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Posted in: Want free all-you-can-eat sushi in Tokyo? Revolving chain wants your YouTube video in exchange See in context

Hey it's Tkyosam the Gopro Sushiro guy. You guys asked for an interview during that crayzness last year. Want one now? Lets talk.

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Posted in: Confessions & Confusions: What we did to lead our foster daughter into enjoying school See in context

My friend (American) and his wife (Japanese) adopted their Japanese son only a year ago and they had to go through hell to adopt that kid. They both own a house in Tokyo; his wife works at a pretty well known company and he is also a professor at a university in Tokyo. That being said, if they had to go through hell to adopt, I wonder what a couple on a standard middle/lower class income can do? If the author is reading this I'd really like to hear your thoughts.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after pushing woman off platform at Tokyo station See in context

So, when are we going to see the article that he only gets a couple years in jail for this?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing husband to death in Tochigi See in context

I can totally relate with this woman, heck, whenever I get distisfied with anything in my life I just stab it with a sharp object (kitchen knives work the best).

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Posted in: Newborn left in Kyushu Expressway rest area toilet See in context

Happy to hear the little guy/gal is ok.

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Posted in: Australian rape victim loses case against police for bungling investigation See in context

SO what does this story teach us?

Nothing, except that foreigners can get away with raping other foreigners and being rest assured that the cops will do all within their power to fudge up everything.

Just another thing for us to add to the list of "things that will never change in Japan in our lifetime" list.

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Posted in: Spurned women wreak vengeance See in context

Why is it older women want to be married?!?!

I had a similar issue with a woman 10 years older than me (hey, what can I say, had to try all the flavors of age, old and new) and she would wake up crying sometimes saying I didn't pay enough attention to her breasts, I didn't call her enough.

Maybe it's just a thing with women becoming crazy after a certain age...

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Posted in: Repeat sexual offender held for abducting, molesting 9-year-old boy in car See in context

Oh yeah, thats really mature blaming it on "the urges", just cause I have the urge to poop doesn't mean I sh1t my pants -.-

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