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Posted in: Baseball star Tanaka charters Dreamliner for flight to New York See in context

Looks like his success has gone to his head! Bad sign!

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Posted in: Takeshi hopes to be included in 2020 Olympic opening ceremony See in context

Oh brother! This guy has a really big head!

"Why not me?" he asks. Perhaps a better question would be "Why in the world you?"

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Posted in: Attacks in Kobe, Osaka spark concerns over 'Knockout Game' See in context

"One, this "Knockout Game" is hardly indicative of any sort of "cultural" value held by American society, and is so limited in scope as to result in many questioning its actual existence at all. "

Sorry. I take issue with LFRAgain who questions the existence of such a "game". Of course there is no such "cultural" value, but the actual existence of the phenomenon is really not in question any more. The examples are numerous. It is mostly blacks attacking whites, Jews, or Asians and seems racially motivated. There is a whole book out on it documenting cases around the nation entitled "White Girl, Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It" by Colin Flaherty. He documents hundreds of episodes in more than 80 cities since 2010 and more have taken place since the book was published for sure. Ask the victims of the game whether they think it is real. Experience has a way of changing our views on the issue.

However, I too doubt whether these two crimes are a part of this game of racial violence.

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Posted in: Luxury Okura hotel chain ensnared in food-label scandal See in context

Tessa said:

I don't disagree, but the problem is that they claim to be different from the rest of the world.

Tessa, I read your note after posting the previous message and I also agree with what you are saying and with what Ben4short said. Sometimes Japanese people do seem to think they are morally superior to other people, but this clearly shows that not to be the case.

This is not the first such scandal in Japan. Just think of how many unreported problems like this exist!

So, you also have a good point, and I think you also see the other side of the coin as well - that in some senses, we humans are all the same - imperfect beings who struggle with dishonesty, as well as many other sins.

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Posted in: Luxury Okura hotel chain ensnared in food-label scandal See in context

Ben4short said:

Wrong. The myth that is being debunked by this scandal has nothing to do with food but everything to do with Japanese honesty and integrity.

While I agree that it does have implications for the reputation of Japanese honesty and integrity, I think it would be unfair to claim this is only a problem the Japanese have. I think what this shows is the sinfulness of the human heart whether one is Japanese, Russian, Chinese, or American. People are the same everywhere. Maybe Japan has less violence than other countries - which is a great thing and something I love about Japan - but that doesn't make Japanese people any better than anyone else. Our faults or perhaps we could say, our sinfulness shows itself in different ways in different societies, but our hearts are all the same.

Dishonesty is a problem wherever you go. The need for laws to protect people from this problem is all the evidence we need. And if we are honest, it is a problem in our own hearts as well. Again, it just shows itself in different ways and it is easier to hide from others if it is in our own hearts.

Truly, all have sinned and come short of the holy standards of God. This is a human problem as opposed to simply a Japanese problem.

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Posted in: Man arrested for using fountain pen-like spy camera to film up girls' skirts See in context

Scott says:

And part of the over-reaction is seeing this primarily as pedophilia, predatory behavior and something akin to rape, when its more like the core crime here is not the sexual aspect but the harassment and invasion of privacy (the private space under their skirts) to get the shot.

Yes, right now it is harassment and an invasion of privacy as far as the law goes, but it needs to be stopped ASAP. It is not just something to be laughed at. It could easily lead to more serious stuff as well as strengthen his enslavement to his sexual desires. It shows that he has no self-control and also has bad judgment - which I guess could be said of all of us.

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Posted in: Man arrested for using fountain pen-like spy camera to film up girls' skirts See in context

The police got the report on Tuesday and arrested the guy on Thursday!

Nice work!

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Posted in: Weiner to stay in NY mayor race despite sex scandal See in context

"What does any of this private stuff has to do with his fitness to be mayor? Nothing."

Well Scott, some people think that character matters.

He has shown that he cannot be trusted. He has shown that he has bad judgment. He has lied to the public. He has shown no respect for the sacredness of sex. He has shown he is not faithful to his wife, even if only mentally and emotionally. In short, he has shown us, by his actions, that he is not fit for public office. Actions speak louder than words.

