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Agree with Piglet. As in everything in life,balance and moderation plus good planning will definitely make your trip better. Even if you dont enjoy it, at least the kids will.(for parents, kids' happiness is quite important) Gosh, never knew there are so many trolls here. Anyway, it's a free country.Happy Anniversary DisneySea! My kids still talk about you even though it's been over a year. You will definitely remain part of their childhood memories, including the various museums and temples.

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for a family of 4 including small kids, costco is definitely the place to go for cheaper bulk items like 20kg rice, huge bottles of mayo & soyu & 4 packs of 200g butter for less than 1000 yen. I shop in Costco Shin Misato. Agree with Patrick Smash, what's with the locals with kids & trolleys that just stop right in the middle of the aisle chitchatting & gawking without a care that there ARE PEOPLE waiting behind them to get by !! Have been to a few countries in the east and only HERE do the people behave this way.

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