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Posted in: Chinese state media urges Canada to defy U.S. and free Huawei exec See in context

It was the Americans who decided to place global sanctions on Iran, just because the Iranians won't toe the line regarding their nuclear programme (it's actually an Israeli request). So why does Chinese business have to sanction their own trade with Iran? So what if Huawei want to do business with Iran? And why do the Canadians have to arrest a Chinese business executive just because the Americans want to starve Iran's economy?

Until Trump stumbled into town there was a nuclear treaty with Iran which eased those sanctions. The only reason this exec is arrested is because Trump didn't agree with peace with Iran.

This is nonsense.

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Posted in: MSDF punishes senior official who paid for sex with 30 minors See in context

In the grand scheme of things, and as a topical comparison, what is worse - a senior MSDF official charged with child prostitution and 30 counts of underage sex, or the CEO of a major automotive manufacturer who played with his own remuneration filings? Yep, guess which one grabs the headlines and guess which one has been locked up for weeks without bail.?

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Posted in: SoftBank mobile services disrupted ahead of IPO See in context

It hasn't been working in Central Tokyo all afternoon. Which means it is not going to be working anywhere else.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers settle on 6 a.m. marathon starts See in context

qaz, I understand about tv sponsorship money but a safer 21:00 start would mean breakfast time tv in New York. And how many viewers in the US are preparing to watch the marathon events live? Not a single serious candidate for the US in mens or womens. Track & field is a different story.

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Posted in: Spurs fan arrested after banana skin thrown onto Arsenal pitch See in context

gold, don't get me wrong as I've always been totally against racism at footie. But I think they need to concentrate on bigger issues rather than one single banana skin.

If this guy was racist he might have had an assorted bag of paella, sauerkraut, and a banana skin. But he didn't, so it was just pure coincidence that Aubameyang went to that corner of the ground after scoring that penalty.

I don't think this fan waits for 90 minutes at every game with a banana skin in his pocket.

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Posted in: Spurs fan arrested after banana skin thrown onto Arsenal pitch See in context

Don't get me started about the ICF Kobe.

Whilst I am a Gooner and I cannot stand Spurs fans, I have to say that this does not necessarily have to be a racist incident. Surely if he wanted that he would have thrown a full banana. How do we know he hadn't just eaten one and threw whatever was in his hand.

I remember being at a Watford game when John Barnes had numbers of full bananas thrown at him. Disgraceful.

The other point to make here is that Spurs have just as many black players in their team. One of their star favourites is half-Nigerian. For a Spurs fan to make this a racist incident would not make sense.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers settle on 6 a.m. marathon starts See in context

I know that I'm stating the obvious here, but did they never even consider a 21:00 start? The big difference in summer is sunlight. Yes it can get to 30 degrees even at night, but its just humidity. As opposed to dangerous sun heat. Anyone who lives here knows the huge difference between 07:00am and 21:00 in August. And there would be no traffic issues at that time.

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Posted in: Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea win on dramatic day See in context

You're all discussing the wrong derby. There was a much better one involving two top 5 teams and 6 goals.

1-0 up, 1-2 down, then win it 4-2. Torreira's first premier league goal and crackers from Aubameyang and Lacazette.

Lots of fights too. Which we like to do against the Spuds. North London is red.

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Posted in: Mayweather cancels Japan kickboxing fight, claiming he was duped See in context

It will happen. This is yet another publicity stunt. When the fight is back on again the interest will go through the roof. Read what Kevin Iole says.

Floyd Money was in Seventh and R2 in Roppo last Friday night.

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Posted in: Farrell kicks England to victory over Springboks See in context

Oh and how friggin boring is English rugby? They wouldn't know a try if they fell over the line carrying a ball. Eddie was smart to lock in that 4 yr contract.

If southern hemisphere rugby is so expansive then how come the Springboks lost? I have no issues with a tough defence and penalties-only win. England won a world cup that way.

A few head-high tackles in the pictures. Not including Farrell's shoulder charge.

We're talking rugby here. Not netball. None of the challenges were illegal, there were 3 referees on the field plus video recall. There were no citings either.

