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Posted in: FIFA's Infantino condemns 'abhorrent' racism during games in Italy, England See in context

This has been going on for years and years in Italy and Russia and Infantino has neither said nor done zip all about it. As soon as this happens in England he jumps out of his box as if it is something new. Infantino has had years to have dealt with racism in European football but instead he turns it into the usual anti-England platform.

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Posted in: Aston Villa calls for an investigation after Ollie Watkins says he was abused by a Brentford fan See in context

Can't have premier league players taking the law into their own hands. It was not racism, which is great, but so what if fans shout swear words? As long as it is not racist or homophobic. Surely these players are well used to being sworn at by team mates or managers? He instigated one of many brawls and if this was at West Ham or Everton or Chelsea it could have been worse. And how could he know exactly which fan in a crowd of tens of thousands? I disagree with multi-millionaire players being aggressive just because of some swear words. He has probably sewn seeds of doubt into Southgate's thinking - they'll get this all the time in the Euros.

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Posted in: Scandal-hit Takarazuka to set up experts' panel to improve culture See in context

Takarazuka, based in Hyogo Prefecture, said it was not able to confirm evidence of bullying or harassment of her when it announced a summary of an investigation report on the case last week

The report acknowledged the tight schedules and said the overtime the actress had clocked in the last month before her death reached at least 118 hours

118 hours of overtime in a month is tantamount to power harassment and management bullying

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Posted in: Premier League's slow slide into video review chaos far removed from FIFA vision for VAR in 2016 See in context

There is a solution.

Give decision making back to the referee and not the VAR team. Then like in cricket give each team around 3 appeals a game where the referee can refer to the TMO. Even in cricket umpires miss difficult calls and teams use up their appeals. That would also make teams think before appealing for everything.

Also simplify the laws again. For example offside only if a gap in front of the last defender and deliberate handball only. Goal line is already in place and as mentioned above the WC tech should be used for offside.

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Posted in: Chinese grabbing up Tokyo real estate See in context

I wouldn't let them anywhere near the domestic property market. They have ruined the rental and purchase market in London. China is in a mess with over-inflated prices and dirty money so now they try to do the same around the world. In the UK we should have capped the number of Chinese students and property purchases.

There is a good reason why the restrictive Chinese government money transfers are being worked around. The Chinese government WANT their people to buy up around the world. They are permitting it in order to expand their footprint.

Ever wondered how so many Chinese students can afford to live in the centre of your cities? They are being subsidised by their own government and spreading their web.

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Posted in: England finishes third at Rugby World Cup after holding off Pumas 26-23 See in context

So the Anti-Rugby squad get 3rd... that's bad, because that means they'll not be changing their awful approach to the game.

What? This is rugby. It's not ballet. England perfect the art of forwards rugby. As do the Springboks and Argentina. What exactly are you expecting to see? Rugby is about tackles, rucks and mauls, and possession. Try running the ball about with your backs and no protective base and see what happens.

Sour grapes from a fan who only got as far as the quarter finals maybe.?

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Posted in: South Africa edge England 16-15 to set up World Cup final against All Blacks See in context

That's a really good point Kipling.

Considering that the Springboks had the scrum put-in, which essentially goes straight to their number 8, why the need to give a penalty?

Unless England have flagrantly stopped the ball coming out to de Klerk the game can continue. Synckler was being penalised for supposedly turning in (debatable, he was just losing the scrum) but the ball would have been at the back of the scrum by de Klerk anyway.

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Posted in: South Africa edge England 16-15 to set up World Cup final against All Blacks See in context

England were fantastic. Outplayed the Springboks for 60 minutes. But a couple of points regarding the laws.

We can't have tier 1 nations being permitted to bring on an entire front row/ almost the entire forward pack. And with no clear and obvious substitution for injuries. How are lower tier nations going to compete with that? The law is wrong and if they cannot clearly define if a player is inured then minimise the number of front row player/ forward replacements. This law means that the tier 1 nations will just continue to widen the gap.

