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Posted in: Japan revises law to make more part-timers join pension program See in context

I am required pay almost 15 grands a year in this garbage of a pension program. I wish I could use that money to buy bonds/etfs and manage my pension money instead of having a low skilled komuin do that for me.

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Posted in: Witherspoon, Lovato open up on Jamil’s anti-shame podcast See in context

Jameela used to be my English teacher in London back in the days.

It is truly beautiful to see a person so positive and so idealistic become a celebrity and hosting podcasts our society so desperately needs.

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Posted in: Lower house passes bill allowing delayed pension payout See in context

I was just trying to work out how long you'd have to live to benefit from deferring or not deferring your pension. However, Excel tells me that 1.007 to the power 120 (an increase of 0.7% a month for 10 years) is 2.309, an increase of 131%, not 84%. An 84% increase in 120 months is more like 0.5% a month.

I suspect it's still best to get as much free time as possible as early as possible when you are genki.

nope. You get 0.7% interest on the paid capital (the pension). The interest is not reinvested. Therefore:


Normally, bonds, pensions and mortgages rates are calculated on the bare capital, without interests.

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Posted in: Japanese firms back same-sex partnership certificate campaign in gay rights push See in context

Sure @dirk. All marriages not ending up in procreation should be considered void then. And after how many years should a heterosexual marriage without children be considered void? 2/3/10? Are women to be merely considered as means for procreation?

It would really be a lot better if people thought twice before opening their mouth and spit silly rants.

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Posted in: Japanese firms back same-sex partnership certificate campaign in gay rights push See in context

It is just baffling to me how the ruling party uses the word unconstitutional.

Lockdown and gay marriages are unconstitutional so they can’t be performed. BUT, Japan having an army is unconstitutional so constitution must be changed ( or so they say).

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Posted in: Twitter to block virus 5G conspiracy theory tweets See in context

Stating something false as a fact is does not equate to providing an opinion. Removing conspiracy theories with no scientific ground is absolutely to be supported.

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Posted in: Abe's wife criticized for group shrine visit See in context

I remember that time I met and talked with the First Lady at a bar in Nichome. She’s a very cool in person. It really surprises me she’s acting this way.

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Posted in: Gov't promises swift coronavirus payouts, starting in May See in context

It would be cool if they actually used MyNumber and let you login on an online platform through it and apply for the payment on an account you specify there.

It would be the most logical development given money orders require physical presence to be cashed out and close interactions should be discouraged during a pandemic.

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Posted in: Aichi Prefecture to declare its own state of emergency See in context

Pretty ridiculous that people claim “employees have to work to eat”.

do they need to work and earn money for the grave? Because that’s the risk many business owners are exposing them to.

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Posted in: Hanged ex-Aum member urged would-be terrorists to halt attacks See in context

Can people stop translating whatever verb they read in Japanese with “urge”? It’s not used that commonly in the English language and it’s pretty lame, too.

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to stay at home at weekend See in context

@kitzrow I’m really sorry for what you’re going through. If I lived in the Tokyo area I would give you a ride to the hospital during these harsh times.

Please take care and try to use the transportation during off peak times.

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Posted in: Why Italy? The factors behind a coronavirus disaster See in context

And by the way, who is pulling out this story of the Chinese money? Because Japan has far more Chinese workers than Italy. If you want to spread false info, it is better to chose something that does not show up on as first or second result on Google. Cheers mate!

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Posted in: Why Italy? The factors behind a coronavirus disaster See in context

Seth, are you defending the indefensible? It does not matter whether I am Italian or not. I pay taxes in Japan and I support, through my payments, the health care for a lot of people in this country. So who should I be thankful to and for what, exactly?

Self-isolation? When I entered Japan had no rules about that. Being cautious, I keep checking my temperature three times a day and wear mask whenever I am not at home.

I would like to remind you that the 1000 cases in Japan are community-spread, not imported from abroad. There is a huge difference.

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Posted in: Why Italy? The factors behind a coronavirus disaster See in context

The Time article is, in fact, relevant. Thank you for posting @InspectorGadget.

Also, a few days ago a CNN article showed a comparison between Italy, China and South Korea.

Cannot find the article but it was on top of the news.

Keys are:

1) Air quality

2) Age

3) Percentage of smoking population.

Also, as for the deaths, as I have already stated, each country uses different policies when counting.

For example, Italy classifies as deaths by Coronavirus all people affected by coronavirus who passed away (comorbidities included). Italy is also conducting autopsies to ascertain the cause of death.

Germany is a more conservative in the counting, which explains the huge discrepancy.

Hugging and all does not really factor in though. Tokyo's subway is packed all the time and has been so for decades. If that was the reason, Japan would have a much higher number of infections considering that 3.5 million people commute through Shinjuku Station on a daily bases.

Bottom line is: if you do not test you do not have cases.

