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Oh, and let's be clear here: Neither Nagasaki nor Hiroshima were "civilian targets". Both contained substantial military bases, and substantial industrial factories supporting the war effort of Japan. There's no practical difference between those bombings and that of any other strategic bombing in WW2, other than the number of bombers required to cause the amount of damage done.

Let's be clear about your statement and how it doesn't make sense.

You would not waste the immense cost of a rare atomic bomb by seeking to destroy factories. You could do that at much less cost with readily available standard munitions. No, it is a psychological weapon and radiation is used to destroy human beings after the bomb has dropped, not factories.

Don't believe the post-bomb PR exercise about fewer civilians and factories. The American a-bomb committee wanted to observe the impact of a live test and chose Hiroshima for its favourable geography for a post-observation.

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And how do you know that it's not named after my team Brighton & Hove Albion who are in the Premier League eh Jimzo eh?

Brighton & Hove Albion and Sailors - seems more like it to me....

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Jim, the next time you are in Hackney near Broadway Market or Columbia Market, there is a nice little pub called the Albion. Unfortunately adorned with Baggies memorabilia but one of the few old fashioned pubs that hasn't gone bearded hipster.

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The Royal Navy and the British Army and Airforce can still pull a punch. The Russians or the Chinese would think twice before picking a fight (which they would of course ultimately win).

Dont blame the armed forces for the abject mess of a British government and its politicians, cutting the budget of a fine armed force and messing up the UK's foreign policy.

Too often in our history have our armed forces been thrown in to sort out the political mess - Suez, Northern Ireland, Palestine, Cyprus.

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Why is it that in a country with such high standards of consumer service, that Softbank are just awful? I hate having to go to Softbank for after-sales service and will avoid them as much as possible.

Can I ask - is this just a gaikokujin service thing? Are there any Japanese on here who also receive such awful service from Softbank?

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a French-American

So he's Canadian..

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Under no circumstances go to a wedding.

Haha Jim. Agreed. I once upset a colleague of mine years ago because I refused to go to her wedding due to the immense cost. They basically cover the cost of a lavish wedding ceremony by charging each guest per head.

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This stupid Hunt gets paid a taxpayers salary to get off longhaul flights and represent Britain's foreign policy. And he won't be flying economy. No excuses. He looks like a Hunt as well.

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Posted in: UK's top envoy makes 'Japanese wife' gaffe in China See in context

How on earth do we get to vote these people into government..? His wife is Chinese with half-Chinese children and he describes her as Japanese. No words for this and he represents Britain's foreign policy...

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Thomas has gone on record to say that drug cheats in sport should be imprisoned. And he doesn't take asthma medication nor TUE's.

The French are hung up because they no longer have cycling champions and they have fallen behind the times. Both L'Equipe and Le Monde made critical comments following Thomas' win - sour grapes.

And I have to take my hat off to Froome. He was team leader and he could have made a fuss but he has been very gracious in letting Thomas take team lead. Very different to Wiggins throwing his toys out the pram when Froome could have won Wiggins' Tour.

The French no longer have Tour de France champions so they are all upset. And the crowd security problems this year have been disgraceful, including a guy who tried to grab Thomas' handlebars in the final week.

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Posted in: Israeli Arab lawmaker quits 'racist' parliament over law See in context

On topic, the Jewish community like to, how can I say, take advantage of what happened in world history and freely use the word 'antisemitic' towards anyone who doesn't fit in with their point of view. In UK politics the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been subjected to a vicious hate campaign by Jewish activists, claiming that he is antisemitic. To be honest all he did wrong was to support Palestinian rights. And now they won't let it go. I have even dropped a couple of old friends on facebook because their anti-muslim posts are downright racist.

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Considering the history of the Holocaust, for which the Jewish community will never ever let us forget (and quite rightly so), it is disgraceful that modern day Israel is making decisions very similar to those of Adolf Hitler. The fact that we are not allowed to forget the Holocaust makes this even more disgraceful.

Most races in the world today have faced atrocities in our history yet we all seem to forgive and forget. The Germans almost invaded Britain and bombed its cities to pieces before 1945. The British Empire raped and pillaged India and other colonies. The same of the French colonies in North Africa and Vietnam etc, etc.

Why is it that Israel is allowed to continue this race hatred.

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker says LGBT couples lack 'productivity' See in context

Luis David Yanez, thanks for the long speech. The fact that you need to label yourself as an LGBT activist in a country that has no laws against anyone being LGBT is confusing. Why not just get on with life?

This politician made a mistake with her comment because she is a politician. But the comment itself makes sense to me.

