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Posted in: Japanese fans rejoice after dramatic World Cup win over Germany See in context

No masks. Beautiful!

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Posted in: Biden says missile that killed two in Poland may not have come from Russia See in context

Damn these US and Russian warmongers!!

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Posted in: Japan's 8th COVID wave could surpass previous wave's peak, say experts See in context

I've got three shots. I haven't been wearing a mask for a while and live my life normally. Corona isn't going away anytime soon. I think the government is going to tell people explicitly to drop the masks in about 6-7 months.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson returns to UK in bid for rapid political comeback See in context

So the muppet returns eh?

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Posted in: Couple arrested for abusing 7-month-old child See in context

To abuse an infant! Monsters!!!

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Posted in: Japan's loosening of COVID-19 entry restrictions may keep citizens wearing masks See in context

Wear a mask if you want and respect someone else's choice to not wear one.

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Posted in: Japan aims to remove daily arrival cap in October to spur tourism See in context


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Posted in: For love or for money? TV star’s views on marriage make waves in Japan See in context

Let this be a clear warning to men or women who fetishize a particular of race (Japanese, Korean, etc.)

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Posted in: Body of newborn baby found in resort hotel trash container See in context

To not have the decency to give the baby up for adoption is sickening!!

This women is trash!!!!!

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Posted in: 31-year-old woman arrested after newborn baby found in toilet See in context

Time and time again I catch these gut-wrenching headlines. Babies being dumped in toilets, being left in cars, being abandoned in trashcans. This woman tried to murder the baby from the moment it was born!!!

What's wrong with these women, do they have no soul? And for those of you who try to give any sympathy to such evil people, ask yourself this.

If a woman would tell you directly to your face: " Today, I'm going to flush a baby down a toilet" would you still have any sympathy or would you call the cops?

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Posted in: Bus company disciplined after driver orders maskless passenger off bus See in context

How about these people stop harassing elderly women?

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Posted in: To China’s fury, U.N. accuses Beijing of Uyghur rights abuses See in context

The Chinese government is disgusting

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Posted in: Japan to increase entry cap on arrivals to 50,000 from Sept 7 See in context

I don't understand why this is a big deal.

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Posted in: Japan grants refugee status to 98 Afghans fleeing Taliban See in context

Well done. If you're willing and able to help a fellow human being, I can only applaud you.

@ Tokyojoe

These people have endured suffering, poverty and despair. What makes them dangerous? Such a disgusting remark.

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Posted in: Child virus infections in Japan remain high amid low vaccination rates See in context

"Children wear masks in school. But during summer break, there may be many cases in which they will take them off to play with their friends,"

I feel so bad for these children. Can you imagine that a 4 year old has spent half of his life wearing masks? Not even being able to see their friends, teacher or maybe even mother (!!) smile. These adults need to pick up the pace asap or it will be the children who suffer.

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Posted in: Xi, Putin to attend G20 summit in Bali in November; Ukraine's Zelenskiy also invited See in context

I hope there will be peace as soon as possible

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Posted in: No. of suicides in Japan increased 8,000 due to pandemic: study See in context

Too many lives that have been lost. May they rest in peace.

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Posted in: Japanese government worried young adults aren’t drinking enough alcohol See in context

You've got to be kidding me.

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Posted in: Travelers returning from Japan's summer break crowd trains, airports See in context

In my country there are a lot of Japanese tourists and I welcome them. It's great to see them have fun and live life without masks. I feel like there should be no double standards though.

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Posted in: China reaffirms threat of military force to annex Taiwan See in context

Coronavirus wasn't enough China? The CCP is truly foul.

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Posted in: Work stoppages and no chatting at lunch: Japan Inc grapples with COVID See in context

Do they ever think to consider what effects these measures might have on the mental health on people?

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Posted in: Kishida says restrictions unnecessary despite record COVID-19 cases See in context

Things sure move at a snails pace...

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Posted in: Maximum caution needed as COVID cases surge: Kishida See in context

State of Emergency DLC

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Posted in: Ukraine grain exports deal to be signed next week, says Turkey See in context

Thank you Turkey!

I pray with all my heart this war comes to an end. If the produce doesn't get out there will be global starvation, riots and mass migration will follow suit. Which Putin is banking on!

Damn these politicians. Have they learned nothing from 2015? Just look at Sri Lanka now.



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Posted in: Biden savors Israel 'homecoming' as high-wire Saudi leg looms See in context

These countries are so two faced.

Israel destroys and murders Palestinians.

Biden: ...

Saudi Arabia bombs and starves out Yemeni children.

Biden: ...

Russia vs Ukraine

Biden: SEND 300 mil of money and weapons now!!

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Posted in: Kishida says foreign tourists should follow Japan face mask rules See in context

Why is common sense news?

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Posted in: Kishida says foreign tourists should follow Japan face mask rules See in context


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Posted in: Businesses rattled by gov't caution to ease restrictions for foreign tourists See in context

I understand how they feel. Tourist income is very important for hotels and restaurants. You can't survive on domestic tourism alone. Get the vaccine, get over this irrational fear and move on with life.

Or should we say 怖い and 反対 forever?

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Posted in: Number of Ukrainian evacuees to Japan reaches 1,000 See in context

Some comments here are truly disgusting and pathetic. How can you blame refugees? And it's not your decision. The Japanese government is doing the right thing.

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