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Posted in: Man with guide dog hit, killed by train after falling off platform See in context

RIP and the poor dog - it must feel horrible to have lost his owner like that.

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Posted in: Robert De Niro says Meryl Streep's Globe speech was 'great' See in context

She is panderer. She never cared about the disabled until it suited her agenda. Lip service at its worse - all her 100's of millions of dollars are in her corporation or overseas banks accounts where tax and spend liberals will never get their hands on.

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Posted in: Trump to choose Hagerty as next U.S. ambassador to Japan See in context

So much for change... Another "yes-man" for the status quo.

Anything better to the deep bowing, apologetic, and remorse driven Caroline Kennedy.

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Posted in: China criticizes Japan over "dangerous" jet scramble See in context

Yes, finally standing up to the China threat.

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Posted in: Gov't says Mitsubishi Motors cheated on mileage by up to 16% See in context

IF MMC was a foreign firm they'd be banned for a least a year from selling in Japan as punishment and face stiff financial fines.

Part of that problem is compliance issues or the unwillingness of foreign corporate leaders from lying prostrate though that prevents foreign firms from getting the same preferential treatment I would think.

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Posted in: Japan returns to trade deficit in May See in context

The era of exporting your way to the US and China because they are clods that crave made in Japan quality - no matter how superior it actually is over. Japan needs to grow up and stimulate internal demand and create a higher standard of living so that it can transition toward becoming the world's lifestyle superpower. A tall order indeed but that along with structural reforms is the nation's best chance.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor submits resignation effective June 21 See in context

He'll land a cushy well paid job somewhere else...

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Posted in: Vigil for Orlando victims See in context

Nice but incredibly weak compared to other international cities. Tokyo is still world-class on the surface in the main.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors want Obama to meet them, apologize in Hiroshima See in context

“If he is not going to show remorse or offer an apology, he shouldn’t come,” he told a separate news conference. “Is he going to Hiroshima for sightseeing? Then please come after stepping down as president. I’ll be there to welcome him.”

Shizuka Kamei will never let principles get in the way of getting some coin.

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Posted in: Sony investors back CEO, directors despite losses See in context

Panasonic has done quite well as has Toshiba. Toyota is by far the world's preeminent auto maker, and Uniqlo is on its way to overtaking GAP. Japanese companies are making money hand over fist which makes Sony's plight all the more alarming.

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Posted in: Partying with the PM See in context

I think that this time around he decided to just have fun and do things his way - the h8ers be damned...

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Posted in: You know you’ve been in Japan too long when… See in context

When you light up a cigarette in the john and clip your fingernails in the office.

Seriously, I think it's when gaijins speak katakana English or Japlish with perfect intonation and all the mannerisms but still can't really speak fluent Japanese at work or to hold a deep conversation. However I think they are revered for their commitment though.

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Posted in: U.S. steps up pressure on Japan to make good on trade promises See in context

It's not about the cars, frankly speaking Ford and GM compete with J-brands in every market except Japan and Japanese consumers have every right to feel protective about our cars - not to mention they are really the best in the world for the money. That's a political football and not the deal breaker, agriculture will be.

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Posted in: Ordeal over See in context

Well put @Fredster

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Posted in: Mascot Kumamon gives press conference See in context

Forget the PR campaigns. get a great designer to create a mascot for you and go to town...

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Posted in: Winners See in context

Almost makes me long for Mr. Ishihara...

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Posted in: Japan's No. 1 fan See in context

That's Mori-san sitting next to him. He is still a party animal - amazing...

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada to marry Italian on May 23 See in context

She is a beautiful being and hope that it does wind up being a fairytale for both!

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Posted in: Mobile market See in context

I adore Japanese oba-chans!

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Posted in: Rolls-Royce confident of another strong year See in context

Underpinnings are the heart of the car. It would not waft, ride and be able to comport itself as it does without the use of German technology, engineering, and production know-how. These have all been taught to the fine workers at the Goodwood factory.

Let's also be clear - German management is running the company and calling the shots. Brits add their craftsmanship, woodworking, and details or quirks here and there that are historical hallmarks of the brand.

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Posted in: Rolls-Royce confident of another strong year See in context

Good points all but the underlying factor is RR, Roller or whatever you want to call it would still be using a 4-speed transmission, and would be as antiquated as ever were not for the Germans.

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Posted in: Kennedy weighs in on topic of wartime history See in context

Sadly it's how little the US government and businesses think of Japan anymore. From the Taiji "whalers" on up it seems the country is dutifully ready to take her to school.

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Posted in: Happy Honda See in context

He did great and hope he builds on this for even greater success but yes the Japanese sports media are horrible and are almost looked on with contempt - even by Japanese athletes who really get embarrassed by them.

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Posted in: Window workers See in context

Very cool

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Posted in: Passenger dies after falling out of taxi; driver arrested See in context

THe guy climbed out of the taxi on his own accord. The taxi driver cannot drive and stop him from doing what he did.

Yes, he should have been aware of it but he went back to find him and there was a video of it in the taxi.

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Posted in: Business lobby seeks to relax rules on foreign household helpers in Japan See in context

"Marketing? A bit much to ask of a maid surely."

Harry_Gatto, Leave it to an American to want all that. Definitely, a big shot at GS or some other finance company that is too smart to be paying minimum wages to any slacker.

Seriously, a better way to put it would have been to go food or other shopping.... It would be strange if the poor maid had to buy ads or post product pics to Facebook or other social networks or worse promote the guy's on the side online business or MLM to her family and friends.

In the very strange event that was the case and I am not putting beyond some people - make the Americans hire Japanese!!

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Posted in: Olympic judo champion loses appeal over 5-year jail term for rape See in context

I'll side with the girl but for a prison sentence it is still he said / she said. I don't know how much she drank but just one drink and she slept through it? He must not be that good... I don't know... There could be more to it than we are getting from the media though.

He needs to learn a lesson and I am sure the public shaming and hurt caused to his wife and child are already immense so if there are any more consequences they will get meted without some judge throwing his feelings into.

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Posted in: Japanese college students struggle to answer basic astronomy questions See in context

Galapagos syndrome?

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Posted in: Fukushima water tanks: leaky and built with illegal labor See in context

Can't help but feel embarrassed, angry, and wondering when this nightmare is going to end.

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