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Posted in: Tokyo reports 158 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 629 See in context

The constant 150 - 250 per day in Tokyo for 4 months shows that the health ministry is just skimming an agreed number every day from the truth. 150 - 250 per day in Tokyo for 4 months has no sense of pattern. Either the contagion reduces or it increases.

Covid-19 doesn't remain on a similar number of new positive cases every day for 4 months in one of the largest most congested cities in the world where commuters cram into transport. How come only Japan has this nonsensical pattern of cases?

There is a much larger mountain hidden behind these "Olympics at any cost" numbers.

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Posted in: Diet session opens; Suga says Japan to go carbon-free by 2050 See in context

By that time civilisation will instead be amphibian fish living in a desert. Apart from New Zealand..

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Posted in: Girl injured by 17-year-old boy's suicide leap in Osaka dies in hospital See in context

Rest in peace to both. Way too young. Posters don't understand the mind of a 17 year old who wants to end it.

I don't think other people 10 floors below are a major concern for a teenager who is about to end their life. And I don't think they mean to take others out either. The real issue here is that Japan has a serious suicide problem among young people and clearly is failing in education and counseling. Bullying and student pressure is a big issue here.

It is awful for the poor girl. But neither of them would have died if his issues were recognised and supported.

Rest in peace.

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Posted in: JAL offers discounted coronavirus tests to travelers See in context

Disgraceful that JAL are using Covid to sell holidays. The government are responsible for Y30,000 tests. JAL are government-subsidised. Instead of permitting JAL to use discounted tests as a selling point why not reduce the cost of tests for everyone.

JAL's discounted price is what the tests should cost anyway. So JAL are not losing money. So why are we being charged Y30,000 if we want to test away from JAL?

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Posted in: Bear killed after wandering around Ishikawa shopping mall for more than 13 hours See in context

Having read other news here the biggest threat to humans in Ishikawa is humans...

There are many more hunters than animal catchers so the hunters get there first. I used to live in Toyama-ken and the hunters sell bear meat to local restaurants.

There was no need to shoot this bear. This time of year they travel far to fill up before hibernation.

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Posted in: Liverpool denied derby win by VAR as Chelsea held in six-goal thriller See in context

Maybe Klopp can convince the league to create it's own Liverpool-biased VAR? LAR..? Alright LAR.. The rest of the league has to put up with the ludicrous offside geometrics so why not Liverpool as well. And Liverpool play to those hairline diagonal lines and have been the biggest goal-hangers under the offside rules.

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Posted in: Liverpool denied derby win by VAR as Chelsea held in six-goal thriller See in context

I thought Richarlison had broken Thiago's leg. Shocking challenge. But Liverpool as usual the perennial victims. You're current champions and World Club champions so try looking on the bright side of life. Liverpool fans the new Man Ltd fans maybe...?

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Posted in: Suga vows to do all it takes to organize Tokyo Olympics next year See in context

Which essentially means hide Covid-19 in Japan, control the stats, and don't publish mortality rates. The whole country is being put at risk.

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Posted in: Maguire off on bad night for England in Nations League, Mbappe gets France winner See in context

Maguire - liability. Cannot see why Southgate and Olsjkaer keep supporting him. Got arrested in a Mykonos bar and now can't play football. Southgate has a discipline issue in his squad. Greenwood, Foden, Maguire, Trippier, James.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 177 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 550 See in context

spinning, you're quite right. It doesn't make a responsible government right though. And I don't recall them ever admitting to suppressing data. Unless you mean the limited testing, but that's not openly admitting it.

The UK, the US, Europe, have appalling stats on infections and deaths. But at least these are true stats.

'Avoiding community panic' can also translate to 'we have failed to contain the virus, we will not do much about it, so we will cover the stats'. Taiwan contained the virus and told the truth. Japan has done neither. It has an Olympics though..

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 177 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 550 See in context

Covid-19 is alive and well in Japan and is being covered up. All in the name of keeping the 2021 Olympics. No mortality rate data and no mass testing.

This government think that as long as younger people are catching it and the hospitals are not full of elderly patients, then just let it spread.

These daily numbers in Tokyo have made no sense since June/ July. Carefully selected numbers as opposed to the true picture.

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Posted in: Coe supports athletes' right to advocate for social or racial justice at Olympics See in context

A former outstanding athlete who's been through the athletic trenches with every shade of humanity

Never. I ran at the same time as Coe. In the same track meetings against his club. He was born with a silver spoon. Used his sporting recognition to become a conservative politician. Steve Ovett, Coe's great rival, is the true socialist. Ovett used to run in communist block track vests to identify his anti-capitalist beliefs, and Ovett never used his fame to become a politician. The fact that Coe travels without quarantine or PCR test whilst so many are sick in Europe and the US just about sums up his attitude.

This is Coe's Trump-Mussolini balcony moment..

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Posted in: Coe supports athletes' right to advocate for social or racial justice at Olympics See in context

Coe didn't even quarantine. The J government just made up the block rule on foreign residents. Coe should be ashamed of handing the Olympics to this country then parading about in Tokyo in front of all the foreign residents here. He's only the athletics president - no need to travel here and stand on the track in the rain.

