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Posted in: Lack of shelters leaves Japan's populace vulnerable to attack See in context

Could it not be down to fatalism? What will be will be?

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Posted in: Japan sees 2.52 million visitors in Oct, exceeding pre-COVID levels See in context

I'll be counted in the November figures then... which is nice.

I WILL be paying consumption tax on what I buy - I don't go to Duty Free shops... load of tourist tat.

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Posted in: Cannabis-derived gummies probed after 9 fall ill in Tokyo See in context

Fact: the LDP laws are causing harm to the health of the population.

Well, the stoners at least... _^

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Posted in: Which country's national anthems do you find the most stirring? See in context

The Scottish national anthem (Scotland the Brave, not Flower of Scotland), the French and, despite Putin and his cronies, the Russian anthem.

I like the German anthem, but I keep seeing panzers in my head lol

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa's moon flyby pushed back to 2024 or beyond See in context

Waste of money? Yes, but it's HIS money and Space X is a private company. As far as I'm concerned if people can afford to waste their money on massaging their egos then who are we to complain... they aren't hurting anyone.

I agree about him being an irrelevant egomaniac though.

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Posted in: G7 support for Ukraine will not waver due to Middle East conflict, Japan says See in context

Sadly the war in Gaza has taken the world's media's attention away from the invasion of Ukraine. Why show Ukrainian's doing their best to cope in a stoic fashion against missile and artillery strikes when you can show crying and wailing people and blood covered kids shouting at the camera?

I also think that America WILL move support away from Ukraine... bound to happen

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Posted in: Woman using smartphone falls to her death from bridge in Shizuoka Prefecture See in context

The woman’s father stopped the car near the narrow bridge along a mountain road. Police said he told them his daughter walked across the bridge looking to take photos of a deer in the nearby bushes, when she apparently fell over the 70-cm-high railing.

Where does it say she was taking a selfie?

I use my iPhone as a camera... and never take selfies - it's just more convenient than a 35mm DLSR hanging round your neck. This poor woman was taking a photo of a deer.

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Posted in: Woman using smartphone falls to her death from bridge in Shizuoka Prefecture See in context

I don't know why I'm surprised, but this comments section seems intent on victim blaming... maybe ask why the fences was so low - I wouldn't even DRIVE over a bridge like that let alone get out. The fence should have been at least a meter and a half... and mesh... with steel bars.

RIP poor lady.

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Posted in: Listen to last new Beatles song with John, Paul, George, Ringo and AI tech: 'Now and Then' See in context

I love the Beatles, but this is... bland. John's voice is superb, but the song itself is boring and dull... not the best way to bring the story to an end

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Posted in: Japan 'on standby' to take all possible steps amid yen decline See in context

Exchange rate with the UK pound is currently 183 Yen to the Pound... good news for me buying Yen for my holibags :)

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Posted in: U.S. soldier arrested for trespassing in home in Aomori Prefecture See in context

Drunk at 9am? Either an all-night bender or he started really early...

At least he didn't attack the old man

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Posted in: Mouse embryos grown in space for first time: Japanese researchers See in context

So would humans (or mice) cope with the Earth's gravity if born in space?

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Posted in: People will need to be more vigilant for avalanches and traffic disruptions in mountainous areas with higher risk of heavy snow. See in context

I remember as a kid they used to say we were on the verge of a new ice age because of the heavy snow we were getting. They were also saying that as the ice cap melts the waters around the UK would get colder meaning more snow... ah those 70s boffins lol

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Posted in: Do you think there will be many functioning democracies around the world in, say, 20 years from now? See in context

Of course there will - I don't imagine, for example, Europe becoming an autocracy in 20 years. They've been asking this same question since the hippies. Yes there are democracies which have gone backwards (Turkey and Iran for example), but by and large countries which were democracies two decades ago still are, and some former slaves of the USSR are now democracies.

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Posted in: Japan to extend gasoline, energy subsidies through April See in context

You're lucky - we don't get subsidised fuel in my country £1.52 per litre of petrol... about Y250 or thereabouts

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Posted in: JAL announces int'l fare fuel surcharge for tickets issued between December and January 2024 See in context

WOW! Glad I booked my tickets with a European airline.

