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Posted in: Cameron reminds China of obligations over Hong Kong See in context

The only way for Hong Kong is to revolt and be the new Taiwan. But considering how power China has become, it's impossible to try so without shedding blood. Hongkong could be the venue for the next "tianemen square massacre". It's too late! The prime minister Cameron can't do anything other than to express sentiments.It was theis greatest mistake the Britain has done for HongKong.

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Posted in: Japan protests over banner of Korean assassin at Asian Games See in context

Waving a banner of a criminal , an assassin, and a terrorist? Have some class Korea!

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Posted in: Nissin Foods to hike prices of 250 products from January See in context

That's fine. I don't buy this brand. It's originally pricey before tax hikes. I prefer kinchan noodle (88Y). Much cheaper and tastier than Nissin's.

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Posted in: Autumn sale See in context

5000円 for that SONY wireless bluetooth speaker? Where is this?

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Posted in: Murata to roll out film-like temperature sensor for smartphones See in context

Too bad Apple watch doesn't have this sensor.

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Posted in: SoftBank reported in talks to buy DreamWorks See in context

@jerseyboy Remember few years back when the yen was all-time high against the USD, JCorps was indeed panic buying foreign firms not only US'. Softbank is just exanding assets. Japan is still profitable in the future, SB is just extending arms.


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Posted in: SoftBank reported in talks to buy DreamWorks See in context

Softbank is panic buying US companies. What's happening to the other Jcompanies. Not enough cash or the yen's too low?

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Posted in: All insolvent idol group The Margarines to debut; total debt of all members: 127 million yen See in context

Unlike other idol groups who are bound by strict no-dating clauses in their contracts or some that are allowed to date and marry but only in a reality TV setting, The Margarines are allowed to do whatever they want in order to meet their first sales target.

Good. They have more options to make big $$$. They can do porn or date old fans. Sexting or making boob-touching events like some did. They can get out of debt faster than just doing "idol" acts.

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Posted in: Indonesia to censor 'pornographic' Japanese cartoon See in context

Slumdog, If you're watching the show, I'm pretty sure you've seen captions saying "Yoi ko mane-shinaide ne "(don't imitate) . I think Shinchan's genitals are harmless.

Gogogo, It's like seeing genitals of a five years old. No malice if you're sane. And because he's five years old it's fine for him to do some naivety like playing elephant genitals. If you're reacting too much on seeing naked little kids(real or cartoon), there must be something wrong with you.

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Posted in: Indonesia to censor 'pornographic' Japanese cartoon See in context

ProbieSEP. 26, 2014 - 11:31AM JST Childish, annoying, and dumb? Yes.

Disagree. The show is very witty, fun, and more mature (but not sexual) than any cartoons. There are a lot of psychological and behavioural manipulation to characters, which makes Shinchan a funny character for adult audiences.

Indonesia doesn't real@ize this. The show was never harmful.

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Posted in: China's swim king Sun calls Japan's national anthem 'ugly' See in context

Highball7, It does reflect China and its culture and dignity. Chinese people are not quite aware what humility and consideration to others mean. Go to China and notice how their behavior differs from Japan. For instance , simple things like queuing in lines, not being hygienic etc. Even the Chinese government tells Chinese travellers to act "civilized" abroad. Mr. Sun is the typical Chinese guy you can think of . His behaviour is the result of an underdeveloped society. An athlete shouldn't act like this. He should learn from Hagino, humble and considerate to others.

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Posted in: Battle lines See in context

Philsandoz, the movie was based on the "Picture Letters from Commander in Chief "by Tadamichi Kuribayashi. Tell me if his work is a propaganda!

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Posted in: Battle lines See in context

Stewart Gale, who or what propagandized you to think that? Have you seen any japanese war movies? Like "Letters of Iwojima" or movies with war like "Grave of Fireflies"? Too much wester media aye?

Enunfields, why do you even ask? It's in China!

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Posted in: Indonesia to censor 'pornographic' Japanese cartoon See in context

I enjoy Shinchan and doesn't get bothered by his butt, it's just funny. It's actually my favorite comedy. Indonesia and rest of muslim world should.open their minds and come out from their caves once in a while.

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Posted in: China's swim king Sun calls Japan's national anthem 'ugly' See in context

What a scum! He is the quintessential big-headed, cocky, self-centred, arrogant, mannerless, immature sportsman. I guess being a champion doesn't guarantee you respect after all.

