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Posted in: Israeli tanks push deeper into Rafah; battles rage in northern Gaza See in context

"Civilians must be respected and protected at all times, in Rafah and elsewhere in Gaza. For people in Gaza, nowhere is safe now," Stephane Dujarric said, adding that Guterres again called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

OK, right. We want to respect and protect civilians.

Perhaps that is why Israel tells them ahead of time to clear out so they don't get killed?

But they refuse to leave.

So, in this case, whose responsibility is it?

Can it really be called genocide when the Israeli army warns them ahead of time and tells them to leave? Is that the way that countries commit genocide? Whoever heard of genocide ever being committed in such a way?

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Posted in: Around 68,000 elderly die alone in Japan annually: police See in context

Where in the world are their families?! I thought Japan was a country that respected and cared for their elderly people.

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Posted in: U.S., Japanese banks lead fossil fuel financing See in context

This is good news! Cooler and smarter heads are prevailing! It's highly doubtful that global warming is due to humans or that the small steps we take at great expense to countries that care can make any significant difference anyway.


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Posted in: Israel moves deeper into Rafah and fights Hamas militants regrouping in northern Gaza See in context


This idea of human shields is ridiculous and might as well be applied to how Israel builds their IDF bases in civilian areas. Because they do build their army bases in civilian areas. And guess what, when Hamas entered Israel, and moved on Re'im military base, their intended target (and legitimate target?), many of the civilians/reservists who lived in the surrounding Kibbutz were unfortunately killed. And it isnt like this is out of character for the IDF, who have a history of using human shields.

I see, so you see no problem with using hospitals and schools for military activities? And firing rockets from the middle of civilian areas? Got it.

Hamas' intended target was a military target? LOL! What in the world are you talking about. Like the mass slaughter and kidnapping of civilians at the concert? RIGHT!Perhaps they wanted to take out the military posts protecting the people of the kibbutz, but the murders, torture, and rapes of the civilians was not an "unfortunate result of the attacks on the military installations." These were targeted attacks on civilians. Terrorists returning to Palestine with bodies or hostages were welcomed back as heroes and the hostages assaulted. What universe are you living in? Anyone who has even the tiniest bit of praise or sympathy for Hamas has NO IDEA who these people are. Sorry. It's just the truth.

No doubt there have been atrocities on both sides though so Israel does not escape criticism either.

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Posted in: Israel moves deeper into Rafah and fights Hamas militants regrouping in northern Gaza See in context

"Israel’s offensive has killed more than 35,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, ACCORDING TO GAZA'S HEALTH MINISTRY, which doesn’t distinguish between civilians and combatants in its figures."

OK, well at least they realize that figure does not distinguish between civilians and combatants, but anyone who trusts the figures put out by this group are extremely gullible! The deaths on both sides of the fence here are tragic, no doubt.

Why is it that none of the surrounding Muslim countries will receive any refugees from Palestine? Why does no one want to help these people?

The problem for Israel is that many of the Palestinians are firmly in the Hamas camp. They cheer whenever Israel is bombed or whenever an Israeli is killed. They welcomed back the terrorists of Oct 7th as heroes with cheering and celebrations. They create fake videos trying to blame Israel and accuse them of war crimes that they themselves were responsible for.

And Hamas makes no secret of the fact that their goal is Israeli genocide - they want Israel erased from the world as do many other countries. How can you make peace with people who want you dead and do NOT want a 2 state solution? If the Palestinians would have used all their aid money over the years to benefit their citizens, Gaza would be an amazing place today, but instead they spent their money building tunnels and educating their children to hate and training them to fight and commit suicide.

Hamas does not care about the Palestinian people at all. They steal the aid food sent in for the people and even shoot their own people who try to get it.

Israel is probably using too much force, but I don't think people understand how evil Hamas really is.

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Posted in: China says threats of force over Taiwan not aimed at most Taiwanese See in context

"Our not promising to renounce the use of force is absolutely not targeted at Taiwan compatriots. We are targeting interference from external forces and the tiny number of Taiwan independence separatists and their separatist activities," Chen said."

LOL! Didn't over half the country vote for the current separatist government?

Chinese "logic"! or maybe Chinese LIES.

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Posted in: Publisher cancels plan to translate U.S. book questioning trans surgery See in context


Best not be sorry it wasn’t published until what you know what’s in it.