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Posted in: Turkey's president submits protocol for Sweden's admission into NATO to parliament for ratification See in context

Turkey shouldn't even be in NATO - too chummy with Russia and their president is just another nutter determined to rule for eternity

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Posted in: Prosecutors seeking to recharge Alec Baldwin in fatal shooting on set of Western movie "Rust" See in context

To be honest this is down to whoever (a) brought a weapon armed with real bullets to the set, and (b) whoever left said weapon ON the set in place of the prop gun. Baldwin would have had no reason to assume that a prop would be armed with real bullets... this sounds like a witch hunt against Baldwin. I mean I don't remember the torches and pitchforks coming out when that terrible accident occurred when making the Twilight Zone movie.

The "Rust" incident seems to have been a terrible accident from what I've read, one which need never have happened had there not been a live-armed weapon on set

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Posted in: Miniature 'Star Wars' X-wing gets over $3 million at auction of Hollywood model-maker's collection See in context

Those Klingon ships are beautiful... and is that the original model of the Botany Bay?

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching woman claims he doesn’t remember details See in context

Ah the age old excuse: "I don't remember..."

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Posted in: Japan to tackle hay fever by felling cedar forests near major cities See in context

That will work for those who suffer from tree pollen - what about those that suffer hayfever from grass pollen (I do) and flowers... you can't eradicate plants on that scale. It's crazy

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Posted in: Driver arrested after elderly woman dragged by van for 2 km in Tokyo See in context

Dear god... this is just horrible. That poor old lady... same age as my mother. I can't get this out of my head...

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Posted in: Live-action 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind' fan film complete; releases online this month See in context

Well I've subscribed to the chap's channel - I've loved Nausicaa ever since I saw the film and read the comic. From the trailer/teaser this looks really nice.

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Posted in: Nagoya ordinance prohibits walking on escalators See in context

I can just see it - someone desperate to get their train, but can't rush because of the judgemental stares from grannies, kids in yellow hats and that woman who somehow always makes you feel 10mm tall with a mere look...

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Posted in: Calamitous climate change means saying 'sayonara' to lovely autumn weather See in context

Doooooom..... doom doom... doom!

You know, here in Scotland we would kill for a long hot summer and shorter winters...

We also have 4 seasons - but they're all wet lol

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Posted in: From K-pop to sales girls: AI goes mainstream in South Korea See in context

It's not really AI in the sense that it can make decisions and think for itself - it's basically a clever piece of CGI

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Posted in: American cyclist dies in expressway accident in Yokohama See in context

What's a bicycle doing on an expressway anyway? I'm assuming Japan also forbids them from going on motorways?

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Posted in: Keeping your cool in a warming world: 8 steps to help manage eco-anxiety See in context

As a child of the 60s and 70s I grew up with the ever present threat of WW3 hanging over our heads. We had news stories about the threat, films and TV dramas, books and even comics. Was I scared? Yes, but I just got on with my life. Now those fears are starting to emerge again as I head toward my 60s.

"Protect and Survive", "When the Wind Blows"... things like that... to us they were real. We were all going to experience hell on earth and die of radiation poisoning (those that survived the Bomb anyway).

We had the marches, the protests, the banner waving hippies... pretty much the same sort of people who march and protest now.

Don't where I'm going with this, but I find it hard to feel anxious about the 'climate emergency' when I survived the Cold War (well, the first one, anyway)...

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Posted in: U.S. drops anti-whaling wording opposed by Japan in Indo-Pacific pact See in context

Still hard to believe that in the 2020s Japan is still killing whales. This abhorrent activity should be consigned to the history books. America has made a mistake here for the sake of the Mighty Dollar

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Posted in: China says Britain's plans to disrupt Hong Kong 'doomed to fail' See in context

So while the report details that China is imposing draconian rule on Hong Kong some posters (the same people all the time) decide to bash the UK on historical activity from well over a century ago.

Slavery - we abolished slavery in 1833, long before a raft of other countries - such as the good ol' US of A, so stop bringing that up time and time again... boring!

Colonisation... everyone did it... and it's still happening - Russia anyone? Our British Empire is gone. America has it's enclaves too - Guam for example, and to a lesser extent Okinawa.

What China is doing in HK is sort of what UK bashers accuse my country of doing in the past. We have a duty of care to Hong Kong... there is an agreement, which the Chinese have decided to disregard

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