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Tired of Whiners comments

Posted in: Sean Penn: a Hollywood rebel with many causes See in context

He talks a good game about doing things for charity, but he accomplishes nothing at all. It is all publicity to him. He beats up women to make himself feel more like a man. And he is a lousy actor, same rubbish from him all the time. I hope he goes to jail for this, the big jerk.

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Posted in: Should the statue of a girl dedicated to the memory of Korean women forced to work in Japanese military wartime brothels be removed from outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul? See in context

You mean half-hearted apologies that no one except Japan bought? That is why; no one believed it. Rather like this deal, it is announced and then your Prime Minister sends his wife to pay her respects to war criminals. You can keep the 1 billion yen, let Korea keep the statue until Japan REALLY acknowledges what they DID! Only cowards hide behind subterfuge.

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Posted in: Should the statue of a girl dedicated to the memory of Korean women forced to work in Japanese military wartime brothels be removed from outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul? See in context

Why can't Japan simply admit what they did in the war? They raped and murdered their way across Asia with the dreams of the East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. Caught up in the same social Darwinism their ally Hitler was; believing themselves to be the "SUPERIOR" Asian. Well, guess what, you lost. You are not superior. You were crushed because you were weaker (just like Hitler in Germany). But all the war is to Japan is Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You fail to remember Comfort Women, murders in Nanking, Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, Pearl Harbor, Bataan, and on and on. You lost, admit and move on, for crying out loud.

By not admitting and being honest with the past, your neighbors look at you and think that, in Japan's heart of hearts, you would like to try that again.

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Posted in: WWII aftermath: How did Japan and Germany become global powerhouses? See in context

Andreas ZachcialAug. 14, 2015 - 10:51AM JST

Germany cities were destroyed and burned to almost 100%, but the industrial sites survived the war in a surprisingly good condition. The Nazis invested a lot in the core industries and they were very modern, compared to many other european countries. After the war it was not difficult to change from war production to consumer goods. Of course the first 5-10 years were hard, but after that it improved very fast. Germany also profited a lot from the fact that millions of germans who lost there homes in the east, because of ethnic cleaning after the war, now came into the FRG and they were "hungry" for almost everything, those people worked very hard because they lost everything. The Marshall plan also helped, but it was not so generous from the US as you might think, the money given, were given under the condition that the countries had to buy with it goods from the US, so it helped also the US a lot. In the GDR, the situation was quite different. The Soviet Union dismantled a lot of factories, buildings, infastructure and brought it to their country. In the FRG this practise stopped much earlier and never reached that level as in the GDR. So it was not really a miracle what happened.

Believe me, there was no “Wirtschaftswunder”

Yes, the Marshall Plan helped WEST Germany a great deal. Oh, and the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden (not even part of WWII), Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Finland. Eastern Bloc nations were prohibited, By Stalin, from taking the credits from the USA.

Yes, indeed, there was a "Wirstshaftswunder" in Germany; West Germany. The GDR sputtered and coughed through the 1950's and 1960's building crappy cars and radios to supply the other captive nations of the eastern bloc. Tell me, if the FRG was not a success, why did so many people want to move there in 1989? Maybe because it was a success and the GDR was one giant prison camp?

And your comment on "somewhat fascist system", belies your total ignorance on what the Nazi state really was as an economy. Perhaps reading a few more books would enlighten you? I sure hope so.

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Posted in: Abe: Japan must face history, but future generations should not have to keep apologizing See in context

What a wasted opportunity. You have the chance to come clean and put it behind Japan, but Abe opts to whitewash history by bringing up atomic bombings and fire bombings (Japan as the victim, again). Does he mention Nanking? No, because in his history book it never happened. Does he mention Comfort Women, nope; again, it never happened. Say goodbye to a summit in Beijing Shinzo; you just handed the Chinese President all he needed to cancel that proposed meeting. In case you did not realize it, that summit was contingent ON THIS STATEMENT. Good lord, how on earth did you ever get this far you stupid, stupid man...

Until Japan comes clean (you know, like Germany) your history follows you everywhere. To the Korean, you are "Comfort Women:, to China, Nanking and Unit 731; Filipinos, the rape of Manila, etc, etc.

If you would just apologize, NO ONE COULD THROW IT IN YOUR FACE AGAIN! Are you really that dense?

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Posted in: U.S. Army copter crash-lands on ship off Okinawa; 6 injured See in context

">BertieWoosterAug. 12, 2015 - 06:14PM JST

Just please, get the US military OFF of Okinawa."

Yes, please. Move the US military to clean and efficient mainland Japan. Let US dollars help their economy with jobs, money going into the local economy whilst helping Japan defend itself.

The poorest prefecture in Japan will become even poorer so they can continue to play the victim for another 50 years rather than actually changing their pathetic circumstances.

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Posted in: Thousands rally against U.S. military base on Okinawa See in context

The US should leave Okinawa and let them be "independent" again. In less than a year, Okinawa would have the poorest economy in the Pacific, even less money than they have now, and all of the people working on the bases would be on unemployment. I wonder who would pay for all of that? How could Okinawa even pay for its own health care, let alone everything else.

This place is not some "paradise", it is a collection of concrete buildings with lousy roads with weeds growing all over the place.

By the way, maybe you should look at some pictures of Futenma in 1967; just the base with no houses there. If the Okinawans did not want the noise and 'danger' from an air base, why did you move there?? If the base is moved up north, the exact same thing would happen.

And BernieWooster " There is NOTHING in Okinawa for China. Thanks to the US military, Okinawa is still pretty poor. (Really, all of that money that flows into Okinawans pockets and the US makes them poor. Here is an idea for you, go work in a Chinese sweatshop and see how much you get paid.)

In fact, I don't see China doing any attacking anywhere. (Right, just ask Vietnam and the Philippines how China is treating them)

It is, however, doing a lot of business and its economy is looking MUCH healthier than the USA's or Japan's. (Again, Bernie, you really need to read up on what is going on today; the Chinese economy has been stalled for the last two years whilst the American one is the only STABLE economy in the world. Try checking into the financial markets and see where people are putting their money.)

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