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Posted in: Number of voice actresses in Japan hits record high, but is that a good thing? See in context

I was a big fan of Kotono Mitsuishi... a popular voice actress, great singing voice (I have her CDs... ), and very pretty (some nice photo books)... now I couldn't name one really popular voice actress.

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Posted in: Commentator Dokic hits out at 'fat-shaming' trolls at Australian Open See in context

If people are overweight, so what? You might have stupid-looking hair, a daft accent or a squint... if people took the mick out of you that would be bad, wouldn't it? - but it's okay to make fun of fat people.

Get a life and stop insulting other people just to make yourself feel better. Concentrate on sorting your own life out and just... mind your own business.

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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Japan in 2022 up 15-fold to 3.83 million See in context

Hoping to get back to Japan in the Autumn, but the flights from the UK are so much more expensive than in 2018, when I last went to Japan - nearly double the price.

I don't really mind whether I have to wear a mask to avoid stares, or whatever - I just want to get back to my favourite places, see my friends, and just enjoy myself.

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Posted in: Dead whale removed See in context

Poor bugger... I'm surprised a sperm whale came so close to shore - I thought they were pretty much open sea feeders (diving deep for squid).

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Posted in: Japan reports 185,472 new coronavirus cases See in context

When you consider the size of the population, around 700 people in hospital with Covid is smallish. How many of those are on ventilators?

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Posted in: Japan reports 168,491 new coronavirus cases See in context

Here's thing think about when blaming tourists for the increased numbers - our countries don't have the same levels of infection as there is in Japan - the chances of people carrying the virus to Japan are lower than those same people taking it back home.

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Posted in: UK nurses begin unprecedented strike See in context

For some perspective, a new hire at McDonald's in the US makes about the same as the UK nurses do.

The average McDonald's salary ranges from approximately $17,525 per year for Floor Supervisor to $159,199 per year for Director of Product Management.

The average wage of an NHS nurse is £33,000, around $40,000.

As an aside, the Scottish Government (health is a devolved matter, and I work for the NHS in Scotland) have come up with a different pay deal for our nurses so they are not on strike.

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Posted in: Japan reports 190,607 new coronavirus cases See in context

The number of people infected is on a par with the UK, but there are no people in our hospital intensive care units with Covid, although there ARE around 6000 people in hospital with it. In total 22.2 million people in the UK have been infected with Covid since the start of the pandemic, and 213,000 people have died.

I'm not sure how that compares with Japan, but I'm sure it's nowhere near as bad. We no longer wear masks and people are no longer afraid of Covid... life really has got back to close to normal. I hope Japan can lose the fear at some point.

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Posted in: Character meaning war (戦) picked as kanji of 2022 See in context

Bit depressing, but not unexpected.

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Posted in: Britain braces for winter of strike action as nurses walk out See in context

Now is the winter of our discontent

Made glorious summer by this sun of York;

It's going to be a horrible winter here in the UK

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Posted in: In Netflix series, Harry slams press, family, over 'feeding frenzy' See in context

Wish the ginger whinger would get over himself... plank!

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa picks K-pop star TOP, DJ Steve Aoki to join SpaceX moon trip See in context

This reminds me of the B Ark in the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy - where they sent the most useless people in society off into space (they used the ruse of a mutant star goat about to attack the planet)... a DJ and a Korean pop star fit the bill nicely.

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Posted in: Japan, UK, Italy to develop next-generation fighter jet See in context

The Tempest was announced a few years ago, but nice to see it finally get the go-ahead.

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Posted in: Woman with plastic bag over her head found dead in Nagoya hotel room See in context

Poor girl... RIP

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Posted in: Japanese fighter jets land in Philippines for 1st time since WWII See in context

The more weapons, the more peace! Japan should hand out a free machine gun to each household. If your neighbor annoys you, just show them you have the bigger gun, and neighborhood will become very peaceful, and everyone will live happy ever after...

I don't think so... look at America... everyone has a gun and people are scared of being shot. Arming civvies in PL is not a good idea.

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Posted in: Japan reports 149,383 new coronavirus cases See in context

Some people just don't want to accept that the boffins told us that the vaccines were NOT a cure. They have NEVER said the vaccines are a cure. They reduce the chance of getting seriously ill with Covid, and so reduce the numbers of people dying. Yes 211 is a lot, but remember there were thousands dying every day at the worst period of the pandemic.