Good material on this difficult topic should be welcomed.

OK, fair enough. But did you read this in the article?

"We planned to publish the translation, hoping it would help readers in Japan deepen their discussions about gender through what is happening in Europe and the United States as well as other matters," Kadokawa said.

"But the title and sales copy ended up causing harm to people directly involved" in transgender issues, the company said. "We sincerely apologize for it."

It looks like pro-trans lobby is trying to cancel out all information about the harm done to some people and the regret they suffered as well. It looks like they only want one side of the issue presented and THIS IS THE PROBLEM!

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Posted in: Publisher cancels plan to translate U.S. book questioning trans surgery See in context

Just today I saw another article about a girl who was a tomboy and so everyone thought she was a trans. She got her breasts chopped off and now she is living with deep regret. https://www.foxnews.com/media/detransitioner-breaks-down-describing-difficulty-breast-removal-surgery-something-wrong-me?dicbo=v2-PVmckvY

Information on both sides should be widely available to help people make the wisest decision possible.

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Posted in: Publisher cancels plan to translate U.S. book questioning trans surgery See in context

My concern here is that only certain view points are allowed. Only pro-trans evidence is propagated. Data that questions or doesn't support the reigning paradigm is suppressed. There are enough De-transitioners around that people should have the benefit of looking at both sides of the issue before making such a life altering decision and irreversibly mutilating their body. Many will grow out of it naturally so it's not something to take lightly. Beware of jumping on the bandwagon and ending up in a place you thought you would like, but end up regretting your choice to go there. Although I don't know the contents of the particular book in question, I'm sorry Kadokawa has decided against translating this book.

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister to assure Palestinian counterpart on aid See in context

Aid to the Palestinians is good AS LONG AS Hamas does not get a hold of it. This is a huge problem. Hamas takes the aid $ and uses it for themselves and their terror work and the people suffer.

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Posted in: Even with carbon emissions cuts, a key part of Antarctica is doomed to slow collapse, study says See in context

I suggest listening to this YOutube video by Professor William Happer for a different perspective on Global Warming: "Professor William Happer IPA lecture – The Crusade Against Carbon Dioxide – September 2023"

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Posted in: U.S. oil production hits all-time high, conflicting with efforts to cut heat-trapping pollution See in context

This is GOOD NEWS! We need to become energy independent. Biden is making that tougher, but this is encouraging!

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Posted in: Protest near Israeli embassy See in context

No one celebrates loss of life anywhere! (Oops. Except the Arabs around the world who continue celebrating the successful terror attack on Israel.)

At least Israel gave them a warning and a chance to get out of the country before trying to eliminate Hamas - unlike Hamas did with Israel.

But still, I doubt that most Jews are happy to see loss of civilian lives in Gaza. I think the Palestinians could help their case out by agreeing to allow the Jews to exist alongside them. Israel even lets them into the country to work for goodness sakes.

Anyway, we all hope this stops soon and that as few lives are lost as possible.

When the UN divvied up the land in 1948, Israel got the worst part and yet, look at it today. Look at where the Palestinians are today. If they would only have been willing to peacefully co-exist and put their aid money towards helping their people, I think things would be quite different today.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'Married men' See in context

The one lady says she feels guilty about what she is doing and wants to know how to make the guilt go away. There is a reason she feels guilty and honestly, it's good that she does feel guilty. Just as pain is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong, guilt is your soul's way of telling you that something is wrong. The best way to make the guilt go away is to stop doing what is causing you to feel guilty.

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Posted in: U.S. to invest $1.2 bil on facilities to pull carbon from air See in context

Biden must have some friends who need some help. Otherwise, why waste money on this "technology" that won't be able to put a dent in the climate change problem - even if it is really a problem! Maybe he just wants to brag that he is doing something?

Total waste. We need to get him out of the White House as soon as possible!

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Posted in: Cool Biz campaign begins across Japan See in context

Cool Biz is fine, but it's not going to be very cool if the air conditioner is set at 28! It's still going to be hot. I don't know if I could work in that type of setting.

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Posted in: 2 indicted for robbery and murder of 90-year-old Tokyo woman See in context

It's obvious these men have no respect for life, for the law, and no compassion whatsoever for others. They have no fear of God, no morals, and no fear/respect for life or for the law. With beliefs like that, they would most certainly strike again, so I think they are actually very dangerous.

