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Posted in: Pachinko parlor has weird way of combating COVID-19 that does nothing about swarms of customers See in context

I wonder if they are sanitising the thousands of metal balls that everyone handles.? Yeah, right..

I pass a large popular pachinkoya every day. They often queue outside on machine change days. Its always open.

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Posted in: Abe's two-mask pledge met online with derision and humor See in context

Aso's suave suit in the pic cost enough to pay the nations wages until December..

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Posted in: Abe, Aso to avoid same meetings as precaution against virus infection See in context

On NHK news last night, the announcers proudly explained their studio distancing. Sat no more than a metre apart. No masks. Announcing away. I often find myself shouting at NHK news.

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Posted in: Drop in China's new coronavirus cases; none in Hubei for sixth day See in context

The Swedish prime minister says that corona would have 95% less impact if China had been upfront.

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Posted in: Panic buying continues in Tokyo as residents asked to stay home for weekend See in context

Jim, this was the problem in the UK. No limit on large trolley shopping. People were queuing from 6 in the morning.

Then surprise, surprise the supermarkets have so much business they are the only industry creating new employment. These are the people feeding the panic buying and stockpiling.

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Posted in: China's imported coronavirus cases rise as foreigners banned and flights cut See in context

iraira, 'created' as in hid the medical truth and turned a blind eye to those rotting markets.

I know the scientific cause of this virus, but it was humans who allowed that virus to fester. Then the government censored the Doctors who tried to warn us.

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Posted in: Panic buying continues in Tokyo as residents asked to stay home for weekend See in context

Inoue Yuri is a typical example. says people should stay calm then buys food for 2 weeks?! Who needs 2 weeks of food??

The rule should be simple - supermarkets and combinis should only permit one small basket per sale. They are the greedy businesses creating this panic stockpiling.

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Posted in: 92 from Chicago let in at Narita airport without being asked to self-isolate See in context

Lets be honest. Its a soft rule anyway. No containment and asking to self isolate?

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Posted in: China's imported coronavirus cases rise as foreigners banned and flights cut See in context

Why is any country still accepting Chinese tourists??

Non-nationals living in China with valid visas and resident permits will be blocked from returning to the country after midnight on Friday night

That's interesting. Blocked from the country that created this global pandemic in the first place.

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to stay at home at weekend See in context

= Abe was clearly hiding the stats just to save his Olympics.

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Posted in: China reports zero new domestic virus cases for first time See in context

Anyone else seen their apology yet? Nope.

The World Health Organisation needs to have serious reconsideration over its member states. China in but Taiwan not..??

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Posted in: Plane leaves Japan for Greece to collect Olympic flame See in context

Don't knock Abe. He's the only one being positive. Maybe we need some light.

For all of our sakes, we should hope the Olympics goes ahead. Although I personally don't believe it will.

In a way, even though it's wrong, if the Japan government are suppressing the real numbers they are containing the panic stampede.

Imagine your local super and combini if they revealed the situation was far worse here.

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Posted in: Plane leaves Japan for Greece to collect Olympic flame See in context

Nobody's coming back with the flame. Japan just announced a 14 day quarantine. Just roll it down the steps.

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Posted in: No gender, photo, or first name – One company makes major shakeup to job application forms See in context

Japan is at the bottom of the global ladder when it comes to bias in hiring.

Despite there being a law against it, most recruitment agencies in Japan are told by their HR clients an age limit and age range.

There is still the issue here with managers not wanting to employ staff older than them, so HR tell the agents what the range is.

It is illegal but widespread.

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Posted in: Premier League may not finish, says FA chief See in context

Simple solution. Try to complete the season on resumption. If you can't, cancel the season.

But - the Premier League leaders can be awarded the title as it does not affect promotion or relegation. And let's all be honest, nobody was going to chase down Liverpool. For everyone else unfortunately the status quo should freeze and wait until the new season. Leeds and West From would be hard done by but you can't award them promotion when the other clubs are still in the hunt.

To try to end the Premier League the FA Cup should be cancelled. If the Premier League cannot be completed then at least fulfill the FA Cup games.

If leagues in Europe cannot complete this season then the Champions League and Europa League should restart next season with the same clubs as at August 2019.

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Posted in: Tentacles of Olympic cancellation would reach around globe See in context

Surely eradicating a global pandemic is far more important than an Olympics?

The only people losing out are big advertisers and big media. Inbound tourism is strong in Japan anyway, even without an Olympics (in fact the issue was going to be over-tourism and overcrowding).

This is what happens when you organise a billion dollar event with no plan B, as we have already seen with the marathon.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, a growing sense of angst over virus-hit Games See in context

The issue in not whether Japan recovers from the virus in time - but whether the rest of the world has. You cannot invite Olympics teams and delegates and coaches from countries with an epidemic. If China, Korea, the US, the UK cannot travel it's not much of an Olympics.

Japan might clear itself then be inviting the virus back again.

Many people are concerned about their jobs and businesses. This will impact visitors.