Vaccines do what they were designed to do - they are not and never were a cure.

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Posted in: Sagawa, who killed woman, ate her flesh in Paris in 1981, dies at 73 See in context

The freak should have been executed - what a monster

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Posted in: Man rides motorbike into lobby of Fukuoka police station; demands they crack down on rude driving See in context

Hmm... should I ram my car into my local police station to protest about transit van drivers who insist in coming up behind me with headlights on full beam? lol

I can sort of sympathise with this chap, but on the other hand I have serious problems with cyclists who think they own the bloody road

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Posted in: Police invoke old anti-dueling law over Osaka club catfight See in context

At school when there was a fight like this, someone would shout 'bundle' and the entire school would gather to watch, forming a small fighting area within a sea of cheering kids.

We had something like that at my school as well when two lads would 'square go'

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Posted in: Japan reports 138,396 new coronavirus cases See in context

A breakdown by age of those getting infected would be interesting... it could be that it's the crowded trains acting as incubators for the virus. Masks are not 100% effective, and the vaccines reduce the chances of getting seriously ill, not acting as a cure. There is no cure.

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Posted in: China censors rare, nationwide protests See in context

Cracks look like they're spreading, little by little.

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Posted in: Multiple people dead in Virginia Walmart shooting, including gunman See in context

Imagine a country where you're afraid to go to work in case a colleague (manager in this case) has a bad day and shoots you. Crazy and somewhat terrifying.

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Posted in: After maid robot cafe’s successful trial run in Akihabara, creator looks to the future See in context

Seeing one of these maids trundling towards me like some kind of demure Dalek in a dress might unnerve me too much to be able to order something.

"I am your wai-tress! You will order now or you will be exterminated!!"

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Posted in: Foreign visitors in Japan surge after tourism reopening See in context

So foreign tourists who are fully vaccinated and boosted are to blame for the rise in Covid in Japan? Where the cases have been high all along? You don't see other countries pointing at Japanese tourists and accusing them of spreading the virus.

Anyway, it's nice to see tourists in Japan again.

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Posted in: NASA's mightiest rocket lifts off 50 years after Apollo See in context

Great to see the launch... thrilling and I couldn't stop smiling. Also fantastic that humans are once again going to be adventuring in space - as exciting as the ISS is, there's nothing like a moon mission to get the imagination going... just wish we had space wheels and space planes zooming about

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Posted in: Kyoto planning to sell cremated people’s precious metal fillings for millions of yen See in context

My Dad's ashes were scattered in Glencoe... I can't imagine the horror of picking through his ashes for bones. Nope... I couldn't do that.

When my friend's father died she was telling me she and her relatives picked out bones from the ashes... I had to bite my tongue as that really chilled me. I know it's tradition and all that, but... yikes

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Posted in: The newest Godzilla movie is coming in November 2023, but fans concerned it won’t be any good See in context

Well I loved Uchuu Senkan Yamatoi... one of the few films I've seen in Japanese cinemas, and the audience seemed to like it too. Shin Godzilla was fantastic visually, but it was just like a particularly talky episode of Evanegelion... and I didn't really like the way they developed Godzilla... like he was a host to some sort of humanoid race of creatures growing out of his tail. I much preferred the Heisei series of the late 80s/90s.

If the new film ramps up the monster action and features less conference room chatter it should please most Godzilla fans.

Interestingly the short film, Godzilla vs Gigan Rex was a fantastic piece of Godzilla action.

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Posted in: Do you think Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter is a good move? See in context

I don't have a Twitter account, never have had, and I've never felt the need for one.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't urged to end free rollout of COVID-19 vaccines See in context

No-one has ever said that the vaccines prevent the spread of the virus - they protect against serious illness. They've said that from the start. There is no cure... this simply stops more people from dying with the virus... and the various vaccines knocking about do a pretty good job of that.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't urged to end free rollout of COVID-19 vaccines See in context

Our economy in the UK is going down the toilet, yet the NHS is still giving free Covid and Flu vaccines (had my second booster - 4th jab - and flue vaccine recently)... then again, we have a combined population of 65m compared to Japan's 125m, and a different healthcare model (tax-funded free-at-point-of-access vs insurance payments)

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