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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

I think once you look at Japanese society more closely, there are still issues of discrimination even among the Japanese themselves. And it comes down to specifically what dialect of Japanese you speak and what part of Japan you come from.

The above quote was from Raymond Chuang. He is spot on there. My Japanese friend was telling about this. This is why some Japanese people from other areas such as Fukuoka or Osaka hate Tokyo people. They consider them extremely snobbish. My gripe with Japanese is usually with very old people, usually woman who have never been outside of Japan who believe 100 percent of the citizens of the USA are of white stock. I would love to teach them the concept of multiculturalism and take them on a tour of New York. I would also like to take them on a tour of elementary schools and high schools in New York. They were soon discover not everyone is white but in fact a huge melting pot of backgrounds.

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