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Posted in: Julia Roberts wants cheeseburgers and booze at the apocalypse See in context

Maybe some posters should also read the article, not only the title, before commenting

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Posted in: Woman arrested after stabbing man at his home in Shizuoka Prefecture See in context

Not particularly English expert, but isn’t this sentence weird?

Police said the couple know each other.

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Posted in: Sinner enjoys double success over Djokovic to lead Italy into the Davis Cup final See in context

Sinner-Djokovic was an epic, the level of tennis and the drama in the third set was unbelievable.

The atmosphere was also awesome, less some idiots shouting when players were preparing to serve or suring points.

Not sure if Sinner will have enough time to recover for the final tonight against Australia. Especially because he has to play against the fastest guy on tour, De Minaur.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed at Yokohama music arena See in context

I've never been stabbed, but wouldn't you feel something if somebody stabs you in the stomach??

The woman was stabbed but wasn't aware of it until she felt pain as she was leaving the arena and saw a knife sticking into her stomach

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Posted in: Amazon to sell new cars next year in U.S., starting with Hyundai See in context

do they come in boxes?

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Posted in: Frustrated Rublev bloodies himself with racket during loss to Alcaraz at ATP Finals See in context

This is the mental side of tennis. For those who don't know, Rublev is one of the nicest guys on tour, always laughing and liked by everybody. But he plays an aggressive style of tennis that takes a heavy toll on the mind. Especially when you play a Alcaraz.

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Posted in: The management of branch campuses is left to each Chinese university, and the decision to establish an overseas campus is assessed by each university as a business opportunity. But that also aligns with the Chinese government’s Belt and Road initiative. See in context

Deanza, you know why, right? The hint is in the name of that University...

They spent lavishly for a student population of such a small size.

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Posted in: The management of branch campuses is left to each Chinese university, and the decision to establish an overseas campus is assessed by each university as a business opportunity. But that also aligns with the Chinese government’s Belt and Road initiative. See in context

I don't think Japanese universities have branches overseas, at least not the national ones. But some research institutes do have, for example RIKEN has a branch in Europe and one in Singapore, but I don't think they are very active

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Posted in: Booking a hotel room? Beware of differences between Japanese and foreign sites See in context

google, so criticized on another thread, works great for hotels (and especially flights). Just type the location (or for flights the two cities) and do a search, it will next ask you to input the date and other details, then it will show a list with hotels (flights). Upon choosing one, then you have the option of booking through different agents/sites, including directly with the hotel (or airline).

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Posted in: Djokovic makes winning return while Medvedev loses cool at Paris Masters See in context

Medvedev/Dimitrov was a classic, watched from the end of the second set, Meddy saved some insane match points, tried to return with a smashed racket, it was a roller coaster to the end. Happy to see Dimitrov is back to high level slicing his way up to the rankings again. I look forward to the match with Bublik today, just hope he is not too exhausted, the time for recovery is too short.

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Posted in: Google CEO defends paying Apple and others to make Google the default search engine on devices See in context

I use Safari, in setting there is a tab where you can choose the search engine. I use google because it works the best for me (except when I have to go to China, where it is blocked). I never felt that google was pushed down my throat

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for allegedly kidnapping minor See in context

According to the Japanese law, it is considered kidnapping if you take away/shelter/host an underage person without the guardian's approval, regardless if she/he comes by his/her own accord. There have been cases of people who sheltered girls who runaway from an abusive family, and they were arrested.

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Posted in: 'Monster' Inoue targets second undisputed crown against Tapales See in context

He won 22 of his 25 fights by knockout, not sure how could the judges influence that. And yes, he boxed in US and Scotland too

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Posted in: At least 22 dead in Maine shooting, dozens injured; firearms instructor sought See in context

It seems the guy is a former military instructor with mental problems, being hospitalized for two months in a mental institution this year. And with access to military grade weapons, and plenty of knowledge on how to use them. Thoughts and Prayers, on repeat.

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Posted in: Suffering from cold feet? Thanko electric slippers will keep them warm See in context

athlete's foot can be efficiently treated with antifungal creams. I got it a few times, when I was using the showers at the gym.

I have cold feet, I am always careful to keep my feet warm, even in summer. In winter, at work a use a foot warmer, it is very nice.

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Posted in: Growing number of Japan municipalities ban outing LGBT individuals See in context

Roy, I don't think guys would complain, but women at a Japanese company will 100% run to HR if a male-looking person uses the women toilet. And larger companies also have changing rooms and other facilities, which are potentially even more problematic. The solution until now was, management tells them that X is a transgender, but without X explicit permission, you can't say that. These issues are actually discussed at management and HR level, at least at larger companies in Japan, and there are no clear cut answers.

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Posted in: Growing number of Japan municipalities ban outing LGBT individuals See in context

"The boss is not in a difficult position lol. If that person is transgender they can use whatever gender bathroom they identify with. If people want to be ignorant and complain that's their problem."

This is not how it works in real life. If Nakamura Taro identifies as a woman, then the women in the company will complain to the boss if he/she used the toilet or changing room. Now, the boss cannot tell them anything about Taro unless his/her explicit permission. And telling those women they are "ignorant" will just seal the boss' fate with HR.

We had a guy who was probably just a fan of cosplay, and he was coming on Fridays only dressed as a women. With a blonde wig, makeup, skirt, heels, etc. I am not sure what toilet was he using on Fridays, but fortunately nobody complained.