I made no discriminatory remarks. I just want hetrosexual people to wake up and realise that we are also entitled to have our hetrosexual opinions respected.

The LGBT community have their same rights and protections in place. Hell, you're even allowed to buy yourself babies now which I still can't get my head round. Equal rights gone mad.

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker says LGBT couples lack 'productivity' See in context

cucas, my point is this - I have no qualms about a post of mine being shot down on this site. There are currently 88 posts about this news story, of which at least 80 of them are having a pop at the politician. I am one of the few who will stand up and say I am tired of the activist "minorities" going on the attack against anyone who dares to oppose their point of view. Despite expecting the majority to be accepting of their freedoms.

And in response - obviously in the year 2018 gay couples not reproducing offspring will not have a detrimental affect on civilsation. However, in our history humankind thrived because of hetrosexual reproduction.

As one of the very few sensible posters posted earlier, ask yourself how you got here in the first place. Yep, it was down to male + female whichever liberal way you want to look at it. None of us got here down to male + male or female + female. Which makes this politicians point a little more relevant.

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker says LGBT couples lack 'productivity' See in context

sorry, but you're being a bit precious there.

Make any opinion supporting what this politician said, and we are accused of the homphobic blah, blah, blah. Make a post defending freedom of that opinion and we are accused of being 'precious'. Its a defence mechanism. I have heard it a million times.

The truth of the matter is, supporters of the whole gay thing want us to respect freedom of opinion and freedom of sexuality. But if anyone dares to stand up with a different opinion then the whole freedom of opinion and freedom of sexuality protest goes out the window.

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People can do and what they want. One poster said “What is psychology [sic] wrong with people that can’t accept those who are different?”

The same logic means that LGBTQ people should accept and allow arguments that do not line up with their ideas or ordeals.

In other words, logically and morally, if people can’t accept the opinions of those who don’t agree with LGBTQ values, we should ask, in the words of an LGBTQ supporter “What is psychology [sic] wrong with people that can’t accept those who are different?”

The best post on this topic so far.

We are all supposed to be against this politicians speech and support gay rights in the name of liberal freedom of opinion. Yet those of us who have any opinion in support of her speech or against the whole gay rights overkill is labelled homophobic and criticised.

As Mike James says, freedom of opinion and freedom of sexuality also means that hetrosexuals who agree with her speech should be handed the same respect.

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I know I'm playing devil's advocate here, but if she was speaking generally about gay couples she has a point. Some posters here are connecting her comments with people who couldnt have children and adopted instead, but that is wildly off the point.

Gay couples are not productive in terms of keeping our species alive. And gay couples are not taxed like my wife and I are taxed in Japan.

I know that I am going to be shot down over this, but do you think the human species would have survived if our ancestors promoted gay relationships? I am not homophobic in anyway, but that was just an expression to protect any criticism of gay relationships.

"Why can't sexes be just two -- man and woman?" the 51-year-old mother of one also wrote.

Totally agree.

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A semi-final is probably the pinnacle of England's ability and a successful tournament. And let's be honest, Southgate was praised for beating Sweden and winning penalties against Colombia.

The Croatian coach has to be applauded for his change of tactics after half-time. But there again, if Kane or Lingard had put their chances away it should have been 2-0 at half time and possibly a different outcome.

I am kind of relieved. A World Cup final would have been fun, but England facing Mbappe, Greizmann, Pogba, Verane etc? No chance.

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but we both know deep down that we are made from the same stock

Yep. Both English and Scottish made from good old homemade Scandinavian Viking, Italian Roman, and French Franco stock...

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You can hardly include players like the hapless Raheem Sterling in the same class as Messi or Ronaldo!

Ronaldo and Portugal were knocked out by Uruguay, who were themselves knocked out. Both Messi and Argentina were very poor in Russia. Raheem Sterling is in the semi-final of the World Cup and plays for the premier league champions. I don't get your point?

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Posted in: ‘Jisa Biz’ campaign to ease overcrowding on Tokyo trains starts Monday See in context

Joe Yan, right. And it's not difficult to fix. In my management meetings I put the excessive overtime issue onto the managers. Anyone working too late is the responsibility of the manager. You just need to walk around at the end of the day and ask your staff whats keeping them late.

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Posted in: ‘Jisa Biz’ campaign to ease overcrowding on Tokyo trains starts Monday See in context

I am also a bucho. But I am a gaijin bucho. I make sure I tell my staff to go home when they are working late. Its not rocket science for a head to check on staff working late but Japanese bucho are the problem. The other problem is that even though I proactively ask my staff to finish on time, Japanese staff just can't seem to shake off the sitting around late thing.

