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Posted in: Harrison Ford injured on 'Star Wars' set See in context

Age has not been kind to Mark Hamill. Is it getting a bit like the old Star Trek movie series??

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Posted in: Taylor Swift called in by Toyota to help reduce traffic accident fatalities in Asia See in context

Ms. Taylor Swift needs to give lecture demonstrations throughout Japan with slides of fatal collisions etc... demonstrating why little children should never be allowed to wander around freely in a car as it is moving (as you always seem to see them doing!!!!), and why little children should always be securely buckled into a child seat in the back (NOT the front seat for god's sake!!!) seat of a car.

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Posted in: 'Aizuchi' - The Japanese art of grunting your way through conversations See in context

This isn't unique to the Japanese language. It's funny how all these articles follow the French notion of their own cultural exceptionalism.

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Posted in: Japan’s newest holiday Mountain Day gets approval from Lower House See in context

The government doesn't need to fix national holidays. It needs to enforce and mandate that workers take all of their eligible days off with pay at the companies they work for. For far too many workers in Japan, many of the national holidays are meaningless non-events because they have to go to work and don't even get an exchange day for their efforts.

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Posted in: 60% of Japanese support whale hunt; 14% eat whalemeat, survey shows See in context

The survey was probably also conducted by telephone when the majority of Japanese barely touch a house phone anymore. Therefore, the survey probably only reflected an older age demographic as well.

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Posted in: Driver turns herself in to police for failing to stop at yellow traffic light See in context

I've seen more traffic violations in the form of ignoring amber and red lights in Kirishima, Kagoshima than I have anywhere I have driven with the exception of NYC. This article parochial naval gazing. There is a world outside of Japan. Other places are special too.

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Posted in: Poll on number of male virgins in Japan not all bad news See in context

The poll was done in Akihabara?! What a joke! How about some REAL journalism and REAL stats on this topic?!

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Posted in: Five Japanese customs even some Japanese people think are a pain See in context

I work at a private high school and most of my co-workers don't bother carding co-workers. I tried sending cards a couple of years and got responses. But, then 1 year I didn't send cards and no one bothered writing me. That told me that it was really unnecessary...

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Posted in: Why do Japanese people wear surgical masks? It’s not always for health reasons See in context

A mask as a women's fashion accessory is often a Japanese veil - a tease for men who dream about the cute face underneath it.

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Posted in: Ex-sumo wrestler arrested for fake marriage to S Korean bar hostess See in context

Yes, but many do marry for love, but during the paperwork the stress of setting up in a new country and international marriage can lead to marriage problems in divorce. I've heard of many many real international marriages where a divorce happens sometime during the visa application process.

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Posted in: Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife See in context

This article forgets to mention Japanese wives who suddenly decide they don't need to work any more, and then pressure their husband to get a part-time job on top of their regular job and then complain to their husband that taking care of the home is too difficult and demanding more days off to get take out food or go out with her friends...

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Posted in: It’s the year of the horse, so let’s… eat a horse!? See in context

Since I have chosen not to be vegetarian - a lifestyle I by the way tried for 8 years and i still consider way more morally and logically defensible than my feeble rationalisms about horses being pets - I can only cling to compartmentalizing my actions with vague arguments that sound much like sentimentality than sound reasoning. So, all I really have to add to the discussion are old school Western-centric biases about which animals are more or less sentient - are more able or less able to comprehend pain inflected on them when they are killed.

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Posted in: It’s the year of the horse, so let’s… eat a horse!? See in context

Far rather eat snake than horse. For me a horse is kind of a pet.

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Posted in: One third of single Japanese men surveyed say they prefer an older lover See in context

2,944 is not a representative sample. The surveyers could have simply been looking for respondents that fit their agenda. Not good science.

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Posted in: Instructional video promotes public baths to foreign visitors See in context

This video sounds extremely patronizing and pedantic.

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Posted in: Heat-resistant chocolate within reach, Oreo maker says See in context

There already is sugar free chocolate with artificial sweeteners. Tastes odd is all I can say... Not really very good...