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Posted in: 3 England rugby players cited after beating Wales See in context

Wyn Jones, bad loser. Was clear at the time it wasn't aggressive and more light hearted.

Wyn Jones was clearly not in pain and Marler did it openly. If you're going to hurt someone in such a manner you would do it in a hidden ruck and maul or scrum.

For a rugger player, a Wales captain and British Lions captain, to whine to world rugby about such a typical rugby incident is leading the game down the same path as melodramatic soccer players.

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Posted in: Japan begins coronavirus travel restrictions for China, S Korea See in context

What a joke. There are no checks. No tags. No government accomodation.

be asked to undergo a 14-day quarantine on a voluntary basis.

Its voluntary. 'Sure. I'll go home and promise to stay indoors for 14 days..' What a joke.

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Posted in: Guy deliberately bumping into women regrets it when he tries it on pro-wrestler See in context

Butsukariya - experienced them in Japan for 17 years. Its usually a cheap shot when you're not looking. And they disappear around the corner.

I followed a butsukariya in Shinagawa station and shoved him back. Not a small bloke. But he won't be doing that again for a while. Another one once got my heavy laptop computer in his shins.

Its easy to say just keep away from them or don't get involved, but these guys do it on purpose and look for it. So I say give it right back.

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Posted in: Confirmed coronavirus patient in Aichi told to go home, goes bar hopping instead See in context

Should be easy for the bars to recover losses from him in court. And penalise the hospital that sent him home.

There may not be a law for the government to arrest him. But the cost of disinfection and the business losses for the bars should be a straightforward court case against him.

This all started by the idiotic hospital that sent him home despite a positive result. Penalise them for sure.

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Posted in: Coronavirus crisis taking its toll on Japan's tourist industry See in context

The travel business model is awful. For airlines and hotels it is poor longterm savings. Shareholders grab retained earnings during profitable years - they should hold that cash for lean periods. None of us sympathise when we want to travel or stay in a hotel during peak holidays. If they have the power to double or treble peak holiday prices then they have to take these recessions on the chin.

I feel sorry for workers on the shop floor who don't benefit from the good years then lose their jobs at these times. Airlines who have laid off staff are a disgrace.

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Posted in: Leipzig apologizes after Japanese fans asked to leave stadium over virus fear See in context

"When I heard them speaking Chinese, I became afraid!", etc. etc. And you can STILL here people saying how glad they are there are less Chinese around.

How come this kind of accusatory post is permitted for some users, but deleted for others? How come users like smith are permitted to continue their anti-Japanese sentiment, very anti-Japanese, but others here get deleted at the slightest hint of accusations against any nation? Maybe JT can explain the guidelines.?

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Posted in: Tokyo Marathon limited to elite runners over virus fears See in context

Doug, correct. No refund to entrants. They get entry for 2021, but have to pay again!

Where is the 2020 entry fee revenue going??

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Posted in: Careers could end without Olympic highlight if Tokyo Games canceled See in context

Amazes me that a high-value event like the Olympics doesn't have a plan B & C.

Surely they should also have pencilled-in an October or November start. What happens if there was a large earthquake or super typhoon? Remember Rugby World Cup?

Billions invested in this Olympics and not even a plan B. The Japanese could have gained a lot of credence if they were waving a shiny plan B folder around saying 'we've got it covered'.

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Posted in: Europa League: Arsenal out, Man United advances See in context

tooheys, I travelled from Japan to Azerbaijan to see us lose 4-1 to Chelski. Kroenke didn't even bother attending his team participate in a European final.

We have suffered from being a well run private club owned by a supporter family, to a shareholding that can be bought by rich investors with no background in football.

Wenger was fortunate to work with the likes of Hill-Wood and Dein. Arteta has to work for the owners' son (American with no football background).

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Posted in: Europa League: Arsenal out, Man United advances See in context

tooheys, if you're a Gooner I empathise. If not, I wonder who you support. Olympiakos were a Champions League team this season and are top of their league. Ajax, Champions League wonders last season, are also out beaten by Getafe.

Arteta is still the man for the job. Aubameyang concentrates too much on gold Lambourghinis and goal celebrations, instead of his job of putting balls in the net. We've had trouble since Kroenke took over. Mismanaged Wenger's departure and Emery was a mistake. Give Arteta time and it will be fine.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 14 more virus cases; school to be closed for 2 days See in context

One of the Japanese Wuhan returnees who refused quarantine just gave coronavirus to his young son. Reported on NHK last night. The young child is one of the stats in the report above. Why is this being downplayed in the media?

Every other country forces 14 days quarantine on their Wuhan returnees. Big, big error by the Japanese government.

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Posted in: Man on train pushes emergency button after passenger without mask coughs See in context

Forget masks. You need to wash your hands and gargle. You can pick up viruses in your hair and on your clothes.

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Posted in: Man on train pushes emergency button after passenger without mask coughs See in context

If I understand this correctly you can get taken off a train for not wearing a mask.?! Together with the lunatic who pressed the emergency alarm?

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