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The concluding summary to all this debate is that we can honestly say that the CCP are a truly nasty bunch that the rest of the world could really do without. A horrible intimidating and aggressive government. I hope the world is watching and learning.

It's bad enough watching Putin's psycho play on Ukraine. You would have thought the rest of the world would learn from that madman. But no, the CCP are quite happy to be on his pathetic level.

Anyone who continues to do business with China only have themselves to blame for their take on world domination.

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Desert Tortoise, you just totally clarified my point in your response to me.

The proximate cause of Japan's attack on the US was the US oil embargo of Japan. 

As I already said, the Americans finally got involved in WWII due to oil. The US embargoed oil to Japan, Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, and bingo. My point was that global economics causes the big players to step into war and you just clarified that.

Davers, I think you completely misunderstand me. I am partly based in Taiwan and I will live there. I despise the current CCP. However, only a global economic impact will get the US, the UK, France etc to step in to this conflict. Our defence of democracy and humanity is not enough to get the big countries to risk the ire of their voters. Just look at Gaza or Myanmar.

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Davers, of course it is far more humane to want to protect Taiwanese lives and Taiwanese democracy and sovereignty. Of course I agree. But since when did humanity be a reason for the world to act? Anyone going into Russia to protect Ukraine? Nope. Delays to/ or the suspension of energy imports into Japan would lead to Japanese lives at risk. The winter route for LNG into Japan goes through the South China Sea and past Taiwan.

Moving global semiconductor production out of Taiwan might sound good on paper - but has anyone else been able to capture that size of the market apart from the Taiwanese? No they havent been able to.

Even during WWII the Americans only acted when Big Oil came into the equation. Before then they watched hundreds of thousands of Europeans being killed by the nazis.

The harsh reality of our own history is that the big players only spring into action for economic reasons.

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apan, stop living in the past, you have nothing to do with Taiwan. It is Clearly a matter for China and Taiwan to sort out. 

The civil war between China and Taiwan has absolutely Flock all to do with any other country !

Wake up people. A Chinese invasion of Taiwan would lead to a collapse of the global semiconductor chip supply chain and control of chip production by the CCP. TSMC alone account for half the global foundry production. And an estimated 90% of global production. We all depend on semiconductor chips for basically everything in everyday life, including iPhones and military chip production. Amazon would essentially be controlled by the CCP.

Chinese ownership of Taiwan would not impact Japan? Northern Taiwan/ Taipei are so close to Okinawa they are almost the same country. Taiwan sits between Japan's critical oil & gas/ LNG shipping lanes between Singapore/ Sulawesi and the Chinese will change the nautical map around Taiwan with the ability to delay and control Japan's incoming oil & gas/ LNG.

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Any non-white country that dares to become economically strong will be knocked down. It just so happens it's China's turn.

Nope. Absolutely nothing to do with being 'non-white' and all China are doing is giving non-white nations a very bad name.

In fact fellow Chinese Muslims, Hong Kong nationals, and neighbouring Asian nations are the biggest non-white victims of non-white China.

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deanzaCCP, a peaceful China.? Is this some kind of a sick joke? So "peaceful" that they have currently surrounded Taiwan and are firing missiles over Taiwan just because they are unhappy that a US politician visited. Their ambassador to France wants to re-educate the Taiwanese people after they have invaded. Is this your idea of benefitting the Asia region?

Every single missile fired by that military dictatorship and every single comment about re-education is making the rest of Asia wake up and see exactly what they have on their doorstep.

We are better off being poorer than have any relations at all with those bullies. That's my world.

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Posted in: Work stoppages and no chatting at lunch: Japan Inc grapples with COVID See in context

Just take the masks off and let this thing become part of our immunities. Medical students try not to wear masks as they need colds and flu to become part of their body immunity.

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Posted in: Japan remains open to dialogue with China: Hayashi See in context


Let China rot in it's own self-inflicted isolation from the rest of the civilised world.

So why the need for dialogue or for their business?

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Posted in: China says Japan's Taiwan stance justifies the 'wrongdoers' See in context


Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.

The Uighur Muslim internment camps.

The Indian border dispute.

Next Taiwan.

Wake up world. This evil nation is not going to stop.

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Posted in: Inside the super-secure Swiss lab trying to stop the next pandemic See in context

virusrex, a well put together reply. So why did the Chinese government not permit the investigation by the World Health Organisation? An organisation that is already in the pocket of the Chinese government. Why block the investigation?

As you appear to be reasonably well informed and well versed, how come this virus (which has evolved and adapted numerous times since 2019) came now? Why hadn't it appeared before?

