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Posted in: Ghosn tells Japanese media he has plenty of documents to prove innocence See in context

I don't think the Japanese authorities care if Ghosn has facts to prove whether he is innocent or not. In Japan, if they tell you that you are guilty then you are supposed to believe that you are indeed guilty regardless. And unfortunately this is deeply ingrained into the Japanese psychology. Ghosn is not a Japanese and therefore an anomaly. It doesn't matter what evidence he presents the Japanese system will always be in denial and insist on his guilt.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors, Nissan call Ghosn's accusations baseless See in context

What's worrying is Japan's public opinion. In Japan, you are considered guilty if others, especially those in authority deem you to be guilty. Having read the Japanese news articles and media, the average Japanese man on the street is being brainwashed into believing he's just a fugitive who simply escaped. Most Japanese don't read western news sites or their level of English comprehension is too low. They will never be able to read between the lines and try and get a balanced view for themselves.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors condemn Ghosn's remarks in Lebanon See in context

Yeah whatever... Japan losing face. That's all this is about. More and mo

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Posted in: Ghosn denies wrongdoing; says his arrest in Japan a conspiracy See in context

Love it how he made a reference to Pearl Harbor. Pure entertainment.

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Posted in: Ghosn denies wrongdoing; says his arrest in Japan a conspiracy See in context

Good to see the truth finally coming out. A lot of people have egg on their faces now.

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Posted in: Arrest warrant issued in Japan for Ghosn's wife See in context

Very childish behaviour that just makes Japan look worse. Leave the wife alone. All it shows is bitterness and anger because they were outsmarted by a gaijin.

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Posted in: Eateries face a heavy burden when trying to retrieve cancellation charges on their own. The presence of a lawyer makes customers realize that restaurants are serious about recovering their losses resulting from a no-show. See in context

The dottacan culture in Japan is terrible. I can understand how annoying it can be but hiring a lawyer to recover payment is silly. They should just ask an upfront non-refundable deposit instead. No deposit no reservation.

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Posted in: 24-hour video on fugitive Ghosn checked only once a month See in context

I believe this situation was more or less an 暗黙の了解. The Japanese authorities at a top level made it easy for him to escape because they wanted him to escape. He got the hint and left. There is no other explanation for this.

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Posted in: Ghosn seen on security camera leaving Tokyo home alone on Dec 29 See in context

How do you figure? This shows how Japan is a security nightmare. They have claimed they are high tech and will use facial recognition and spot any potential threat at airports, drugs, etc., but they can't even notice one of the highest profile cases and a suspect with the highest flight potential walk out the front door, to the airport, and board a plane to leave the country. If I were a nation that could suffer a potential terrorist threat and is about to host one of the world's biggest events in an already population dense area, I'd be screaming at the people responsible. As it is, I can't help laughing.

Now they don't have to deal with the scrutiny and pressure from the rest of the world with Ghosn sitting in a jail during the 2020 Olympics. If they didn't want him to escape they wouldn't have let him escape. I think everyone here is underestimating the competence of the Japanese authorities and police. I wouldn't be surprised if the Japanese authorities drove him to the airport, handed him his passport and flew him out. They could have pretended to be the so called "security team" sent to help Ghosn leave and even Ghosn himself wouldn't know who actually helped him get out the country. There's no other way.

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Posted in: Ghosn seen on security camera leaving Tokyo home alone on Dec 29 See in context

It's looking more likely that someone higher up within the Japanese government helped him leave but they're pretending he escaped. If they dropped charges against him the whole country would lose face. This was the best outcome for Japan especially with the 2020 olympics.

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Posted in: Ghosn seen on security camera leaving Tokyo home alone on Dec 29 See in context

The Japanese probably helped

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Posted in: Japanese media blasts 'cowardly' Ghosn after escape See in context

He outsmarted them so they're obviously extremely bitter about it.

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Posted in: Brazilian man acquitted of sexual assault after kissing Japanese woman on Nagoya train See in context

Unfortunately a lot of foreign men fall into the same trap when it comes to Japanese women. Western culture tells us that Japanese women are shy and afraid to express their feelings, however in reality a neutral expression just means they are not interested. In my experience Japanese women do not try to suppress their feelings when they like a man. I feel sorry for the Brazilian man for his foolishness.

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Posted in: Survey reveals Japanese women’s ideal husband is surprisingly ordinary See in context

I work for a very large Japanese multinational and I am sure that no one at least up until their late thirties is earning more than 5 million yen a year. I fear that many Japanese women would be disappointed if they knew the reality. Only people working in certain industries can attain such high salaries.

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Posted in: Japanese employees show almost unanimous support for in-office romances: survey See in context

I have had many relationships with my co-workers and they have all be fruitful experiences. I don't think there is anything negative to say about it and would encourage others to pursue an office relationship.