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Posted in: Nuclear reactor experiment rules out one dark matter hope See in context

Proposing a theory to explain something that is not understood seems a very scientific approach.

First of all, one does not propose a "theory". One proposes a hypothesis. Dark Matter is not a theory, scientifically speaking. It is nothing more than a hypothesis that remains unverified.

Could some invisible stuff be the explanation for the data?

Sure. But every attempt to verify it thus far has failed. It was dreamed up to save the Standard Model. (Kind of like hyper-inflation at the very beginning of the Big Bang.)

It's really amazing that according to the standard model, a full 96% of the universe is unknown - Dark Matter and Dark Energy. No one knows what these things are or if they even exist. Theoretically, scientists could keep on looking for dark matter for all of eternity because it is philosophically and scientifically impossible to prove a negative. Just as we cannot prove that God does not exist, neither can we ever prove that dark matter does not exist. So believers will probably always exist.

BUT, here is the important question: At what point do scientists admit defeat and allow the evidence to disprove the Standard Model? How long do we give them to find evidence to support this hypothesis? Lots of time and money has been spent on what has so far proven to be a wild goose chase. I'm sure things have been learned along the way, but again, how long do we keep looking for evidence of dark matter before deciding that it might not really exist after all?

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Posted in: Japan to continue collecting expressway tolls almost indefinitely See in context

How about making it a little cheaper? That would help everyone and more people might even be willing to use the toll roads.

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Posted in: Tokyo hospitals and clinics welcoming birth partners See in context

Glad to hear this! It's 26 years too late for me, but I'm happy for couples who are having babies now.

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Posted in: Cleansing of sins See in context

I doubt that too many Japanese - maybe not even the priests? - really believe that their sins are washed away or that they are really purified through ceremonies like this, but still they do it our of habit and maybe just in case it works? Not sure.

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Posted in: Tokyo makes solar panels mandatory for new homes built after 2025 See in context

If it ends up saving money, then fine, but I'm afraid this will just add to the cost of new homes and not really save much money in the end.

Not all houses would be able to take advantage of the sun enough to warrant solar panels. I would hope that is taken into consideration. I guess privately constructed homes will not be forced to do this so al least there is some leeway there. In fact, it might make it more difficult for home builders to sell certain homes.

I'm not against solar power, BUT I'm also no on board with the whole global warming fearmongering either. The environmental whackos have too much power and influence. Let's be wise in the decisions we make.

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Posted in: Scientists join climate crisis fight See in context

I'm not against a balanced approach towards green energy, but I am against draconian measures to attack it that cause human suffering. And I'm concerned that Big Science is cancelling and suppressing the data that does not align with the view they are pushing. I don't think they even fully understand the issue and yet they are calling for huge changes that will hurt many people. The example of Holland closing down dairy farms is one very pertinent example. There is an article on crev dot info entitled "Big science spreading climate disinformation" posted on July 30 that talks about this problem. This site finds what the scientists themselves are saying/writing and posts it so we can see it. It's interesting to see what some scientists, even supporters of climate change, are actually saying.

At the bottom of the article there is a list of other relevant articles to check. It's a tad long, but might be worth

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Posted in: Farmers condemn New Zealand's proposed tax on animal burps See in context

I thought this was a joke at first. I'm having trouble actually believing that they would take their climate panic so far. Unbelievable. This anthropogenic climate change nonsense has gone far enough. The "cures" are going to be far worse than the hyped up results of climate change. I hope New Zealanders vote these people out of office promptly.

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Posted in: Warming climate upends Arctic mining town See in context

"Now it is human-caused climate change that is making its mark on the landscape here."

OK, take out the word "human-caused" and I can agree. The climate has warmed and cooled at various times in the past all without humans. Perhaps we are contributing to the warming trend, but even that is really difficult to say with scientific precision. I don't think we understand all the factors that influence the climate well enough to really say that as fact. I know that is the "party line" and no other opinions are allowed, so this will stir up a huge hornets nest probably, but I just don't think there is enough evidence to say that humans are the cause of climate change. Neither is there enough evidence to say that spending trillions of dollars to try to address it will make a hill of a beans worth of a difference. This all assumes that we have a proper understanding of climate change and it's causes and I just don't think that we do.

