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Posted in: Japan vows not to give up on hostages until very end See in context

25psotJan. 24, 2015 - 09:33AM JST

Abe should tell ISIS release hostages in 72 hours or we will add another $200 millions for military operations against ISIS....it could work like a boomerang to soften ISIS....

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Posted in: Warrior spirit leads Nishikori to new heights See in context

Lucabrasi: that is non sense...any country in the world rely on its sports teams to bring pride and happiness to its people...is not a "japanese thing "

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Posted in: New life for old VW See in context

I had a 1963 beetle, painted bright yellow with green..very easy to find at the parking lot...it was a load of fun!

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Posted in: Getting along See in context

Adorable! nothing like a child's innocence.

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Posted in: Messi named player of the tournament; Neuer wins World Cup Golden Glove See in context

Navas as way more effective than Neuer.

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Posted in: Overall, what did you think of the standard of games at this year's World Cup? See in context

The group stage games were fantastic...then it was obvious the FIFA politics at work...Messi best player? The german Goalkeeper got the golden glove? C'mon.

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Posted in: Netherlands beat Costa Rica in penalty shootout See in context

Costa Rica is going home with its head high! what a performance at this World Cup!

They sent home three world champions, an European Champion and the reigning Sub-World Champion only could score on penalty kicks...

They only allowed two goals in the whole tournament, in regular play time...

They will be welcomed home as heroes! VIVAN LOS TICOS!!

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Posted in: Japan's soccer chiefs play hardball with Aguirre See in context

They should try to get Pinto...the coach of the Costa Rica team...

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Posted in: Kagawa blasts Japan's 'pathetic' World Cup exit See in context

They will get there....Look at Costa Rica...they have been playing organized futbol since the 1930's and it is until now they are getting results...it takes time and mentality...

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Posted in: Japanese fans shamed by ref's World Cup performance See in context

He does speak English quite well. He was just being a referee.

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Posted in: 35 year-old-man arrested for exposing himself to schoolgirls See in context

This happens in the whole wide world. Shameful.

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Posted in: Japan's World Cup dream boosted by weekend golden treble See in context

This past month of March, JAPAN SUB 17 WOMEN TEAM WON THE FIFA WORLD CUP, in San José, Costa Rica, winning over Spain on the final...I didn't see any news reporting it...what a shame..

Here are the goals!


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Posted in: Hikaru Utada marries Italian bartender See in context

Isn't she American? born and raised in New York?

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Posted in: Japan sets sights on World Cup quarterfinals See in context

Japan versus Costa Rica this June 2nd! it will be great to see them play against each other...it might be the only chance, as they are is different groups for the Cup. I will cheer them both...but at the end my heart goes with COSTA RICA!

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Posted in: Japanese director Naomi Kawase gets mixed reception at Cannes See in context

She is not very modest, if you ask me...saying this film is her "masterpiece"....it should be the critics and moviegoers who qualify the work...

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Posted in: McCartney to play at Budokan for first time since 1966 See in context

Paul McCartney (Macca) just presented his concert in San José, Costa Rica two weekends ago and it was FENOMENAL. He is truly an artist and still has the stamina and the voice.. 35000 people packed our Estadio Nacional and at least 20.000 more listened the concert outside. The sound system they had was incredible. Japanese fans are in for a treat!

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Posted in: Japan to send 100 SDF troops, radar to remote western island See in context

Whatever the Japanese goverment does regarding these disputes, it is going to be critized....If they send these troops to watch the islands,, the are "provoking" and if they don't do nothing, then they would be serving them in a silver platter...

I think every county has the right to protect its land and stands its ground.

I m Canadian and our government recently had to movilize military presence to our far north, middle of nowhere, to assert our border at the Arctic, as Russia and other Nordic countries are getting too close, eyeing the opening of the arctic passages...A submarine from Russia even had the guts to come to land and plant their flag...

And still, many Canadians protests sending troops and resources over there..but the message from the government is clear...Our arctic coastlines are not a "no man land" they are Canadian and we have to be physically "there" to stand our ground.

I think is only normal for Japan to also assert their presence in their own land.

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Posted in: Sony 4K commercial is so dazzling, the scenes almost look fake See in context

Filmed in Costa Rica!!

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Posted in: Monkey mirth See in context

This is so sad...wild animals don't belong in cages or leashes...

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Posted in: Rakuten slammed over ivory and whale meat products See in context

They have no shame.

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Posted in: Wedding walk See in context

I am glad some couples still like to celebrate their wedding in a traditional way...it is beautiful.

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Posted in: Glitter starts wearing off for aging 'parasite singles' See in context

this happens in many other countries...In Costa Rica, for example, no one thinks of leaving the family home before marriage...unless the relationship with the family is really bad ....other than that, is seen as perfectly normal to live with the parents...all my siblings and myself got married after 35...and all lived at home nicely.

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Posted in: Happy trio See in context

bilderberg_2015: You try it....

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Posted in: Order of the Sun See in context

theeastisred: The wife of the President of any Latin American country has been always called "La Primera Dama" The First Lady. It is not an "American" term. I am Costa Rican, so I know.

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Posted in: Facebook could fade out like a disease, say researchers See in context

The best thing about Facebook? No one force you to use or visit the profiles. I personally love it because allows me to connect with my family and friends abroad...It would be lonely for me without it.

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Posted in: Parents return with ashes of honeymooner son murdered in Ecuador See in context

Anywhere you travel, always use common sense..I was in Ecuador with my family a little while ago, and we hired a tour company which gave us a personal guide and car for our stay...we decided on it after doing the research about the country...it costed a bit more than going on your own, but it is all about peace of mind...unfortunately, the world is a dangerous place, everywhere, if you don't watch your back...RIP young man...and peace to his family.

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Posted in: Poll selects most unusual New Year's customs See in context

In Costa Rica, some people in the bigger cities, go outside at midnight carrying a suitcase and run around the block...so they get to travel somewhere cool the next year...it is a lot of silly fun!

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