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Posted in: Roppongi patrol See in context

Educator, my assumption would be that it is sponsored by the likes of Mori or Mitsui real estate to keep their new Roppongi clean. My guess is that they do have some kind of jurisdiction or threat over the club touts, otherwise why were the touts keeping such a low profile. There is a whole new building going up where Paddy Foley's used to be, more investment, and when Midtown was being constructed they did the same cleanup on the Private Eyes side of town (the end of Private Eyes and One Eyed Jacks).

We shouldn't complain about keeping the touts quiet, but the new Roppongi is not the same as the old one.

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Posted in: Roppongi patrol See in context

Just to educate the usual comments on here. I was in Roppo a couple of times this week, and with the presence of these guys the usual annoying, harassing African club touts were hidden out of sight. It was visibly less intimidating, especially on Roppo crossing. The touts had to stay hidden in doorways and it was quite pleasant to walk about with less hassle.

They have absolutely no authoritative power on the street and seem to be hired to create an illusion for potentialy unruly foreigners... I think one of those toy soldiers few years back tried to tell me where i can drink my beer near conveni and I told him to leave me alone or I will call the real cops on him.

Read my post above. And to be honest, who needs people like that drinking on the street and getting all arrogant with others.

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Posted in: Robot station security guard unveiled to media ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

or captures potentially violent movements of passengers

Oh good. So it will capture all those idiots I have to put up with on the trains during my commute?

such as putting up their hands as if to fight

Ah right, so that'll be me getting arrested then...

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Posted in: Driver of derailed train in Taiwan admits he turned off speed control system See in context

The fact that the ATC system was activated TWICE during the trip in the first place, seems to point to a guy who had fallen behind schedule and was trying to make that time up again. Each time the emergency brakes are applied they have to be manually reset, from each carriage. That takes quite a bit of time.

You have just agreed with my post.

The controllers are constantly in communication and aware of delays and positioning. So they would have been aware of his catch up speed.

If it's your job and you have a family then you are going to do whatever to avoid late penalties. That is also the responsibility of management (no late penalty pressure, no accidents).

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Posted in: Driver of derailed train in Taiwan admits he turned off speed control system See in context

Echoes of Amagasaki here. That poor driver was blamed and was not alive to defend himself.

Easy to blame one sole driver. Chances are they are under schedule pressure from the controllers. Why else put himself at such risk too?

If management are responsible for pressuring the drivers, then they are responsible.

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Posted in: Australia considering embassy move to Jerusalem: PM See in context

British paras were awarded medals for shooting rights marchers on that fateful day.

I don't deny the crime that it was. But the BIG difference is that one awful crime led to a politically correct engagement in terms of children throwing rocks not being shot in the head. And despite shocking IRA terrorism the British agreed to peace. The difference to recognising humanity or continuing with middle ages barbarism.

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Posted in: Australia considering embassy move to Jerusalem: PM See in context

Stop throwing stones and you won't get shot. Pretty simple really.

The British, where I'm from, had exactly the same situation in Northern Ireland. The British took Irish land in the North which led to terrorism against them in protest. After Bloody Sunday (1 incident) I don't recall British soldiers shooting children in the head for throwing stones. And I remember my city of London and its inhabitants getting blown up by terrorist bombs. What did that slow pacifism lead to? Oh yeah that's right, a peace settlement and an end to the terrorism. But I guess the Israelis always felt they were the chosen ones and a bit special.

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Posted in: Australia considering embassy move to Jerusalem: PM See in context

For decades Western Governments have listened to Palestinian rhetoric, paid hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinian Government while these people have never made an effort to seek lasting peace with Israel. So it would stupid to continue doing the same thing again and again then wondering why a different result isn't achieved - the West should move all their Embassies and cut off funding to the Palestinians.

I'm not sure whether you're a real poster or some kind of clickbait troll.

The vast majority of the educated and well-read world, independent of this crisis, know exactly what is going on in Israel. Palestinian 'rhetoric' is justified by their children being shot dead for throwing stones.

If you want to cut off funding to the Palestinians (for what I'm not sure - maybe for losing even more land to Israeli settlers?) then you sure as hell should cut off business ties with Israel for their hate crimes shooting Palestinian children.

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Posted in: China says internment camps are 'free vocational training' See in context

smith, we can probably almost agree on this one.

I was actually referring only to Japan's criticism of China creating manmade islands in the South China Sea and now arming them.

