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So are the going to remove the Disney Channel? We have that with a package and I wonder if this is the way they’ll go as they’d make more money. Well not from us as we’d just not bother.

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Marcelito, glad it’s not just me.

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Did I misread things? These tests are made by a Japanese company? Did the government withhold testing so a Japanese company could profit of this or? I mean we’ve seen Abe certainly “rewarding” his mates with this all so I can’t help but suspect once again, the government has refused to use things because they weren’t Japanese.

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expats marry, have jobs, kids, Japanese friends, pay tax, local tax, health insurance, pension, join neighborhood associations, community work, spend income on Japanese products and businesses...we fit in and although we crumble, we care about japan and its future.”

Expats do not expect to stay for the long run and are often western, white, and in white collar positions. What you’re suggesting as “expat” is more like an immigrant. Immigrants don’t always “fit in” and more so in a country like Japan where third generation Chine or Korean descendants still don’t “fit in” nor are accepted

These workers, for many at least, are immigrants. So are migrant workers. Regardless of their status, as usual, they are exploited and seen as disposable. It’s like they’re treated like women here in terms of labor - cheap and disposable.

The comment about how fragile these companies are is bang out. Japan is a house of cards right now and there is going to be a world of hurt for many, regardless of nationality. Still doubt Japan Inc will wake up and start becoming more flexible and cable with the times.

I feel for these workers but yes, anyone coming to Japan in the last ten years should’ve done their research. The crisis and sending people back to Brazil and Peru over a decade ago was the red flag to all.

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“having sky high expectations has repercussions, simple as that”

Expecting men to parent and attempt to look after themselves and their offspring is “sky high expectations?”

Plenty of women here want careers. They end up giving up because men here do not step up. How many men on JT step up? I see a lot of women being blamed for the population crisis but from where I sit, it’s not the women at fault. Who holds the power to make changes so both men and women can have better working lives? It’s not the women.

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Free nursery school for stay at home moms doesn’t fix the issue of a lack of daycare shortage for women who want careers. Daycare is also not free for 0-3 so again, the government is punishing working women who want careers AND kids. That’s not going to solve any issues. It’s window dressing.

A population crisis but not enough daycares so they make kindergarten free for families that can clearly afford to have one parent staying home or working a PT job to stay under the spouse benefits salary cap? Where’s the logic? I get it helps those families but again, not helping career focused women. And that’s what japan needs but “womenomics” truly is about using women as cheap and disposable labour. Women will continue to not have kids until this government sits down with women aged 18-30 and asks them what they need in terms of support.

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“I suggest for a mother with four kids, give her 15 man yen every month for 20 years apart from the child support. So that he can take care the children well, She can take care the parents well ( no need care home support). If she have 5 or six children then increase the support to 20 man a month.”

Your Post is exactly why many women here don’t want kids. You’ve put all the onus on mothers and forgotten that dads should also step up and parent. Why is the birthday declining? Because women know they deserve better.

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Posted in: Cases of patients turned away by hospitals up fivefold over virus See in context

Japan is not a third world country, no patient should be turn away from hospitals, 

this is real shame

Japan has a history of turning away patiences in ambulances dating back as far as I've been here - over 20 years. It might not be a "third world" country but in many, many, many ways, Japan is a developing country and the rest of the world is finally seeing that. I believe the US and Japan should be next to each other on the list of developing nations because both are playing very dangerous games with their public.

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Posted in: Osaka to name and shame more pachinko parlors defying closure request See in context

While I understand the frustration, packed trains and packed offices. Why is pachinko the be all and end all? Soaplands and hostess clubs still open, daycares are full of kids, life as usual for many because Japan still can’t figure out how to work from home. Ask pachinko patrons to sign a contract stating they won’t seek medical support if they get sick. I’m guessing more than half would stop going if smoking was banned.

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And yet have any of these companies closed for a few weeks, without using paid holiday, or asked their staff to work from home? No? So money over safety the Japanese way.

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Posted in: Support groups fear domestic violence spike amid calls for people to stay home See in context

Take a look at how many men kill their partners vs how many women do. It gets exhausting reading the comments on these kinds of topics on JT because so many of you think it’s a joke. “What about men?!?? They suffer too!” Yes, they do. Most often at the hands of other men with regards to violence and why men kill themselves regarding work stress. A shame you’d rather blame women then address the issue of men’s behavior.