If the government made it law that overtime must be approved one week in advance with written reasons for the overtime, you would see it improve.

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Posted in: Qataris considering a 48-team option for 2022 World Cup See in context

Considering the apparent success of this Russia World Cup, with big favourites going home early and less fancied nations doing well, isn't this the time to say don't change anything?

The football has been exciting so why change anything? The fact that FIFA feels the need to change a successful format shows how out of touch they really are.

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Posted in: ‘Jisa Biz’ campaign to ease overcrowding on Tokyo trains starts Monday See in context

My commute on the Asakusa-sen this morning - not a bit of difference and still packed. In fact, I would argue that it was more crowded than usual with queues onto the departing platform and mass queues at my arrival station.

introduce an app that allows commuters to conveniently check the congestion status

? Don't need an App. I can predict that that my trains will be rammed Monday to Friday.

About 60 companies participated in an exchange meeting last week to discuss ideas, such as providing breakfast at work, to urge employees to opt for early morning attendance.

They really don't care about the real issues. People have to leave early enough as it is. Most commuters travel from far and won't have time for breakfast. So people are not going to leave even earlier.

The only real solution? Make it a law that every company has to have a certain percentage of shift work - early shift finishing early and late shift finishing later. Make it law. And ban overtime unless approved in advance and specific to what has to be completed.

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And ever arrogant and a big mouth and lying. He should get 18 months suspension and humbly accept his punishment for clear cheating. Only sky money and lawyers got him off. He is a disgrace to the sport

Froome's name should never ever have been made public unless found guilty. And you're telling me that Hinault does not have a big mouth? The associations found him not guilty. End of.

I believe that every single Tour winner who has won the Tour emphatically has doped. Lemond, Indurain, Wiggins, Froome. The lot of them.

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the Blue Samurai managed to get back a tiny sliver of their dignity


In a group where Japan were favoured to finish bottom, especially after sacking the coach who got them there, they have over-achieved.

Japan beat Colombia and drew with Senegal. The coach showed intelligence in keeping it to 1-0 down against Poland. They then stretched Belgium only losing in the last kick of the game.

Japan had a better World Cup than Germany and as good as Argentina and Portugal.

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

Oh, the irony, that a country obsessed with the avoidance of shame should stoop to such shameful tactics to scrape through. And, irony of ironies, that they should get through on "fair play" criteria. I would have loved it if the ref had gone round giving yellow cards to each of the time-wasters, so that they had more than Senegal and, shock, horror, would have needed to score A GOAL to get through! In fact, why didn't the ref do this? Players get cautions for time-wasting in many other scenarios; why not this? Shame on you Japan.

I take back everything I said about my wife's knowledge of football.

Listen, if you have possession of the ball while in play or if you you are defending in numbers, you can be as defensive as a parked bus. The ref can't give yellow cards to a team for defending!

Japan qualified end of story. And they made a decent game of it last night.

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Actually, how else could FIFA decide the 2 qualifiers? Senegal and Japan had their chances on points (the same), goal difference (the same), goals scored (the same), head-to-head (a draw). So why not decide it on fair play. Its better than the old system of a coin toss. I really don't see what all the fuss is about and it encouraged the teams to play fairly.

A reminder to everyone that Korea were not even in the same group so that argument goes straight out of the window.

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A lot of posts from people who clearly have no clue about World Cup tournament football or football per say.

Since when did a nation have to play attacking football to progress in the tournament when they were set to go through? The Japan manager has shown great awareness of the rules (set before the tournament started) and he will go down in the record books as only the 2nd manager to get Japan through to the knockout phase of the World Cup.

Why on earth did Japan have to play attacking football when a 1-0 loss was getting them qualified? There is nothing you can do to keep the other result secret and they even changed the rules to make the last games kick off at the same time to avoid any team having a knowledge advantage.

Imagine if the coach had instructed Japan to play glorious attacking football and they lost 4-1. They would be flying home by now and he would be getting more criticism for being naive.

As for suggestions that Korea should have qualified instead for beating Germany. What nonsense. Korea were awful in the first 2 games and left it too late. Go and replay their first 2 games and then tell me Korea should have qualified.

My wife doesn't really have a clue about football and she asked me why Japan had to play such defensive negative football while losing 1-0. Many of the posters here share the same level of knowledge as my missus.

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Argentina, which has not missed the second round since failing to qualify for the 1970 World Cup

Ermm, sorry associated press but I'm pretty sure I saw Argentina fail to get out of group F finishing 3rd during Japan 2002. I was at all 3 of their games so I know.

Argentina's supposed great record according to AP isn't so great after all.

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