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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease COVID border controls from Oct 11 See in context

So does this mean that individuals can make their own arrangements (book flights and hotels separately on their own), and go where they want when they want? i.e. back to normal?

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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

So the JGOV are easing entry conditions, but want to ramp up masking rules. Daft

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Posted in: Chinese delegation barred from queen's coffin See in context

@Ego Sum Lux Mundi

So typical of the petty and hypocritical English

British... she was the British Queen, or if you prefer: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Queen Elizabeth the FIRST was Queen of England. Thought I'd sort that for you, Light of the World...

As for welcoming despots and the like - these were invited by the Government. State visits always include an audience with the Monarch... not the King or Queen's choice.

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Posted in: Hong Kong opera star apologizes for praising British queen See in context

Probably a gun to his head while he retracted his original message.

As for USMC William Bjornson's closing comment... if the British were so bad, why did the people of Hong Kong dread the coming of Communist China? This from Steve Tsang, director of the China Institute of the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London:

In the 1920s, the working class Chinese of Hong Kong did not have a good reason to rally around the Hong Kong government, and they were more susceptible to appeals based on Chinese nationalism. Consequently, the call of the Communists was basically heeded by the working men, and their actions practically paralysed the colony for a year. By the [end of the] 1960s, however, the attempts by the Hong Kong government to maintain stability and good order which helped improve everyone's living conditions, and ... the beginning of the emergence of a Hong Kong identity, changed the attitude of the local Chinese. They overwhelmingly rallied around the colonial British regime.

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Posted in: Japan set to waive some visa requirements in October to boost tourism: Nikkei See in context

Too late... I cancelled my holiday.

There will probably still be some restrictions... they haven't mentioned independent travellers not needing to book through a travel agency.

I'll probably rebook in the winter for late spring (Golden Week)... and find that airline tickets have gone through the roof

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Posted in: Nurse arrested for vandalism after scribbling kanji for ‘death’ 47 times on car See in context

Sounds more like she's stressed out of head rather than being just a vandal.

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Posted in: New monarch gives fresh impetus to Scotland's independence debate See in context

The Queen's coffin travelled from Holyrood Palace to the St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh... watching live on TV and only shouts seemed to be God Save the King! Sturgeon is a monarchist and I don't see the bulk of her party being republicans. I don't know any fellow Scots who are republicans. There are, but they would be a vocal minority.

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Posted in: Mass shootings obscure daily U.S. gun toll See in context

@Hervé L'Eisa

The shootings referenced in the article are/were nearly 100% by those illegally in possession of the firearms, aka gangbangers, drug dealers, etc.

And disgruntled employees, psychotic teens, kid-hating loonies, wannabe nutters and loons that think they're in the army and want target practice.

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Posted in: IAEA experts 'not going anywhere' after reaching Ukraine nuclear plant See in context

So may Russian supporters commenting. I hope your countries aren't invaded by Putin or some other despot.

Hopefully with the experts in the plant they can see if it's any kind of danger of going boom!

As for the shelling, it's not in Ukraine's interest to bomb their own power plant and risk a nuclear explosion, devastating the land around it for centuries. They'll remember Chernobyl... why would they want to repeat that?

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Posted in: Have you found that your smartphone has gotten you into the habit of spending more time checking work messages or reading work-related materials or emails in your “off” time at home? See in context

I have my own smartphone and a work smartphone. Work phone is switched off at knocking off time and not switched on again until 7:30 on a Monday. My personal phone doesn't have access to work emails. Work is work, my private time is my own... never the twain shall meet.

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Posted in: Japan eyes lifting of pre-departure COVID tests for inbound vaccinated travelers: media See in context

So let me get this straight...

If I was daft enough to book a guided tour in Japan from the UK this new move would mean I could travel to Japan without taking a PCR test... as long as I was fully vaccinated and with boosters... and with a tourist Visa... and with health insurance... and book it through a Japanese approved travel agency?

Baby steps I suppose.

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Posted in: Japan eyes lifting of pre-departure COVID tests for inbound vaccinated travelers: media See in context

"Along with taking every measure to prevent contagion..."

So they still think we'll bring the virus with us? Seems like good news/bad news week on the border front.

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Posted in: Europe prepares for a winter without Russian gas See in context

Two things:

If people think that no longing supplying Ukraine with weapons and aid will somehow bring Russia to the negotiating table, think again. Putin wants to eliminate the bulk of Ukraine because they fought on the side of Germany in WW2 - hence his constant banging on about 'de-Nazification'.

Russia won't negotiate their way to a cease fire until either the Ukraine forces have been eliminated, or Putin gets what he wants, whichever comes first.

Russia will make countries pay through the nose for his gas, and he knows he can use it against EU governments. People are going to be cold this winter, some may die... but Putin sees this as a good thing. It will turn people against their governments, look to Russia for their fuel. Victory for Russia.

This is worse than the Cold War of the past... you don't need nukes to bring Europe to its knees - you just need to invade and decimate another country.