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Posted in: Virus scrapped your marathon? In Japan, there's an app for that See in context

More like “In China” as the app being used by the Nagoya marathon is Chinese. “Joy Run” and it’s horrible. Stick with Strava.

And it’s one app, two option. And the app isn’t even mention by name in the article, the info is incorrect. What’s the point of this article?

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Posted in: Guy deliberately bumping into women regrets it when he tries it on pro-wrestler See in context

Yes “me too” men, we get it. You too can be victim but the reality is, this is a very common thing for women to deal with. Regardless of country. Welcome to being female for those of you unaware of the daily microagressions women face for merely existing.

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Posted in: Abe says gov't ready to boost fiscal spending for virus-hit economy See in context

What outbreak? It seems compared to Korea, Italy, China, Iran... there are no huge increases in numbers. It’s almost like the government isn’t telling us something

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Posted in: Chinese swimmer Sun Yang banned for 8 years in doping case See in context

About time.

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Posted in: Ryokan at Japanese onsen resort goes bankrupt after 64 years due to coronavirus See in context

Nope. Ryokan goes under after poor planning, management, and investments. Get ready for the headlines of this virus being the reason for all issues here.

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Posted in: Gov't to ask companies to promote telework as virus spreads See in context

“Authorities in Hokkaido are investigating how the boys, neither of whom had been overseas lately, contracted the virus.”

This is why I have so little faith in authorities here. It’s clearly being spread from Japanese to Japanese yet they still want to link it to big bad gaikoku.

The handling of this has been appalling. When nations start evacuating their citizens from a country it’s because they do not trust the country said citizens are in to look after their citizens. People here were smug about Japanese being evacuated from China. Now nations are doing the same from Japan. It speaks volumes.

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Posted in: Junior high school students filmed up skirts of female classmates, sold images See in context

If my girl got harmed by said "sexual predators", then the culpability is on said predators. If nothing happens well then the damage is minimal.

The girls attending the same school will now have to wonder if their boys is being posted online without their consent. Do you actually believe that is minimal damage? Culpability is on the predators but it should also be on those who are making comments like "boys will be boys" because it's that attitude that creates boys who believe women are less than equal and turn into abusers. "Boys will be boys" is a statement that says so much about the person who is making it. Thankfully those rarely understand what it says.

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Posted in: Junior high school students filmed up skirts of female classmates, sold images See in context

“This is news why? Just kids being kids.”

Wow. This is why women don’t trust most men to do the right thing.

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Posted in: Ex-TV reporter appeals against ruling in Japan #MeToo case See in context

I would advise my girls to avoid getting into such compromised situations.

So you plan on keeping them locked at home where they'll be safe from men when they have a drink? Oh wait, women get raped in their homes too. How about this, expect better of men. Nah? Didn't think so. Heaven forbid men hold men accountable.

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Posted in: Thunberg keen to visit Japan in 2020 See in context

So many bitter and angry messages from middle aged men over a 17 young woman trying to save the planet. Amazing.

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Posted in: Koike again opposes plan to move Olympic marathon, walking race to Sapporo See in context

If Koike wants the marathon in Tokyo, I propose she needs to accompany the athletes from start to finish with no AC. Set up a little kei truck with a treadmill on the back of it. She can run (heck, let's be nice and let her walk) on the treadmill while the kei truck follows behind the slowest runners. She can get water breaks when the pack she is following hits a water stand. Pretty sure she'd need medical attention once finished. There might be an ambulance left for her after they've carted everyone else to medical care.

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Posted in: Father's story about parenting on a train highlights Japan’s hidden prejudice against male parenting See in context

A lot of men up in arms here about this - and while I get it, let's be honest, how many of you are the primary parent? How many of you actually take your kids out alone without the help of your partner packing things and preparing. I'm guessing so many of you will claim you do this all, are really involved but come on. We all know that for most, the mom is the majority parent and very few dads in Japan are anything more than weekend dads. Yes, including you guys who aren't Japanese. I work with guys who want a pat on the back for taking their kids to swimming lessons once a week and whatnot. I get the frustration with this, I get it isn't good but this is the state of parenting in Japan for the most part. If you don't like it, do something about it beside ranting on JT today.

