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Wow! I think she made a huge mistake. Does anyone really believe she married for love? What is her definition of love I wonder? You don't just give up so quickly if you love each other. Maybe to her, love is nothing more than warm fuzzies and when the warm fuzzies disappeared, she hit the road? Scary!

I seriously doubt she is ever going to get married after the way she treated Chris. I wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole. I'm afraid she will live to deeply regret this.

Disagreements on where to live and when to have kids, etc. Didn't they talk about these things before they got married? Didn't they have any pre-marital counselling? Dumb move!

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Wow! There seems to a strong dislike for religions in general and especially for Christianity here. Interesting.

Japan is an enigma. On the surface it seems like a very moral country. Indeed, it is much safer than the US - which is no longer a Christian country. But I think this is true mainly concerning violent crimes only. Their gun law has something to do with that as well I think.

But, in other areas, it is a mess! Sexual morals are extremely low. There are many broken relationships. Depression and suicide rates are very high. Pride is very strong and some racism still exists. Greed and self-centeredness abound. Of course, there are good things too. Take the harmony for instance. Even that though, if you look under the surface, things are not as harmonious as they may appear. For the Japanese, it is the looks, the surface, and the appearance that is all important.

So if you look at the surface, it may look like a very moral country, but if you look beneath the surface at the heart like God does, the Japanese are just as sinful as you and I. It just shows itself in different ways here. I'm not saying this as a criticism. I love Japan, but this idea that Japanese are not sinful is ridiculous. I guess it depends on what standards you use to evaluate sin. he Bible claims people are sinners using God's standards, not the arbitrary standards of Joe Blow down the street. People like to pick and choose and make up their own standards to justify their lifestyle, but that is not permissible. God sets the standards by which He judges and according to biblical standards, Japanese are sinners through and through just like the rest of us. T

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I totally agree. Nothing can every justify an assault, but, like it or not, dress is important.

These women want to walk around in short skirts and revealing blouses. Fine. But my bet is that women dressed like that are raped or molested more often than women dressed modestly. You can go around proclaiming "My short skirt is not an invitation to rape me." all you want, but like it or not, your dress does attract attention, sometimes unwanted attention.

No, the rape or molestation is not the woman's fault, but there are things she can do to help protect herself.

Not dressing too provocatively and not walking down dark lonely streets alone at night are some examples of those common sense things.

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There is little doubt that many an upcoming right-wing extremist tract will refer to Breivik as a hero. He may be an outlier to most ordinary Europeans, but there are many right-wing extremists just like him in the wings.

Oh brother! Little doubt in whose mind?

Support your wild claim with some evidence please!

How do you know there are many right wing fundamentalists just like him in Europe?

Are there people concerned about the rapid rise in the number of Muslims and the corresponding decrease in the birthrate of non-Muslims, their influence on society, and what that bodes for the future - a Muslim Europe? Yes, I'm sure there are, but I doubt these people would advocate violence.

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OK, Zurcornium, this is totally off the wall!

This fellow has many of the same opinions as the more conservative posts on this board. In fact his writings quote directly from US far right christian websites. Can this type of thing happen in the US. It already has in 1995 with greater death toll. Will it happen again, of course. Republicans like to fix their make believe problems with violence.

What violence in 1995 are you talking about? If you can point to only one instance of violence, then I hardly think it is fair to claim that Republicans like to fix their make believe problems with violence. That's an idiotic statement. I haven't seen any Republican terrorists or Democrat terrorists for that matter so comparing either of them with this Norwegian terrorist is dishonest.

Again, see my last post, but this guy was not a Christian in any way. If anything, he is more like a social Darwinist. If you want to identify this guy with Christianity, you are going to have to give us some evidence. For evidence against that view, see this article:

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This dude is NOT a Christian!

Not that Christians have never done anything wrong, but he is not a true Christian. He even admitted as much in his writings. He says he has no relationship with God at all and the only reason he calls himself a Christian is that he likes the social side of Christianity. Obviously, his ethics are not Christian. In fact, he views Darwinism in a very positive light and thinks science should take precedence over Christianity.

BurakuminDes said:

News reports just coming in are that this man is a "Christian Fundamentalist". It seems christian extremists can be equally as dangerous as their islamic brothers...

I understand why he would say this, but now that we have more information, we know this is not true. Christians do not go around blowing people up. That goes 100% against the views of Jesus. How does one define a Christian fundamentalist anyway?

For a more detailed description of this guy's social Darwinism, check out this site. It is documented and supported with Breivik's own words. If we read his Manifesto, we realize he is not even a Christian in the true sense of the word.

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What was the sentence handed down to this guy? Anyone know?

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Wow! Lots of criticism here!

One word: Greedy!

and "Disgusting"

Be careful. I personally agree that praying to these idols will make no difference, but I think it is being a little judgmental saying they are all greedy. Some may be and we are too at times. Some may be hurting financially. Some may need a job. Some may be in danger of losing their job. Why are we so quick to criticize? Japanese are people just like you and I. We all have the same struggles, needs, and although our faults are different depending on the person, we all have them too.

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Wow! Sounds great, but we're still talking almost $400 per night per person! How many people can really afford that?! Even the cheapest room is over $300 a night per person.

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