It seems that referees are becoming lazy to ref the scrum and are happy to blow up immediately for a penalty when one side are dominating. In rugby history teams have always been dominated in the scrum but the game would just carry on. Win the scrum and play on with the possession. Yes Synckler was losing his battle in the front row but I do not agree that every scrum he lost should have resulted in a penalty. And I do not agree that the Springboks were clean in every scrum in the last 15 minutes.

And don't even get me started on lineouts not being thrown straight. The referee just let it go.

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Posted in: Japan to OK train fare hikes for holidays, weekends due to 'overtourism' concerns See in context

I returned this summer for a holiday and I admit I was shocked at the huge number of tourists in Kyoto and Tokyo. Kyoto was crazy and I have never seen so many Chinese and for some reason, Italians, on holiday.

However, remember that this summer was the first real return after covid lockdown etc and many of these tourists already had tickets and hotels on hold for a return.

Local tourism businesses must have been pretty happy with their revenues. And don't be fooled by their sometimes unfriendly appearance, they made really good money this summer.

And I don't get this thing about the trains. I had a rail pass, travelled from Tokyo to Kyoto and back, and my trains were fine in the middle of Obon. In fact there were far more Japanese on the trains. My impression is that the vast majority of tourists stayed within the cities they flew in to, be that Tokyo or Kansai.

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Posted in: Israeli envoy says Japan should be vigilant with its aid to Palestinians See in context

Great post by nukkuheddo.

When Russia took white Ukrainian land the whole world supported white Ukraine. When Israel continued to steal land from brown Palestine the whole world turned their backs on brown Palestine.

Are we that racist?

Years ago...you could go into any hotel lobby in the States on St. Patrick's day...and there'd be a guy collecting for the IRA...a fish-bowl stuffed with money...

Is it because they're white?

Is it because the US fought it's battle with the British for independence?

Is it because the Isreals fought their battle (by terrorism) against the British?

What Hamas has done is unforgivable of course

But we turned a blind eye to it when those terrorists where white - didn't we?

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Posted in: Israeli envoy says Japan should be vigilant with its aid to Palestinians See in context

First they steal their land, then cage them into the Gaza, now they tell the world to stop aid for innocent civilians. No wonder Palestinian terrorism is still thriving.

Anyone who wants to watch an independent and intelligent debate about this crisis should watch last nights Newsnight on BBC. Israeli ambassador to the UK constantly being reminded by a great Newsnight journalist that air strikes and rocket attacks on the Gaza will continue the risk of terrorism to Israelis for generations.

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Posted in: About half of Chinese worried about Fukushima water release: poll See in context

The Chinese are worried about Japanese sea water? What a joke. They should be a lot more concerned about their own government surveillance, imprisonment based on religion, faulty and dangerous construction, and shocking air pollution. Worry about your own government first.

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Posted in: Having top 4 teams face each other in quarterfinals highlights absurdity of early draw for pool stage See in context

Why should the top 4 seeded teams get easier routes to the final? A true cup knockout tournament means that you get drawn against anyone. A world cup champion should have to beat anyone on the way.

If the All Blacks and the Springboks get knocked out what are they going to complain about? Oh we should have played against England or Wales instead. Nonsense. A world cup winner beats everyone and anyone, so the seedings mean nothing.

Or what are the All Blacks and the Springboks expecting? To win a world cup final only playing England, Wales, Argentina and Fiji along the way?

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Posted in: Man who lost father in downing of Korean passenger jet in 1983 recalls struggle See in context

All these idiots on here condoning an act of murder by the Russians (it wasn't the last time Russia shot down an airliner was it).

Wouldn't have been impossible to recognise the jet as a commercial Korean Air by putting escort jets alongside it. The Russians hassle Japan airspace on a regular basis.

As aspyrgend correctly says, nobody else shoots down Russian fighter jets constantly straying into the wrong airspace.

It was and is murder of civilian passengers. Take a look at what Russia is doing in 2023.

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Posted in: Japan looks to promote electronic visas as inbound tourism recovers See in context

Would be a good idea to keep the mainland Chinese away. The Taiwanese are fine.

