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Posted in: 'Short skirts cause sexual assaults,' according to Japanese school uniform poster See in context

Saiko, you’ve missed the point. Entirely.

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Posted in: 'Short skirts cause sexual assaults,' according to Japanese school uniform poster See in context

I can only laugh that that the men here think I was referring to them rather than posters that hang in stations.

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Posted in: 'Short skirts cause sexual assaults,' according to Japanese school uniform poster See in context

Where are all the posters telling gropers to keep their hands to themselves?

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Posted in: What advice would you give to a high school girl on what she should do if a teacher makes unwanted romantic overtures toward her? See in context

Report it. But let’s be honest, little will be done.

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Posted in: Tickets for all Japan games at Rugby World Cup sell out See in context

And let’s not forget that you had to gamble. People now have far too many tickets to matches they don’t really want to go to but gambled in hopes of getting anything. And now they can’t “give back” the tickets so those who really do want to go to those matches, can. They’ll end up trying to sell them - and might make money off them because organizers messed this up so badly.

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup 2019 general ticket sales set to begin See in context

Yep. Why are tickets being sold now when I was in the lottery before for the same seats but they weren’t all sold? They had a lottery. The tickets should’ve been ALL sold to those people who applied for those seats. People who didn’t apply before can get tickets now even though there are those of us who applied before and got nothing. How on earth does this make sense?

And it’ll be like when WC soccer was here. Empty seats in inaka places and people won’t know about them.

Organizers messed this up big time.

Abd lets not forget opening the sales time. 20:19. So those Europe are just getting up to get tickets while the rest of us in japan are asleep if/when are turn comes.

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Posted in: Chinese court sentences Canadian to death for drug smuggling as diplomatic row deepens See in context

What’s missing from this article is that this guy was a repeat offender. He was arrested and sentenced in Canada for selling. The Canadian judges warned him to clean up his act. He clearly didn’t listen. I don’t support the death penalty, am not fan of China but the guy was given a second chance and blew it. I’d like Canada to not get involved over this. Bigger fish to fry than a punk drug dealer who played with his fate.

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Posted in: 'Tattoo OK' hot spa map released for Rugby World Cup host in Japan See in context

When is Japan going to get over this?? It's discrimination. Period. I was at an onset this past weekend. I walked in a saw one women with two tats and figured she wasn't Japanese. Her mates came in while I was undressing and sure enough, Chinese. We exchanged nods as they saw mine and we had a moment of "Is anyone going to tell us to get out?" Japan is fine with Neymar and Beckham having them when on a CM but heaven forbid someone get in an onsen. "They might be yakuza!" Last I checked that wasn't illegal. And laughed when you consider how much the J government replies on yak money and workers for construction and getting things done.

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Posted in: Ghosn case raises issues beyond one man, one company See in context

Gaps between super rich and poor are not very big. 

It this a joke? 50% of single moms in this country below the poverty line. One in six kids lives below the poverty line. You tell them that there isn't a big gap between their lives and Abe and his wife's.

This whole case is making Japan Inc look xenophobic and incompetent. Nothing new to any of us who have been here for a while.

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Posted in: Sexual harassment poster from Japanese government draws criticism for seemingly taking men’s side See in context

Why not have a poster asking women to stop wearing make up and be free?

What does make-up have to do with sexual harassment? Being "free" would mean not having to worry about safety constantly. The only way women will be "free" is the badly behaved men stop being entitled jerks.

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Posted in: Discussions ongoing over Tokyo 2020 Olympic marathon timing to avoid heatwave See in context

Honolulu marathon starts at 5:00 am. All that needs to be said.

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Posted in: Released 'Bali Nine' drug-smuggler returns home to more legal woes See in context

Why did the woman get a much lighter sentence than the other eight? Looks like Indonesia is following the Australian model of unequal gender justice.

Let me guess, you have an issue with the metoo movement and women in general, right?

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Posted in: Sexual harassment poster from Japanese government draws criticism for seemingly taking men’s side See in context

So many defensive responses from male posters who just don't get it. I'm guessing these are the same guys that women don't feel comfortable working with because the insistence of "I can't even compliment a woman these days" really and truly is not the issue. I'm not sure what these guys need to be told to get it but I'm tired of whiney men thinking women are overreacting when the office creep says something.

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Posted in: Mother accused of killing 2-month-old daughter by lacing her milk with drugs pleads not guilty See in context

 From 15 years old, girls should get free contraception. Any man frequently sex establishments and doesn’t use a condom should be fined ¥100000 or 3 months in prison. Let’s be safe out there.

And let the 15 year old males, who can have more kids than a single 15 female having the same amount of sex, get nothing? Why not insist men get snipped at 12 and if they want kids, get the survey reversed? Less evasive for the guys than women. Probably cheaper than women buying the pill. Oh right, it would mean men would have to take responsibility...

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Posted in: Sean Penn: Much of #MeToo movement divides men and women See in context

Isn't this the guy that toed Madonna up and beat her within an inch of her life?

Yes, too much for men fro women to see themselves as equal and want to stop being treated as less.

Can't wait to see how many thumbs down I get for this.

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Posted in: Japanese sprinters race to gold in 4x100 meters relay See in context

Ah Japan and sports. When they embrace "hafu" and foreign born Japanese. A shame this isn't the norm.

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Posted in: 19-year-old man accused of killing pregnant girlfriend pleads guilty See in context

It tells a lot about the lack of help these young women can get, or the difficulty to get an abortion in Japan.

Compared to most developed nations, it is ver easy to get an abortion here. What is lacking is sex ed. And let's not forget the stigma attached to teenage mothers, single mothers and the like.