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Posted in: Heat-resistant chocolate within reach, Oreo maker says See in context

Will they be able to call Franken-chocolate - chocolate?

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Posted in: Japanese women share their complaints about karaoke with men See in context

The next story will be young foreigners (male and female) sexually harassed at karaoke. LOL

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Posted in: Coca-Cola advised to correct misleading TV commercial for ginger ale See in context

It's Ginger Ale with fiber. So, it is more like "some crazy hangover-curing hoodoo punch."

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Posted in: Bugs are food of the future: U.N. agency See in context

It's going to be eating insects or synthetically grown globs of beef in a laboratory petri dish that will feed the future.

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Posted in: Will Disney's new Tonto be any better? See in context

CORRECTION TO ABOVE: *Dursa's family all died of small pox

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Posted in: Will Disney's new Tonto be any better? See in context

Recent films by Depp are poor charicatures.

A once fun and campy Dark Shadows series and later movie turned into absolute comedic crap that completely betray the original intents of the creators and achievements of the original cast members.

The idea of a revised Tonto is good, but why Depp? Why not cast one of the many Native American actors to at least give a little cultural authenticity to the role instead of this rebranded cultural white-washing? What improved social message or statement can be made by this phoney cowboy duo?

My feeling is forget this trash. If you want to see a historically accurate depiction of what a Lone Ranger and Tonto are like, try Dursa Uzala, a Kurosawa film about Russian military land surveyer who befriends a Native Siberian man by the name Dursa. Dursa's all died of small pox (from contact with likely other Russian explorers), but teaches the explorers skills to survive because he has no other purpose left in life.

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Posted in: Woman dies after heavy-set police officer sits on her See in context

If the woman was out of control, she was obviously not in her right mind. The article fails to mention if she was in the middle of a panic attack or was mentally ill at the time the police officer murdered her. Why the hell were paramedics not on the scene with the police with the "Bones" McCoy tranquilizer shot to sedate her?

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Posted in: 20 words of English origin that Japanese people often mistake for real thing See in context

google the phrase "coin laundry" and you'll see what I mean.

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Posted in: 20 words of English origin that Japanese people often mistake for real thing See in context

Actually, I've heard "coin laundry" being used regularly in NYC when I lived there.

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Posted in: LDP education proposal includes TOEFL prerequisite for univ entrance See in context

TOEFL is harder than Eiken, and even at the private high school where I work that has a much more intense English program than public schools, I can't see any of the students being ready to take a TOEFL test. Maybe Eiken pre-1st at best...

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Posted in: Abe wants to replace landmark 1995 war apology See in context

Apologies for need to be explicit and vaguely general the way that the Japanese apologies have been worded. Making an apology and simply moving on are clearly not enough as well. The memory to learn from historical mistakes must be meaningfully preserved in war monuments within Japan and abroad for people to reflect on Japanese wartime atrocities. Japan clearly has monuments and museums for its own wartime suffering (kamukaze fighters, and nuclear bomb memorials etc.). Textbooks need to be revised, so that Japan owns up to it's past. Part of being champion of peace and human rights, which Japan claims to be, is showing to it's own people the historical lessons it learned from the past and will not repeat. Germany did all this and today leads Europe not just economically - but some might argue they have a significant - if not preeminent political role as well. Japan led economically - but never politically. And, probably a great reason for economic problems today in Japan stem from political ones.

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Posted in: Woman dies after being 'restrained' by police See in context

It could have been drugs, or it also could have been mental illness - of which Japanese police have limited training with managing.

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Posted in: Coffee, coffee everywhere but not a drop to drink See in context

There are many many coffee shops (independently run) in Japan. You just need to know where to look. The only strike against these is that many use the tiny little creamers that may or may not be real cream...

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Posted in: 16 tips for raising a bilingual child in Japan See in context

Implicit in this article is also raising your child bicultually. It's not all about language...

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