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Posted in: Shibuya bans drinking alcohol on streets for Halloween, New Year See in context

Ten men, both Japanese and foreigners, were referred to prosecutors in January after they allegedly overturned a small truck near the station during a Halloween event in late October last year.

Not really in doubt since they were caught on video and stills were shared across social media showing the two western guys joining in with the overturning of the light truck. Hallowe'en isn't really an excuse to get hammered and turn into a yob, is it?

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Posted in: Pompeo tries rallying foreign leaders in alleged oil attacks See in context

It's going to be Iraq all over again - no real evidence and many lives will be lost. Ever since Trump pulled America out of the nuclear agreement this has been on the cards - he wants a war, wants to be seen as a strong president so he can boast to his pals in Pyong Yang, Manilla and Moscow.

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Posted in: Tired of looking for The One? Try Japan’s new DNA matchmaking service and maybe you’ll find them See in context

Oh dear... so instead of being asked what your blood type is the dating could be initiated by asking to compare DNA strands... why does it have to be so clinical? My girlfriend and I have very little in common (interests, ethnicity, tastes in music, etc) but we work... we didn't need to be so clinical about it.

What ever happened to love?

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Posted in: Illustrator shows different types of perverts encountered on Japanese trains See in context

I've only witnessed a perv on a Yamanote line train once, trying to lift the skirt of a young lady... and just stared at him to try to make him stop - I was a tourist and wasn't about to start throwing my weight around. I'm not into confrontation, I'm not brave but found that making eye contact was sufficient to let him know that I could see what he was up to.

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Posted in: Singer Ayumi Hamasaki criticized by fans for 'inappropriate' Instagram picture See in context

WTF? Seriously? Of all the things to complain about... sitting in a shopping trolley? Really? Ayumi should just ignore these complaints - they are made by people who are just a tad deranged.

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

"It's generally accepted by society that (wearing high heels) is necessary and reasonable in workplaces," Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Takumi Nemoto said during a Diet committee session.

What a bloody dinosaur... Where I work (in an office) we don't have a dress code - and none of the women wear high heels... or any heels except when going to a meeting, and even then it's flat shoes.

I think this says more about Nemoto than 'society'...

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Posted in: A bill banning parents from physically punishing children is expected to be passed during the current Diet session. Do you think it should be illegal for parents to hit their children as a means of discipline? See in context

You hit people to hurt them, kids included - if you don't want to inflict pain then don't hit your kids. Simple.

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Posted in: Godzilla: From radioactive colossus to unlikely climate hero See in context

The Chinese Godzilla film is about the Monsterverse, where a bunch of Kaijus fight for dominance in a series of films.

You really have a hang-up about Legendary being Chinese owned, don't you?

Anyway, back on topic, and Godzilla vs Hedorah and Godzilla vs Gigan from the original Showa series are concerned with pollution, so man's activities on the environment is not a new topic for Godzilla films to tackle.

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Posted in: Footage of Kawasaki knife attack recorded by school bus dashcam See in context

The public has a right to that footage. It contains images that are prevalent in our society and we have the right to view it and use it as we see fit.

So you like snuff movies? This footage would be just as repugnant. Members of the public should NEVER be permitted to watch someone being killed - although I accept it may be necessary for a jury, but I would hate to be on that jury. Hell, I can't even watch WW2 footage of planes crashing, ships exploding and tanks blowing up without being disgusted. Why would ANYONE want to watch the moment a life is ended by violence?

It's sick.

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Posted in: N Korea executes officials, imprisons interpreter after U.S. summit collapse: S Korean media See in context

Jesus wept! Killing politicians because things didn't go as planned? FFS... if we did that here half of the Westminster MPs would be up against the wall, blindfold, last ciggie... Kim really is insane.

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Posted in: Politician’s birthrate plan: Parents should nag their kids to have at least 3 babies See in context

You can't force people to have babies - if people resent having them then imagine the problems further down the line. Scotland has the same issue... our birthrate is slowing. The solution is immigration - incomers and people working here from other countries are having babies... problem solved.

Only difference is that we welcome immigration in Scotland... Japan still has a bit of work in that area.

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Posted in: 'Godzilla' is back and doing just fine See in context

This is a Chinese Godzilla made by the Legendary Entertainment, a Wanda company.

Does it really matter if Legendary are owned by a Chinese company? Nissan are owned by the French... still Japanese. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what they do with my favourite kaiju - King Ghidorah.

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Posted in: 16 schoolgirls, 2 adults stabbed in rampage in Kawasaki; 1 child, 1 man dead See in context

Somebody typed something stupid about the injured kids having fun recovering, you delete MY response?

I saw that and realised it was a typo... I seriously doubt they meant have 'a fun recovery'.

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Posted in: How to break up with your partner in Japanese See in context

In my case I was told she was too busy for a relationship

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Posted in: 16 schoolgirls, 2 adults stabbed in rampage in Kawasaki; 1 child, 1 man dead See in context

Problem with knife attacks is that, unlike guns, anyone can walk into a shop and buy knives - cooking knives, hunting knives, etc... Just like anywhere else in the world, a total nutjob can walk into his nearest ASDA (insert your own supermarket), buy a carving knife and go on a rampage... there's not a lot can be done about it.

On the mental health issue, unless the person is reported or taken to their local GP for an appointment the signs won't be picked up. Unless they realise they are ill they're hardly likely to volunteer to see a doctor.

