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Posted in: 46-year-old man arrested after attempting to burn older sister to death See in context

Was it lost in translation? As far as I know oil is not combustible enough to catch fire - especially when the target is moving and the igniter is a lighter in a breeze.

That's exactly what I was thinking... Was the guy drunk or something?

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Posted in: Father of missing 4-year-old boy says he threw body into sea See in context

Wow! This is horrible we have the same kind of monsters who live in my neck of the woods.

Here is one example.


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I'v seen this movie twice both in 3D and 2D. It is beautifully directed and has an engaging story. The scenery and special effect are top notch. I took my daughters with me and they both loved it. I would recommend this film to anyone. It is nice to see a film that everyone can see with it's PG. I think it's awesome it has made it to Japan.

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Posted in: American man, Japanese wife settle dispute over son, 8 See in context

Well people could also be tougher and not divorce for stupid reasons. I blame the concept of a "perfect" marriage and Walt Disney and the likes. Thus when things go wrong and they will go wrong they take the easy way out or divorce. realdoll, what does it mean to be "happy"? Again the "happy ever after" and the like are the reason for so many martial dysfunctions. About this couple with kid, good luck and try to be reasonable and understanding of each other.

I agree with you I wish more people could be less selfish and more committed to their marriage/relationships. Especially with children involved. There is and never will be a happy ever after marriage/relationship. There are no Prince Charmings or white knights to save the day.

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Posted in: American man, Japanese wife settle dispute over son, 8 See in context

Wow... I thought support issues were bad in the US. It is sad that the parents have to let the child go through all this. In the end it is the child that is hurt the most. I hope it isn't a trap and the two reconcile, but from what people have been posting here.the guy is screwed if they don't. Then again he shouldn't of kidnapped his son in the first place. Oh well I hope the kid isn't totally screwed up after this.

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