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Posted in: Noda says Japan will have to OK Osprey deployment See in context

Bertiewooster here's the thing, you say the military is not needed or wanted here? Do you realize the economic impact troops have on Okinawa? What about the stores and mom and pop shops who depend on the toops and have for so many years. Sure there are in my opinion a few too many bases there but think about this, as soon as the U.S. Military is pulled from Japan do you really think the JASDF will be able to repel China or Korea with it's million man army? I have a feeling you would be the first to call the U.S. if that happened. And don't start on the crine BS. I was a military police officer here and I saw way more Oki on Oki crime than American on Oki. It just doesn't always make the news because that wouldn't be a good political weapon...

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Posted in: Lamborghini driver nabbed for speeding after posting online video See in context

1 the tattle tale probably knew the guy. 2 said tattle tale was probably jealous rich guy wouldn't let him drive the Lambo. 3 rich guy probably doesn't really care because he is rich, drives a Lambo and did I mention rich. Not condoning his actions just stating my opinion.

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Some poeple on here seem to forget they are living in thIs country as a guest and have to abide by the rules. If you don't like it leave. In America as well any person over a certain age is required to carry ID and if not the police have the option of "detaining" you until you produce one. Stop bitchin and deal with it or leave. Bring on the negative comments but the fact remains this is Japan not America or any other country and never will be.

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Timeon, you do need to take the driver test if you have an American license. It's a 10 question written test and the driving test. It was more nerve racking than difficult but I passed the first time.

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Posted in: Assistant police inspector arrested for drunk driving at 8 a.m. See in context

I am an ex military police officer and worked in japan. The Japanese breath tests are notoriously wrong. I gave a test once after a jp test and the guy barely registered. The jp test said he was twice their legal limit. He was let go after the interpreter called him on faulty equipment.

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