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Posted in: Couple killed in car crash; wife's body taken to hospital 5 1/2 hours later See in context

The claims of incompetence ring loud from those who weren’t there, and only know the barest of details, yet still feel confident enough to decry someone they don’t know. 

It wasn't until the car was about to be taken away did someone notice - I'm guessing the staff dealing with the car. Not their job and they aren't trained for that level of trauma. There is zero excuse for what happened and I hope the family of this women take the cops to court over this.

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Posted in: 25-year-old mother arrested over death of 2-year-old daughter See in context

It's fine living in Japan for irresponsible man-boys.

I agree. Also an issue abroad but it seems to be a bigger one here. Men get screwed in the cases of custody but at the same time, man-boys get away with taking zero responsibility. I kind of feel the like solution lies with those in power - being men. How many are kids have to die?

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Posted in: 25-year-old mother arrested over death of 2-year-old daughter See in context

A two year old alone for three days? How? Did the neighbours not hear this poor child crying? Japan needs to step up and support these parents better - too many kids are dying at the hands of unfit parents.

2) If yes, then she must use hoikoen/daycare to drop her?

Or not. Maybe she left the kid alone while she worked? I know plenty of moms who leave kids sleeping to go pick up other kids, go shopping... Not like this women was winning mother of the year.

And I'm going there. This kid clearly was the result of a male being involved. Where is he? Was he helping pay for this child? Was he involved? We always blame the moms for everything but where was the father? Single mom or not, men need to start being held accountable for the kids they help create.

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Posted in: Mother gets suspended sentence for complicity in fatal abuse of daughter See in context

I'm so torn on this. I don't doubt the mother was a victim as well but how on earth do you allow this to happen to your child? Any child for that matter. The entire system failed this little girl and only the dad will be held responsible?

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I get the outrage but let’s be honest, anyone who thinks their government is going to give them a lovely pension plan for the rest of their life needs a wake up call. I started doing personal investments when I got my first real job at 22 because even back then I was smart to know there is no way in heck a government pension would be enough to survive on.

Japan has the added “opt out” type issue as well. All those contract workers? Though legally supposed to, many aren’t paying. Pension, along with healthcare, should be taken out if paychecks of all. None of the numbers game that goes in here. And let’s not forget all the dependents who haven’t personally paid into the system in decades but who get a cut. How does that make sense? The system is collapsing and yet people not contributing get a cut? “They raised their kids” some will cry. Yes, but so do working parents.

The system needs to be redone but you know it won’t be because greedy rich folks will not agree to it and non-working, non paying dependents won’t agree to it. Do yourselves a favor and invest abroad and get your hard earned money out of Japan.

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I propose a #zutoo where women are forced to wear stuffy trousers and suffocating ties on hot days rather than their usually breezy skirts blouses. 

For the sake of everyone maybe we could just away with torturous formal wear and allow office workers to work in comfort.

You seem to want to blame women for the dress code MEN has insisted upon. Women aren't often in power positions so aren't the ones who have enforced these kind of rules. I think ties and jackets are silly on hot days. I think your average woman would agree. Perhaps go and speak to management at your company. You know, the men at the top.

And perhaps you might actually understand why every OL has a sweater and/or blanket at the office if you wore what you described. Because most are freezing because the men have the AC jacked up.

I really don't understand why women get attacked on these threads when all they are trying to do is make their lives better. Don't like the dress codes where you work? Great. Take it up with your company rather than bash women who are trying to make changes.

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Posted in: Recluse in his 40s injures mother, sister, then kills himself See in context

Part of this issue is parenting here. What other country has this issue - China and Korea? Usually sons are the issue. Stop allowing your sons to be entitled lazy bums who are over 23 and not working. Mental health issues? Get them help and screw everyone who might shame parents for trying to help. Too many parents here lack communication with their kids and are scared of upsetting their sons. Short sighted and the future doesn’t get better by allowing them to sit in their rooms all day and do nothing productive.

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