If you're OK with that, go ahead and vote for him.

For many of us, that is not OK!

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Posted in: Lifelong sex? Men say yes; women not so sure See in context

I don't know, but it is hard for me to imagine guys being sexless for months, let alone years. It makes me wonder if these guys are not getting their needs met somewhere else. I understand the rigors of the company world are quite hard and being tired I can understand, but not for years! Something is fishy here.

If any woman thinks her sexless husband really has no interest in sex, then I think she is a bit gullible. Not that there are not rare birds for whom this might be true, but it would seem to me that the chances of them being either gay or getting their needs met somewhere else are quite high.


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Posted in: Physicists unveil results helping explain universe See in context

Discovering how certain particles act and react is wonderful. But science is limited as to what it can "tell" us. In reality, it can't "tell" us anything. We must learn to interpret the discoveries we make. Whether science can ever tell us why the universe is here or where it came from is quite uncertain. These questions are outside the domain of science and relate more closely to philosophy.

This experiment deals with actual particles and as such can be observed, repeated, and verified, but questions about the origin of the universe are outside the realm of this kind of science since they deal with history that cannot be repeated, observed, or verified. But kudos to the hard work and dedication of these scientists!

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Posted in: Japan baseball boss apologizes for ball switch See in context

"instructed to lie".

What great role models we have here!

And if players lied to them, they would be upset, right?

Is honesty a value worthwhile practicing or not?

If we adults don't practice it, then how can we expect our kids to practice it?

True. I think he has lost trust and to show that honesty really does matter, perhaps he should resign.

Oh, a "livelier" ball is one that is made to travel when hit than the previous ones. In other words, they made the baseballs so they can be hit further which is why the number of home runs has dramatically increased this year.

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Posted in: U.S. intelligence chief: Surveillance programs disrupted attacks See in context

As an American, I am a bit worried by the revelation of what the NSA is doing and the effects it will have in the future on security. I don't think this guy Snowden is a hero. I think he has made some bad judgments. Having said that, given the recent targeting by the government of conservatives, I am also concerned about how this information could be used. I'm sure the NSA has been able to protect America and others as a result of their work and I don't want to see that jeopardized. There are people who want to harm others in this world and they even claim they are serving "God". It is frightening!

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Posted in: New style of temple: The monks bar See in context

"Religious practitioners should not force people to believe in one particular set of religious values. Instead we should use religions as a tool to support people,”

Tolerance is all the rage these days, but seriously, if your beliefs have no connection to reality, if they are not true, if you think it really doesn't matter what people believe, then why would anyone want to adopt your beliefs?

Basically what he is saying is that religion is just another form of self-help psychology. Not true, but maybe useful as therapy for some people.

I guess I don't understand how something that is not true can really act as a therapy for anyone, but maybe that's just me.

I do agree though that force should not be used to get people to believe in anything, whether a religion or not.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing his 2 teenage children See in context


You make no sense. First you say that we are just helpless slaves of the chemical processes in our brains. If they malfunction, then so be it. He couldn't help himself.

Then you turn around and say "That said if this turns out to be revenge against the ex-wife rather than insanity, he should be shown no mercy."

Now you are acting as if he could have done something differently and somehow overcame what his brain was telling him to do.

You can't have it both ways. If you think people are helpless slaves of their brain functions, then how can they be held accountable for their actions. Neither good actions nor bad actions have any meaning or deserve any praise or criticism. Things are just the way they are.

But as you yourself show, no one can live in accord with this atheistic view of human nature. What this shows us is that this atheistic view of human nature is wrong. We do actually have a choice to make and we can and should be held responsible for our actions.

If you want to think of yourself as nothing more than a bag of chemicals that is controlled by those chemical processes in your brain, fine, but don't force that unprovable worldview on our justice system. It will ruin us for sure!

