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Posted in: Arsonist destroying national park intended to revive disaster-hit region See in context

While I am concerned about lunatics walking around the forest lighting fires, I'm even more concerned about the impact this has on available emergency services. These fires tied up 16 fire crews! What if someone's house or business had burnt to the ground because local firemen weren't available?!?

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Posted in: Air Force grounds F-15s on Okinawa for inspections See in context

You noticed he asked you how many installations have aircraft flying out of them, not just AF. There are not 31 AF installations on Okinawa

@Yubaru - And I noted that I have no idea about aircraft at the Navy bases (or Army bases for that matter). I simply stated that the only AF base that I know of that has aircraft is Kadena. And I never said that there were 31 AF installations on Okinawa. According to USFJ, there are 31 US MILITARY installations on Okinawa, as I said in my original post...

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Posted in: Air Force grounds F-15s on Okinawa for inspections See in context

@Upgrayedd - I have no idea on the Navy side, but I'm pretty sure Kadena AB is the only AF flying base on Okinawa...

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Posted in: Air Force grounds F-15s on Okinawa for inspections See in context

That's one of the reasons why, in their infinite wisdom (sarcasm) the Government of Japan has put most of the US bases in Okinawa, as far from Tokyo as it's possible to get and still be on Japanese soil.

@Bertie - Military flight paths are designed to avoid densely populated areas, that is why you will never see a story about a fighter jet crashing into downtown Tokyo. Out of the 83 US military installations in Japan, 31 are located in Okinawa. If you are going to continue bashing the US military, please get your facts straight...


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Posted in: Kentucky boy, 5, fatally shoots 2-year-old sister with rifle given to him as gift See in context

How does that maybe get in there? Don't you mean absolutely, without a doubt? And we are not talking here about properly supervised/stored weapons that are safely locked away, we are talking about a loaded gun bought for an infant and left lying around like a toy.

@Cleo - I guess you either don't understand what I'm saying or you are just trying to be argumentative on the subject, because we are basically saying the same thing. My point is, I would have no problem with someone teaching their 5 year old how to safely handle and shoot a weapon. I purchased rifles for my daughters when they were 7 & 9 years old, but they were not left laying around and they were not loaded until we were at the shooting range. I believe children can and should be taught how to safely handle weapons, but each parent has to decide whether or when the time is right. It helps to remove that taboo. Ever tell a child to not touch something?

The real issue here is that the parents treated this weapon as a toy. They left it lieing around to be played with by their son as he would any other toy. It should have been stored properly and the child should have only been allowed access to it only under supervised conditions. The parents should be charged with negligence, involuntary manslaughter, etc...I'm not a prosecutor, so I don't know the letter of the law, but they should be held responsible for the death of their child...

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Posted in: Kentucky boy, 5, fatally shoots 2-year-old sister with rifle given to him as gift See in context

I see a lot of people ragging on hunting in these posts. Do you have the same feelings about fishing? I know a lot more "sport fishermen" than I know "sport hunters". But for some reason people seem to feel more attachment to mammals, so it somehow seems more wrong.

Most hunters, especially those in rural areas, hunt because it is a primary food source. Hunting in rural areas is also a very important means of wild game population control, curbing accidental killing due to motor vehicle accidents. When raising a child, it is customary to teach them how to hunt and fish, to pass these skills along to the future generation.

I taught my daughters to shoot when they were 7 and 9 years old, plinking cans out in the desert with 22 rifles. The first rule I taught them was that they were never to handle the weapons unless I was present to supervise. If they wanted to show their gun to a friend, they came to me and asked that I remove the gun from the cabinet. Second thing I taught them is muzzle control, you never point a gun at a human being whether it is loaded or not, unless you intend to shoot that person to defend yourself.

Is 5 years old too young? Maybe. But properly supervised/stored weapons are not a danger to children. Ignorant gun owners/parents who are complacent and negligent are...

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Posted in: U.S. Senate blocks gun background check legislation See in context

Seems to me that Americans are prepared to accept several mass slaughters a year, including the occasional slaying of children, as a price to pay to allow people to freely buy the weapons that cause these slaughters. What a strange country.

@Simondb - Has Japan stopped allowing people to freely buy knives due to all the stabbings? A strange country indeed...