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Posted in: Court upholds male-only right to deny legal fatherhood See in context

Although this problem came from the wife's affair while married, these archaic rules are kept to help men who step out on their wives, or get involved with foreign women run away from their responsibilities if they choose.

Way to blame the victim. She was a victim of DV. Any idea how hard it is to get a divorce in this country if your partner is a selfish, difficult, brat? I know far too many people, women and men, who have had to wait years because of the way the system is set up. The woman was moving on with her life. Was it an "affair" in the legal sense it was but come on. Look at the circumstances.

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Posted in: Madonna still shocks at 60 See in context

The comments are exactly what Madonna spoke about in her famous speech mentioned. Is she my favorite? Nope. But I love her for what she’s done to empower women, their sexuality, and pushing boundaries so others may follow, be it the music industry or not. The woman is clearly a genius to still be making music today and upsetting so many who think her time is long gone.

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Posted in: Japan probing abuse of health insurance system by foreign residents See in context

If they're so worried about the health care system what is being done about the elderly who use clinics and hospitals as places to meet up with and hang out with their friends? They pay what, 10%? And let's not forget all the housewives who've never personally paid a yen into the system since they stopped working. Once again the Japanese government is targeting foreigners when they should be looking at the locals who take advantage of the system currently in place. Too scared to change the system though because they know the elderly and SAHW would toss them out of power.

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Posted in: Social media users praise Japan for spotless locker room at World Cup See in context

I can't help but wonder who cleaned the room because I'm guessing not the players. Also can't help but wonder if this is nothing more than a PR stunt due to the last WC with the images of fans cleaning up stadiums. Either way, those of us married to Japanese, those of us who live in Japan, and those of of us who have been here long enough for the rose tinted glasses to fall off know the realities vs the myths of how clean Japanese folks are.

Regardless, good on whoever cleaned up the mess!

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Posted in: 'Ocean's 8,' a glamorous crime tale for the #MeToo age See in context

Look at all the little boys making negative comments about a movie that’s not even out yet. Some men truly are afraid of women being seen as equals.

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Posted in: Mayor in western Tokyo quits over sexual harassment allegations See in context

Cricky, I 100% agree. The constant defensive comments from some are telling.

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Posted in: Aso returns year's salary over scandal; 20 other finance ministry officials punished See in context

Why is he not being charged?? Honestly, this country thinks it's okay for men to throw money at their crimes and allows them to walk away free. It's pathetic. He should be fired and arrested, not giving up his salary for a year and being allowed to keep his job. Pathetic.

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Posted in: Mayor in western Tokyo quits over sexual harassment allegations See in context

These days you can get in trouble for telling a female coworker that she looks good today or asking her out.

Can you post a credible new article where that has actually happened? You guys seem to miss that women don't go running and complain after ONE incident. After numerous, they might chat to someone but no one goes and complains about a one time thing. Some of you guys really don't seem to understand and want to paint women as hysterical. We aren't. Many are just getting fed up with the daily microagressions that they put up with. A shame you can't see that.

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Posted in: Mayor in western Tokyo quits over sexual harassment allegations See in context

I'm guessing the cases stated are just the tip of the iceberg for what this guy did. The forcing of a woman to drink from a cup might have been the only thing she had a witness who spoke and agreed to the story. No one is going to go and complain about drinking from the same cup unless there was more going on. I'm guessing lots went down but either no one around or everyone is too scared to speak up. Hence, the forcing to drink from a cup.

Regardless, it is harassment.

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Posted in: 'Pregnancy rotas' add to working women's woes in Japan See in context

All kinds of comments here about how moms on childcare leave cause issues but not a single person has suggested the dads also take some time off to balance the issues. If any of you dads took time off to stay home while your wife worked, you might be a little less harsh on the moms.

I’m also having a good laugh at a guy with a stay at home wife complaining about subsidizing a mom’s choice to work. Have you looked at how YOU benefit off the backs of single moms and dual income families? More so those without kids? Subsidies all over the place for those with a wife at home, kids or not.

As for how these women should be “grateful” they can find a job after quitting, many were pushed out of work which is why they quit. They get paid peanuts. How about you be grateful for the services they offer and the taxes they pay? These are educated women getting screwed by society for having kids.

I always laugh when western men tell me how sexist and chauvinist the local men are. Look in the mirror some of you. Some of you are no better. In fact, some of you are worse.

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Posted in: It's not written in the Imperial House Law, but no divorcee would ever be considered a possibility. See in context

I love how there is zero consideration given to the thoughts and feelings of the person getting married...

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Posted in: Mayor in western Tokyo to resign over sexual harassment See in context

Why do taxpayers have to put up with morons like this guy?

Because a lot of tax payers really don't care how men treat women. Look at Trump for a fine example of a well known pig who still gets voted in.

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Posted in: Japan passes law to get more women into politics See in context

Bringing more women into politics? Great! But you need a law for that? Especially one with no teeth. 

Shouldn't we be focusing on skills instead of gender?

The sad reality is that unless their are laws/quotas/punishments in place to address the imbalance, the skills on women are usually overlooked. Research has supported the idea that women get judged more harshly over men regardless of what job they do. So even with the best of intentions by "good guys", if you base on supposed skill, women still supposedly come out short.

Though let's be honest, this will do nothing. Not a thing. Remember Abe said he would have 30% female government by 2020 and backed down over that when even HE realized it was a joke. Nothing will change here unless a quota, incentives and punishments are involved. But this is Japan. We al know this is lip service and that the men in power certainly don't want capable women calling them out on their behaviour and leading the way.

Besides, if we went on skill, none of the people in power now would stand a chance. Family name trumps all here.

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