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The simplest way is to eradicate the Chinese laboratories weaponising these viruses.

Covid-19 was not a natural virus originating from animals. How could a longlasting and ever-changing global pandemic just start suddenly in the year 2019/ 2020?

Any reason why the Chinese government never allowed any WHO investigation? Just a coincidence that Covid-19 was mass-spread at the start of the 2020 Chinese New Year? Allowing millions to travel out of Wuhan.

Just read todays news and how they are behaving and then tell me they couldnt possibly have weaponised that virus.

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The Japanese government are a disgrace. Happy for Japanese to travel to Australia and mingle with Australians then return home, but not happy for Australians to travel to Japan. Outrageous.

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Maybe if Greg Allen realised that his own national compatriots were banned from entering Japan he may have thought twice. Nice for Japan to send it's kids on holiday abroad - but it has banned kids from other nations. Disgraceful.

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So I see the ban on foreign faces in Japan is going well then..

It just goes to show what nonsense the tourist ban is and that it is politically and racially motivated. They can easily open up to fully vaccinated and PCR tested travellers - the current positive stats would not change that much.

All this walking around outside in masks is just a ridiculous show. Walk past the izakaya and ramen shops and you will see crowded contained spaces with nobody wearing masks inside.

The current ban on tourists is being attributed to Covid but don't be fooled by that nonsense.

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Isn't this a list of the most expensive cities, period? Is it really a list for expats? Not sure the list is really connected to expats.

There are hardly any expats in Tokyo anymore anyway. That secondment deal started to die out around 15 years ago when businesses realised it was more economical to hire on local deals. Local Japanese HR and the large recruitment agencies for international companies in Tokyo are now dominating the recruitment market and are more biased in hiring Japanese who can speak some form of English. International offices have allowed their local administration and HR to direct the market away from non-Japanese hires - probably allowing it to happen because they are too scared of local employment law.

I returned to Tokyo for a break for the first time since Covid broke and I am quite shocked, but not surprised, at how there are hardly any foreigner faces in Tokyo. Covid and the tourism ban have contributed to a vast drain of foreigners in Tokyo. I was out in Asakusa on Sunday and it was packed but with hardly any non-Japanese faces.

So the expat market in Tokyo does not really exist anymore - but isn't the foreigner drain what this ridiculous tourist ban is all about anyway? Isn't it just an excuse to return Japan to the Sakoku edict of Tokugawa? the locals seem quite happy with it.

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He accomplished the greatest move for the UK for taking it out of the EU; as per the request of the UK people.

He didn't even do that. It was Theresa May who did all the hard work. Johnson turned up at the end to take all the glory (of the worst political decision ever by the electorate/ government in my lifetime).

because the unions that control the Labour Party threw up the Hamas-loving, extreme left-wing Jeremy Corbyn

Here lies another prime example of Murdoch press lies. Just because a politician supports Palestine he was then presented as anti-semitic and Hamas-loving. The "extreme left" is another press word game. Corbyn supported the common good for the majority, not riches for the elite. And they term it extreme left.

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and Labour are worse, not to mention the small detail that they have wrecked our economy every time they have been in power

This is exactly where the Murdoch press fool the electorate with the old smoke and mirrors accusations against the Labour Party whilst the country is on it's knees from Tory Brexit and Johnson.

No health service, no dental service, energy bills crippling people, airports at a standstill, the railways at war, food prices through the roof and you talk about Labour...

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The embarrassing fact that an electoral majority voted for that fraudulent bufoon whilst flying their anti-Brussels/ anti-immigration flags, is the very reason why I will not retire in the U.K but in Asia. Don't just blame Johnson for being such a fraud - also blame the voters for putting such a liability in power.

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Whilst it would be awful to lose a son to a 3 year prison sentence, just remember that the victims of this accident are not coming back to life. Despite the heart rendering photo in JT's promotion, these parents get their child back after a few years. How about photos of the families who lost loved ones forever?

When will people realise that cars are lethal objects. One of the first lessons that my driving instructor taught me back in the 80s. If you are responsible for the machine then you must be held accountable for accidental deaths caused by it.

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Posted in: Survey suggests about half of Japanese companies has an 'old guy who does nothing' See in context

I wouldn't be so critical of this as westerners like to be. It is the responsibility of the company to monitor headcount and ensure everyone hits their KPI's. I wouldn't criticise the employee as surely the employer needs to manage their performance.

Japan has very strict protection of employee law whereas in the west they like to trim the workforce for more profits. Also Japanese employees are very loyal to their companies and again this should be seen as positive.