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Posted in: Suspended Spanish soccer chief Rubiales says he will resign over kiss scandal See in context

If it was my employee, I'd fire you and report you to the police and let them decide if it's sexual assault. I'm not going to force my employee to work with someone who has touched them in a sexual manner without their consent.

Fortunately, over-sensitive losers who are desperate to fire people/ call the police are rare within the workplace. Fortunately most human beings are not robots who are averse to any form of misjudged communication. Most other people have a life.

Anything else you want to preach to the world about strangers.?

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Posted in: Suspended Spanish soccer chief Rubiales says he will resign over kiss scandal See in context

Ok. Try it with your employee next time you celebrate something together. See how it goes.

If I celebrated an award with a female employee and misjudged the same peck I would be expected to apologise immediately. I would not be charged with sexual assault. The speed of the peck makes it impossible to be either sexual or an assault. Watch the video (I doubt that you have).

Instead of the world reading about such a great team celebrating such a great world title, all we have read about for weeks and weeks is this peck on the lips.

The womens game continues to preach to everyone about gay relationships which would not be tolerated in the mens game where it is all about the sport itself.

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Posted in: Suspended Spanish soccer chief Rubiales says he will resign over kiss scandal See in context

Try it tomorrow. Pick a woman, any woman. See how it goes.

You just underlined the whole point. She wasn't just any woman. He was president of her sport handing her a winners medal as they celebrated the title.

Watch the video - its a peck. Yet another person politicising and weaponising the whole thing.

He was an idiot for his post management and lack of apology. But many football fans are sick and tired of the womens game shoving their sexuality down our throats.

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Posted in: Suspended Spanish soccer chief Rubiales says he will resign over kiss scandal See in context

While Rubiales made a complete mess of the fallout and should have apologised from the start, it was barely a peck in the midst of the celebrations of winning the world cup. Misjudged? Yes. Sexual assault? Do me a favour.

Then we have all the usual suspects politicising and weaponising womens football including Megan Rapinhoe who prefers to prioritise her sexuality rather than her sport.

Despite its many faults at least the mens game can say that it has never promoted choices of sexuality over the sport.

Are we really surprised that so many (gay) women in the sport were outraged by a man daring to kiss a woman..

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Posted in: Thousands without power after Typhoon Haikui batters Taiwan See in context

No electricity supply - third world?

Taiwan, a relatively tiny country, always does well to restore its infrastructure with its democratic organisation.

Interesting that huge China, 3rd or 4th most powerful economy in the world, completely falls apart when hit by heavy rain or suffers its numerous virus outbreaks etc.

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Posted in: For travelers who want to avoid babies and kids, one airline will test an adults-only section See in context

The problem is never the children.

On my recent travels I experienced the adult idiot who didn't pay extra for seat choice but wanted to move people around, another adult idiot who reclined his seat into a woman's face even before takeoff, and an adult idiot who thought it was a good idea to start an argument with security check in Dubai.

If you can't handle children then don't travel.

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Posted in: Japan conveys concern to China over harassment following Fukushima water release See in context

Japan should be decisive and limit the tens of thousands of Chinese tourists bothering everyone in Japan. Stop taking their money and stand up to the CCP ban on Japanese seafood, not to mention the arrests of Japanese businessmen on trumped-up espionage accusations.

This country (China) is no good. They are gearing up for war with Taiwan, the U.S and Japan. Stop taking their tourist money.

The tens of thousands of Chinese flocking in to Japan are bothering locals by clogging up transportation with manners not tolerated by civil nations. In Atami last week I saw a Chinese mother and daughter literally laying into each other in the middle of the station in the middle of the day.

They are no good. They only come to Japan to purchase Japanese goods to sell on back home for a profit. Let other normal tourists enjoy the country without them getting in the way.

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Posted in: Japanese pop star Shinjiro Atae says he's gay See in context

Guy surely looks very gay, but who doesnt in Japan?

finally rich, I'd take that anyday over the alpha macho nonsense in the west and the Australias. I lived in Japan for a long time and appreciated the fact that I could go out for a drink without some idiot wanting to prove a point. By and large Japanese lads respect other peoples space. When you say who doesn't look gay in Japan you mean Japanese lads don't have a pint of lager in each hand with tattoos all over their arms and legs.?

