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And in other J-League news FC Tokyo have just signed Stanley Matthews and Bert Trautman, and Gamba have signed Di Stefano and Eusebio....

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Raw Beer, whilst I do not disagree with your point about the CIA, Mossad etc how on earth can you dismiss what Assad's regime did to civilains, mostly chiildren and women? Cut off from aid with the Syrian Army bombing them daily. And excusing Putin?? Putin is not even involved in Syria's internal issues - his crime is worst because he bombed Syrian civilians and protected Assad's genocide in return for global power games.

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We can thank the likes of Bush and Blair for weakening the United Nations to the point of no meaning. The UN used to wield a fair amount of threat. Add Putin's plus the Chinese games that have ridiculed UN sessions.

Non-intervention, whilst seemingly reducing escalation of war, would have meant the Nazis ruling Europe and Serbians creating genocide in the Balkans.

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As a westerner I am deeply ashamed that we watched Russian warships sail to the Med to attack targets in Syria. And then stall on going to the defence of children and women being slaughtered.

I cried when I watched that 2 year old boy die in Baba Amr from a shrapnel wound because they cut civilians off from the hospitals. And then dropped bombs on the civilians there.

I only hope that Assad's time will come.

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This is shocking. Awful crimes caused by humanity. Arms dealers should be concerned for their future souls.

I recently watched a documentary about the journalist Marie Colvin's death in Homs, Syria with scenes of babies dying from shrapnel wounds in medical centres. Assad and Putin should rot in hell.

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Posted in: Two Koreas to discuss Tokyo 2020 joint team with IOC See in context

We all know, its a ruse by Moon to wind-up the Japanese at their own Olympics with political flag waving. Abe should tell Bach to watch his step.

If the Koreans want unification just get on with it. Make peace, end the war, and no need for these Olympics sideshows.

But I'll bet they are not interested in unification and actually making peace..

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Posted in: Man arrested for fracturing 8-year-old stepdaughter’s collarbone by hurling her across room See in context

This 'partner/ stepchildren' thing in Japan presents a lot of issues. There should be a law that new partners are not permitted to 'step-parent' children until they are checked out by social services, approved by the grandparents, and until the relationship has stood some time. I understand that many mothers are almost desperate for the support and relationship that a new partner brings, but they are risking their childrens safety.

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This is (the usual) unacceptable politicising of the Olympics by Moon. The Tokyo Olympics should be about the Tokyo Olympics, not about Moon putting his unified flag on display.

If they are so serious about unification then go ahead and make peace and bring down the border and unify. But stop all this political manipulation of the Olympics.

If they only plan to unify for the Olympics it should be a firm no.

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I am not so sure that Emery is the man. But there again he is operating under the stingiest owner in sport. The phrase 'be careful what you wish for' when we wanted Wenger out may still come back to haunt us.

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It was more of a thrashing than the scoreboard showed. And the game is not right when you have Rory Best asking the ref to show a yellow card. Isn't this what is supposed to separate rugby from football? We don't want to see this creeping into rugby - maybe reverse a penalty decision when a team starts asking for yellow cards.

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If the cops do a proper job I think you'll find that that this monster, travelling from region to region as a loner working construction, has a history of previous assaults or even murder.

Rest In Peace.

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Wasting their time.

It kind of worked ok at the London Olympics because transportation/ local councils encouraged local businesses to avoid the forecast peak hours by working flexitime and remotely. My company even received a visit from the transportation/ local council office. And as you know any excuse will do for Brit workers to avoid the rush or to work from home.

Can't see that ever being implemented the same way in Tokyo because of the fear and paranoia amongst workers of not being at their desks on time.

The only way this is going to work is if government force business to work flexitime and remotely.

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Posted in: Qatar reaches Asian Cup final against Japan, routing UAE 4-0 amid insults See in context

What is really interesting is that any regular listener to BBC's 'World Football Phone-In' would have been tipped-off on a show around a couple of months ago about the quality of the Qatari team these days. The show is hosted by some professional football journalists specialising in world football and Qatar were mentioned as a new force in Asian football who could surprise at their own World Cup. They could be achieving ahead of schedule. Qatar obviously have the funding and their current coach is Barca's previous under-17's coach.

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I'm going to sound like an old man saying this. Back in my day we had the cane and the slipper and teachers would throw chalk at us and I've seen plenty of teachers grab hold of students. But a punch is probably taking things too far, especially if the student fell on his head or had his jaw broken.

We all know many of today's problems with students are because they went politically-correct and banned all the punishments I had at school. But a punch is pushing it a bit too far.

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Posted in: American man gets 8 years for killing, dismembering body of woman See in context

Have I read this correctly?? 8 years and the court says he killed her?! They could not prove intent to kill but surely if you scatter that poor girl around the country then that points to guilt? If he wanted a no intent charge he should have called the cops after it happened. He didn't so its murder with intent.

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This is of huge concern to anyone living in Japan. The fact that bail is never given unless you confess. Ghosn's appeal was very reasonable, to tag him and that he would even pay for security. This is just proof that the system is not interested in a defendant having the chance to prove their innocence in court.

And lets just consider his crime for a moment. Tax avoidance and allegedly using company funds for unapproved benefit. The man who saved one of the highest profile car manufacturers in Japan, who were bankrupt 20 years ago. Flight risk? Where could he possibly go and hide?

This is blatant racism. As pointed out previously, why did this not happen with Olympus, Kobe Steel, Toshiba...

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The system seemed fine to me. Its a question of patience.