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Posted in: Anger Management Day See in context

We Japanese have a tendency to suppress our feelings which can cause a lot of stress. This can cause sudden outbursts of anger. This can also be a trigger for power harassment and bullying in the workplace. Anger management is very important. I think my company should also introduce anger management courses.

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Posted in: Japan warns nationals in London after attacks See in context

It is important to avoid busy areas with lots of people as these could be potential terrorist targets. Anyway the Cotswolds and the English country side is very popular with Japanese tourists. I believe they would feel much safer in those areas.

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Posted in: Abe, cabinet ministers promote Super Cool Biz See in context

I do not think that this cool biz trend is good for Japanese business culture. I fear that it will only promote disorder and lead to more insolence in the work place. I notice there is a tendency for the younger staffs in my company to take off their jacket and tie during work but I would​ prefer them to keep it on.

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Posted in: Whistleblower Snowden warns of looming mass surveillance in Japan See in context

Mass surveillance is there to protect the people of Japan. We should embrace it and not be fearful. It is for our safety. I am an ordinary Japanese man with a job and a wife and two children. I trust our government and I believe that only those engaged in questionable activities should be worried.

Mr. Snowden really seems like a bit of a troublemaker up to no good who has caused many problems for his own country.

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Posted in: Newlywed Rei Kikukawa’s husband in hot water over multiple affairs, out-of-wedlock children See in context

This news does not surprise me. It is common for the shacho to have many girlfriends at the same time especially since the shacho is seen as financially stable. Some of my business aquaintances follow a similar lifestyle. Whether right or wrong it is not up to me to make judgement.

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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for murder of 17-year-old girl See in context

What happened to the girl is terrible but I think we also have an issue with mental health that is not properly acknowledged in this country.

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Posted in: At least 19 dead, 50 injured by blast at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester See in context

This is very sad news. Many Japanese people also live in the UK. I hope they are alright.

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Posted in: Japan Coast Guard conducts drill See in context

As a Japanese I am very proud of our Japan Coast Guard. We need to ensure the safety of our country.

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Posted in: Shoe shop goes bust after holding closing sale for more than 20 years See in context

Among the mainstay products of the shoe shop in Osaka was a lineup of "secret shoes," or elevator shoes with thick insoles under the heels to make wearers look taller than they really were.

I always wear such shoes when going on business trips to America so as not to look too short when standing next to the gaikokujin.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's fiance-to-be refuses to reveal relationship details See in context

Hopefully Princess Mako's engagement to Komoro will encourage other young Japanese couples to get married and have children. Even a Japanese celebrity does not have the same amount of influence on the Japanese people as the Imperial family. As a Japanese I am very proud that we have an Imperial family.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's fiance-to-be refuses to reveal relationship details See in context

We must respect the privacy of the Japanese Imperial family. They are an inspiration to the Japanese people and I hope also to the gaikokujin who live in Japan. We can learn much from them. I wish Princess Mako and Komuro a very prosperous future and much happiness.

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Posted in: Accused groper hit, killed by train after jumping onto tracks See in context

We still do not know the exact circumstances of what has been reported in this article but I believe that the problem of false accusations from women stems from inequality between the man and woman in Japan. In Japan women are not given the same opportunities as men to earn and for this reason a small minority will resort to extorting money. I believe the problems of false groping accusations will go away by creating a fairer society but it will take time.

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Posted in: Abe reaffirms conviction that TPP benefits Asia-Pacific See in context

As a Japanese I am afraid to say that TPP is unlikely to ever be adopted in Japan. Any positive news you see is just tatemae from the Japanese government to show the world that we support the system so as not to be left behind in any negotiations that may happen.

But in reality I believe that the vast majority of Japanese strongly oppose it. My parents in law are farmers and they are strongly against TPP. All my work colleagues and most people I speak to in my industry do not like TPP either. We wish to protect Japan and our industries.

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Posted in: Accused groper hit, killed by train after jumping onto tracks See in context

It is very sad that this man was killed by a train. Whether he did grope the female or not no one deserves to die this way.

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Posted in: Asian foreigners give their thoughts on what life is like being Asian in Japan See in context

This is because when we see the face of the gaikokujin especially someone with blond hair and blue eyes we associate them with advanced western nations and we become more nervous. We feel that we are being judged. We want to make a good impression and show the westerner that Japan is a good country, that we are culturally rich and an economically advanced nation. We do not want to lose face. Whether right or wrong, unfortunately many of us Japanese tend to look down on other asians so we become judgmental towards them and their ability to adapt to Japanese culture. Japan has to change this attitude but I think it is a problem with the Japanese mascomi and advertising that promotes the gaikokujin as having blond hair and blue eyes and being fluent in English. In reality the gaikokujin come from all backgrounds.

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