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Posted in: Woman tries to kill son while husband, 3 kids sleep in same room See in context

Finally one of these gets averted before loss of life! Get that woman some obviously needed help!!!

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd sues Japanese whalers in Netherlands for piracy See in context


Ah, your famous 'FBI definition' of what constitutes terrorism. You've already seen time and again the very same definition more than fits the bill for the Japanese whalers. Here they fit it more than ever; using explosives, willfully ramming ships, acoustic weapons against vehicles IN FLIGHT, water cannons, etc.

I've seen many of your posts Smith and you seem to be a pretty intelligent guy, but you understand how rediculous this argument comes across? THEY ARE DEFENDING THEMSELVES. If an armed insurgent charges the gates of a military installation, are you going to blame the military for taking defensive measures? If SS wasn't there menacing and harassing the whalers, there would be no need for them to defend themselves. Defending oneself is not terrorism...

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Posted in: 10 drivers to be charged over 2011 pileup involving 8 Ferraris and a Lamborghini See in context


I don't really see any need to charge them with anything. Not only did they see their stupid lives flash before their eyes, but they also paid a fine to the tune of a small fortune in a sports car, far more than any fine the system could dish out.

And what about being charged for the danger they posed to the drivers of those Toyotas as well as all the other innocent drivers on the road? I'm all for letting people drive as fast as they want in a controlled environment where they can only hurt themselves if they drive beyond their ability, but not on public roadways, make an example of these jokers...

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Posted in: Man arrested for having his kids work on his newspaper delivery route See in context

While I enjoyed earning my own money working my paper route as a boy, I delivered papers in the early evening after school. I do understand the concern of having elementary school children out at 2:00am in the morning...

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Posted in: Man kills wife, slashes son in Tokyo home See in context

Maybe the old dude was upset because his 24 YEAR OLD son was still living at home!

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Posted in: Man stabbed on station platform after pushing dispute See in context


It would be nice to have a few METAL DETECTORS at all major train stations, you know, just to catch these fools before they do anything crazy in the trains!

Be careful what you wish for. Do you realize the amount of time that would add to your commute if everyone had to single file through a metal detector? You think it's bad at the airport, how many people ride a train each day?

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Posted in: U.S. court calls Sea Shepherd modern-day pirates See in context

@Tony Ew

What you have here is international waters, a no man's 'land' which should be out of reach of the US laws. US court therefore should use the example above as guidance to butt out!

So are you trying to imply that there is no law in international waters? If I take my boat into international waters, I can rob, kill, etc. without worrying about any fear of reprisal? This argument of jurisdiction and international waters is moot. You can argue your personal feelings about it all you want, but the law is what it is. Sea Shepherd is a US organization and is in violation of a US court order no matter where they are operating. Unless there are any lawyers out there that want to site official rulings or precedence, please refrain from further arguments of ignorance...

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Posted in: Mount Fuji climbing fee to be introduced See in context

I thought the money from the walking stick burning at the stations benefitted the mountain, no?

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Posted in: Japan executes three death-row inmates See in context

@ letsberealistic

Killing people in the name of the state is not moral development. Tell me why every other developed and civilized nations abolished the death penalty two generations ago!

The death penalty is currently utilized by 58 countries around the world. I personally feel that the death penalty should be used, if you take a life, you sacrifice your own. But until someone discovers a perfect justice system incapable of falsely convicting innocent people I can't support it...

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Posted in: Miss Hooters Japan 2013 - vote now See in context


My wife used to have issues with me going to Hooters until I finally got her to go with me and a group of friends. She was surprised by the general sports bar atmosphere and the girls were very friendly to both the male and female customers. She too thought that it would be seedy, but that's not the case, so don't knock it till you've tried it. I recommend the 911 wings, naked of course!

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Posted in: Fashionistas defend 'obscene' photographer Leslie Kee See in context

@ Tokiyo

I should think a nude body would carry a lot less consequence than a "bag full of drugs." Sometimes you just end up in places, whether you want to or not. Weak comparison methinks.