The Japanese defence spending discussion has other baggage attached to it.

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Posted in: China says internment camps are 'free vocational training' See in context

Confirmation, for those of you who put down any Japanese criticism of Chinese encroachment on seaways, that this is the end game my friends. The Chinese are an absolute disgrace for the internment of a million Chinese Muslims and then calling it 'vocational training'. Don't criticise Japan for trying to take a stand. If I were Taiwan, I would invest billions in American and Japanese defence.

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Posted in: Australia considering embassy move to Jerusalem: PM See in context

but frankly it hasn't been going that well, not a lot of progress has been made, and you don't keep doing the same thing and expect different results

Its like saying progress between Japan and North Korea is not being made so as a totally independent nation we're going to fully support North Korea... Only the current Australian government thinks like that..

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Posted in: Australia considering embassy move to Jerusalem: PM See in context

Why should anyone not listen to the country in question...the Israelis claim Jerusalem as their capital so that's where embassies should be located.

Israel took Jerusalem during the six day war as recently as 1967. The fact that Jerusalem holds the highest symbols of Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, and Judaism makes it the last place on earth to play politics and religion. And you know that.

What would Japan think if someone claimed Kyoto or Osaka as the capital and placed their embassy in those cities out of respect for some group who did not recognize Tokyo as the capital?

This makes no sense? You've got this the wrong way round. The Palestinians are not claiming Tel Aviv as their capital. It was historically the Israeli capital and it is the Israelis who want to make a statement and make Jerusalem their political capital.

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Posted in: England stuns Spain 3-2 in UEFA Nations League See in context

It's coming home.

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Posted in: Niigata school superintendent resigns over improper use of Japanese word for 'you' See in context

My son has broken a window in the past. Should he be in prison?

This Father's son is dead thanks to bullying, and the superintendent lost his job and is not in prison. Completely different scenario to yours.

I wouldn't pay it any attention.

When a child has killed himself because of bullying and the representative of the school talks like that, it should gain the utmost attention.

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Posted in: Yasukuni Shrine chief priest to quit for criticizing emperor See in context

And the article doesn7t even mention how ballistic they went when the Emperor reminded people that the Imperial bloodline has Korean blood in it.

I do wonder why some people have such an issue with Japan. Something which can turn any news story such as this about the chief priest of Yasukuni into pro-Korean dialogue. But I guess some people have had a really bad experience in Japan. Either that or they live with a dominant spouse with very strong historical and political opinions.

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Posted in: German tourist admits to stabbing Japanese man on Nagasaki street See in context

If it works for Japanese its got to work for foreigners! (Then I woke up)

The old I was drunk at the time defense!

never fails...unless you are a foreigner

No Japanese has ever stabbed someone multiple times in the neck and got off lightly with the drunk excuse. If you don't like hard punishment for foreign people in Japan, then don't visit here and stab locals in the neck. In some countries that German guy would be toast.

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Posted in: S Korea begins naval event without Japan after Rising Sun flag row See in context

It was a South Korean newspaper (ironically) who questioned South Korean hostility towards Japan's rising sun flag by stating that South Koreans should also be hostile towards the flag of China, as China fought the North's communist fight during the Korean war with 1.3M Chinese soldiers which led to hundreds of thousands of South Korean deaths and the division of the country.

In other words, the Koreans are very choosy over which parts of their history they want to hold grudges against and which parts they are happy to forgive.

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Posted in: Refugee team to take part in Tokyo 2020 Olympics See in context

I like this idea. It's what the Olympics should be all about.

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Posted in: S Korea begins naval event without Japan after Rising Sun flag row See in context

Seoul has asked all participating countries to display only their national flags. Only Japan seems to have objected.

Let's ask if there's any logical reason why Korea made this request - and there is no logical reason why for example Korea would have asked the British (I don't think the British are participating) to replace the ensign with the Union Jack, and add a Korean flag too. No, this was pre-planned to cause a fuss over the rising sun flag and has absolutely nothing to do with the naval exercise. There is absolutely no constructive reason why the flag request affects the naval exercise.

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Posted in: Tour de France trophy stolen at cycle show in England See in context

I'm embarrassed to be British sometimes. Can you imagine that happening here?

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