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Posted in: Japan aiming for Abe-Kim summit in Russia in September See in context

US is making Japan to pay NK again.  How much kickbacks to US this time?

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Posted in: Japan's ethnic Koreans loyal to Pyongyang look to summit to bring peace, boost status See in context

those kids were born of grandparents abducted to Japan as slave laborers,

That's how they were told in Korean schools but in fact no individual ever testified as such.   Koreans in Japan hear from their parents that they came to Japan for better jobs.

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Posted in: Mattis warns Japan, S Korea of bumpy road to Trump-Kim summit See in context

It will be a "bumpy road"

Stop the drama.  As expected, Trump demanded Japan/SK pay money to NK. US's real ally.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea differ on how to deal with Kim Jong Un See in context

I wonder if anyone in the Abe cabinet has actually taken the time to look at a map and realize that it says "Korea" and not Japan on it?

NK is demanding money from Japan so why not Japan say something?

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Posted in: Japanese women see turning point on sexual harassment after scandal See in context

Noda, Fushishima, and Ando are hardly liked by Japanese women and men.

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Posted in: Japan tells WTO it is ready to retaliate against U.S. steel tariffs See in context

You do realize that both China and Japan operate huge trade surpluses with the U.S.

Japan is only 4th largest of US imports and 4th largest of US exports.  Hardly to be compared with China.

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Posted in: Japan plans retaliatory tariffs against U.S., NHK reports See in context

you will find more Japan products in the US than you will find US products in Japan

Because US products are not easy to see such as weapons, fighter jets, Music copyright, Medicine, Wheat, Fertilizer, etc.

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Posted in: 3 more victims sue Japanese government over forced sterilization See in context

Every country had this kind of law.  It was legal at that time.

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Posted in: Japan's economy shrinks in January-March quarter See in context

Japan depends on global growth to fuel its own economy for which exports are crucial.

Japan is a domestic economy country with trade dependecy 12-16% GDP.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan to move rapidly on trade deal: Hagerty See in context

Before Pearl Harbor, US stopped food supply to Japan.  (But during the war, US secretly sold food to Japan thru another country to extend the war)

US is unreliable country for food.

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Posted in: N Korea will never fully give up nuclear weapons: top defector See in context

Remember what happened to Kaddafi.

Kaddafi did not have Japan as a neighbor so different.

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Posted in: Xerox ends merger with Fujifilm in victory for shareholders See in context

 "accounting irregularities"

Japan's accounting is a little different from US, nothing new.  Zerox is obviously lying and trying to evade the responsibility.

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Posted in: Abe, Trump eye talks before and after U.S.-N Korea summit See in context

I'm sure US would demand Japan to pay NK huge money again.  US and Koreas are pals.  But Japan should refuse this time.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker's comment that newlyweds should raise at least 3 kids sparks criticism See in context

Diclining population is the serious problem Japan faces. So it would be remiss if not say anything like this as a politician.

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Posted in: Aso under fire for new remark on ex-official's sexual harassment case See in context

..old people should die quickly cause they don’t pay tax

He didn't say that.  He himself is a old person.  He said "I cannot say old people should hurry up and die, but I wouldn't prolong my life by using expensive medical measure without any hope of recovering"

I admire hitler

He didn't admire hitler. 

there is no such thing as a sexual harrassmet charge.

there is no such thing as a sexual harrassmet charge in Japan.  How can you criminally charge someone who merely said "The dress looks nice on you" or "Let's go to dinner"

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Posted in: Japan must boost protection for sexual harassment victims, says Noda See in context

This is the most recent press freedom ranking I could find, which puts SK in 43rd, Japan in 67th and China in 176th, five places from bottom.

Even with the ranking, Japan is lower than SK in press freedom.  SK is a country who arrested a Japanese journalist for a long time and criminally tried who only wrote about the whereabout of President Park in Japanese language toward Japanese audience. 

All Japanese news media are busy criticizing and lying about Abe, but nobody ever arrested for that.

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Posted in: Japan must boost protection for sexual harassment victims, says Noda See in context

Japan ranked 114 among the 144 nations rated by the 2017 Global Gender Gap report of the World Economic Forum, flanked by Guinea and Ethiopia, and down 13 places since Abe took power.

