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Posted in: What do you think of alternative health care methods such as homeopathy, indigenous medicine, acupuncture, mind-body medicine and so on? See in context

while I prefer being seen by a doctor, it's been well proven the human brain is still a total mystery, and I believe people can actually "cure" themselves if they believe something obsolete to the medical world is working and improving their health.

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Posted in: Two halves of a whole: Japan’s habitual ‘labeling’ of bicultural kids See in context

ハーフ?違うよ。アメリカ系日本人 フランス系日本人 イギリス系日本人

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Posted in: Man beats stranger to death in order to get arrested See in context

a self-styled company employee


Probably 自営業(self-employed), translated by google translator

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Posted in: Death penalty commuted to life for man who fatally stabbed 2 people on Osaka street See in context

He said he chose his victims that day on impulse and at random. He said he wanted to kill anyone so he would be sentenced to death.

all you had to do was to jump off a cliff...

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Posted in: Patinkin says 'Homeland' trying to improve Muslim depiction See in context

they show Japanese yakuza, Chinese triads, South American drug lords, South Asian pirates, Russian assassins, they are all minorities and you don't see anyone complaining.

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Posted in: As N Korean missile threat grows, Japanese lawmakers argue for first strike options See in context

“I don’t know whether that would be with ballistic missiles, cruise missiles or even the F-35 (fighter bomber), but without a deterrence North Korea will see us as weak.”

and unfortunately this is the current state of the world, and has ever been. I hate to fight and abhor all kinds of violence, but if you don't fight back the bully will just go stronger, that's exactly why I never had any problems with bullies in Japan because I know exactly how it starts (strange pats on the back, little weak punches on your arm) and the only way to make it stop and not escalate: to give back every single small violence toward you. This is how you stop NK from launching missiles on you, otherwise next news will be "rocket fells in a small coast town, nobody is hurt. PM said he condemns the actions of NK."

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Posted in: N Korean missile launch was training exercise for strike on U.S. bases in Japan: KCNA See in context

The photos appeared in the state-run Rodong newspaper and were apparently taken at an "emergency meeting" early on Friday morning. They show Kim signing the order for North Korea's strategic rocket forces to be on standby to fire at US targets, the paper said, with large-scale maps and diagrams in the background.

The images show a chart marked "US mainland strike plan" and missile trajectories that the NK News web site estimates terminate in Hawaii, Washington DC, Los Angeles and what they claim is Austin, Texas.

training exercise for strike on U.S. bases in Japan

and why this country hasn't been bombed/freed/invaded yet?

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Posted in: First trailer for Pokemon reboot/remake anime movie released See in context

Wow thanks for that JT! I've been a fan of the series since my teens but never watched more than 3 movies exactly because of the same plot (track down legendary pokemon + save the world etc) Can't wait to see the oldschool pokemon back.

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Posted in: Should there be an age limit for driving licenses? See in context

if it is just in some heavy traffic areas, YES, if it's nationwide, NO. I've been to many small cities in the middle of the mountains where you can't find anyone under 70 years old, taking their licenses away would just trap them inside their home and prevents them from what they like the most = farmwork (with the help of their Metal Slug sized "kei trucks").

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Posted in: Abe says N Korea launched 4 ballistic missiles; 3 land 300 kms from Japan's coast See in context

if any conflict ever breaks out and the US jumps in I have no doubts all the stalkers will be up in arms "see? see? I told you Trump was gonna start a war!"

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Posted in: Life's no hoot for owls in Tokyo cafes, activists say See in context

I would never put any animal locked up in a tiny cage for my own pleasure just for a couple of minutes a day. I would have a dog/cat though and let them run all over the house

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Posted in: Trump speech leaves GOP encouraged, but still divided See in context

This doesn't sound like the description of a supposedly thriving democracy where differing opinions are valued and respected

and this is exactly what the angry sheep are doing right now, harassing, stalking and beating people in the streets, this is how they value and respect different opinions. Hey, why are you people so irrational? Why don't you leave the hate bandwagon and go back to your healthy lifestyles? Get a brain, have your unbiased critical thinking, you DON'T need to hate and stalk Trump just because the media asks you to

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Posted in: Trump speech leaves GOP encouraged, but still divided See in context

meanwhile the failing NYT keeps hating and stalking the guy for every single word he says and for no apparent reason, unbelievable!

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Posted in: Trump speech leaves GOP encouraged, but still divided See in context

If you don't agree with every word that comes out of Trump's mouth you're either an anti-american, or unpatriotic, weekend rioter, communist, twitter stalker or just another hypocrite.

TRUMP is the president every nation would ever dream to have in charge. YOU will be ashamed of your actions just like when romans realized they crucified the wrong man.

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Posted in: Trump speech leaves GOP encouraged, but still divided See in context

Dow closes above 20,000 for first time even the BIG FAKE NEWS MEDIA OUTLETS are changing their tones, finally! Now go on and apologize to the american people! Trump forgives you he's just too busy getting things done!

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Posted in: Company promises women the man of their (financial) dreams See in context

just last week I had a skype interview with a japanese recruiter. She gave me very good advises, and there is one I remember well:

You got to show interest for the company you're aiming. if you're a company owner and some applicant comes to an interview and says he wants to work in your company just because of the benefits wouldn't be as sad as if a woman come up to you and say she wants to marry you just because of your paycheck? How would you feel?

