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Tina Okasan Espela comments

Posted in: New book takes on the culture of kids bullying their parents See in context

We parents should have more free time for them than what we think we do everyday, and we need to use it wisely for our children. Especially on my part, having two teenagers bragging almost every night about what they have done in school and stuff... I sometimes neglect my devotion and I am aware of that and more energy drains me up at times. I look at some issues wherein I struggle with them a bit more deeply. I know they have their hormones malfunction mode sometimes but I can easily adjust with it but not to the point where they can bully me ... Well it happens, the period of resistance!! .. but I NEVER TOLERATE them to do such! Our attitude towards our kids sometimes has to pause for a while and think of their self needs for them to change. It will take time to help them adjust and find their own answer ... Parents should invest some time in exploring a different philosophy on how to deal with them. We don't have to adopt it, but there is more to expect than what we currently believe is right. Patience .. Pause ... Patience .. Power! wink emoticon

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Posted in: Aquino compares China to Nazi Germany See in context

How can he compare the Nazi's before the world war II when all the means of communication that time were off but radio transmitters, telegraph services and telephone?! Wasn't it just a form of idiotic I mean Idiomatic Speech? It will just complicate the situation. It is like hitting your own head with a hammer and say "Oooops!" China has been doing that expansion for many fawkin years!! So why just only now??? I dont get it! ( ゜д゜)、;'.・( ロ_ロ)ゞ( ロ_ロ)ゞ

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