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Posted in: Own a pair of secret camera shoes? The police should be by shortly for a visit See in context

Yeah Jcops ! Collect all those shoes. Not only it serves any legal purposes but it's also ugly. GARBAGE!

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Posted in: Japan's bullet train hits half century See in context

Fifty years after its inception, the shinkansen is no longer unique—several countries, including China, now have high speed train networks. Whether Japan can ever regain its crown remains to be seen.

Ahem! China copied the technology. But the big difference? Japan's.Shinkansen is proven safe ,half a century .

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Posted in: Mother, boyfriend arrested for abusing her two young children See in context

I really hope so Mirai, the mother shouldn't be allowed to meet the kids until she deeply repent and recollect what she did. I wonder where the father could be?

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Posted in: Mother, boyfriend arrested for abusing her two young children See in context

What will happen to the children now? The trauma and mental/emotional damages they experienced will affect them until they grow old. Poor ones. Shame on the mother.

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Posted in: Anti-nuclear plant rally See in context


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Posted in: Hagino swim treble sparks China rant See in context

Who the hell these Chinese officials think they are?

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Posted in: Asian Games kick off 'Gangnam Style' See in context

What a very lame ceremony! I am surprised to know this psy is still doing his "one-hit-wonder" circus acts. He is already a thing of the past! Why not use some traditional Korean song? Why kpop? I hope their ideas changes in the winter Olympics.

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Posted in: Japanese scientists among Ig Nobel spoof award winners See in context

Measuring the coefficient of friction of banana skins and their hazardous properties?

Is this a joke?

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Posted in: Man arrested for poisoning over 40 cats in Tokyo's Ota Ward See in context

I am a cat lover and reading these kinds of news breaks my heart. Justice for the little cute ones. Rot that piece of dung for ages.

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Posted in: Abe seeks summit with S Korea's Park See in context

As long as Park is the president nothing will happen. She was the daughter of a pro-Japanese imperial army. What she's been doing is acting stubborn and childish trying to portray that she's different from her father. The way she acted in the previous trilateral talks with Japan and the US was so immature. Abe was a gentleman and tried to speak korean to her but she acted like a brat. I don't see any improvement in Korea's part anytime soon. I will praise Abe for the effort but people don't have enthusiasm for this.

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Posted in: Apple core See in context

Papi2013SEP. 19, 2014 - 08:18PM JST Yeah, but can you do that with adding extra memory? Apple charging you arm and a leg to get 64bit storage is just criminal. With most Android phone, all you have to do is get the basic memory phone, then spend fifty bucks and add the memory in anytime you need it. Can't do that with Apple. I have to admit though, not being able to open up the back cover means Apple can design their elegant looking metal case. Unfortunately though, that advantage goes away soon enough because you need to buy plastic cases to protect the screen. You're still back to plastic anyway.

Why do you need extra memory? It's just a hassle to keep and switch microSD cards and if you misplace it, you can say goodbye to your precious data. Apple has enough memory and has the cloud. I have never used any plastic covers with my iphone. But let me ask you this, how about the plastic Shameshug phones? Why do people cover them with plastic if it's plastic? Answer to that, because it's so horribly designed! People wants to conceal the ugliness.

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Posted in: Apple core See in context

yes there's a way even with iPhones, just harder)

Thanks lostrune2. There you go gogogo! There's more reason to buy the iphone . The battery is also replaceable!

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Posted in: Chinese buyers in Tokyo lead charge in iPhone 6 global debut See in context

InJapan, The Sony XPERIA Z2 is selling like hotcakes. They designed better than other plastic competitors. The XPERIA Z3 and the HTC ONE X are the only current non-apple competitor that's good looking.

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Posted in: Chinese buyers in Tokyo lead charge in iPhone 6 global debut See in context

Mainland Chinese buyers are probably jealous by now. At least they are contributing to Japan's tourism. Welcome.

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Posted in: Apple core See in context

Gogogo you don't really need battery replaceable batteries. The life of the phone is just same as the battery. If I wanted extra juice for my phone, I'll just buy a portable power bank. It's more practical that way. I can also use the powerbank for other devices . Extra battery is just for one device. Apple built-in battery is more sensible IMO.

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