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Not in Yokosuka. It’s business as usual: heavy traffic, families in parks, people sitting in restaurants. I went out to get groceries at the local store, since the US Navy in our area has us sheltering in place. A group of 7 people outside my window chatting with their dogs; construction workers building houses. You would never know there is a worldwide pandemic killing hundreds of thousands of people around the world. It’s frightening and surreal.

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Stop the ignorant comments about the flu! This is worse than the flu. No one.., repeat no one has any immunity to it. You are exposed and you will get it. Locking down large cities is the ONLY way to stop the spread, not government subsidies and do nothing wait and see policy.

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It’s good to see so many people have similar thought and feelings about what’s happening or not happening in Japan.

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I have been saying for months that Japan has not been testing enough and that the only reason the numbers were low was because of the Olympics and Abe’s concern for his political legacy. I’ve have commented as often as possible about my concern as an EXPAT living in this country for more than 3 years. I have been attacked for my statements and pulled aside at work because of my seemingly “unwarranted” anxiety and concern for my health and safety.

I am pleased to see so many others share the same feelings and thoughts that I have had for some time: the Olympics are over and cases have spiked; one weekend isn’t goin to do anything; a lackadaisical do nothing government; and shock at the city parks being full while schools are closed.

Now my own government is preventing me from leaving a country I fear doesn’t have the capability to care for its people at the level of the US.

The arrogance of government, people and editorials saying Japan is somehow better, cleaner, genetically superior that’s the world is disgusting, but not surprising. It’s the part of Japan I don’t want to remember when I am able to leave this country.

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I feel the same way about the soft approach Japan is taking to contain the spread the the coronavirus. It’s dangerous.

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