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Dear Zichi

Thank you for sharing you story about your cancer experience. I'm happy to learn you have recovered. I am very curious about your comment about receiving dental treatment in a hospital vs. a private clinic. I'd like to learn more about this. Are there resources of information you can suggest. Thank you

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In which universe is barring someone from entering China a punishment? Sounds like a favor to me.

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After hearing this announcement this morning, 1.3 billion people in China, and 130 million people in Japan, wondered ponderously, "what are we gonna have for lunch today?"

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Interesting NON reaction. Door was shut by Communist China a long time ago. This is transparent even to Chinese citizens.

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Yea Harry_Gatto, I'm sure "marketing" means "going to the market", but at first it did sound a little like Product Development, and PR might have been other expectations of the domestic helper.

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If a sentence in the forth to last paragraph is correct, ie. "..China has said its zone is not intended to have any effect on commercial flights not heading to China.", then they have back-tracked big time. Initially, to merely fly through the zone, for example from Korea to Okinawa, the communist Chinese were demanding identification and control. If the statement is correct, then they have implemented nothing, and caved to international pressure, or have come to their senses. This is how all of these zones declared by other countries work, that is, an aircraft in the zone only needs to identify itself if bound for the subject country.

Also, the fact that they send military patrols into the area is NO NEWS at all. They have the perfect freedom and right to do that, as do ALL OTHER COUNTRIES into INTERNATIONAL waters and airspace.

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Tiger - funniest thing I have read all morning. Thank you. You cannot even access wikipedia in China, nor, the following: New York Times, Facebook, Youtube. Haha, so, "China political leaders are not trying to feed messages to it's people" as you said? haha - I so funny!!

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Wrong "alex" - Japan purchased the islands to maintain the status quo, and to keep its own idiot nationalist from meddling. Everyone knows Japan's intentions were pure, but communists Chinese used that as an excuse to begin forcing the issue.

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This is not news at all. China has rights to fly in this area, and SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE. It's only news that communist Chinese militarist thugs attempt to impede others flying in international air space. That is correctly seen as war mongering, and the USA and the rest of the free world will resist with force. Communist China had it nose rubbed in its own excrement, like a puppy. We all laugh at the brown stain on its nose, and the communist Chinese militarists can smell the aroma of their own dung.

Pathetic face saving bluster that communist China will keep ratcheting up will be met with ratcheting resistance by the free world, including FREE CHINESE.

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Free Chinese people support Japan / USA. Enslaved Chinese indoctrinated by endless communist propaganda of course post ridiculous notions. Free Chinese refer to these communist shill as 带薪网评论员 (paid network commentators). Communists China needs an artificial external enemy to focus attention away from internal corruption. For goodness sake, you cannot even access The New York Times, Wikipedia, or Facebook in communist China. If anyone supports that system, be anxious and proud to call them your enemy.

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Let's see, how is this communist Chinese war against Japan going to work? Communist China is going to launch a bunch of landing craft to attack Japan? They are going to send in paratroops? I wonder. Too bad China could not have just become prosperous and peaceful. I suppose their rage has truly imbalanced their collective national psyche.

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Oh good!! Rioting in communist China again. That was the best entertainment a few years ago. I loved watching them make their dirty polluted country more dirty and polluted. Go rioters.

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Article said Korea-based airlines are ignoring communist China on this matter. Kudos to them if true. Koreans have guts.

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This is superficial conclusion. Japan and USA will always be ROCK SOLID allies, especially now. What you call "dependance" is not working. Japan and USA are now JOINED AT THE HIP. If you say Japan is dependent on USA, USA is equally dependent on it's unsinkable aircraft carrier Japan.

Also, Free Chinese are now starting to speak up against communist China. It is good all around. The removal of ambiguity is good. China has declared war finally on the USA. Now, we can deal with it decisively and actively.

Ultimately, a free China is on the horizon.

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This is actually a good move because now USA has declared publicly they will ignore and flaunt communist China unilateral directive. This is finally communist China's defacto declaration of war, as they must attack US military aircraft that ignore the air zone directive, or, risk acknowledging their directives and authority are meaningless.

