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Posted in: Chinese newspaper posts map of A-bombed Japan See in context

well the chinese do drill hate for japan into their youth. I remember having to listen to a 21 year old chinese kid complain about how much he hated japan for what was done in 1937. I told the kid it wasn't his war and he shouldn't be hating the japanese for something his grandparents weren't even around for. I told him that would be like the jewish people still hating germany for the holocaust. and while some may, the younger generations of jewish have no such hatred and why would they? they didn't live through it. but seeing as how China is a communist country and kill their own people for even thinking for themselves, I don't think they have a say in anything

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Posted in: Kennedy sends letter of support to heckled assemblywoman See in context

this isn't feudal japan where women are expected to stare at the floor. I wouldn't put up with that nonsense from any man so why should she? she is in government and as part of a democratic government, she's supposed to discuss issues in the country. if you want to be a woman hater, you should move to india or the middle east where women are seen and treated as nothing but crap. you'd fit right in with them and no doubt they'd welcome you since you think and act like they do.

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