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ticaileana comments

Posted in: Robot Restaurant See in context

I found it silly overpriced...

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Posted in: 'One-Punch Man' anime coming back for a second season See in context


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Posted in: What do you think of Japan’s high-tech toilets? See in context

We visited Japan in 2014 and what we missed most, was the "washlet"

Definitively it is the most civilized toilet in the world. We bought one online and had it installed right away. It should be mandatory in all hospitals and nursing homes and also for people with disabilities.

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Posted in: Calbee's PR team See in context

I have seen them in the wild in South America...it is where they belong...poor things.

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Posted in: Dressed up for TPP See in context

i was in Japan a year ago and saw many men wearing this kind of traditional garb. I found it elegant and manly. In the United Nations, many delegates wear traditional garb. I say he is proud of his heritage.

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Posted in: Land of the rising sister: Japan’s search for gender parity See in context

When the woman works on building a career, then can afford to have hired help to take care of the home...It is the way women around the world do it.. My mother did it, worked full time and always had a maid doing the hard house chores...when my Mom came home, the house was clean and the food made..She could relax with the 5 children and the husband..The weekends were free to all the family to share time and have fun.

By the way, we were not rich...just a regular working class family...buy My mom reasoned that she made per hour enough to contribute to the house finances, including the help, and have the best of both worlds..

Once the daughters were a bit older, we helped with the house chores and taking care of the younger siblings.

It is all a matter of being organized and having your priorities straight..

For me things are different, as I am lucky to have understanding husband that shares all the chores with me, so I can work outside the house and have my career. We both take care of the house and our kid and enjoy more free time together that way..

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Posted in: Happy fans See in context

I think "Blue Samurai" should start seriously playing like girls. Bravo Nadeshiko! I saw the game and they dominated the ball and played beautifully Plenty of games have been won, or lost, because a self inflicted goal..it is part of fútbol!

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Posted in: Japan reaches Women's World Cup final after England injury time own goal See in context

I watched the game and can say Japan controlled the ball better..the British were very rough and not too precise. The Japanese were great stealing balls and played fearless....The best won, regardless..I can't wait for the final game!

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Posted in: Macho man idol group makes their debut in Shibuya See in context

Happy to see manly looking and very handsome guys!

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Posted in: Happy day See in context

bad light...can't see their faces...

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Posted in: Exercise time See in context

There are "Tai Chi" groups all over the world. I am a member at our group in Windsor,Ontario...Taoist Tai Chi. it is great.

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Posted in: Gardening tips See in context

I am so glad the mustache is gone!

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Posted in: Large amount of trash and waste left on Mt Fuji See in context

I had the chance to visit Macchu Pichu last year and they have an average of 4000 visitors each day...I didn't see litter anywhere...what I did see were teams of young people wearing yellow t-shirts, patrolling the site and collecting any single piece of trash they found...resulting in a spotless mountain and ruins.. And this is Peru...the rest of the world can learn from them...

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Posted in: Ordinary man's dream of acting with Jackie Chan realized in Kirin beer’s latest commercial See in context

Hey Kirin......I got a dream!!

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Posted in: All Japanese citizens to be issued ID number See in context

Also our ID number is used to warrant voters don't cheat at elections..We are proud of our "Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones". It wouldn't exist without a proper ID system for the population.

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Posted in: All Japanese citizens to be issued ID number See in context

In Costa Rica we have ID number since 1948. You get it at birth and identify you for every path in life...the same number is used for your :cedula" (ID) also your driver's license, passport, health care ....very efficient...I was surprised to learn Japan didn't have this system...

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Posted in: Miike's action film gets booed at Cannes See in context

I really like Japanese movies, but sometimes the dialogues can be a bit "preachy"....

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Posted in: Japanese ballet dancer Kimoto named soloist in Vienna See in context

He is a very talented dancer..wonderful.

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Posted in: 20,000 sign online petition for flight upgrade for Nadeshiko Japan See in context

“The problem is when we go back there will probably not be enough business seats available. If that’s the case we will be in premium again.”

Why not just switching the seats around? let the men go back in economy...

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