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Posted in: Denmark's prime minister assaulted in Copenhagen square See in context

More details are coming out, not really beaten, rather shoved:

A man came by in the opposite direction and gave her a hard shove on the shoulder, causing her to fall to the side," the two women told the newspaper.

They said that while it was a "strong push" the prime minister did not hit the ground.

She then sat down at a café, they added.

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Posted in: Andreeva shocks ailing Sabalenka at French Open See in context

Speed, ATP is dominated by Europeans, top 10 are all from Europe, but evenly distributed. I would say Italy is going very strong. WTA has been dominated by Eastern Europe for some time, but top 10 has an interesting distribution, two Americans (Gauff and Pegula), one Chinese (Zheng), one Tunisian (Jabeur), and Paolini just entered top 10.

Andreeva is the new Sharapova?

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Posted in: Woman, common-law husband arrested for firing air gun at elementary school daughter See in context

BigP, Japanese news said both are unemployed. Their pictures are also in the news.

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Posted in: Avoid the crowds in Japan's ancient capital by visiting a 'Little Kyoto' See in context

I always thought of Kawagoe in Saitama (Koedo) as a "little Kyoto", just with better craft beer. But it is getting quite crowded recently, being so close to Tokyo

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Posted in: Doctor convicted over girl's death in high-speed driving crash See in context

Many details are missing from this story. Checking the Japanese news, it seems that the judge's decision to suspend the sentence was motivated by the negligence of the kei driver when turning right into the intersection, and quite importantly, by the fact that the girl was not wearing a seat belt, which largely contributed to the tragic end.

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Posted in: Not a gym rat? Here’s how to get started on an outdoor exercise routine See in context

I love outdoors, play tennis every week, camping, hiking small mountains, or just going out to the park with the kids (and ski in the winter). But one problem is the Japanese summer, over 35 C with high humidity makes outdoor activities hazardous.

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Posted in: Biden rolls out migration order that aims to shut down asylum requests, after months of anticipation See in context

Wait, didn't the stable genius already solved the problem, you have a beautiful wall paid by the Mexican government all along the border, right?

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Posted in: Amazon Japan makes payment policy change See in context

I understand why I was confused: Japanese banks issue three types of cards: cash, debit, and credit. I thought cash and debit cards are the same thing, but with the cash one (the one I have) you can't buy anything, just withdraw money, while the debit ones function as a credit card

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Posted in: Amazon Japan makes payment policy change See in context

Are you sure? I am looking at the Family Mart HP for example, and they are very specific about the credit cards that can be used. No mention of bank cards.


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Posted in: Amazon Japan makes payment policy change See in context

ok, I will try it tonight at the local combini. Never used a debit card for shopping in Japan in 25 years.

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Posted in: Amazon Japan makes payment policy change See in context

As Antiquesaving said, the use of debit cards is not common in Japan, at least in stores

For online shopping, I use only credit card, so I was curious and checked amazon HP, and indeed the payment options include paying through a bank account.

The options are:

1) credit; 2) cash on delivery (it's still there); 3) Convenience Store/ ATM/ Internet Banking/ e-Money; 4) Others: paidy / au or softbank phone billing / PayPay.

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Posted in: Djokovic into French Open quarterfinals after five-set thriller See in context

This guy is not human... But after two 5 setters and more than 9 hours of hardcore tennis at late hours, let's see how much he has left in the tank for the much fresher Ruud, who is playing great this season by the way. I see Ruud as the favorite, but Djokovic at a slam is a different beast, even at 37 and physically drained, and after one of his poorest seasons, seemingly affected by some personal problems.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching 67-year-old woman in face on platform at JR Sapporo Station See in context

I doubt trains in Sapporo at 19:30 on Saturday are that crowded. The airport express does get a bit crowded in weekends, but there is no comparison with morning trains in Tokyo. I suspect the usual culprit, alcohol. The lady may said something, she may even initiated the fight, but punching just lands you in jail. And most probably the guy will also be fired from that company in Fujisawa, and good luck finding another job with that arrest record.

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Posted in: Claudia Sheinbaum set to be Mexico's first woman president See in context

I have no idea about Mexican politics and never heard of her, so I googled. It seems she comes from a family of scientist (Jewish immigrants, hence the family name), and she has a PhD in energy engineering from Berkely, and an academic career. She definitely has my vote, and not for her looks or gender.

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Posted in: Elderly couple attacked by bear in their home in Gunma Prefecture See in context

The man's wife was also attacked by the bear while trying to save her husband

That's one tough obachan

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Posted in: Inside a semiconductor 'clean room' at Japan's top university See in context

Mark, so you are saying the University of Tokyo (or any other university) should reject applications for graduate studies from students of certain nationalities?

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Posted in: Inside a semiconductor 'clean room' at Japan's top university See in context

The article is a bit confusing, it should mention that the photo and the PhD student are from Prof. Yoshio Mita's lab, who is doing basic and applied research on a variety of devices. The research he does at the university is mostly basic research, nobody does sensitive stuff with graduate students, and there are also foreigners in his lab. But he implements his basic findings through many collaborations with companies, and of course that stuff is patented.