The ranking was based on the West value.   Japan was also ranked lower than China or SK by the West about freedom of expression.   So, you can tell the intention of anti-Japan rankings.

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Posted in: 5 more Australian MPs leave parliament after court's citizenship ruling See in context

 this law chooses just about the blandest phrase imaginable, basically impossible to quantify

When law is ambiguous, you have to interprete it in a way there won't be any inconsistency. 

and with no mention of penalties imposed for not "complying" with that what-does-it-mean phrase.

It says "revoked"

You're just another of those people who believes that dual nationality "isn't allowed", and who is either highly confused when they come across living evidence to the contrary, or chooses the comfort-zone option of ignoring the inconvenient reality and continuing to parrot the fantasy.

When coming across illegal foreigners, people don't report them to the authority. But it does not mean those illegal foreigners are not illegal.

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Posted in: 5 more Australian MPs leave parliament after court's citizenship ruling See in context

Japan does allow dual nationality.

only if you have some political difficulties in renouncing, says the law in effect. "Make efforts" has a significant meaning. It does not mean "You don't have to renounce".

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Posted in: 5 more Australian MPs leave parliament after court's citizenship ruling See in context


Neither you nor anyone else here would be able to provide examples of where that has happened.

Some female politicien renouced American nationality when Renho's dual nationality became a scandle. If Japan is a country that allows dual nationality, it wouldn't have happened.

More importantly, no such thing is stated in the Nationality Law.

It seems the entire of the Nationality law says so.  The principle of the law says Japan does not allow dual nationality.

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Posted in: 5 more Australian MPs leave parliament after court's citizenship ruling See in context

In Japan, if a person has Japanese nationality, his/her other nationalities do not prevent him/her from taking a public office.

In Japan, your Japanese nationality is revoked if other nationality is not renounced.   So assuming a public office with two nationalities is technically illegal.

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Posted in: Japan beats unified Korean table tennis team See in context

“There will be no unified team for the men because North Korea did not qualify for this year's world championships.”

Neither North or South Korea Women's team qualified to go up to play against Japan. South Korea did not win a single game at this championships but received the bronze medal.  

Ishikawa was crying after winning the game because of the pressure from the sudden change.

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Posted in: Japan beats unified Korean table tennis team See in context

Why didn't they show the special bonds between the two countries in men's games?  Japan's men fought against SK, not unified Korea.

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Two days ago both teams pitched this idea, they did not want to be competing against each other

Then they should have withdrawn from the games altogether. They waited until the last moment to announce this and gave the Japanese team no preparation time or idea who to play against. Koreans, composed of the the best players from the two teams,  had a very good idea about the Japanese team and a good rest  

This is nothing but a cheating.

They were passionate... to show the special bonds between the two countries.

Table tennis is not a war, only a game.

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Posted in: Pingpong diplomacy: Koreas join teams at table tennis worlds See in context

Even if they collected the best players from the both teams, no match for Japan.

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Posted in: Takata whistleblower says air bag warning was 'ethical duty' See in context

Meanwhile ethical Subaru, Toyota, Mazda , etc are still using Takata airbags on their new cars.

Didn't US buy Takata technology?  If the money goes to Americans that's OK.

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Posted in: Kono, Pompeo agree to maintain maximum pressure on N Korea See in context

NK is said to be a US partner to sell US weapons to Japan and SK.  The last time they talked, US made Japan pay huge money to NK.   I hope Japan wouldn't pay this time to reward nuclear testing and missile over Japan and kidnapping.

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Posted in: Panasonic fined $280 mil in U.S. over bribery See in context

Don't invest in USA.

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Posted in: Outrage as WWII sex slave memorial removed in Manila See in context

gaijinpapa, haven't you heard of brainwashing or WGIP?  You need to know all the detail to see the whole picture.  Just asking the local people isn't enough.  If you ask Koreans, the younger people hate Japan more because of brainwashing.  According to them, Japan is No.1 enemy,  not NK.

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Posted in: Outrage as WWII sex slave memorial removed in Manila See in context

Its been 70 years and most of the people who put these god awful statues up have no links what so ever to the supposed crimes committed.

That is the very reason that they build the statues now.  The people who witnessed that comfort women were prostitues have gone.  So these people who build the statues can lie openly now.

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