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Posted in: Britain's public health service at 75: On life support? See in context

Strangers, oh yes indeed. So actually the 52% of those EU referendum voters only have themselves to blame when they cannot get treated in A&E or need to call an ambulance because these are the same politicians who wish to ruin their health system. Nothing wrong with private healthcare when it works, but these politicians have no alternative. No surprises that these are the same politicians who led Brexit - the single worst political decision in the UK for this generation.

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Posted in: Britain's public health service at 75: On life support? See in context

Don't blame the NHS. They are impacted by massive cuts to their budget and failure to re-staff.

The Japanese model works well because it is looked after by a government who fund it and do not let it fail. Japanese national health contributions actually get to their health system. Actually it does not matter whether the UK has National Health or Private Health it just needs a system that works (this government are providing neither). The Japanese model is something like 65% funded/ 35% out of your pocket but it works.

The British NHS is being set up to fail by politicians who believe in the private system.

The British NHS stands for everything that the current conservatives dislike (created by Labour's Bevan, socialism, public funding) therefore they wish it to fail to justify their own political existence. The problem is that the conservatives have not provided a viable alternative.

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Posted in: Britain's public health service at 75: On life support? See in context

No point in asking the NHS or pointing any finger at them. They have been starved of funding/ had their budgets slashed by the masters of privatisation. Record numbers of nurses and doctors have left the industry (something like 170,000 vacancies by those who left).

In the UK we continue to pay our national health taxes which have been diverted by the conservatives. Many National Health hospitals have had whole floors repossessed and handed to private health - which is an abject disgrace to use publicly funded hospitals and not ask private health to build their own hospital wards.

Ambulances not turning up to emergency calls and overnight waits in A&E is an abuse of our human rights. Especially when the conservatives have not offered a full-on private healthcare replacement.

But the chickens are coming home to roost for these conservatives - the UK railways that were privatised have been run into disrepair by private shareholders who fail to reinvest and grab their dividends instead. Exactly the same for British water businesses who were privatised with sewerage floating into our rivers and oceans and Thames Water alone running up a deficit of GBP5 to 10 billion.

This is the worst face of capitalism and privatisation and a warning for the rest of the world - inventing a divided payout system where there is no rule for reinvestment.

The silver lining is that the conservatives are hugely damaged by this and Johnson and Truss and Brexit and they will be out of power for at least a couple of terms when Labour and Starmer walk the next election.

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Posted in: Japan protests to China over ambassador's remarks on Taiwan See in context

Only a handful of nations recognize Taiwanese independence.

A "handful" including the USA, the European Union, Australia, and the UK. Not bad for a handful.

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Posted in: Japan protests to China over ambassador's remarks on Taiwan See in context

So then why has China been trespassing into Japanese territorial waters every few days for years ?

Incorrect. The Chinese trespass into contested waters and skirt in and out of Japan's EEZ. Not exactly a brave dominant invasion.

The C.C.P are not stupid - they will go nowhere near any armed conflict with Japan. The more aggressive China is towards independent Taiwan the more the Japanese will set to defend Taiwan. And that will be the end of any invasion plans into Taiwan.

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Posted in: Japan protests to China over ambassador's remarks on Taiwan See in context

The CCP are sh*t scared of Japan and will avoid armed conflict with Japan more than they would with Australia or the UK. The Chinese would be better off keeping good relations with Japan. Any armed attack on Japan and the whole country would get armed and ditch the GSDF for a military proper. The US, the UK and Australia would jump straight in to ally themselves with Japan.

Forget your talk about Taiwan. Taiwan is independent Taiwan, not Chinese Taipei.

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Posted in: King Charles III crowned in sumptuous display of pageantry See in context

but the rest is not part of their job

So what exactly is their "job"? Which was my point.

are you advocating that they should rule as well as reign

Oh I see. They 'reign'...

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