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Posted in: Man held over cyanide stolen from university, says he aimed to kill his father See in context

Well, most of the compounds in a chemistry lab are toxic, cyanide is just a famous example. It is often used in organic synthesis, so many labs store it.

But there are specific and strict regulations about storage and use. Compounds designated as poisonous (毒物) require storage in a locked cabinet, and the key must be kept by the lab supervisor. For use, you need the approval from the supervisor, and you must record the amount used and the purpose.

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Posted in: Nadal loses in first round of French Open See in context

The Original Wing, I agree with that. Under humid conditions indoors, especially if cold, the balls become quite slow. And let's not forget that Zverev is also a power hitter, and at almost 2 meters tall, he is not bothered as much by Nadal's heavy spin.

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Posted in: If you work in Japan, how much Japanese-language ability is needed in your job? See in context

On paper none, and I do have foreign colleagues who don't speak any Japanese. But if you plan for a long-term career in Japan, speaking at least some basic Japanese will help immensely. And as Laguna said, not only the language by itself, but all the cultural aspects and customs that come with it.

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Posted in: Osaka, Alcaraz off to winning starts at French Open See in context

What the hell has that to do with anything?

Osaka's skills are still there, but she needs to shake off that rust, too many unforced errors, which especially on clay is a recipe for disaster. No way she can have any chance against Iga unless she improves her focus and reduces errors.

Mochizuki lost, but he put up a hell of a fight against a top 10 player, if he stays healthy I think he can easily go top 50. And I like his aggressive style, going often to the net and putting pressure on his opponents, despite not being that physically imposing, and not a big serve.

And welcome back Nishikori!

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Posted in: What happens if you get a traffic ticket in Japan? See in context

JRO, my Japanese friends told me to keep it within +20 km/h. That's within 120 on the highway, and usually within 70 on normal roads. Usually the cops will let it slide, unless there is some special check point. And remember that if you speed over +20, both the fine and the points deducted will be substantially higher. In 25 years, I got just one speed ticket, late at night on the rainbow bridge (on the descending part, where the limit is 40), I overtook a truck and the police (fukumen) were right behind me. I was doing about 70, but they were nice and used the minimum recorded speed (58, that's +18), I paid 20,000 jpy and lost 2 points.

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Posted in: What happens if you get a traffic ticket in Japan? See in context

Tomlives, if there is no sign, then it is 100 km/h in the expressway. But in many places is limited to 80. Recently, a few segments raised it to 120 km/h.

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Posted in: What happens if you get a traffic ticket in Japan? See in context

I had the same experience with Mr. Kipling. And not only the points, they kept me there 2 hours, checking ID, residence card, etc. After that, combini only for me.

All the times cops stopped me in Japan, they were very polite, and some of them quite friendly. A few times they let me go with a warning, but mostly they did fine me, it seems they have a norma to fill.

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Posted in: Record 19.1 million int'l passengers used Haneda airport in FY2023 See in context

Haneda has a quite nice observation deck, by the way.

Personally, I prefer Narita for international travel. Yes, it is farther, but the Skyliner is fast and comfortable, and the airport is larger and less crowded, making a far better experience.

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Posted in: Murray comeback ends in Geneva defeat See in context

Age and injuries, unfortunately. Especially grinders like Murray and Nadal, they took their bodies to the extreme. It may be time for ATP to recalibrate court and balls speed and make the game a bit faster to shorten the rallies, and also adjust the schedule. They tried to insert more rest days for masters, but the response from players was mostly negative.

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Posted in: As yakuza weaken, police focus shifts to unorganized crime hired via social media See in context

The Tokyo metropolitan police are currently investigating six suspects in their 20s and 30s, most of them without connections to one another, who are believed to have been hired on social media to kill, transport and burn the bodies of an older couple at a riverbank of Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture.

This is false, it's been on the news almost every morning. Most of the guys knew each other, but they did not have a strong connection, nor were members of a gang. And for sure there were not hired on social media.

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Posted in: Jake Paul and Mike Tyson trade insults as they hype planned summer fight in Texas See in context

Anybody knows how to watch the match this weekend? It seems wowow does not show it.

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Posted in: Celebrities face digital backlash over Gaza silence See in context

MilesTeg, excellent post. Unfortunately, such rational approach to complex problems is becoming scarce the era of 2 minutes-learn-all on the net, followed by strong opinions in black or white, expressed as loudly as possible

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Posted in: Medvedev latest to crash out of Italian Open after loss to Tommy Paul See in context

in other words, top players struggle to adapt to clay conditions: slow courts, slow balls, strong winds and sun. Even if many of them (especially the Europeans) grew up on clay.

I just watched a part of Dimitrov-Fritz battle, it was pure entertainment.

My bet is on Zverev, after the horrible accident on clay which derailed his career (together with his personal problems), he came back very strong and he deserves some titles

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