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Posted in: Over 100,000 foreign visitors came to Japan in July for 4th month in row See in context

I've cancelled my holiday, and looking at what you need to do just to be part of a strictly controlled group is maddening: a positive PCR test, a Visa, booking the tour with a Japanese company, taking out health insurance, only allowed to go where you are told, no meeting of friends... all because the JGov see us foreigners are dirty, unable to behave responsibly and probably plague carriers.

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Posted in: In a hurry See in context


Is that an apron?

Just zoomed in and it does look like it's an apron... and what appears to be a mic

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Posted in: In a hurry See in context

Got to get into that Bento queue!

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Posted in: We don't need to be babysat. We just like to go and bum around. See in context

I'm the same - been to Japan 7 or 8 times since 2006 and had flights booked since early 2020... cancelled and rebooked about 5 times since... saw that Japan was opening her borders and thought "YES! At last!" and then there were the restrictions: guided tours only, limited access, visa, booking with a Japanese travel agency, health insurance... nope.

I normally spend 3 weeks in Japan on holiday, doing what I want, when I want, and going where I want and meeting up with friends... three weeks trapped with strangers and being shepherded around by a guide. Not happening.

So cancelled my flights for this October and will rebook for Golden Week next year... and that's me being optimistic.

What I truly don't understand is why the Japanese think that we are a risk to them... we're vaccinated and boosted, we wash our hands, wear masks and take precautions the same as the local population.

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Posted in: Lawyers decry ban on 'menacing' eyewear at Japan prison See in context

This is insane - menacing glasses? What next, having someone's face remodelled for a bit of a smirk?

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Posted in: U.N. chief warns world is one step from 'nuclear annihilation' See in context

I've been thinking this ever since Crimea was annexed... that, North Korea's insane regime, and China building islands and annexing fishing grounds/shipping lanes from other countries... never been closer to global war since the height of the Cold War... and now you have NATO prospective member Kosovo being monstered by Russian-backed Serbia...

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Posted in: Autonomous beverage and snack car now testing in Chiba See in context

Looks like fun :)

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Posted in: Have you changed your summer holiday plans because of the surge in coronavirus cases in Japan this month? See in context

Yes, I'm going to cancel my flights to Japan in October - no way are they going to allow unrestricted tourism for solo travellers by then.

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Posted in: Japan gets 120,400 foreign visitors in June, but only 252 tourists See in context

@Larr Flint

I think problem isn't strict rules and testing, the problem is organized tours.

No one wants to come on organized tour we don't live in 60s or 70s.

Exactly - if nothing changes re these tours by September I'm rebooking for next year. No way am I spending a three week holiday stuck with being told where I can and cannot go with a group of people I don't know and do not choose to be with. My country opened up to tourists months ago (including Japanese tourists who can go where they want)... just seems silly.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for throwing volleyball at girl’s face See in context

You know, when I was at school we had some complete aresholes for teachers, but none of them were like Japanese sports teachers... what is wrong with them? Do they resent the kids? Are they hitting out because they feel that they failed to get into that team?

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Posted in: Man gets 2 years in prison for assaulting 17-year-old boy who asked him to stop smoking on train See in context

Sounds like some wannabe gangster... or he's not just smoking an e-cig. Explosive violence like that isn't normal

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Posted in: If toys become gender neutral, it will contribute to an expanding market and children will be able to learn about gender equality through toys. See in context

He Man would become They Person, whatever of the Universe

Action Man would be Action Person

'Tis silly

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Posted in: Cases of people getting unwanted crabs skyrocketing in Japan; salmon too See in context

I don't understand how this works - surely if you never ordered it why would you pay for it?

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Posted in: Luggage piles join long airport lines in fresh woes for summer travel See in context


Whilst I do agree with unions, I dont think a lot of people understand the gravity of the situation the world is heading. For those that are unaware, it looks very much like societal, global, economic, and environmental collapse. Id love to hear differing opinions.

You're a cheery soul, aren't you?

Society is not collapsing... we're trying to get back to normality after a global pandemic. The economy will recover, and Russia will leave Ukraine in time (Putin will be overthrown eventually)... and the environment? It'll recover, or at least become stable. Try to be a bit more upbeat. It's Friday for Cliff's sake.

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Posted in: Britain to lift import restriction on food products from Fukushima See in context


As if anyone in Britain can even point out Fukushima on a map.

Or even know the area exists.

Want to bet on that? Pretty snotty statement, that... very arrogant.

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Posted in: Japan's heatwave continues; Kishida calls for ramp-up of nuclear power use See in context

Kishida has wanted the Nukes back on for a while, and is being pressed for it by operators like TEPCO, who brought about the world’s second or third-worst nuclear meltdown,

Wasn't that a massive tsunami that flooded the plant?

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Posted in: As COVID fears ebb, Japan readies for more tourists from abroad See in context

I emailed JNTO about the situation and it doesn't look like it'll be changing any time soon - I'll probably have to rebook my flights until Spring... I can't see me roaming happily around in November...

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