We (the west) love to point and criticise but I believe there are positives in Japan in employment law and employee loyalty.

Wait until your (western) employer wants to manage you out and you will see that Japanese employers are not as bad as people make out.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II to miss Jubilee service due to 'discomfort' See in context

itsonlyrocknroll, you did the math, so explain to yourself how all these billions of pounds (absolute nonsense - tourism to the UK is not related to the Queen) then equates to, in your own words, poverty and a cost of living crisis? Surely your (incorrect) calculation would lead to wealth for all? How come all of this so-called Queens tourism income has led to my food and energy bills skyrocketing and a collapse in the job market?

You miss the point anyway. With (your self-admitted) poverty and a cost of living crisis, how can the UK justify all this splendour and expenditure?

Why can't the UK have a discreet and moderate royal family like they manage in Europe and Japan?

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II to miss Jubilee service due to 'discomfort' See in context

she has dedicated her entire life in service to her country and puts that BEFORE herself. 

What 'service'? Standing on the balcony of a multi-million pound palace earned by birth, while gazing up at millions of taxpayers money being wittered away on pomp.

Today had to be difficult with mobility issues and the fact that she stepped out for the first time on the balcony

There are pensioners in the country who ride around on buses because they cannot afford to heat their homes and eat. Save your pity for them.

In the UK people cannot even get away on holiday because there are no airport staff, the 100% energy bill increases are not capped like the French and Spanish do for their people, and families are being fed by food banks. And yet we spend millions of taxpayers money celebrating a family connected to Jeffrey Epstein (oh sorry, that one was paid off..)

The Europeans (including those with royal family's) think the British are idiots for the money spent on this family and for destroying our economy (Brexit).

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Posted in: Japanese Red Army founder Shigenobu freed after 20 years in prison See in context

A self-centred psychopath pretending that the brutality of terrorism is poetic. She wants the spotlight on her but in reality she is responsible for machine guns and grenades murdering innocents in an airport. She was a nobody working in a factory from a failed family so resorted to murder to make herself famous. She should have repented on her knees until her time was up but instead refuses to apologise for those murders.

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Posted in: Japanese Red Army founder Shigenobu freed after 20 years in prison See in context

I'd love to sit down and chat with her... Amazing stories to tell.

You can start by asking her how "amazing" it was to machine-gun and grenade innocent people in an airport. Absolute scum. No political cause justifies murdering innocent people.

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This is what happens when you reward your (failing) manager with a bumper new contract BEFORE the season is complete. Arteta is just a yes man for Kroenke and has disguised "eradicating problematic players" which in reality was just reducing the wage bill. Aubameyang went to visit his sick Mother and was accused of discipline issues. Arteta said there was an issue with William Saliba who then went on to become France young player of the year. Arteta fell out with Guendouzi who then also went on to thrive in France.

And this was a season with no European campaign whatsoever, Man Utd a car crash, and Leicester completely disappointing. And Arsenal still only finish 5th. And we were knocked out of our first FA Cup tie by a Championship side. Remember that?

Next season Newcastle will finish above Arteta, I mean Arsenal, and Man Utd may get their act together.

Arteta is not new in this job - he has been there for two and a half years and he is a failure.

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If you give that as a penalty then you need to award penalties for almost every corner in the PL. Son was diving all over the place last night and the referee wasn't smart enough to see what his game was.

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Jim, what on earth was Ayling thinking? 2-0 down and fighting to say in the PL. To be fair Martinelli was giving him nightmares so maybe Ayling felt it was better being sent off. He now misses their critical last games. Regardless of any argument about whether it was a red (it was), you just don't give the referee the opportunity. Then Raphinia fancied an early bath by going for the referee whilst on a yellow.!

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Jim, I'm going the to the last game of the season at Arsenal versus Everton. I really hope that Everton are safe by then. Most of my friends feel the same in that we wouldn't like to see Everton get relegated. A genuine working class and catholic Liverpool club that has been in the Premier League and First Division top flight as long as Arsenal. Burnley seem to have done their usual escape act so let's hope Dirty Leeds get relegated.

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So the 'great European defender of Ukraine' is selling defense weapons to the nation who abstained from voting Putin out of the Human Rights Council. This bufoon's double-faced standards has no boundaries.

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They will forgive someone for celebrating their birthday in private. No one was hurt.

Except some people's feelings.

I wonder what kind of post you would have written if your parents died on their own in hospital with a couple of people at their funeral. As happened with countless families in the UK during the early days of covid. Those were Johnson's rules nobody else's.

And you miss the point completely. Johnson lied in Parliament about the party's. And he leads the country. Your post is a disgrace.

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