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Posted in: Growing number of Japan municipalities ban outing LGBT individuals See in context

Alan, bot straight and gay people are allowed to talk about their partners, that is not the problem described here. Other people, especially those in position of power (direct boss, professor, etc.) are not allowed to talk about other people's partners without the consent of that person. Which applies both for straight and gay couples. Anybody's sexual preference should be a private issue, and should depend only on the personal decision to reveal it to others.

The problem a boss may have is transgenders. If he/she starts using the other gender's toilet (or on a company trip, onsen, room, etc.), and others start complaining, then the boss is in a difficult situation.

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Posted in: Shelton shocked by success after moving into Japan Open semis See in context

Interesting thing to say, considering that the top Japanese tennis players learned theit technique abroad, Nishikori, Nishioka, Mochizuki, etc at IMG, and Daniel mostly in Spain

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Posted in: Shelton shocked by success after moving into Japan Open semis See in context

Not sure about the influence of the balls, they use Dunlop AO, the official ball of the Australian Open. But indeed players have favorite balls, and there is a discussion on the possible correlation between using different balls on the tour and the increase in wrist and arm injuries. But I think the surface impacts the most, and the fast surface at Japan Open does favor big servers like Shelton. Plus the amount of fatigue at the end of the season is quite different between players who constantly ran deep into tournaments and the younger upcoming ones.

Nevertheless, I really look forward to the semis today. A Japanese in the final would do great for the popularity of tennis in Japan.

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Posted in: Shelton shocked by success after moving into Japan Open semis See in context

Shelton is an entertaining young player, but the big news here should be local hero Mochizuki advancing to the semis.

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Posted in: Since saving lives depends on every minute and every second, we ask for residents' understanding and cooperation even if they feel we're noisy. See in context

I think the complain is they blast the siren all the time, regardless of time or traffic situation. There is a big hospital nearby, and sometimes I get woke up by sirens at 3-4 am in the morning, even if there is no traffic whatsoever at that time.

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Posted in: Ruud loses to qualifier Giron at Japan Open See in context

Interesting why so many seed players lost: maybe something to so with the fast surface, but my speculation is just fatigue. It is late in the season, and top players played a lot of matches, because they usually go deep in tournaments.

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Posted in: We ask motorcycle and bicycle riders to set proper routes on apps and check traffic signs and signboards, instead of focusing on smartphone displays. See in context

The fact that the American cyclist died because of entering the highway has surely something to do with the press it received. Also, JT being an English news site targeting mostly foreigners in Japan also did contribute to the vigorous discussions

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Posted in: Beware the dark side of health checks See in context

I have a hard time understanding how regular health checks, at least the yearly ones compulsory in Japan, can do more harm. They don't do them in my native country, and unfortunately already some people I've known died in their 40s because they did not know they have a condition, or their cancer was discovered too late. My parents also discovered they have cancer at a relatively early stage by complete luck (unrelated check), which saved their lives.

I do health checks every year (they're compulsory at my company, and free), and I never had the experience of pushy doctors trying to sell me whatever. Just a regular check of blood, urine, fecal matter, chest Xrays, electrocardiogram, eyes/ears check, talking with a doctor, and the sort. Then the results come, and if there are some bad values, they recommend some life style improvements and in some cases a double check. Which helped me detect some nasty polyps.

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Posted in: Alcaraz, Medvedev cruise into round two of China Open See in context

Maybe not fear, but all players know they have to increase their level when playing him. Which is great for tennis.

btw, while surely he is very young, Alcaraz turned 20 this year, so he is not a teenager anymore

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Posted in: Social media inspires Japanese women to dash into rickshaw pulling See in context

We went for a jinrikisha ride with the kids the other day, and we were surprised that the puller was a young girl. She told us she is a college student and does this as a part time job during weekends, besides the money helps her staying fit, improve conversational skills, and practice English because more than half of the customers are foreigners. And she also told us that this summer was hell...

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Posted in: 2 Japanese on British firm's list of Nobel-class researchers See in context

Clarivate is a data analysis company that handles scientific literature, and it makes senseto correlate highly cited papers with the probability of winning a Nobel prize. Several publishers also make polls for Noble predictions, which are quite popular, but the success rate not very high. Atthe end, we just have to wait two more weeks.

And remember, Nobel prizes in science are typically awarded for research done 20 years ago or so, so it doesn’t necessarily reflect the scientific power of a country.

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Posted in: Is Japan’s new Asahi Super Dry beer better or worse than the original formula? See in context

I don't really know why, but I never liked Asahi Super Dry, maybe because I like bitter beers? From the same category (and price), I prefer Kirin Ichiban Shibori.

Agree with Wallace on Premium Malts and Yebisu, I personally sligthly prefer Yebisu. And they have some nice varieties, the blue Yebisu (pale ale) is my favorite.

A bit more expensive, Spring Valley is also a good choice, especially the white one (they call it "silk ale"). And a recent one, unfortunately a bit on the expensive side, Suntory's Master's Dream is a great, deep-flavor lager that reminds me of my beloved Pilsner Urquell.

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Posted in: When you travel overseas, what travel or health insurance do you use? See in context

As others said, the credit card insurance is good enough (it also depends on the card though). Fortunately, I've never had to use it, but many things can happen, so insurance is a must

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