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Posted in: AKB48′s Yuki Kashiwagi sparks debate over 'vulgar' video See in context

It's pretty pathetic that they have to stoop that low for attention. They obviously wanted to create a controversy for publicity sake. And they are willing to do it in whatever way necessary. Just a sad commentary on where Japanese society(actually most societies) is today. Anything for a buck. Oh, I meant yen.

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Posted in: Life after death? Yes, says one doctor See in context

Jaymann says condescendingly:

What unutterable claptrap. People are often stupid enough to believe anything but the low-brow, rot spouted by this "doctor" is just annoying. Throwing together a bunch of little anecdotes from an emergency ward and wrapping them up in mystical ramblings and then hiding behind a medical degree as if that even qualified him as an "authority" is contemptible.

Just because it doesn't fit your worldview, doesn't mean he is wrong. You were not there to see what he saw. Especially the illustration of the man coming back to his body and waking up in the car is impressive. I've heard other stories like this. He is simply telling us what he has experienced and observed. Maybe if you were there to see and experience everything he did, people would give your opinion more weight. As it is, you just dismiss it outright because you don't believe it. Fine. But he is just as welcome to his opinion as you are to yours. He seems to have evidence on which to base his opinion as well.

This scientist should offer proof or just go away.

You don't know much about science do you. There is no such thing as proof. All we can do is provide evidence and then we must each interpret that evidence. a Materialist/atheist doesn't believe in God, so he will either ridicule the idea, ignore it, or try and explain it away somehow.

Sir, can offer proof that there is no such thing as life after death?

If not, then perhaps it is you who should just go away.

We both have to make up our own minds, but in the end it takes faith because there is no such thing as proof when it comes to matters such as these.

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Posted in: Life after death? Yes, says one doctor See in context

Peacewarrior says:

I am constantly seeing things that defy scientific explanation


Why? “Unfortunately, modern medicine gives us no idea.”


For that too, Yasaku says, there is no known explanation.


Spoken with the faith of a true Materialist. The answers are all there. Just give us a little more time and we'll figure it all out.

Well, he hopes. Of course no one can prove him wrong. It's kind of like atheists not being able to prove that there is no God.

Both are positions of faith.

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Posted in: British grandmother sentenced to death for smuggling cocaine in Bali See in context

Good luck getting future criminals to cooperate with you after showing absolutely no mercy!

It is true. She broke the law and so "deserves" justice and in her case, this is what justice demands by the letter of the law, but she did confess and help catch the bad guys so you would think there would be some consideration of that in the sentencing.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

"sucks" or "sucks up to"

To me it is just crude and impolite.

So, personally, I don't like it.

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Posted in: Sex counselor seeks explanations for waning co-ed promiscuity See in context

This author acts as if this is some kind of a big problem that needs to be fixed. Why? A little morality won't hurt anyone. In fact, they might find there are benefits to that lifestyle. Learning to interact with a boyfriend/girlfriend without complicating the relationship with sex actually promotes self control, a deeper more stable relationship that is based on more than just physical attraction, protects them from unwanted pregnancies and sexual disease, and promotes trust in the relationship. Then when the couple are married, there is real meaning to the ceremony and they are free to express their love within the safe boundaries of a committed love relationship, which is the way it was intended to be.

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Posted in: 'Stunning' start for Windows 8: Microsoft chief See in context

I must be missing something here. He said they sold 4 million upgrades to Windows 8 but later he says that "Ballmer added that tens of millions of businesses have also switched to the latest version of Windows."

10's of millions? Only 4 million sold so far?


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Posted in: Japan stem cell Nobel laureate to get Y30 bil research boost See in context

This is excellent news! This money will be put to good use and I expect much progress will be made in curing difficult diseases using these types of cells.

No, there is no law against research on adult stem cells in the US. There isn't even a law against embryonic stem cell research - the kind that destroys embryos in order to get stem cells, but there is a law against government funding of embryonic stem cell research outside of what is already being done. Private companies are freely allowed to pursue this research, but little progress has been made on the embryonic stem cell side of the issue. From the beginning, adult stem cells taken from the patient's own body showed much more promise for treatments. Too bad Californians were duped into putting up billions of dollars for embryonic research by the promoters of embryonic stem cell research who used celebrities to create empathy and bash all those against destroying embryos as anti-science. They just wanted the money.

