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Posted in: Two pig farm workers die of methane gas poisoning See in context

Victims in manure storages hardly ever die of methane! Methane is an odorless flammable gas, produced in large quantities in rotting organic matter. Theoretically it might kill by displacing oxygen, but as it is lighter than air, it quickly escapes from open storages. What remains behind in storage pits are huge amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), a pure asphyxiant that is 1,5 times heavier than air - and most often also many ppm's of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a toxic, corrosive and flammable gas, 1.2 times heavier than air. In nearly all deadly manure gas incidents, people die of H2S poisoning, often combined with CO2 suffocation or drowning. With H2S: one breath can kill ! As H2S suicides are well known in Japan, this knowledge should at least be present with police and emergency workers !!!

Jetty Middelkoop, MPS Dangerous Goods Officer Fire Dept. Amsterdam Amstelland The Netherlands (Specialized in manure gas incidents)

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