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“But they will not want to discuss the democratic element. The emphasis is on wealth of the people and international power.”

I totally agree with this. no wealth, no democracy. just look at those poor countries which have so-called democracy.

BTW I find the trailer on youtube. I am so excited. cant wait to watch it.

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Google, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook are already doing this. So far they are collecting data.

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Has Japan done anything good to China?

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Nippon NationAUG. 31, 2011 - 09:38AM JST Most Japanese do not know of such horrors by design; not necessarily by deceit. It's not necessary to teach it, just like with other example of history where one nation dominated the other. Nanking has never been proven to be 100% fact based by academia. Sure, Nanking occurred, but to say that it was anything more from a bunch of bleeding heart liberals is disgraceful. Nanking was no Holocaust. An atrocity at best, but no more hateful than Tibet and Jim Crowe Laws of America.

This is exactly why Chinese should never forget. "Sure, Nanking occurred" What kind of attitude of this? Can I speak in the same way about the recent problems in Japan? Can I speak in the same way to Jewish about Nazi?

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@Kumasan1969 I read your comments. I understand you. don't be upset with those comments towards you. you actually agree with what J troops had done in C. The situation between C and J is so complicated. It tangles up with emotion, truth, unwillingness and inevitability.

It hard for the people who was deeply hurt and now have to accept an obscure answer. I guess this takes place in both C and J.

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um,,,I feel China has been experiencing exactly the same thing what Japan and west had experienced maybe hundred years ago.

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