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Posted in: Wearable gadgets seek permanent place in users' lives See in context

hope they make affordable wearable smartphone screens asap, during peak hours in the trains you can't reach your own pocket

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Posted in: Do you think cold calling is an effective sales method? What do you do when you receive one and you don't have time (or the inclination) to listen to the caller? How do you end the call without being See in context

Prehistoric! Cold calls are as effective as door-to-door sales.... c'mon, this is 2017, unless your target is pensioners, you don't take random people's time wishing they will buy your product, move on to virtual ads instead. (which I find it very effective, it might catch your eye in a glimpse especially in these ages the internet know exactly what you need. if you don't need it, just move on in 1 click).

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Posted in: Nintendo files suit against go-kart company MariCar See in context

so if I dress like Pikachu now they will sue me?

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Posted in: Would you support a complete ban on smoking in public places in Japan? See in context

oh YES. Just last week I had someone walking in front of me, smoking this stupid cigarette. We were walking toward the same direction and the guy was some 20 meters away from me, still I had to go all the way to cross the street. When this isn't an option, the only thing you can do is to literally outrun the guy to get away from the smoke as soon as you can. People smoking is none of my business but I simply can't stand the smoke.

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Posted in: Japan's first Premium Friday shows mixed results See in context

TrevorPeace nailed it.

I cringe everytime I hear the word 単身赴任 (it might exists in other countries as well but not like this place. You live in your beautiful house with your lovely wife and kids. All sudden your company decides to relocate you (or you decide it by yourself, accepting a job in a city far away from home). You're crammed in a small apartment living a lonely life all by yourself while you have a family that misses you every single day. If you're not a soldier, or a sailor, why the heck you choose to live this miserable life? In Japan, you live to work for a company. Companies come and go. Is your life worth it?

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Posted in: Oscars still lagging in female and minority representation See in context

so they should give preference for women, people of color, regardless of their acting skills, very fair. give me a break, people get Oscars because they are GOOD.

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Posted in: Crown prince turns 57 See in context

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Posted in: Crown prince turns 57 See in context

if I was a japanese royal I would have Kobe beef BBQ everyday. Just hope Aiko-san gets better, she seems even weaker than last year

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Posted in: What foreign students can teach host families about America See in context

Very nice article! Every time I go to some Meetup (international BBQ,etc) I see a couple of parents bringing their small kids to play around, and every time I just wished more japanese parents did the same, to expose your kids to different cultures and different sets of people, just how wonderful this place would be without this japanese x foreigner mentality.... Unfortunately some people do pretty much the opposite. It happened to me last year, as soon as I walked out of my apartment a lady in her 40s passing by started "shielding" her 10yo daughter, almost to the point of stop walking so I could go ahead. Poor girl, her face clearly told me she didn't know what the heck was going on.

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Posted in: He is so overconfident and yet so logically unconvincing that my interpreter friends and I often joke that if we translated his words as they are, we would end up making ourselves sound stupid. See in context

@ theeastisred & CH3CHO

①Again, english and japanese are not my native languages, that's why I always deliver my work to monolingual journalists so they can have it native-checked. ②Check any other translation of the same speech and you will find almost the same words I used here. You probably should give your advises on japanese grammar to BBC translators as well.

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Posted in: He is so overconfident and yet so logically unconvincing that my interpreter friends and I often joke that if we translated his words as they are, we would end up making ourselves sound stupid. See in context

She's either a bad translator or just too old/ unfit for the job. I've translated many of Trump's speeches and Press Conferences for news outlets by 1, 2 a.m. and he always sounded very clear and easy to translate, and I'm not even native in neither english or japanese. I will go with the first poster above, probably she's just joining the failing trump bash & stalk bandwagon. How hard is it to translate this?

From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this day forward, it's going to be only America First, America First.

この日から今後は、新しいビジョンが我が国を統治します。 この日から今後はただひたすら「アメリカ第一」だけだ!

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Posted in: He is so overconfident and yet so logically unconvincing that my interpreter friends and I often joke that if we translated his words as they are, we would end up making ourselves sound stupid. See in context

MOST OF TRUMP HATERS hate him for absolutely no reason, it's trendy, like uploading a big picture of your own ugly face for the world to see, just because you know, everybody is doing it! What should I do today? Insult Trump or take a selfie?

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Posted in: Housing website to offer LGBT support in finding tolerant landlords See in context

Again, I always had many gay friends back in my home country (for me they are way more civilized and less childish than many straight men) but this is totally irrelevant in Japan. Especially in a country where everybody mind their business and you just can't tell apart who's straight or gay. Just look at this:

Suumo will begin a registry for landowners to specifiy that they are tolerant of LGBT lifestyles and allow tenants to live openly.

What do they mean with "openly"? If they get a straight-friendly landlord register, can I rent there and greet my neighbors with a "Good morning madam, I eat p^-^y" or have a big "Hey! I'm straight!" banner on my door? And what the heck is this pointless picture in the article?

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Posted in: Spate of arson cases reported in 2 Tokyo wards See in context

Disturbing mental health issue in this country. Where else you find so many people enjoying burning stuff for absolutely no reason? (excluding "protesters"/hate-driven nuts and alike)

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