But here we have someone avoiding the moral problem of destroying embryos for scientific research and finding another way to create stem cells! Excellent work. He deserves to be fully funded as many people will benefit from this work and all with the moral concern of destroying other life to do it.

Adult stem cell research avoids the problem of the body rejecting foreign substances because it uses cells from the patients own body which is why so much progress has been made. Sometimes it pays even in this world to do what is right!

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Posted in: Tattooist draws line between art and underworld See in context

I'm sorry, but to me that is just plain old ugly!

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Posted in: Environmental collapse now a serious threat See in context

Oh brother. These people give humans far too much credit. Not that we can't do better, but the idea that we are going to cause the environment to collapse is too far out for me. The earth has been much warmer in the past and much cooler in the past and that happened before we humans are thought to have had much of an impact on the environment. I seriously doubt whether this extremist alarmism put forth as science is dependable.

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Posted in: Coffee buzz: Study finds java drinkers live longer See in context

Yup, until the next study tells us something different. We would all probably accept the results of this study as most accurate, so let's just ignore the results of all future studies.

Needless to say, these kinds of studies are so fraught with assumptions and hindered by other unforeseen causes that I don't pay them much attention at all.

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Posted in: Japan astronomers find most distant galaxy cluster See in context

This announcement is another in a long tradition of mature galaxies being found earlier and earlier than expected. If this keeps up, it will mean that our understanding of the early universe needs to be revised. And then you have to ask how much we really understand about the early universe when discoveries like this keep bringing surprises. Well, they say science learns as it goes, but the question is, when does it arrive at the point where we can really say that "We now KNOW...." Whenever you hear that, beware. What they now know will surely be revised again when the next discovery is made. I'm not cutting on science, just trying to say that it has limits and there are some things we will probably never really know. Most of what we "now KNOW" in science is not tried and true knowledge, just the best effort we can make to understand the evidence we have. This is especially true when dealing with historical science that you cannot repeat or observe. You have to act like a crime investigator and try and fit the pieces together, but there are always surprises and you are always at a handicap because you didn't observe it happen and so you have to make a lot of guesses and assumptions.

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Posted in: Cleavage cover to keep prying eyes away See in context

This is a great product. It will help prevent wondering eyes, help men avoid temptation, and help women be more modest.

The fact that so many women WANT to show their cleavage is troubling. I realize it gets them attention. I realize it works. But I don't think it is a good thing for society overall.

Unmarried men don't need any encouragement to think about sex and showing cleavage is just a hindrance to marital harmony. It may help you feel good about yourself, but only at the expense of increasing temptation for others, which in the end, is not worth it.

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Posted in: Australia passes controversial carbon pollution tax See in context

Oh brother. Here we go. I wonder how many countries will follow suit.

Sure glad I don't live in Australia!

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Posted in: Kardashian apologizes to fans for failed marriage See in context

OK, one more post. Kim said:

“it just didn’t turn out to be the fairy tale I had so badly hoped for.”

Hmm. If that is her idea of marriage, she is never going to be satisfied. Marriage is not a fairy tale. It can be wonderful, but it takes hard work, true love, and real commitment to make it wonderful. She needs to get her head out of the clouds and come back to earth.

Obviously she had certain unreasonable expectations for her marriage. This is a problem that plagues a lot of people. When she realized her expectations would not be met, she just decided to throw in the towel. Doesn't say much for her vows.

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Posted in: Kardashian apologizes to fans for failed marriage See in context

"She did not apologize to fans, nor should she, nor do they deserve an apology. Its not their business."

I'm not so sure. She did this all in a very public way and led her fans on to believe this was all real. Does she owe them an apology? Very possibly, but it is true that she is not accountable to her fans.

I don't want to lay all the blame on her for this, but still, she certainly owes Chris a HUGE apology. She messed his life up real good. I certainly hope she gives her ring back to him.

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