I hope the injured girls recover - their emotional care needs priority once their physical wounds have healed. This is where Japan needs to change - people need to drop the stoicism, and society needs to recognise that there are a lot of people living on their ragged nerves. If not, more incidents like this will happen.

On a plus note, the murderer is dead.

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Posted in: SpaceX launches first satellites of its internet network See in context

Because low earth orbit isn't crowded enough

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Posted in: Japan hopes to avoid trade battle by wooing Trump with pomp See in context

It's a pity that the Japanese public won't protest the Orange One's arrival... when he comes to the UK in June he'll be given the same warm welcome we gave him last time... tee hee :)

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context

Welcome to the Puritan States of America... a giant step backwards into the dark ages.

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Posted in: Bitcoin tops $8,000 as it hits highest since July 2018 See in context

Does anyone actually use these Bitcoins... and what for?

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Posted in: Shibuya to ban drinking on streets during Halloween See in context

Halloween fun will be banned from next year. Kids being kids is anathema in japan. Only obedient robots need apply.

They overturned a light truck... that's criminal behaviour, not 'fun'.

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Posted in: Alert issued on sexual enhancer, diet pills sold on foreign websites See in context

This is like the American 'slimming pills' that are sold on a certain auction site for buyers here in the UK. They are unregulated and contain all manner of dodgy and banned substances. I can understand why the Japanese are concerned.

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Posted in: Amid plague of U.S. mass shootings, 'heroes' emerge See in context

...lives could have been saved if concert attendees at the Bataclan theater in Paris were armed during a 2015 jihadist attack that killed 90 people.

Yes, because you want to go out to a club armed like a SWAT member... if they'd worn body armour and helmets they'd have been protected because, you know, a terrorist could appear from anywhere. Be prepared, folks, carry your body armour and helmet at all times. Check your assault rifles and hand guns in at reception... whoops, sorry sonny, you can't take that bazooka in with you.

What a load of bollox. The answer is NOT to arm the general public - that only leads to armed insurgents packing more weapons to defend themselves against armed have-a-go heroes. You don't solve the problem by chucking more weapons into the mix.

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Posted in: Hong Kong court sentences Japanese turtle smuggler to 1 year in prison See in context

Japan listed the turtles as endangered species in 2000.

I'm surprised they aren't extinct.

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Posted in: Amid plague of U.S. mass shootings, 'heroes' emerge See in context

Americans know what to do, but they won't. The gun-owning public and the politicians won't allow it... and so you will have more schools coming under attack... more bars, offices, nigh clubs, cinemas... all because of a lump of metal that makes you feel good. Feel big and powerful.


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Posted in: Disney sets dates for next three 'Star Wars' films from 2022 See in context

I actually preferred Solo and Rogue One to either of the two new trilogy films. Watching them made me feel like I was back in the 80s again - that sense of wonder and fun had returned.

I know there'll be a TV series called The Mandalorian, and from what I've seen it looks good, but this announcement is bonkers. It's bad enough sketching out the future of Marvel films, without more Star Wars. As for Avatar... god that was a bore.

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Posted in: While the Japanese government relentlessly promotes the image of 'Cool Japan' and mega-tourism, the current reality is a country run by sociopathic Hitler-loving plutocrats, with plummeting press freedom, endemic poverty, rising censorship, deliberate destruction of public records, continual death by overwork, a corrupt bureaucracy, and a medieval justice system. Despite the triple meltdown of Fukushima, the government is rushing to start nuclear power plants again with reckless abandon. See in context

I've never heard of Jake Adelstein, but he sounds like a self-promoting numpty who has a seriously big axe to grind. Yes, Japan has problems, but so does his own country. Most countries have problems. I think someone has pee'd him off about something and he's just gone off on one.

Some journos are all about writing sensational stuff like this just to keep their name out there, and not be swallowed by the rest of the hacks writing in their daily rags. Opinion pieces are just that, an opinion. They don't rely on facts, but on the writer's own views and prejudices. If someone has a bad day, they vent their spleen. This bloke seems to have had a really bad day.

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Posted in: S Korean visit left as unfinished business for new emperor See in context

New Emperor in Japan, same guff from South Korea... it will never end, no matter how many apologies they get.

"It wasn't sincere enough..."

Boo hoo... my great uncle Ross was held in a German POW camp after Dunkirk and was forced to work in a mine in Poland by the SS. Do I bang on about it? Do I hell. I LIKE the Germans. Why can't people just get on with their lives?

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Posted in: Sadako from 'The Ring' makes it onto list of 100 Japanese People the World Respects See in context

So people respect the ghost of a girl who was clubbed and chucked down a well and haunts video cassettes? Ooookay.... O.o'

Sadako, clearly the poster girl for some very strange people in Japan.

Then again, she's my kind of vengeful spirit... phwooar... ^3^

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Posted in: British rock band Queen to bring 2020 Rhapsody Tour to Japan See in context

What is your favorite Queen performance without Freddie Mercury?

Probably the closing of the London Olympics with Jessie J singing... totally different sound from Freddie of course... no-one can replace Freddie... but it was still great to hear Brian play that guitar of his.

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Posted in: Cartoonist Monkey Punch, known for 'Lupin III,' dies at 81 See in context

Oh that's a shame. I've never read the manga but I have seen one live action movie (from the 80s I think) and it was a hoot. I know he was very popular... yes a shame. RIP Monkey Punch :(

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