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Posted in: Why Italy? The factors behind a coronavirus disaster See in context


please, when you post links to articles, place some reputable newspaper, not that piece of garbage.

Rome had direct flights to Wuhan and Rome has much more Chinese tourists than Milan, nevertheless it has not become a hotspot for the virus yet. How does one explain that with the article’s narrative?

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Posted in: Why Italy? The factors behind a coronavirus disaster See in context

Honestly I flew back to Japan from Italy last week and you can say whatever you want but the truth is:

1) Italian population is older than basically any other country in the world (excluding Japan)

2) the north was hit more than the south because it is better connected and has a lower density of population

3) comparing Italy to Germany by number of ICU rooms does not make sense because Germany is well above the European average by that standard and has a larger population than Italy. It makes more sense to compare the number of ICU rooms per 100000 people and you will realize that Italy is well ahead of France, UK, Spain and the Netherlands by that standard (Germany is still in a better position).

4) the way deaths are counted and reported is not universal, each country decides how and which words to use to report it

5) Italy is actually taking steps to fight the virus by checking passengers temperature all over the airports. After arriving in japan from a very high risk country (as I said at the beginning of the post, I was flying back from Italy to Japan last week) nobody checked my temperature whatsoever. Is this panacea Japan is using to fight the epidemic? Ignoring it?

God, I love this country, but I wish the government put people ahead of economy.

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Posted in: What would an Olympics cancelation cost Japan? See in context

People in my country do not have enough beds to take care of patients and many are dying everyday, meanwhile Japan not only is not in any way supporting the fight against the virus, but it’s also promoting an event that will possibly be the cause of an epidemic.

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Posted in: Italy quarantines north to try to halt coronavirus See in context

And in Italy it arrived from Germany @jonathanprin

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Posted in: Antitrust watchdog asks court to halt Rakuten's free shipping plan See in context

so basically all prices in the country are the same across different makers (which denounces sort of a cartel operation) and the Antitrust intervenes on Rakuten. Okay.

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa seeks girlfriend for SpaceX voyage See in context

This guy is so boring, no wonder nobody wants to spend time with him. For the past month all he’s been screaming was look at me! Look at me! I’m cool!

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Posted in: Essay questions scrapped for new university entrance exams in Japan See in context

i graduated from the n.1 university in japan 4 years ago. The quality of teaching and of the students in general is very low. Sad.

what People don’t get is that you should be putting effort into the study through the degree, and not just memorizing a bunch of multiple choice questions to get in.

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Posted in: Gov't ordered to pay damages over transgender toilet ban See in context

Are people seriously claiming transgenders go through gender reassignment in order to peek into the women restroom? How ignorant does one have to be to make such a claim.

Did anybody think transgender women aren’t for the most part even attracted to women?

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Posted in: Court commutes Peruvian’s death sentence to life See in context

The “eye for an eye” logic is good for countries like Saudi Arabia.

In developed society people apply reasons and the rule of law. And law is neutral.

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Posted in: Court commutes Peruvian’s death sentence to life See in context

what’s the point of death penalty anyway?

glad Japan is commuting more and more death penalties.

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Posted in: Asian Music Awards See in context

every time I hear some k-pop or j-pop song I always wonder what went wrong with music in Asia. Why is music so disposable here?

People are always talking about the last song X of the group Y, and then forget about it in the blink of an eye. Everything sounds so shallow and artificial. Very sad.

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Posted in: Singer Andrea Bocelli: 'Absurd' to shun opera legend Domingo See in context

Tell that to Spacey. Ousted on ALLEGATIONS of sexual misconduct.

Bocelli expresses two concepts:

1) presumption of innocence and

2) separation between private life and public life.

and I agree on both his statements.

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Posted in: FamilyMart to allow shorter operating hours policy across Japan See in context

Says a lot about Toyota, doesn't it?!

No, it doesn’t.

Do you live in Japan, or do you just speak randomly?

The other major car manufacturers do not pay that much for overtime.

Overpaying combini workers is not going to solve the problem, because that would lead to an increase in overall wages and would drive up the cost of living, which would eventually offset the pay rise.

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Posted in: FamilyMart to allow shorter operating hours policy across Japan See in context

I'll do a bet with you. Make the wages ¥3000 per hour, and I bet all the positions are filled within a day.

¥3000/hour for a combini worker?

that’s more than Toyota pay for overtime. ¥1000 is low, ¥1500 would be more reasonable

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Posted in: 'Queer Eye' mini-series takes detour to Japan See in context

and no, it is not formidable. Not all gay people are hipsters who only care about appearance.

Some gay people like math, computer science, art, literature and so on.

What Queer Eye offers is a cheap, pret-a-porter face of homosexuality.

Insulting at best.

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Posted in: 'Queer Eye' mini-series takes detour to Japan See in context

Rolf, I’m sorry you had to go through conversion therapy! But well! Look at you now! You’re here and alive, talking to people about what is natural and what is not.

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