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tigerguy comments

Posted in: Noda urges all of Japan to help with disposal of tsunami debris See in context

I read somewhere that the govt wants to incinerate it all over Japan and create little Fukushimas all over beautiful Japan and so in the future when people make comparisons of cancer rates of people from Fukushima with other prefectures, there'll be no big differences to make conclusions on.

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Posted in: Snow blankets Kanto-Koshin regions See in context

No wonder the Japanese wear gumboots, my shoes got all wet and soaked stepping into that slush. Snow is beautiful but be careful while walking. My employer let us go home early - yah!!

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Posted in: Park life See in context

I find these people are harmless compared to the homeless in other countries.

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Posted in: Iran wants talks, under specter of possible war See in context

Please don't start a war! Let's talk it out and find a resolution. Life is too precious to be destroyed by a few leaders who can't come to an agreement and common ground.

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context

The positives far outweigh the negatives. I really don't have a problem with noise but if I had to name one annoying thing then it would have to be the lack of communication and transparency from some Japanese people. You have to ask lots of questions to get the true facts.

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Posted in: Flu season has peaked nationwide, say health officials See in context

Saw a man on the train digging his nose up and then plastering it onto the steel pole so everyone can touch it...totally gross! A good bottle of hand sanitiser is a must in winter.

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Posted in: Hosono visits Fukushima village declared safe for residents to return See in context

Show me the data that it's safe to move back in. It'd be crazy and risky to move back especially if one has kids since the reactors are still leaking radiation.

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Posted in: City in Shizuoka starts test incineration of tsunami debris See in context

By these incinerations they're creating mini Fukushimas all over Japan. Not good.

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Posted in: M6 quake hits eastern Japan; Fukushima nuclear plant stable See in context

Yeah right the plant is stable.. that's what they want us to believe.

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Posted in: No nukes See in context

What they probably don't want is another screw up like Fukushima! The govt should spend lots of money to keep power plants 3000% safe or do away with them.

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Posted in: Job-hunting season See in context

I'm so happy for them, so much ahead of them... Maybe they can do a much better job than the lying bozos running TEPCO and the govt.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor, Nago mayor not happy with U.S. forces plan See in context

They'll never be happy no matter what the US does. At least the US are putting up with their moans and groans..

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Posted in: iReport: Top Japanese holiday destinations See in context

Recommended destinations should be as far away as possible from Fukushima!

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Posted in: Romney assails Obama, urges supporters to vote See in context

A leaner military means cutting out all the excess waste that would probably hinder it. Mitt Romney seems to be all smooth talk but no specific action plan for his improvements.

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Posted in: Iran welcomes U.S. rescue of nationals from pirates See in context

The Fars news agency - ungrateful people!

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Posted in: Defense, consumer affairs ministers to be removed from cabinet See in context

Ministers being removed... here we go again.

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Posted in: Japan plans futuristic farm with robot workers in disaster zone See in context

Funny with all the high tech stuff, they still cannot resolve the Fukushima meltdowns. Focus on the source of the problem first.

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Posted in: Changes coming to foreign registration, visa system See in context

Yeah special permanent residents should be same as permanent residents. Why should they be treated differently?

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Posted in: Noda says 2012 will be start of Japan's rebirth See in context

I'm afraid there'll be birth defects from Fukushima. Doesn't the govt read the lessons learned from Chernobyl?

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Posted in: Happy New Year See in context

Only in Japan, can so many people packed in one place stay so patient and organized! Happy New Year to all in Japan and around the world!!

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Posted in: Festive mood See in context

Yes indeed it is festive doom, as Fukushima is spreading all the radiation in Tokyo. Apparently life goes on as normal for the majority.

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Posted in: As year ends, Japanese reflect on fragility of life See in context

2011 was the year that changed Japan forever. Disasters and ongoing nuclear plant problem resulting in radiation spreading everywhere. I most definitely pray that 2012 will be brighter.

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Posted in: Big bargains See in context

The man in the yellow is saying "Who wants to get fat?" . Processed, junkfood like that should be given away for free... I'd turn up to a bargain sale of healthy, fresh fruit and veggies.

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Posted in: Are you financially better off than you were this time last year? See in context

Serrano, yes I give generously whenever I can but have noticed people are less appreciative and stingy. Also the greedy govt and TEMPCO should give more to the people. Help the people affected by Fukushima at once!!!.

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Posted in: Are you financially better off than you were this time last year? See in context

Yes most definitely! Along with my annual pay raise and my promotion to a much higher paying job within my organization, it's great year. Oh plus I just got the winter bonus which just topped things off... Most of it will go towards buying a house next year and moving to a better location.

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Posted in: Kyoto hospital worker jailed for tearing toenails off elderly patients See in context

What a sick nut case! Why doesn't she oull off her own nails? Lock her up and throw away the key.

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Posted in: China's Hu urges navy to prepare for combat See in context

If the ships are made in china, they'd probably sink.

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Posted in: Japan looks to giant washer to clean Fukushima debris See in context

It's more and more ridiculous. It seems like they have no plan of attack for this situation which seems to be worsening everyday.

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Posted in: Korean drama backlash See in context

Haven't these people giot anything better to do on a cold winter's day?

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Posted in: Noda tells ASEAN Fukushima not an obstacle to doing business in Japan See in context

Fukushima is the biggest obstacle affecting business in Japan. Unless you like cesium and strontium and a range of cancer causing substances in your food, why would you want to do business with a country whose govt lies to its people and spreads the contamination? The Fukushima problem, like Chernobyl, has not been solved completely and will take a long long time .

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