Try displaying the nude body in a Muslim country. I'm not defending the law in Japan or making any personal judgements about decency or obsenity, but Basroil & DudeDeuce have a valid point. Either accept the consequences of breaking the law or don't do it. Maybe the artist wanted to stir up some controversy to encourage debate or just wanted some personal attention. Either way, it was still against the law...

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating 84-year-old mother to death over breakfast dispute See in context

Many of the commenters here are commenting like this is the story of a spoiled teenager killing a parent. THIS MAN WAS 56 YEARS OLD! This is not a case of "spare the rod, spoil the child". Even though I hate to say it because it always makes me cringe when I see it here, but there is obviously more to the story...

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Posted in: Fugitive Sea Shepherd founder hands over reins See in context

For all those folks who still want to think Watson is a stand up guy...


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Posted in: 5-year-old girl in serious condition after being hit by car at crossing in Chiba See in context

Maybe it was different when I was a kid, but this is what my dad taught me when I was young. "Yes son, people have the right to walk on those painted lines on the street, but they don't magically stop cars, so go ahead and look both ways." Living on a military base, I often note that the children on base are even more careless in the streets than those downtown and it makes me both sad and angry. Sad that I know sooner or later, one of them is going to get hurt. Angry because some of them almost seem to do it with arrogance, as if to say "I have the right of way and you will stop while I walk down the middle of this road if I feel like doing so." Make sure you teach your kids about the dangers of crossing the street, all the lines/lights/signals in the world will not stop 1 1/2 tons of metal with a careless driver behind the wheel...

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Posted in: 2 boys sent to prosecutors over Shiga student's suicide See in context

pulling down his pants is a degree of rape

@ rys2sense - While I agree with your overall post, pulling someones pants down does not constitute rape in any shape or form. Rape is a violent and heinous act, please don't trivialize it by equating it to a school house prank...

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Posted in: U.S. to reach debt limit on New Year's Eve; Obama heads back to Washington See in context

President Obama: Don't cut a deal screwing the poor and middle class. Let the Republicans hold everything up and just continue to shill for the wealthiest. That'll put their backs against the wall and insure a better outcome.

@ PaulinUSA - How's that working out for France?

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Posted in: Chinese police release video of school knife attack See in context

Mental instability is the cause in a majority of these kinds of attacks, not the weapon used. Maybe next time someone decides to use a chainsaw, baseball bat, or any other potentially lethal device. People need to wake up and recognize that mental healthcare is severely lacking in many countries around the world and innocent people are paying the price because these people are not being identified and properly treated for their issues.

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Posted in: Two women slashed on trains in Yokohama See in context

It's these kind of incidents that prove my point when anyone wants to debate gun control. Mentally disturbed people are everywhere and when someone is determined to hurt other people, they will choose whatever weapon is at hand. Either outlaw every item that can be wielded as a weapon or better yet, put forth efforts to make sure mental health issues are better understood, addressed, and proper care is provided.

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Posted in: Fugitive Watson back on Sea Shepherd ship See in context

Sometimes I wish Japan would just abandon their whaling campaign just so this merry group would actually have to go out and find a real job...

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Posted in: Sapporo's November snowfall latest in over 120 years See in context

@ Warispeace If this late snowfall is a product of industrialized climate change, then what caused the late November snowfall 122 years ago?

@ Davestrousers Fracking has nothing to do with oil production, it's a process used to obtain natural gas...

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Posted in: Japan to see normal to above-average temperatures this winter See in context


My thinking exactly...

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Posted in: Gunma police chief arrives at fire drunk; abuses local residents See in context

All Gunma police chiefs should be placed on curfew!

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Posted in: Okinawan governor welcomes U.S. response on alleged rape See in context


This curfew will not last only a little while. I was here in 2002 -2005 when I left. They said "only a few weeks" of curfew about the white guy who murdered the japanese guy in 02. The curfew lifted this year, 2012...

I have been assigned on mainland Japan since 2010 and there has been no curfew, not sure where you are getting your info from. There was a locally generated curfew at Yokota AB restricitng the hours Airmen could be in the "Bar Row" district in Fussa. But that was not the same issue and it certainly did not affect the entire military force across the island of Japan. The curfew as it currently stands most likely won't last more than a couple of weeks, once tensions are a bit more relaxed, it will be lifted...

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