they've worked long years. They've paid their taxes.

 Anyway I was surprised to see so many negative posts here and thought the idea of working of Japanese maybe very unique from the rest of the world.

Not unique. There are people in western countries who like working and want to keep working to a late age.

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Posted in: 90-year-old Japanese woman is McDonald’s Japan’s oldest female employee See in context

Nothing wrong working to an old age if you enjoy it, but working to a late age to make ends a meet is no good. A lot of pensioners in Japan do extra work so to help make ends meet I noticed. By the looks of things a lot of people throughout the workd will have to keep working to a late age with the ever increasing cost of living. My advice is to get some investments going. Fortunately for me I invested in real estate in the 90s.

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Posted in: Japan's core consumer prices in August up 3.1% on year See in context

The cost of living is not too bad in Japan. Then again I'm from one of the most expensive places on the planet! Australia! Visited in August and I couldn't believe the prices! Love all the reasonable prices at Japanese supermarkets.

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Posted in: 80-year-old driver arrested after hitting 2 girls on street crossing See in context

Police are tough on the small things and weak on the tough things.

That's what I noticed. I see speeding drivers all the time. Some running through traffic lights when they have turned red. Meanwhile they are out checking bicycles, checking they are locked,, issuing warnings to cyclists for not riding in a line etcetera. Their priorities are certainly not on the dangerous things which are always going on.

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Posted in: Skilled workers, low-wage earners work second jobs more than others in Japan See in context

I feel sorry for those fresh foreigners coming to Japan and making 200 000 yen or less per month.

Not much for Tokyo. You can be ok with 250 000 to 300 000. Overall though it is low because you are just living but not much money left to save. So you can't really build a future on it. Putting money away for retirement, investing money saved etc. You've got to do that. The pension payments are not enough.

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Posted in: One in 10 Japanese are older than 80: gov't data See in context


Japan is way overpopulated. The populations needs to be halved. Naturally, of course. And it's doing that itself.

Then how will the pension system work?

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Posted in: Bangladesh man drowns in Yamanashi river See in context

RIP to the man. I've swam in rivers in Australia only a few times but the more I read about accidents in rivers the more I realise how perilous swimming in one can be. Maybe more education is needed about the dangers of rivers is needed.

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Posted in: Djokovic into 12th Wimbledon semifinal; Ukraine's Svitolina advances See in context

Novak Djokovic is a great player! Some will say the greatest player of all time!

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