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Posted in: Canada yet to decide if it will pay Harry and Meghan security costs See in context

I am English. I moved to Canada 25 years ago. There is supposed to be a "special relationship" between England and Canada. I had to go through an immigration process, pay fees, have a medical etc. After I arrived, my professional qualifications were not recognized and still aren't, I had to take a driving test to get a license etc etc etc. (As an aside note there are special privileges for people emmigrating from France to Quebec). I don't begrudge any of this. I assume that Harry and Meghan will need to do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "special relationship" is a farce. What it means is that we still pledge allegiance to the Queen when becoming citizens, we have the Queen on our bank notes and we, as tax payers, pay out for the huge farce of the Governor General who is supposedly the Queen's official representative in Canada but is nothing of the sort. Meanwhile the average Canadian does not give a damn about the British Royal family one way or the other.

Unknown to few Canadians, there is a whole Canadian government department devoted purely to planning for what happens when the Queen passes and hands over the reigns. What does that cost the Canadian tax payer per year?

I don't believe that the costs of the security will be as stated. That's probably about the cost to the tax payer of 6 government employees per year. There must be so many other costs that are not included.

Let them be free, let them come here, but PLEASE Mr Trudeau don't pledge our tax dollars for this. Public spending is already wildly out of control in this country, living in Ottawa we see the local and federal government waste of tax dollars every day. I guess in reality a little bit more waste isn't going to change anything..........

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