When I logged in just after 10am I was at number 169,000 in the queue. When I woke up around 2pm I was there. Ended up with 3 tickets to England's first game v Tonga. Expensive at Y15,000 each but if you were ever fortunate enough to get a ticket at Twickenham (gold dust is easier to find) you would pay the same or more.

The only drawback is trying to get travel to Sapporo and the airlines are taking liberties - Y55,000 from Tokyo the cheapest flights for those dates.

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Rob del Naj, sorry, I mean "Banksy", would not replicate the rat piece.

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Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

It's a great place, but that doesn't mean anyone should reserve criticism.

My point was simple. Its very easy to sit comfortably in your European or American or Japanese home agreeing with the comments of one of the most aggressive/ depressed/ run down nations on earth, and criticise a nation who learned the hard way and embraced peace and ceased involvement in wars.

Russia preaching to Japan how they never got over WWII. Isn't that a bit rich? Like the Russians ever got over the world war.

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Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

Says the country that invaded and annexed Crimea, a crime against democratic and international law.

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Posted in: Brexit bedlam: May's EU withdrawal deal crushed by 230 votes in parliament See in context

the UK had a better position remaining in and having a strong negotiation seat at the table, to be able to bring change to the Euro parliament, not only for the UK but for those other members who are dissatisfied . Cameron and his team disgraced themselves and let down the UK citizens, Brexit referendum was held among lies and fear mongering by all parties

minello7 has posted spot on the money. If you want a summary of what really went wrong please read that post because this is exactly it.

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No deal Brexit. The people have spoken and want to leave the socialist EU. Replace May with Boris Johnson.

This ill-judged comment sums up exactly what has happened to my country.

By "the people" you mean 52% and lets just forget the other 48% including most of Scotland.

Where is Johnson then? Where has he been ever since he stirred the pot with Farage? May inherited this mess from Cameron (and Johnson and Farage) and at least she had the will to try to deal with it. I give her that.

Johnson will never take leadership of the Tories - too much like hard work.

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Ermm, someone please correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the 'interim' CEO of Nissan have more important things to do such as running a huge manufacturing business..? If I were a shareholder I would see Saikawa's over-indulgence in the prosecution as a failure of his main duties as CEO of Nissan.

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As Jim says.

I am half-Iranian. I saw the Shah's Iran and from afar have seen what has become of it today. The Shah improved the economy and relationships with the US and Israel but let his people down (by outrageous affluence). The Islamic revolution empowered the people but then let their people down (by not improving anything).

Iran has also been manipulated by the Americans and the British in history (oh what a surprise - have any historical hotspots not been.?) Due to their vast potential in oil revenue the western world has happily placed Iran in a mess.

An economically powerful and well run Iran would be too much of a threat to the world order. But the one thing I do like about current Iran is their lack of fear in not bowing down to political pressure from the US. Many other countries could learn from that.

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Don't underestimate the Taiwanese. Due to that constant and massive threat they have been trained and ready for years and would put up a huge fight. That is another reason why this impasse has lasted so long - the Chinese mainland know the Taiwanese would fight to the death.

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So the economic powerhouse of the UK too is being ignored

SwissToni, Londoners do not constitute the powerhouse of the UK. London-centric means politicians from the Home Counties.

You understood what I meant, there is no misinformation or inaccuracy. The Scots and Irish have been sat on throughout history. You know exactly that my point means British (usually Tory) government based in Westminster making crucial decisions affecting lives in Scotland and Northern Ireland. I'm from London, so I know very well that in London we wanted to remain.

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This is not democracy.

Out of 33M votes 16M wanted to remain within the EU. How can you make such a drastic constitutional change with that proportion?

A majority should have meant at least 65%, something else that Cameron missed, and if Scotland voted by 62% to remain their region should be given the option to remain in the EU (yes that means independence for Scotland who would remain in the EU).

And another thing, where are those brave leaders of Brexit now? Farage and Johnson? Where are their leadership skills when "their" Brexit is such a monumental mess?

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Elites don't want Brexit, but most ordinary people who learn about the EU and what being a member of it means, admit that they wouldn't want it for their own country.

If the majority of people in the UK wanted out then the EU should let em leave without consequences.

Lets make one fact very clear - the democratic "majority" that keeps being rammed down our throats was only 52%. That means that 48% of the voters wanted to remain. And that was at the height of the false propaganda. If you ran the referendum today it would be at least be 50-50.

And in some whole regions - Scotland and Northern Ireland - larger majority's wanted to remain. Scotland wants to remain by 62%. So the London-centric government is sticking to history by ignoring the Scottish and Northern Irish.

Cameron should never have offered a deciding referendum. Playing with peoples livliehoods like some game show host linked to his political career. Brexit is not guaranteed anyway. May will lose her vote on Tuesday and there will be a general election. The country is in a mess and sterling will crash.

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This sentence is a crime in itself. He is complicit in kidnapping and murder. And yet as a topical comparison we are reading headlines about the primitive treatment and prosecution for a foreign CEO who may or may not have falsified his accounts.

My feeling is that this Ito animal is a police informer and has been handed a deal. He was already arrested for another crime and has been singing like a bird. So they cut him a deal.

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Waka, I have been to so many of these North London derbies. The atmosphere is really hostile, but also one of the best Premier League games to experience. Spurs really brave fans like to intimidate young Arsenal fans who enter the away end at White Hart Lane and Spurs as a club have done nothing about it. If a player goes to the opposing fans to celebrate a goal then don't be surprised that the players kick off. But it is one of the best atmospheres in the Premier League calendar.

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