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Posted in: Wind energy infrastructure hindering Japan's defense radars: sources See in context

Maybe it's just me, but I hate wind energy. It destroys the beauty of the environment and is dangerous for wildlife - namely birds and bats. It is inconsistent and I don't think it is all that economical. How durable are those blades in storms? Expensive to build, noisy to a certain extent, ugly, dangerous to birds/bats, etc.

This is NOT the answer to our energy needs.

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Posted in: Researchers transform food waste into potentially edible 'cement' See in context

Here is an even more exciting new discovery - one that can, through flash joule heating, in milliseconds, convert any carbon source into highly-prized graphene!


Potential uses are many! Junk, instead of going into the junkyard or trash, can instead be easily transformed into graphene, which locks up carbon and can be of great use to society. Here are some potential uses:

The process makes the new products stronger than the old ones. This is called “upcycling.” Graphene adds durability to materials reused in the recycled parts.

The other elements in the source material—hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine or silica—become vaporized in the process of flash joule heating and can also be captured for recycling.

Graphene can be incorporated into concrete—one of the largest artificial sources of carbon dioxide—mitigating climate change and making the concrete stronger in the process.

Asphalt roads can be strengthened when reinforced with graphene.

Landfills, which currently give off the potent greenhouse gas methane, can be mined for plastic to flash into graphene without the production of methane.

Because graphene is much more valuable than the discarded plastic from which it is made, a potential market could arise for poor people to collect trash and junk for flash graphene centers, helping lift them out of poverty.

The sustainable economy foreseen by this technology could create uncountable high-paying jobs.

The technology could greatly reduce the need for domestic imports. Rare earth elements become recyclable from existing computer parts without requiring dependencies on tyrannical governments.

Third world countries may benefit from higher and better use of their natural resources.

courtesy of https://crev.info/2022/05/chemist-saves-planet/

Read the article about it on NewScientist.com


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Posted in: Masks outside not needed when not chatting: gov't panel See in context

I'm sure masks have some protective value, but not fool proof - especially the kind we wear in Japan, but wearing masks outside? That's just ridiculous. If others choose to do so, that's fine with me, but I never did that and always questioned why they didn't say this was not necessary. Anyway, finally they said it so that's good.

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Posted in: 'Mystery' boson finding contradicts understanding of universe See in context

Nobody in science ever thought they had all the answers. That's religion. If we had all the answers, we wouldn't need science.

No, that's not true. Science is great at figuring out how things were designed, are designed, how they work, etc. You know, when you use the good old scientific method where you can actually test things and validate/falsify your hypothesis.

But it is not so good at figuring out origins of things - how they came to be. This is because you can't run experiments to verify/falsify your hypotheses. And even when the evolutionary hypothesis runs into potentially falsifying data, they just tweak the theory to keep it alive - adjust to to try to account for the falsifying data - like junk DNA, vestigial organs, abiogenesis, Big Bang(lots of rescue devices are used to support this that cannot be tested like hyper-inflation, dark matter, etc.)

The Bible speaks more to origins and tells us the world was designed; it is orderly; there are scientific laws that are dependable. The world did have a beginning and will have an end.

But science assumes that God, if He even exists, was not involved in creation in any detectable way. All of evolutionary science is built on this belief - that cannot be tested, but is just assumed/believed to be true.

Thing is, if God does exist and was involved in the origin of things, then much of origins science is wrong from the get go. They are looking or answers where none exist. This is certainly a possibility and could potentially explain why they keep running into problems trying to put together their "theory of everything."

Some people prefer to place their faith in science to eventually explain everything without God, but there is no guarantee. Each person must look at the evidence and decide what to believe.

I have trouble understanding how codes, information(software for the brain with encoded information), scientific laws, efficient interdependent systems, irreducibly complex organs/abilities(ie flight), brains(most complex thing in existence), etc etc could come about by random forces, but then maybe I just don't have enough faith.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for killing his grandmother, stealing her money See in context

There is GOOD REASON for the 10th commandment - "Thou shalt not covet" as this unfortunate incident illustrates. Coveting is the seed and origin of a lot of "bigger" sins. It makes us ungrateful for what we do have, robs us of our joy, and makes us unhappy until we get more and more and more! Coveting is something we all struggle with I'm afraid. It's too bad this kid gave in to the temptation.

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