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I never thought she was a pretty girl, however now she has come into her own and looks like her mother.

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They report how many are in the hospitals in Tokyo but how many cases of people in hospitals in outlying areas such Chiba, Saitama and so on. Or better yet how many are hospitalized across Japan. 142 deaths in one day, that is a lot of people to be recorded on the weekend.

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When my ex in the medical field was beating me for pleasure and I would call the police they told him he could not beat me because I was a foreigner this was many years ago. It is good to see that Japanese women are getting the protection they need and deserve.

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It is no different than many other cult like "so-called church" organizations. in American you have the likes of Scientology with Tom Cruise right at the top of it and they are now being investigated. These tax-exempt organizations should be annually audited and that funds they are raising are actually being used for the better of mankind and not be hoarded away for personal use which many times is the case.

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Are they not driving a huge stake into their economy? How do factories and other businesses continue to run if everyone is locked up in their homes? Well financially for other countries like Indonesia, Vietnam and so on this a great because so many companies are shifting their business out of China due to these lockdowns.

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Overrated and overpriced. Mr. Disney did not intend for his dream to be a money hungry amusement park, however a family friendly affordable outing for families and that it is not anymore. For most families, they have to save for a long time and plan down to the last penny to make their kids' dream come true and that is pathetic. Only 20 years ago to go to Disneyland it was 34 dollars and for it to go from that price to 150 dollars is outrageous. Tokyo is catching up to the US price.

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A Pandora's box was opened wide with the shooting of Abe and how the prosecutors would love to send this man to prison for the shooting and yet they cannot their hands are tied, and this is almost never heard of in this country. It will be very interesting to see how this moves forward.

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Good on the wife for calling the police. Years ago, men would get away with this abuse and not anymore.

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This PM and so many lifer politicians need to be evicted from their posts and fresh people put in.

Regarding the law in this country, it needs to be overhauled as well. What that politician said was actually true, sadly. The police in fact do make people confess to crimes without a lawyer present and will grill them to they break. So why was he sacked for stating the truth?

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I remember when my ex-husband was abusing me and when the police arrived, they would tell him you can't touch your wife because she is a foreigner this was some years ago. I am not sure what the mentality of the police are today, truly, but if they are anything like years ago this is not surprising.

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I wear mine indoors and, on the trains, however outside heck no will I cover my face up and not allow my nose to breath in beautiful fresh air.

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The question is not the low number in the hospital the question that begs to answered is how many ambulances that were turned away by hospitals carrying COVID patients who were seriously sick?

Only months ago, an injured motorcyclist who turned out to have COVID was rejected by a few hospitals and the ambulance turned around and dropped off at the scene of the accident where his father had to go and fetch him. I am sure this is not an isolated incident.

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Most people are good about the use of energy in this country, and this should be acknowledged by knocking off such crazy talk,

Summing up, if these government officials are serious, they, their families and their offices should be subject to this trial for a whole entire year before even dreaming of doing this to the taxpayers who pay their salaries. And of course, a video to document how they cope 24 hours a day during the summer and winter months when they have to go without.

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From the start of Spring, I made a change in my eating habits smaller portions and not eating after 4 pm and increased my daily movements by walking more. Here is the thing, I am eating all the same foods pastas and all, however I am just eating less of it and again the secret I am sure is not eating after 4 pm. This is the first for me to lose weight without stressing and seeing results almost immediately. Another friend of mine who has had difficulty losing weight is now doing the same and finds it is working and in a very short time.

Another trick is drinking hot barley tea before each meal I learned this from a news article that scientists at Tsukuba University found drinking this helps with burning calories.

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I remember many, many years ago a foreign friend whose husband a Japanese doctor would physically abuse her, and she would call the police and allegedly said "you cannot hit your wife she is a foreigner." So, the fact, they are arresting this guy for hitting his mother appears to be a big shift towards domestic assaults on Japanese women.

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Fix the yen and US rate a more viable long-term solution, please

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Last month I was on a crowded train and a man had his hand on my buttock and I shifted thinking it was my imagination and he was still doing it. So, I shifted right around so he could not and got off the train and back on looking straight at him and he had his hands deep in his pockets. Men like these need to be all locked up in a mental institution because they are sick.

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My teenager who is going to school overseas was just tested for COVID and I am so extremely worried about the situation and being so far away.

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I believe that the starting wage for an RN in Canada is 35 dollars an hour and they get time an hour for overtime work. From my understanding many nurses and other medical health workers quit their jobs when they were forced to take the vaccine, but I am not sure what the status now is for workers who are unvaccinated this is what I heard from an elderly aunt who needed an operation.

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wallaceOct. 17  01:16 pm JST

Exceedingly good cakes are better baked in ovens

When you live in Asia you and have to bake with Betty Crocker ovens one must find alternative ways of baking.

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This should have been done before the government spent how much on Abe's very over the top memorial service.

The only reason this story has come to surface is because of the death of Abe and his alleged involvement and support for this so-called institution and how it left one family's children suffering after their mother gave all their life savings away to this alleged cult.

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I hope they find this individual.

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I hope it helps bring the yen back to last year benchmark.

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Unfortunately, the only way in many instances issues get resolved or brought to the surface is when someone is injured or in this case murdered.

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