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Posted in: British rock band Queen to bring 2020 Rhapsody Tour to Japan See in context

What is your favorite Queen performance without Freddie Mercury?

Probably the closing of the London Olympics with Jessie J singing... totally different sound from Freddie of course... no-one can replace Freddie... but it was still great to hear Brian play that guitar of his.

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Posted in: Cartoonist Monkey Punch, known for 'Lupin III,' dies at 81 See in context

Oh that's a shame. I've never read the manga but I have seen one live action movie (from the 80s I think) and it was a hoot. I know he was very popular... yes a shame. RIP Monkey Punch :(

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Posted in: Israel's Netanyahu appears headed toward 5th term as PM See in context

@Realization... you can't criticise Netanyahu... it's anti-Semitic... at least that's what they tell us. ^_^

Seriously though there will be no peace between Israelis and Palestinians as long as the status quo continues - and I don't see Israel giving back the territory it stole over the past five or six decades.

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Posted in: Wreckage confirmed to be crashed Japanese F-35 stealth fighter; pilot still missing See in context

There are two possibilities for this crash.

No there aren't... there are many, including Boeing 737 style design flaws... until the black box is recovered there is no way of knowing what happened.

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Posted in: Extra abdication holidays pose dilemma for Japanese workers See in context

According to one of my Japanese friends, she is worried about taking long holidays from work in case they find they can get on without her. What sort of situation is that to be in?

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Posted in: Japanese space probe drops explosive on asteroid to make crater See in context

So is it an explosive device, or a projectile?

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Posted in: Extra abdication holidays pose dilemma for Japanese workers See in context

A survey by the Asahi Shimbun daily showed 45 percent of Japanese "felt unhappy" about the long vacation, with only 35 percent saying they "felt happy".

I am floored by this... I'd be dancing out the door, into my car and laughing like the Joker all the way home. Hell, I love getting ONE day off let alone 10. Imagine if they were faced with a three week break like I have when I go to Japan on holiday... I know my Japanese friends are shocked. :)

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Posted in: Brunei introduces death by stoning for adultery, gay sex See in context

Welcome to the middle ages... next up, the return of witch-burning and sacrificing virgins to improve the harvest.

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Posted in: Brexit deadlocked again: British parliament fails to find an alternative See in context

Looking at the figures quite a few MPs didn't vote - they would be the DUP and hard line Brexit-fixated Tories. I also blame Labour for playing party politics instead of supporting the revocation of A50... this whole process needs to stop now.

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Posted in: Angry over Brexit delay, 'Leave' supporters march through London See in context

A fair and legally binding referendum was held and the public conveyed their opinion.

It wasn't legally binding. Cameron said they'd abide by the result...

*The bill did not contain any requirement for the UK Government to implement the results of the referendum, nor set a time limit by which a vote to leave the EU should be implemented.*

The Leave campaign used outright lies to galvanise support, and they knew which buttons to press: Turkey was about to join the EU and the UK would be flooded by Turkish people looking for work (a lie, Turkey will never join the EU as long as they have a government like they have), and of course there was the mega-size lie over the NHS related money on the side of the bus. Two lies to provide the disgruntled English in the port and manufacturing towns and cities with the fuel they needed to rise up. Of course you had your NIMBY types, English Defence League/BNP bovver boot types, and people who just don't like foreigners. Put all of that into the pot and of course you're going to have a Leave vote.

I voted remain, I still want to remain and if Brexit is cancelled I will be happy.

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Posted in: Kono suggests need to end reversal of Japanese names in English See in context

This is yet another example of a pointless exercise. I will always call my Japanese friends by their given name, and never by their surname - it sounds more like a public school assembly.

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Posted in: Yakuza population hits record low in 2018: police See in context

Ah, so no longer wearing armbands they now wear dayglo waistcoats? Doesn't really go with the business suit... then again, neither did the armband.

Any other country there'd be black-clad, MP5-armed coppers covered in body armour and lots of fab action photos... in Japan they march in with clipboards and cardboard boxes.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders Mitsubishi Heavy Industries asset seizure over WWII forced labor See in context

I think it's time that Japan just ignored the ravings of the SK government. This will never end... it's like someone said above: it's like picking at a scab, ensuring it will never heal and become infected and poisoned... oh wait, that's already the status quo.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders Mitsubishi Heavy Industries asset seizure over WWII forced labor See in context

Frankly this is getting into the stupid end of the spectrum... it's almost as nuts as the recent Mexican demand that Spain and the Vatican make apologies for the Conquest of Mexico.

Japan in the 1940s is not the Japan of the 21st century. As far as I'm concerned it's done. Or should I demand compensation from the Germans for my great uncle being forced to work as a POW after Dunkirk?

Apologies have been made, money donated, reparations made... what more do they want from the Japanese? For them to go bankrupt and crawl to SK for help? Certainly sounds like this is what they're after. This isn't about money or compensation... this is revenge, and jealousy. They want to punish Japan, pure and simple.