10/06/20 (ATR) World Athletics President Sebastian Coe will visit Tokyo on Thursday despite the current worldwide pandemic.

Seb Coe will travel to Tokyo despite the pandemic. (ATR)

It was announced on Tuesday that Coe will inspect the track at the Olympic Stadium and meet with Tokyo 2020 President Yoshiro Mori during his trip.

Under current Japanese government guidelines, it appears Coe will be allowed into the country due to “exceptional circumstances”.

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Posted in: We plan to boost coronavirus testing to up to 20,000 tests per day because there could be a simultaneous surge in infections of the coronavirus and influenza in the winter. See in context

What on earth do test kits in Florida have to do with testing in Osaka..?? As kohaku said, they can barely test 2,500 per day in Osaka. 20,000 is just dreamland.

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Posted in: Top Japanese chef in France killed himself after false sex claims, say family See in context

It should be a crime to publish such accusations without a court case. If they were true where was the arrest?

a 25-year-old Canadian woman had claimed on Instagram in August that he had tried to sexually assault her twice while she slept in January 2019

So why post this on IG and not go to the cops? If you can't pursue an arrest why post about it openly? .

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 194 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 563 See in context

Reckless what is the death rate in Japan from August. Comparison to 2019. Bet you don't know.

Forget checking the official Covid death rate. These will be hidden in deaths by pneumonia and respiratory failure. Get the numbers from August, compare to 2019, then you'll get an idea.

But I'm still waiting for you to produce the August mortality number for Tokyo and comparison to 2019.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 194 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 563 See in context

These numbers have been plucked out of the air since July. They just select what they want to see.

We may as well choose tomorrow's numbers. 117 anyone? 147 sound good to you.?

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Posted in: Fewer infections lead Japan to study relaxing rules on eating in cinemas See in context

Goodlucktoyou, it would be your unlucky day if you were sat near to me. The cinema theatre is not a park.

Went to the theatre recently and an elderly couple drove the place crazy with their loud munching and slurping audible above the soundtrack.

Rent it at home if you want wine and cheese.

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Posted in: Nissan employee testifies against former exec Kelly at trial See in context

Surely the HR manager had a responsibility to say no if it was deemed illegal? His responsibility to sign off.

Ghosn and Kelly could ask for whatever they wanted. But the HR professional just had to say no.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 212 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 514 See in context

These numbers make no sense. 212. 78. Eighty-something. One hundred and something. There is no pattern.

Clearly this is a sign of controlled numbers with a very narrow scope of testing. We have no idea at what stage Japan is at. No spike and no reduction. All over the place.

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

Aren't LGBT flights for same sex partners diverse? What about inclusivity for hetrosexual couples?

The announcement of 'ladies and gentlemen' doesn't allude to matching partners on the flight. There could be 99.9% females on a flight and 1 man and you could still announce ladies and gentlemen. This is ridiculous.

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Posted in: Japan to reopen borders for all foreign visitors with permits to stay in country See in context

This is just to free it up for Olympics athletes and fee-paying students. Small chance to provide a test result within 72 hours.

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Posted in: Suga calls for world solidarity in curbing virus in 1st U.N. address See in context

Solidarity against division and isolation?? Like locking out your tax-paying visa-holding foreign residents.?

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Posted in: Do you think China made the coronavirus and released it either deliberately or by accident or it wasn't manmade? See in context

It was clearly manmade as such a mass pandemic spread so suddenly (and is still mutating).

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Posted in: Bicycle traffic violations hit record high as cycling booms amid pandemic See in context

There's a sidewalk near Skytree which resembles an Olympic cycling velodrome in the mornings. Cyclists treating the sidewalk like a racetrack. A couple of them have almost been knocked off their bikes by me as I refuse to cower out of the way. This is one of the most ridiculous non-laws in Japan - grown adults racing bikes on the sidewalk.

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Posted in: Japan to ease entry ban to allow long-term stays from Oct 1, but not tourists See in context

As Luddite says. I cannot travel until either the advanced test or the quarantine is dropped. With a test at the airport the advanced test means nothing. With a negative result at the airport the quarantine is also meaningless. Prices for returns to Haneda have gone through the roof because nobody can afford an uber from Narita.

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Posted in: Japan to ease entry ban to allow long-term stays from Oct 1, but not tourists See in context

Designed purely to allow Olympic athletes in. Who on earth needs a longterm stay without a visa..

This news means nothing at all.

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Posted in: Suga elected prime minister by Diet; new cabinet contains just 2 women See in context

Like Abe, Suga is also a member of Nippon Kaigi. Who want a shinto state and loyalty to the flag.

Wonder what willl change for Japan. Hopefully Suga isn’t a ultra nationalist like Abe is

Take a look at the membership of the right-wing Nippon Kaigi. It is frightening. Prime minister, head judge of the supreme court, chairmen of Wacoal and IHI etc.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 163 new coronavirus cases See in context

They don't care. Nobody cares. Who knows what the reality is. Japan are just winging it. Pointless publishing it.

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Posted in: Suga elected prime minister by Diet; new cabinet contains just 2 women See in context

Of the 2 female members, 1 is the female post for women's empowerment and gender equality.....

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