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This appointment was absolutely calculated to announce supreme alliance between Japan and The USA. Metaphorically and emotionally, a Kennedy is the closest thing to royalty in the USA, and none more august than Caroline.

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yyj72 - I love your comment. Astute. There can't be racism, because there is no such thing as race. "Race" is one of these lazy concepts you wrote about. What people are generally uncomfortable with is unfamiliarity or differences in behavior.

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to love Apple, or hate Apple, is equally dorky.

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After toking, we'd blow smoke into the cats faces, and they liked it. Cats are connoisseurs of herbal merriment. As for the the vinaceous kind, it's my first time to hear of it.

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May level heads and good will prevail.

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Everything on earth is a rhetorical "double edged sword". Even wielding a single edged sword is a double edged sword.

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I hope Chinese will view their negligent citizens the same way Japanese view negligent Japanese: with shame.

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China can ever be a naval super power. It is not because China lacks capability, but because China is geographically challenged. Her vast Northern, Eastern, and Southern borders are basically land locked. Of course to the East China possess a vast coast line, but just a few score miles out to sea from the most advantageous spots, she encounters both the Japan and Philippine archipelagos, and has to pass them through narrow channels to access "blue water".

These act as immense strategic barriers to any serious projection of naval power. In a hostile environment, China's fleet would be sitting ducks for land based assets to pick off with ease.

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Regardless of your opinion, it is undeniable that the Japanese Sunburst ensign is the most stunning and beautiful design ever to grace a banner.

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The yen is not really "down" that much if you use a measure beyond two years. The yen settled decisively above the 90 yen to dollar level only as recently as April of 2011. At its current exchange rate in the mid 90's, it has regressed to the 5-year average level compared to the US dollar, ie, it hasn't really changed in value over this period of time.

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smithinjapan sama, I'm flattered by your attention. Thank you. As for your highlighted statement: " I would like to point out that many, many people are now selling stocks because they know the market under Abenomics has passed its peak." Thank you for that enlightenment - we are wiser for it. By the way, I'm sure you know this already, but in the stock market, for every seller, there is a buyer; but of course we know the buyers are dead wrong, and doomed, right smith-san? (Well, all except for those lucky ones who bought the Nikkei a year ago, and are still up 50%).

Further you wrote: " Tell us, since you are an economic expert,..." WOW, thanks for that compliment. I'm blushing. (Flattery will get you everywhere). Actually, I am not an economics expert I confess, but thanks for thinking I am.

Finally, regarding your expression of sympathy for the people of Japan, and announcement of your own emigration (you wrote: "I truly feel sorry for the Japanese people, and I am getting out of dodge"), Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and best wishes to you, wherever you end up.

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Randomman: Nicely thought out and written. It's comical there are those commenting that today's yen trade at 96 / USD (from 100+) means the USD is collapsing against the yen, and is evidence that nothing was accomplished.

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Mr. SmithinJapan san, are you still maintaining the dollar "dropped" vis a vis the yen? Not sure how to interpret the verbose economics lesson. You say confidently: " Point is, it's going to drop further". Well, well, your clairvoyance is a rare gift indeed, and the gods have denied it to the rest of us! Since you can divine the movement of foreign currency, I'm assuming you have shorted the dollar with both fists, and will make a fortune in FX. Put your gift to good use.

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Wow, so many economic geniuses posting comments. "The US dollar has already dropped back down to 96 yen". Hmmm. The dollar was 76 yen a few short months ago. I'm trying to fathom the odd perspective that 96 is a "drop". Yes, the dollar spiked to 100 yen a few days ago, and as all currency do, it is fluctuating within a trading band, but to refer to the current 96-97 price as a "drop" relative to the last couple of years is incredible.

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100 yen to dollar (parity) is about where its been for the since the late 90s. The pop down to 80 yen/dollar the past couple of years was a windfall for importers, but it's now just back to the recent 20 year average. Retail fuel prices probably did not go down that much when the yen surged anyway. I was waiting for the price of imported stuff to go down the last couple of years, but I didn't notice any real price declines. The importers just pocketed the exchange advantage, and now, it's simply back to normal.

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