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Posted in: New Zealand mosque killings spark debate over free speech See in context

I'm totally in favour of the ban... people like Tarrant are no more than terrorists and should be treated as such. Their ideology must be expunged, eradicated so that it won't infect weak minded individuals looking to make a name for themselves. We all know that there are disenfranchised people out there who blame the world's ills on sectors of population, and stuff like this so-called manifesto (or the ravings of a madman) could give them ideas.

We don't need this material being available to the general public - what good would it do?

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Posted in: Gov't OKs plan to legally ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

I speak of spanking, giving slaps on fingers and so on. No violence.

That IS violence.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs plan to legally ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

Smacking kids will be outlawed here in Scotland this year, making it one of 52 countries to ban the physical punishment of children since Sweden started the ball rolling some years ago.

I remember being smacked as a kid - horrible. Kids should never fear their parents anger.

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Posted in: After mosque attacks, New Zealand quickly bans assault weapons See in context

These weapons should never be in public hands anyway, so well done NZ PM... America take note.

It's a small step towards a gun-free society, but a step in the right direction all the same.

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Posted in: ANA takes delivery of first Airbus A380 See in context

Just as Airbus stops production of the A380... must've got a good deal :)

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Posted in: Australia cuts annual immigrant cap, puts key cities off-limits to some See in context

Found this on an Australian site:

Australian society values respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual, freedom of religion, commitment to the rule of law, Parliamentary democracy, equality of men and women and a spirit of egalitarianism that embraces mutual respect, tolerance, fair play and compassion for those in need...

Unless you're a refugee or immigrant... in which case you can bugger off to the Outback...that's if we let you in

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Posted in: Mosque gunman opts to represent himself at trial; Ardern vows never to speak his name See in context

Hopefully Arden can get her gun control changes through parliament - New Zealand gun owning laws make the place look (on paper) worse than America - I mean people are permitted to buy military weapons? Why?

How long before some racist psycho in another country carries out a similar attack? :(

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Posted in: 3 pedestrians hit and killed by car in Chiba Pref See in context

I've always thought that there was something fundamentally wrong with Japanese pedestrian crossings (traffic still allowed to drive through from the other roads)... but killed waiting to USE the crossing... horrible. RIP those killed... and if that driver has blackouts his licence should be revoked immediately.

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Posted in: Akita police sergeant arrested for paying high school girl for sex See in context

So she accepted the cash, does the deed, then over time feels bad and complains to her mum about it, then he gets arrested... This is happens all the time in Japan. Both are stupid in my opinion.

She's stupid, he's a pervert.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi jet starts test flights in U.S. to gain safety certification See in context

I may be a bit dim, but why is the plane being taken to America for its certificate? Can't Japan issue their own?

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Posted in: Tokyo governor criticized for putting her hands in pockets during Tokyo Marathon ceremony See in context

Good grief... people really will complain about anything and everything

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Posted in: Smoking, vaping to be banned at Tokyo Olympic venues See in context

Here in Scotland we've had a smoking ban since 2006. You can't smoke in a public building, in any place where food or drink is served, on public transport (including taxis), stations, people who use vans or cars for their work can't smoke in them, and recently they introduced a ban on smoking with any passengers under 18 in private cars.

What Japan is proposing is a fraction of what we have... it doesn't nearly half way. Japan needs to do more.

When I'm in Japan I don't even go into izakaya - you can smell the ciggie smoke as soon as you slide the door open... same with some yakitori places. Some restaurants have booths (my hotel also recently installed a smoking booth)... but where you have a mere glass partition... do they not understand that the smoke wafts around the partition? It's useless.

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Posted in: Rare oarfish, seen as harbingers of doom, snagged in Japan See in context

Wouldn't it have died in the aquarium anyway? Don't deep sea fish exist at a different pressure?

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Posted in: Big Oscar win by 'Green Book' leaves many frustrated See in context

Why was Black Panther nominated? Infinity War was a much, much better film.

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Posted in: What do you think cities of the future will look like, say, in the year 2050? See in context

Gleaming spires raching up to cloudless blue skies, roads with illuminated markings, streetlights that sense approaching cars or pedestrians and illuminate to accommodate their passage along the road or pavement, elevated roadways, travel tubes... flying taxis...

I can dream, can't I?

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Posted in: In making fact-based films, how much liberty is it OK to take in the name of entertainment? See in context

Minor alterations to tell a story within 2 hours I can accept, but not wholesale changes in history. Films such as Braveheart, The Patriot for example, play fast and loose with historical fact to suit the story the directors want to tell: Braveheart for example presented a woad covered William Wallace who was as far from historical fact as you could get. The Patriot presented acts allegedly committed by British forces in America which were mostly based on either lies or from events in wars elsewhere involving neither Britain or America... as for U571 - by the time the Americans got their hands on an enigma machine the codes had already been broken by the British boffins at Bletchley Park.

Hollyweird is notorious for twisting the facts in order to please the masses in the Good Ol' Yoo Ess of Ay.

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